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  2. More 1.7 news. The ninja backpack will be awesome, but probably not make it past PST. ...gene
  3. I use the default and free software with the Nvidia drivers app (GeForce Experience). ALT+F9 and its recording video and mic (can disable as you wish), it also has a brilliant screen capture mode (ALT+F2) which allows you to remain in-game (though it will disconnect you from online mode) and manipulate the photo...zoom in, zoom out, pan around, change filters etc BEFORE you save the screenshot! It then dumps you right back into the game and reconnects you online automatically. I'm sure ATi will have a similar one. All my YouTube videos are recorded this way. Only disadvantage is that for some games it doesn't disable the "Recording has started" pop up for some reason. All Ubisoft games seem ok but titles like War Thunder and Astroneer all have this issue meaning I have to post-edit the start of the videos out so you can't see the pop up in the final video. Not sure why its some titles and not might be something to do with graphics settings in-game around windowed mode. All in all though, for a FREE item of software, with no trades, that's stupidly simple to set up (I can stream right to Twitch from this as well with an ALT+F key press...and also stream on Facebook as well same way and as simply), easy to use and can record as much as you have hard drive space for .. I can't fault it.
  4. For TF Challenge, grab a heli and fly towards Libertad Base. Look at the rocky cliff next to it. Find the ledge that has orange parachute. Now hear me out. From this point, your approximate range to your targets would be around 530m-570m. Closest range you can get would be more or less 420m, if you're lucky. So if you're not sure about your regular sniper, use the L115A, our father Quinch's trustworthy sniper rifle. On PS4, the draw distance isn't enough. Therefore I had to deploy drone, zoom to the max, get as low as possible, then I used the rebel spotting skill to scan all the available enemies. You may want to try this if you're having a hard time scanning. If you're running out of enemies to snipe because the rest are inside the buildings, shoot the Rebel cages on your left hand side to free them to provoke the SB out and easier to get sniped from your spot. Lastly, there are many objects around. If you're unsure, I suggest you to test the bullet-drop on these objects first before you start shooting at the your target. Good luck. This is a great sniping challenge. My farthest kill has been increased to 561m because of this. :P
  5. The other bonus to farming the World Bosses is that generally you can complete both your daily Combat & Crafting missions whilst doing them.
  6. Agreed with @Oh. daesu - last patch notes where these were amended set them to 4hr intervals so that people can't constantly farm them at the exclusion of other parts of the game. That said you can farm all of them at least twice per day, more if you don't need sleep!
  7. It has been 4 hours. Though, not sure if they have changed that along the way.
  8. Normal (Intended for users with two displays): By:
  9. OK, another N00B question - what is the re-spawn time for PvE bosses? It's more than an hour, but how often? ...gene
  10. This set of maps includes fast travel points. I can clear all bosses in about an hour or so. The first map I find very useful as I do have two monitors. ...gene
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  12. Nah. They won't. Most of the spammers are using bots. I run a forum that covers online marketing topics like SEO, AdWords, etc. Those topics are a huge, huge target for spammers, and I barely get any. I'm running IP Board as well. Make sure you have the IPS Spam Service enabled. That will catch a ton of them. You can make those settings stricter too. I get as many as 20 spammers a day that sign up, but this service bans them right away before they can even post. I would also rotate your question and answer challenge answer every now and then. Change "I Understand" to "I Fully Understand" or something like that. If you need help, let me know. I don't play The Division much anymore (please give us new missions and expand the map damnit!!!), but always liked this forum. I was a moderator on the largest internet marketing forum in the world before they changed ownership.
  13. The Division is getting a ton of new loot in Update 1.7 when they add the new tier of Classified Gear Sets.
  14. yep, I can do this on pc. so driving around collecting snipers seems the best way
  15. When I play co-op with male/male, I notice that the conversation is basically the normal single player conversation between Holt, Weaver, etc. Has anyone ever had or have a link to a clip showing all female ghost co-op? I'm really eager to listen to the conversation or the non-default/alternate female voice.
  16. I don't know on PC, but the button reminder for Grab and KO should show up when you're close to them. We press Square on PS4, then press Square again to stow them in a car.
  17. Yeah, it's cool they do it that way. So, how do you kidnap them? When I grab them, their necks always snap. Maybe the AI on PC has poor bone density.
  18. Usual trick. Kidnap them inside a car and kaboom. Wow. Cool. Haven't checked the monastery. I found one prisoner in a small base, but can't remember where. I think it was in the north, on the half left portion of the map if you split La Cruz province into two. But that's not going to be worth it if there's 4 in the monastery. Thanks.
  19. OK - how long have you had the box? It seems that the quiet fans tend to have issues. Nice gaming MB. My son has heat and fan issues - we are upgrading his CPU cooler to Never assuming experience, remember the thermo paste Not expensive at all here is US. And fans are very cheap. ...gene
  20. I like they're giving us a chance to unlock stuff we previously missed, or hadn't obtained.
  21. TL:DR - Yes and no. From the SotG where they discussed Commendations, Hamish said that they will be retroactive, but only if Massive had been tracking the commendation stat before the program is implemented. They didn't say what commendation stats were and weren't tracked, but with over 500 commendations, there's going to be a lot of work to do. They mentioned that there's going to be a commendation for car doors closed and we know Massive has tracked this since the beginning (it was mentioned in one of the early SotG), so those that hit the mark will probably get this when 1.7 drops. However, there will probably be many others that they haven't been tracking (say completing a legendary without ever getting downed) that players will have to grind.
  22. We got a shoutout from SitRep Radio also. Been a fan of theirs since like EP maybe 15 or 20 (listened to all the back EP too). I try to interact with them on a regular basis and they shared the love on their last EP (#60).
  23. Last week
  24. yeah, he is a hunk isn't he....
  25. With a host like @g1nt3r... Who wouldn't?
  26. They'll be listening! (like the rest of us)
  27. #3 I guess if you could find the right spot, you could place C4 near each sniper position.
  28. I heard! I need to address that next episode. Tinkkzy's always been so sweet to me
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