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  2. Tested last night, skill reboot/cooldown issue appeared to have been resolved at least for my main character. Any more feedback Agents? One thing to note, there are several "forth walls" in the game i.e. invisible terrain walls preventing movement where movement should be allowed. I've found these on some escalators and on one staircase so far. if you find any please report them, Ubisoft needs a video and an accurate map location (screenshot for example from map view). I made it a mission last night to find some, found a couple, so help needed if you can. I call them "Forth Walls" as they break immersion.
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  4. Impression I get is that the pandemic was World Wide so most major nations will be hit and have devolved to a similar level as the US. So unless by some quirk of fate China or Russia have been able to retain control to a better level (let's face it China may well manage such a thing due to having a HIGHLY centralised governing system) then they're unlikely to be in a position to or have the resources to make a bid for a more global domination. I think it far more likely that we have seen and will see currently unknown third entities moving up to attempt this...hinted with the Black Tusks and Hunters. Think less of a known nation and more in line with a Bond style villain with a previously secret but globally encompassing organisation with members in every government and the expansive stockpile of material that would come with a organisation having to keep in the shadows until now.
  5. My other idea I have . Why not a Super Computer with an AI other than ISAC which work for The Division.... another Evil Super Computer that uses Robots,Drones,Robotic full size tanks,& other computers and tries to take over The Division ISAC computer by another faction & possible Dictator who wants to rule America & the world. A Dictator who was really working for the shadow government and stays in the shadows until this virus was release and comes out of hiding to bring down America and take over using this new AI computer program and virus to do it. But The Division would have work together with ISAC to find the plot behind faction,Dictator,& Evil AI computer to destroy it all & put an end to this evil. Well it's just a thought.
  6. I feel the same way and I hate The Dark Zone. I tried The Dark Zone in The Division 1 and hated it. It's not a easy place to get in and out of. Every time someone goes rogue inside The Dark Zone. The rogue agent shoots at you and tries to kill you & steal your stuff. Which I don't think that's fair. After the rogue agent leaves The Dark Zone he/she can go back to being non-rogue agent. I don't think that's right/okay with me. I think The Division should put a bounty on all agents who go rogue after they leave the zone. If this was in real life all rogue agents would be arrested and kick out of The Division and sent to prison. That's how I feel about the whole thing. I myself don't feel like going into The Dark Zone unless I have too.
  7. Yeah I found the snitch. I'm looking for vendors outside the settlements. But thanks for the info.
  8. Really want to grind after lvl 30. Up to then you can just do the missions and it should tip you over. Going between world tiers you have to grind a bit to get the min req for the Strongholds and moving in to a new WT makes you pretty squishy and ineffective until you gear up a bit. I replayed the Island stronghold on challenging with randoms with a GS half way between the last WT and next and died so quickly multiple times. It was taking multiple mags to down a gold, let alone the bosses. I then did the Space admin mission on Gold with GS 447 with randoms and we rolled through it with me going down just a couple of times. The equipment jump the power of your Agent massively with a small increment in GS sometimes. @Oh. daesu Yep same old gear loot issues. Big jumps (at WT4 in just over a week) and higher GS items with much worse stats than lower ones. There is just two big an overlap and the lack of slow progression in favor of luck will jump you up to the top quickly just wears away the incentive to keep on grinding away for all but the most dedicated. WT5 is dues soon with Tidal basin so we will see what that brings. Oh and also a tip for those who have not seen it. You need to upgrade your work bench to craft better gear. It takes mats and cash to upgrade it but it is not automatic. I only realised on WT3 and never used it as all the craftable gear was still blue level. Upgrade is 'x' when using the bench on PC.
  9. There was a patch today which is meant to resolve it.
  10. I think you're talking about the snitch? In a SoTG they mentioned that you need to find the snitch to then find the gun runner.
  11. Whilst my case is a bit unusual, grouping with randoms can be a major PITA where I am located. Most countries do not have English as their first language and as it is my only language, teaming up can be troublesome. In TD2, running missions on hard or challenging has been a bit of a nightmare with randoms as they are all going off on their own (a few run and gunners just being cut down in seconds). Trying to suggest alternative methods just doesn't work due to the language barrier. We have a Clan started with forum members and others. Makes it easier for me to schedule time with like minded people to go and do more difficult missions and to play in a more coordinated tactical way rather than using the shotgun approach of everyone going their own way and hoping it works out or we can keep the respawns going until the bad guys are all dead. If people do not wish to join clans then that is also good. Not sure what the point of removing them would be because someone does not want to join them. I don't play the DZ but I have no intention to ask Massive to remove it. Others do and like it and it has no reall impact on my play so why not leave it where it is...
  12. The three settlement vendors are the main ones with another in the Clan room but that one needs leveling up with clan exp to get to a usable level. I did encounter a NPC who mentioned a bounty to kill someone and a wandering vendor but have not tried it yet so not sure of the outcome. He was in an alleyway in the top left sector next to the Whitehouse.
  13. The skill cooldown issue is a big problem. Hope they get it resolved soon.
  14. Ruben is continuing his good service to the Division community with his vendor list for TD2 DC.
  15. Wish we had someone here to write articles for the forums... It could be promoted so well through our 20k+ followers twitter.
  16. In PVE scheme of things, the normal grouping up works fine. I'm thinking people might use Clan teams for PVP. Then it will be handy to group with people you should be able to trust more.
  17. Yesterday
  18. This patch is live. It is meant to resolve the failure to deploy skills (destroyed on deploy, if you haven't notice lol) Next patch should be next week.
  19. Maintenance - March 18th, 2019 Agents, good news! We have identified several issues that were causing skills to immediately destroy themselves and go on a 15 second cooldown. Our development team has been hard at work during the weekend and throughout today to find a fix for those problems. We will be able to solve most of these occurrences with the brief maintenance today, March 18th at 10:15 PM CET / 5:15 PM EST / 6:15 AM KST / 8:15 ACT. The servers will be down for approximately 15 minutes and you should encounter these issues way less often from this point on. The team is continuing their work to resolve all the remaining issues on this topic with a future patch later this week. Until then you can try to avoid the talents EXTRA and OVERLAP which seem to be the culprit and can cause skills to act up even after maintenance, albeit still much less often. We want to thank everybody for your continued reports, your feedback and most importantly your patience. The health of the game continues to be our highest priority!
  20. Honestly, you're probably better off creating a discord or renting a teamspeak or ventrilo server cause in game voice chat almost always sucks.
  21. No I totally get that, but with this game's mechanics I think it'd be interesting. Doesn't have to be a huge part of the game, maybe just like a mini-game within the game.
  22. Some of our clan members can join the clan chat channel, and they can hear us, but we can't hear them. Anyone else have these issues?
  23. Please no monsters or zombies.....I rather see Russians or Chinese army than monsters or zombies. Because I'm sick of monsters & zombies in video games it ruins game completely. I say again no more monsters & zombies I'm tired of them !!! That's my opinion of that !!!
  24. Hmm... that certainly is an interesting idea. I could see that happening if America were to fall into disarray as it has in the game. I'd like to see a DLC with monsters or zombies.
  25. So I always make a female character, in any game I play that I am able too. Don't ask why cause I don't know lol.
  26. Will The Division 2 be adding any enemy invaders like Russian or Chinese army to the game in their next DLC or not? Since the country of America has fallen apart. Wouldn't this be a good time for enemy invasion like Russians or Chinese army to invade U.S.A.. Because if I was a foreign invader I would use this time to invade America and take it down and rule over it.
  27. Location of vendors lists and where can i find them? I started to play The Division 2 on 12th of march besides the vendors in Settlements & the Base of Operations. Where can you find other vendors throughout the map and locations. Are there any hidden vendors that I can find anywhere on the DC map. If so where are these locations?
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