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  3. As @genedjr mentioned, chat on the TD2 Alpha forums. Plenty of helpful people there (unlike the general forums ). Ping me there if needed. I would also delete your post here just to be sure you do not upset anyone .
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  5. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Technical Alpha, December 15-18

    Congrats @Digga84! Not myself, but I hope it's good
  6. no no... No game play stuff - go to the internal alpha forum - they will help. As an aside - if you were on the edge of continuing your TD journey - make the leap, TD2 is going to be fantastic. ...gene
  7. Evening all together, Been playing TD2 technical alpha today for 2 hours...lovin´ it so far. Actually I would have a question if anyone else is playing, and yes I am aware that not much or at all should be talked about it. Read, signed etc. Nevertheless, there is a side mission at the theater where among other things you need to ventilate a laboratory...And I am stuck there, cannot find the place where to turn on the ventilation at all. Was trying to locate for 10 minutes, but it seems I am just "to dumb" to find it. So if anyone has a clue or hint, would be appreciated. TIA
  8. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Technical Alpha, December 15-18

    I'm sure @g1nt3r would be please someone from the forums made it to the Alpha. @genedjr there's a Dev Blog for TD2 that might be worth a read. https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news-updates/335911/intelligence-annex-weapons-in-the-division-2
  9. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Technical Alpha, December 15-18

    whoa, congratulations @genedjr
  10. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Technical Alpha, December 15-18

    Awesome, forsome. Lol.
  11. Holiday Hats until Jan 10

    Beanies on login before January 10.
  12. Global Event - Blackout 13 December

    GE Blackout is back. Follow the link for an overview.
  13. TD2 announcement: Hello Agents! We are running a Technical Alpha for Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 from December 15th to December 18th. Invitations will be sent tomorrow, December 13 to a very limited number of players that were already selected from fans who registered on our website. These players will sign a non disclosure agreement and their feedback will be important in the development of the game. The content being tested is only a small portion of the game and is not representative of the final scope and quality of Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 when it will launch on March 15, 2019.This Technical Alpha has been designed to run on a certain scale and host a limited number of players so we can gather the feedback and the data we’re aiming for. However, we are very happy and excited to see that so many people have expressed their interest in being part of the Technical Alpha experience. As announced at E3, we’ll hold beta phases in the future and ahead of the launch of the game. Players can register for beta access for a chance to play at http://thedivisiongame.com/beta.For more information, visit the FAQ.
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  15. Holiday Caches Are Available

    Holiday caches are once again available at the Premium Vendor, until January 10.
  16. The most recent Intelligence Annex showcase five skills and their modifications. The skills can have up to five modifications each focusing on a playstyle, some even being tied to the Specializations. Whether you're a support, tank, scout or DPS there is something for you. The current skills you can choose from are the Chem Launcher, Drone, Hive, Seeker Mine, Turret and Ballistic Shield. With the exception of the last one we are taking an in-depth look at them.
  17. Prime Shield

    Prime Shield is available. Just need to have collected 3 Classified gear sets. This is retrospective for any gear you have on your account or stash.
  18. Stripes Mask - Dec 6th - Jan 10th

    Login into TD1 between Dec 6th and Jan 10th to receive the Stripes Mask. Pick up at the Resource vendor.
  19. December Scheduled Events

    It all happens 6th. New Shield, free mask and holiday caches. Oh and GE Outbreak.
  20. rG is always recruiting and looking for like minded gamers to join our chilled, family friendly gaming atmosphere! So if you want to meet some amazing people and get some good gaming in then come on over!
  21. PUBG Game

    What configuration needs to play PUBG game on my PC?
  22. A former JTF unit turned paramilitary group, led by Col. Lt. Ridgeway. The True Sons have taken control of Washington D.C. and are using their 'survival of the fittest' mindset to bully others into submission or death. Find out what we're up against.
  23. Come check out rG and make some amazing, life long friends while we all game together and having a great time! as long as you meet the above requirements join us!
  24. After completing the mission 'Broadway Emporium', it has a simple Easter Egg in store for those willing to unlock it.
  25. When I haven't played it, I've been paying attention to the game for a long time. I can't help but think that if I wanted to play a PvP skirmish game, I'd rather go with Wiz-War... I'm still anxious to try it though.Last summer i recharged xbox live gold membership key and played with my bro for a few days.whenever we had 45 mins to spare. The most refreshing thing about this game is the lack of rules exceptions, including asymmetric teams that don't have any inherent special abilities outside the make-up of their deck. it's a simple case of none of your team having ranged combat while mine does .Combat is dead simple and very satisfying. The only somewhat complex defense is that the cover symbol defends ranged attack only when in cover, but it adds a nice layer of positioning strategy that is simple to understand and incorporate. I'm dying to play this with 3 or 4, but with two it's a quick-playing 30-minute strategy game that always ends with wanting to play again. Osprey knows they have a hit on their their hands, with expansion characters and map-packs on the way. Highly recommended.
  26. Global Event - Onslaught 19 Nov

    More details on GE Onslaught follow the link..
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