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  1. Today
  2. Sentry shield build

    So this is a 6pc sentry or hybrid? I'm starting to like Sentry.
  3. Striker

    No worries mate... I've since swapped out my stability scope for headshot damage. Stability is still strong...
  4. Striker

    Thanks Jaypeg. Will try this build.
  5. @GhostRecon: The Free Weekend is now over on all platforms. Thank you for playing! The wildlands forum actual got a far visits from the Ghost Wars release. So there must be a far few playing
  6. Yesterday
  7. Striker

    This vid is trimmed, ignore the other one...
  8. Sentry shield build

    I suck at sniping when it comes to the division , tried the sniper build and it hits hard but this shield build works better for me. using a liberator paired with the centurion for extra damage, assault shield plus rocking determined for cooldowns. the pistol does strong damage when it stacks, plus have the benefit of mid to short range with the liberator and the MDR for distance and headshot damage.
  9. Striker

    Quick vid to show how the mp7 stacks up... I've tried two AR's , shotgun but the mp7 just hits home for me...
  10. Striker

    Sorry thought I had responsive on my AR, have sustained instead my build looks like this...needs tuning
  11. Cadet Cap - Green / White

    Cadet Cap - Green & White are the same appearance.
  12. Battalion Helmet

  13. Striker

    6k stamina and everything else rolled on firearms works for me. Mp7- destructive responsive brutal(primary as ROF stacks up quick) lvoac - predatory responsive determined(all stability mods)- extra healing and cooldowns
  14. Last week
  15. Striker

    I forgot to mention I have classified striker gear eith exotic gear to.
  16. Striker

    Whats the best build for striker? I use an assault rifle all the time.
  17. How many accounts?

    I haven’t played in a while, but I have 3 lvl 30 toons and 1 mid-level toon. I do the same as @Oh. daesu and have certain gear set to certain toons. Haven’t played since 1.7 and classified gear, so I don’t have that issue of 6 extra pieces of gear, but I tend to keep just the best pieces of each set type on the toon that uses them.
  18. Resistance is not so futile.

    Nope. Drones are the same as Falcon Lost. Found lots of places tokens drop that you cannot get them (top of containers, over water, other places you cannot climb). Played in the Pier 93 area today. Died on wave 18 buy respawned outside the start position. One other player spawned in the Clinton base and two others were still alive. The game glitches though and no more waves spawned. Still a fair few bugs for them to work out.
  19. Thompson M1928

  20. Tommy Gun

  21. It's time for another weekly vendor reset in The Division. What are we going to find across the entire game world. We are going through all the major vendors across the light and dark zone locations. This is a highlight video showcasing the best gear from all the locations to save you time. Lets perfect your build.
  22. How many accounts?

    Stash for every toon that can be shared across all four would be cool...
  23. #JustDivisionThings

    Civilians are so temperamental; One moment the slightest bang or wrong turn and they curse you , and walk off. Then, as the grenades are spamming, the shit is flying, and they stand in the open waiting for you to come out to give them a medkit. Seriously? #justdivisionthings
  24. Resistance is not so futile.

    Thanks for that, @RimBlock. You know, speaking as a player abstaining from the PTS. Ambush sounds fair but maybe not so interesting, lol. Are drones different? They used to have an app with drones Not sure if that relates.
  25. Infantry MG5

  26. MG5

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