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  2. Dec 2017 - How are you all doing.

    Haven't really tried 1.8. (some that i see look tankier tho) Though I'm wary of off loading the gold. Some might be good in a hybrid build. Savage Reckless Relentless can still be good. Apart from a Tac build, I can't see using a backpack other than Ninja (when not 5/6 talent ing) Sorry Specialized youre out lol. Yeah Tac builds still hold their own. Other gear sets not. My perennial Firecrest doesn't bring it anymore.
  3. Dec 2017 - How are you all doing.

    High Electronics + Tac set bonuses + Inventive pack + Talented skill on the weapons gives good survivability, fairly good hitting capability with weapons and better with skills plus fast skill return (inc signaiture). I also like walking down the street in the LZ, dropping a seeker as I jog past a bunch of bad guys and just keep jogging knowing they are all DEAD.... Sticky bomb is only 820k or so with no mods being used. Works well with the shield and as healer. I can run challenging solo with it so good enough . My last post for this build was before Classified so I will look to put another up in the Build thread where it has been tuned a bit more. My gold builds I am deconstructing apart from that one though.
  4. why? I am pretty much decomposing everything that is not a classified. ...gene
  5. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    Craigslist bro - and negotiate! but for me it was asking $15 - and it work perfectly. ...gene
  6. Dec 2017 - How are you all doing.

    Yeah, its dead . I still run my 4 piece Tac build though quite a lot with a Inventive pack and a Classified holster (for the higher stats across all 3.
  7. DX12 Renderer

    Needs to be tried. But I am at least a month out - soooo, people(s) step up we need both Nvidia and AMD. ...gene
  8. DivisionStories - Our The Divison Content Page

    WOW - Awesome - keep us in the loop - great stuff. ...gene
  9. Returning Player

    I agree with Jay - skillpower over stam - period. There are so many thanks the mitigate damage, stam is a second thought. ...gene
  10. with the gears sets and the 6 piece - is there really any call to run high-end? or is that dead (yeah its dead). Thoughts? ...gene
  11. Patch 1.8 Talk

    OK, still annoyed that the gear stats changed when I logged on - again piss poor game planning. but... It's still way fun. Did underground on normal (with many adult beverages LOL)- no hunters. Very fun - 150GE per - no worries. Too tired to do more tonight - again still fun - and yes I am still annoyed. Just for me - I think these updates are awesome - but I wonder why such really expensive content is not $5+......... It's probably the maintenance costs but I don't know. ...gene
  12. So the Global Event is upon us again. 4 sets are up for grabs. How are you doing ?. What is your easiest and hardest commendations ?. Which missions do you cycle run to maximise your tokens ?. What are you hoping for ?. Personally, I did all the missions apart from Stolen Signal (really don't like that one) and then looped Lexington a few times. I tried the Security Wing skills commendation but then after doing it realised the whole team needs to be SW only skills. Good luck with random Matchmaking.... I also tried the commendation where you don't kill anyone. That was pretty hard, especially with a weak group and lots of lag. Didn't manage that one. I am not really in for any of the sets this time so may just save the tokens for the next GE, hopefully with tacticians. Seems to be quite a few new players doing a lot fo run and gun but going down quite a bit.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Global Event - Strike - Info

    Fantastic, would have been fun :/
  15. Faction Weapon Skins

    Some more faction weapon skins are up.
  16. Global Event - Strike - Info

    Yep, tac builds work well with this GE, playing in a four man squad of sticky and seekers, lots of fun as taking out an enemy can cause a chain reaction of explosions.
  17. Global Event - Strike - Info

    So, things go bang, then?! At least, that's what I'm hearing
  18. Last week
  19. Patch 1.8 Talk

    Had that a few times and had to restart lex four times due it freezing.
  20. Returning Player

    You have a lot of stamina bud and not much skill power, if you have determined as a weapon talent then understandable otherwise I would try 1 stamina, 2 firearms and 2 electronics. but if it works for you and fits your play style then crack on dude. if you have a ninja I would use that and add two tac pieces.
  21. Patch 1.8 Talk

    Hmmm I wouldn’t know, Went to play with my main on my Xbox and got delta error... annoying
  22. Returning Player

    Is this a good mixture of damage/toughness, or am I going overkill on one of the two? Thanks!!
  23. You want to be going to here: https://support.ubi.com/en-US At the top left of the black menu bar, there is a flag. Use that to select your country, and submit a ticket.
  24. For those who still need English language in the game. (Rus lang lock example)

    I apologize for necroposting, but what is the best method to contact the support? I'm facing the same issue. I've recently bought the Gold Edition and during the free weekend on Steam the game was in english, surprisingly, despite the fact that it was said on the Store page that the purchases made in my region will receive the russian language only (this was actually the main reason I hesitated to buy the game for so long until now because I finally had an opportunity to test it without buying it), otherwise I wouldn't bother to buy it because I don't speak russian. When I've launched the game today everything was in russian and I couldn't change the language anywhere. This is kinda discriminating in my opinion. :|
  25. Global Event - Strike - Info

  26. Patch 1.8 Talk

    Having gear above 256 is a good thing , it means you have better specs... which means less div tech to use. I had max 4000 and it was gone in under ten mins, gettting div tech to max gear seems to be the thing now, especially with the low amount you get in the LZ. one thing I will say before optimizing is check your gloves on all your load outs as mine were reset due to the change to weapon %. good tip when you need a few DT is to craft a low exotic weapon as you get 1 DT every time you dismantle. I’ve not noticed any change in rpm or damage ... as rimbkock says , reclaimer is required for resistance...you also need some strong dps players for when the hunters arrive. to me this has been a long overdue update I’m really pleased with what they have done
  27. Hi! We are a couple who plays together and we are sharing our contents (mostly in-game captures) about Division. Not only story, we also sharing news about the game on Instagram. We are waiting for you. You can follow us our page - > @divisionstories
  28. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    15$? Damn. Can't pass up a monitor for that. My monitors are just ones I pulled out of the recycling closet from my old job... lol. Yeah, especially because that card is PCIe3. So defiantly some untapped performance there. But nonetheless, those are pretty good results. Even on the XW.
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