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  2. Quick update, I'm going to be going shooting the weekend before Easter weekend. April 7-8. This will be my first time. I know how to handle firearms, just never pulled the trigger. (I feel I can partially blame this on having liberal parents.). Family friends property on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Been there before, probably the most remote place I've ever been. Acres of woods, few freshwater creeks, no wifi. We all need disconnected sometimes. So far he's told me I'll be firing these, he didn't specify which exact models, but this is what I am told. .22 Marlin rifle, .22 Single Action (revolver), 20 gauge shotgun, M1911, funny story with this 1911. He's told me previously that during Vietnam we reassembled some 1911's for world war 2. This being one of them, the frame is during Vietnam, the slide is WW2 era. SKS, I believe he said one of the Chinese Surplus ones? Has the AK mag conversion? .308 Winn rifle, possibly .357 Mag revolver, and he mentioned something about an AR-15, but may not happen. I realize quite a few people may not know I'm underage, I'm 16 Easter weekend. I'll defiantly post some stuff from that weekend.
  3. That did the trick, request sent. The thumb looks like you holding an AR or M4, so that should be the right person.
  4. Aghh... tough decision.
  5. That's not me. I made myself searchable, so if you search for my email you should be able to find me.
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  7. I'll have to give it a look on my laptop, it doesn't want to cooperate on my phone. Keeps telling me the TF doesn't exist.
  8. Link "should" work at least now. I initially had it set up as Invite only but have made it public now so maybe that was the issue. I do have one friend who has Division on PS4, I still have to check with him if he is getting Wildlands though (recently helped him upgrade his hard-drive so he had space for Division!). I can have a word and let you know but it shouldn't prevent you joining for now ... never know it might encourage you to get a PC! haha! I'm mainly focused on setting up event suggestions on the calendar for people to work around, it means I can also give players a separate narrative so they can replay old missions without getting so bored later on.
  9. Dude, just join anyway ... there's absolutely no pressure and I'm not planning on running this Task Force with any major organisation. What I want to use it for is to help friends organise when they can be online at the same time to avoid having to use match maker, to gather people I know want to play the game in a Stealth style together, give everyone some broad format to work towards when they play and maybe in the future give some suggestions around off-story missions that they can complete with a little background narrative so the game doesn't get boring running repeat missions. I have access to a couple of TeamSpeak servers as well so everyone has the ability to team up and communicate as they should do. So the invite I've sent you ... click Accept... haha! I won't be chasing people to be in TeamSpeak if they're online, I won't be throwing people out if they don't play for a while and nothing like that. This is just an experiment and a way for players I know want to play in the same way to ensure they get the games they want in this title.
  10. Its ok, i'm confused every morning when I wake up and realise I'm still trapped in this primitive meat-sack waiting for the ship to come and collect me..... ...but also very excited about Wildlands (and loving Last Stand Mode in 1.6!)
  11. Sometimes I'm confused reading my own post.
  12. I tried the above email a bunch of times and got nothing. When I use the Skype name g1int3r, there's a Cody Ginter that's a registered user, is that you?
  13. Add me on skype, should be able to find me via email
  14. Yeah, either way a set of show notes are needed. They'd probably need to be a little more fleshed out/outlined if the show was live, possibily start with recording only and see how it goes.
  15. I'm down for live. We'd just have to have prepared talking points so there's no quiet spaces.
  16. That's good to know and I'd like to do Skype or something for video if I end up running a cast. For the couple episodes of the original DZR and the SotG that I've watched, they're that much more entertaining than just the audio. It would probably be worth exploring broadcasting it on a Twitch channel specific to the show, to our forums or to possibly one or more of the hosts so there's an option for live chat. SotG and DWR/IFTW do that and I really like being able to ask questions, make comments and interact with the cast. That being said, if you do that you really don't have to edit the cast, because it's run live.
  17. I personally like toons that are high toughness and then skill or DPS, you can't cause damage or fire off skills if you're dead. For my toons that I tend to run solo one has a 4pc Predator's Mark build and one has a 4pc Banshee build. The Predaror's Mark build would work for both DZ and non-DZ, but for me I prefer that one for non-DZ. The Banshee build, on the other hand, is great for DZ because you lose a lot less when you get killed. Im also currently working on building a high end (no set pieces) build and have yet to test my builds in the new update (1.6), so I might need to make some changes to the above.
  18. It's showing that the task force isn't available. Not sure I'd be a good fit because I'm on PS4 and don't use Teamspeak, but still interested in giving it a look.
  19. Well let me know if you need help with anything, I can be on the show, I'm not sure I'm charismatic enough to be the host though. Also I think it would be cool if we also recorded video. So like we can use skype to do the podcast and then we can also record video. You can pick up a Blue Snowball for like $50, works pretty well, I have one and have used it to be on a couple podcasts myself.
  20. That's definitely good to hear. DZR is looking to host new shows, but they have The Armory already and it's a similar show. Besides, it would be really nice to have an official podcast. All of the support network is already in place, just need the host(s) and cast. As I said, we'll have to see how the idea goes on Twitter. I'm not necessarily going to have the time, but it sounds like a 1hr show takes about 5hrs to create a week, according to Binary. My biggest concerns are that I don't really have equipment for podcasting (although @DasOttoman thinks this can worked around) nor do I have experience with audio editing that most shows need. However, just in case this thing gets legs, I've started getting my ducks in a row. I've created a YouTube account and downloaded GIMP on my work computer so I can start to tinker with some logos and banners for my Twitter & YouTube accounts. I've also started brainstorming ideas for show names and then there's a show logo and all that crap. Again, this may go nowhere, but I've been meaning to create some the graphics and get on YouTube anyway.
  21. So far, after 1 day (6 left), the Twitter poll has 16 yes and 4 no votes. I'll see how things go over the rest of the week.
  22. Love it, love the whole idea. So I've been trying to get some original content out of these forums since the beginning. I'd very much like for this to be a part of this site, I would host it (when I say host I mean host the show here on the server, not literally be the host) and promote the shit out of it with our 13k+ follower twitter account.
  23. That's something we can definitely help with. We're pretty good with forking over most everything we get, unless it's like an exotic or piece that were specifically looking for.
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  26. The development team is doing a 24 hour live stream today. I cant wait to get off work to run the dark zone.
  27. The 5th Element Task Force. Looking for players used to using TeamSpeak, who want to play Wildlands as a stealth and strategy game. We don't run and gun, we don't go in loud. Take only if absolutely needed and kill only when absolutely needed for the mission. Civilians are kept from danger and stealth is always the first choice. Missions and, in the future, Roleplay missions. Come have a look and join up if you want to be part of it. - Part of 5th Dimension gaming clan but no direct affiliation required -
  28. There are over 85 weapons in the game, each customizable with attachments and camouflages. There are currently 43 weapon camos in Ghost Recon®: Wildlands, besides the exotic ones. Let's take look at them.
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