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  2. Classified Lonestar Skirmish 2

    I really don't understand why people don't use this build more often. It shreds.
  3. Classified Lonestar Skirmish

    Dual MG5 Lonestar shredder build.
  4. Classified Nomad Deathbringer Build

    Huge damage and survivability.
  5. 4pc Tactician dps build

    Great build to try if you're looking for something new
  6. Classified Banshee Skirmish 2

    I highly recommend giving this gearset a chance, it shreds.
  7. Classified Banshee Skirmish

    Very good pvp gear set that people are sleeping on.
  8. Last week

  10. Global Event - Blackout

    GE Blackout will kick off 23 April. This is a full week GE. Modifiers: Black out: Your ammo is Shock Ammo. The amount of shock depends on your Charge Meter (white bar). Shooting or moving builds your Charge Meter. Extreme Blackout: Melee attacks with a full charge is an inst kill. However fails will stun you and your group. Total Blackout: Charge Meter deplemishes faster when close to your team mates. Classified Gear Caches: D3fnc Deadeye TA Striker. Masks:
  11. Patch 1.8.1

    That does seem weird. I'll try getting a weekly cache here soon and see what happens with me.
  12. Since update 1.8 in #TheDivision, there has been a lot of talk about whether players should return to the game and whether new players should pick it up. Here’s my thoughts, what do you think?
  13. Patch 1.8.1

    I resemble that remark! BUT - I completed 2 of the weekly's and not only did not get a cache - no DT. Not sure whats going on. Anyone else confirm? ...gene
  14. SOLO PvP vs Brazilians

    Hope you all enjoy!
  15. AlphaBridge Skirmish

    High firearms AlphaBridge build.
  16. Classified AlphaBridge Skirmish

    Really starting to enjoy alphabridge.
  17. Patch 1.8.1

    Old fart.
  18. Patch 1.8.1

    oops - forgot about those I will update shortly. [update]OldGamerGene is a dufus Of course it works. ...gene
  19. Devil

  20. Patch 1.8.1

    Really, was working in the pts. What did it show when you opened your daily caches?
  21. Patch 1.8.1

    So it supposedly dropped. But I completed daily step and no DT - so not working. The release notes noted that each daily stage was 25DT - nope. OK, so I am clear - the details I read indicated that if I completed one of the daily requirements - 25DT. Like kill 10 LBM. That is not working. As this has pissed me off - back to Defiance! (and the bullet sponge) So seriously - am I way off? The info I read indicated that each of the daily and weekly stages would provide a DT reward (25/100). What I am missing? ...gene
  22. Forum Ranks

    Somebody get some Kazoo musicians in here ASAP!
  23. Earlier
  24. Optimization

    Maybe, but it would be easier for a GS291. Once you have the build - then optimize it. And its fun. My lonestar GS256 can clear any PvE [put challenge level here]. But now that she's 287 its much more powerful and fun. And its about style - my striker GS291 is much cooler than your striker at GS210. But hey - its all about having fun with the game - AND I am. ...gene
  25. Optimization

    I don't know if I'd run them happily, but I get what you're saying. We ran Legendary missions (Napalm and Times Square) at 256 before classified gear and optimization was a thing. People talk about running solo Legendary missions and I was like that sounds like slamming your wang in a car door, but I didn't think about the fact that most of my builds are like 275-279, so 20 points higher than the last time that I tried running them in a group. I probably won't run them solo, but I might look at running one with randoms.
  26. Returning Year 1 player LFG

    @CO1-LFC I too just recently came back to the game after playing it for the about the first 18 months. I'm also on PS4 and tend to play Friday and Saturday nights starting around 11p EST. Feel free to hit me up, I'm probably going to be farming gear in Underground, DZ, and with LZ bosses for the foreseeable future.
  27. Forum Ranks

    Exactly, but I expect it to be playing so everyone else can hear it too
  28. So I remembered the 1.8.1 patch has dropped so have taken another go at The Division after tearing myself away from Hope County (sort of, prefer The Division). After installing the patch my game started in full screen windowed mode (Taskbar at the bottom and title bar with the minimise / maximise / close icons). Trying to change to full screen in the options just crashes the game to desktop. This also happened when you alt tab to another Windows program and then back in (windowed mode), at least for me. Used to be a time when you could edit the 'state.cfg' file and set it to Fullscreen via the cfg and on startup it was fixed (the file is located at C:\Users\[your account name]\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division ) but that did not do it this time. Well... it turns out they have now moved to a XML config file now ( same location --> GFXSettings.TheDivision.exe.xml ). I opened it with Notepad ++ and could edit <OPTION Name="DisplayMode" Registered="True" Type="Enum" Value="BorderLess"> ... and I am back to fullscreen again. (I actually changed the value to fullscreen which worked but on exit the game changed it to borderless. The res listed in the file is not 4k which is what I usually play on but I will check that when I spin the game up again. Hopefully this will help someone else out who may also get stuck in Windowed mode. The performance take a big nose dive.
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