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  2. Graffiti Thursday

    Well, they do make Far Cry. Ubi isn't entirely PC.
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  4. Graffiti Thursday

    WTF?! I'm surprised they put this in the game.
  5. Changes to the weapon system are coming to The Division 2. Old Weapons make a return, new Weapons will be added, Weapon Mods will work differently and the same goes for Weapon Talents. Let's take a look at how this will work for the second installment in this franchise.
  6. Glossary Of Terms - when new to the game

    I haven't had a chance to look through the list to see if they're all still relevant for The Division 2. Might be worth making an addendum video that covers the new things for The Division 2, like Specializations, Brand Sets, etc.
  7. The Divison 2

    I'm not so sure. We have to remember that the game isn't being built from the ground up, rather it's being made on an updated version of the Snowdrop engine. It's possible that many of the assets just needed to be updated and moved into the new environment. Also, the base game is there, so they really just have to work on implementing the changes that we've seen as opposed to starting from scratch. We'll have to be on the lookout for the betas and that will probably give us a better idea as to when the game will actually launch.
  8. Survival in The Division 2

    There has been a lot of concern that when The Division 2 launches, it will take a step backwards like Destiny 2 and strip away many of the features and game modes that The Division 1 currently has. As part of an interview with Julian Gerighty and Mathias Karlson, Skill Up asked what kinds of things we can expect The Division 2 to launch with. He specifically asked if his favorite mode Survival would make an appearance. While Gerighty didn't confirm The Division 2 would have Survival, he did say he would be surprised if it didn't come to the game. Taking that info in, I put together a quick video on Survival and what we might see in The Division 2.
  9. Graffiti Thursday


    I just stumbled over this thread again (I understand it is LONG dead) and laughed SO f*cking hard at this.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Shields

    I set a high bar for being totally oblivious.
  13. Shields

    As smart as you are, how did you miss this?
  14. Shields

    Just noticed that the shield rewards are show in the Dossier screen
  15. E3 details and tidbits

    He puts together a compelling argument. Towards the end he says he sees the wall in the trailer, but I think that wall is much too short to be the DZ wall. My opinion at least, I would think it to be a bit bigger. Like that he mentioned the old post office though. That's out towards the Federal Triangle. You can go up the tower via elevator, but most of it was like a food court if I remember right. Although, that could have completely changed by now. Was only in there once, maybe 7 years ago. Anyways, just found it interesting how he was able to point that out. Maybe he visited the city himself at some point, or he's just a very observant dude.
  16. E3 details and tidbits

    MarcoStyle did a video on why he thinks union will be the dz here if you wanna watch it.
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  18. E3 details and tidbits

    Good find. I would think they would have them in TD2, since they were put them in the original game.
  19. E3 details and tidbits

    Union would be a cool area to have the DZ. Maybe they'll let you go into the D.C. Metro tunnels a bit also. Of course, that's assuming they allow you into the station itself. and if that is the case, I imagine it will be a landmark.
  20. E3 details and tidbits

    I actually found out there is some confirmation of shields here. Under the brand section "Shield Skill Power",
  21. E3 details and tidbits

    Wh The E3 talk has mentioned both plates and shields for armour. So I'm guessing there will be shields. Tho D3fnc is TD1 thing so guessing gear sets and brands will be different. How long until they give shields some special treatment won't be known for a while.
  22. E3 details and tidbits

    Wait, will there still be ballistic shield? Cause I love my D3FNC. By the way, some of the map right here. Speculated DZ is the Union Station are to the north of the player.
  23. Madison Field Hospital - LEGENDARY

    Madison is fine. Only real part with a little difficulty is the final roof battle. Died first try with randoms with a hunter coming around the dies and axing me (twice). Respawned and we cleared it. We had one healer (not sure if reclaimer), one striker, one something else and my Sentry's. The UN one is a bit more fun but maybe as it is a longer run. No guns for the helo was a bit of a surprise as I tried to activate one but it went down quick enough. Wiped first time with the bosses in the auditorium but again, second attempt was a win. One thing I like so far is that there do not (yet) seem like a farce that is Amethysts Apartment where you can run through half of it. Got my first two shields (Westside Piers bosses I got with the missions to kill 3 names bosses mostly). Not so bad but have to wait for 1 in 3 or so missions and clear the other two in between quite fast. Killing the Skill Jammer was a right pain solo..... Now I have to do the DZ missions for the other two shields (whoopee)... Still working on my 100 Hunters achievement (up to around 70 so far). The thing with this one is getting the killing shot.... At least Firecrest is fun to play now you don't set yourself on fire but the Nomad nerf is a pain as it is now pointless (for the 6 piece) if not solo. Maybe that should have just been changed for the DZ. Oh got another Striker Classified piece (well another 4 pieces but 3 were for parts I already had). I am now up to 4 total . Only set I dont have and the only one I would really like to try. I am having to play with its poor cousin Predators Mark sometimes instead .
  24. Shields

    The earlier areas of the DZ have bosses without Landmarks. I think the easiest way for Westside Piers bosses is to run a Resistance mission
  25. #SurvivalSaturday Sherpa Edition

    I will be there - I have maybe a hour in survival and need all the help I can get. ...gene
  26. Shields

    I do HVT weekly every Thursday with my son. Named DZ bosses - are there others besides the landmarks? West Side Pier - I have done very little, are doing the missions enough? So I believe I have two shields (BOO and HVT). ...gene
  27. Ubisoft Club - Sam bot - Rewards - until June 17

    Me too, and the quality of some of the MODs is quite amazing. I have not played in a while - never really finished the story-line. But it was fun for a distraction. My son has many hours/days on this game. AND it's all free. ...gene
  28. E3 details and tidbits

    All of this is awesome. I did notice a gap in image quality is a few things seen all over the place. Hopefully that is just pre-production. And I hope dropped loot is really dropped, not just a symbol. This all looks great. ...gene
  29. Gunslingers ~ The Division Clan For Adults

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GUNSLINGERS!!! June 2018 marks the 11th year we have gamed as a group. While the specifics of our gaming group have evolved throughout the decade plus run, our bedrock of placing the social aspect of gaming over the competitive arena has remained steadfast in our ambitions. And that deserves some celebration. Thank you to all of you who continue to welcome new & returning members, whether its done via a friend add, kind words in the Introduction section, or simply getting to know folks better in our Discord chat. As I have always said, people can go anywhere and use any third party service to simply find other gamers to fill their roster, but the Gunslingers offers an unique haven for older gamers BECAUSE you are willing to believe in the merit of inclusion over rank exclusion. I would also like to give an extra special shout out for all of you who continue to take the extra step of participation by returning and adding content to our forums. While it may feel like the Gunslingers activity in-game may never dry up because so many fellow parents and gaming adults have already swapped contacts, it certainly will if we pretend a central hub doesn't matter. Thank you as well, particularly active members, for weathering through a year of a rather light-in-appearance by me. Sometimes life makes you pause and contend with family and health issues, so I appreciate your dedication, members and leaders alike. In fact, we are happy to announce TWO raffles during the month of June that are worth your attention! Frosty Pints Raffle! CLICK HERE to enter the raffle to win a free Gunslingers Pint Mug! Free Full Priced Game! CLICK HERE to enter the raffle to win a free physical copy of a game of your choosing! These raffles are for long standing members and brand new members alike. Happy Anniversary! :D
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