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  3. I don't always play the Division (oh wait I do), but when I do I play on the PS4.
  4. I'm a mostly PvE PS4 player.
  5. Yeah, armor is going to be replaced with health on gear and it's retroactive. That's why Reclaimer is what everyone is looking for now.
  6. Welcome to the forums man!
  7. There are so many different camo patterns in the world you would think they could be a bit more creative with the clothing...guess I'm looking at it from a military perspective rather then civilian..reclaimer set is getting upgraded which is pretty cool though.
  8. Cheers you guys...
  9. Welcome fellow agent.
  10. yeah, poor network connection, seems to be a standard message now lol. And I rarely see anything new at the apparel vendor. :/
  11. Wish they would spend more time on poor connection , sound glitches etc rather then nerfing... Not everybody runs an AB build, farmed warrangate blah blah. Would rather have more weapons , new gear sets, clothes, skins...
  12. hey @Chiring, welcome to the forums. we have a few ps4 players here. I'm pc.
  13. Hello to all my fellow name is Chiring and my gear score is 256. I mainly play PvE and am loving it. Been looking for a group to run with so pls feel free to add me on PS4 my psn is iamchiring see you on on the streets...
  14.'s nice to see a group of mature adults gamers having fun and enjoying the game...quick question you have any members from India ?
  15. Welcome to the forums bud! Watch out for @quinch1199. He's a little force choke happy...
  16. Ive heard armour is getting nerfed. No more recalibration of armour as a major on armour. Health and skill power will b the must haves
  17. Hey @sg_jango, welcome to the forums.
  18. Hey there fellow agents. Been playing on PS4 since day 1 and love this game. Mainly enjoy PvE with friends or randoms but not afraid to go PvP in the DZ if it's called for. I love the Survival DLC and play both PvE and PvP there. The community around this game has been great and I've had nothing but good experiences when joining up with randoms in the DZ or when match making in the Underground. Looking forward to the Last Stand and looking forward to being part of this community.
  19. With all the amazing news that came out today for the upcoming release of 1.6 this weeks item of the week video is boring. There is nothing amazing for sale at any of the vendors.
  20. This is true, your weapon mods still can add crit too, it's just the default CHC that comes on the SMG that's set to 0%.
  21. Though, if you're making use of the 4th talent and using smg then decisive gloves doesn't apply. And whilst the crit% on the smg doesn't apply, I've heard it is only the weap crit%. So crit% from pulse, savage, precision talent, etc. are all still good. Resourceful backpack, this applies to your shields health as well.
  22. Last week
  23. Loot is everything in The Division. In this video we show you a way to earn 30-40 pieces of gear, weapons and 90-105 Phoenix Credits in 40 minutes. There are 15 named enemies outside of the Dark Zone and each one of them drops 2 loot items and 6-7 Phoenix Credits. We'll show you the most efficient and time saving strategy where you can kill all 15 named enemies.
  24. Hi every 1 im looking for a few mature ppl to play wiht and have fun on ps4 divison. im kind of new to it but like it alot. prefer scandinavien clan or ppl from eu so we have the same time zone. im from sweden. so hope to here from peeps...
  25. Mc gloves only work with high end, decisive gloves will give you 35% pistol damage (headshot)plus the bonus from sentry. I saw saw a build with a chap that has 4900 across all main stats, I'm not used to having high skill power so going to try that. 93r seems quite popular ... burst will be a bit easier on the hands(I'm getting old).
  26. Looking for more people to join. got some good people
  27. Something to look for then! Pity though that I have the MX Gloves in storage...guess they're really only worth it for a pure HE build?
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