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  2. DarkZone Turmoil

    It also bothered me, but we will not fix it here. This is not official Ubisoft forum, but for me it's a plus :-)
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  4. Warlord

  5. Military AK-47M

  6. Classic AK-47

  7. 1.8 - Underground changes

    Presumably good rewards follow
  8. 1.8 PTS - 22nd September!!

    @TheDivisionGame: Preload for the PC PTS for Update 1.8 is available now! The PTS servers will come online at 3pm CEST / 9am EST / 6am PST.
  9. 1.8 - Underground changes

    IMPORTANT CHANGE TO UNDERGROUND IN 1.8 This will be available in PTS to test also... ....Hunters. Yes, on ANY mission of Hard & Above you will have a RNG driven chance to encounter Hunters!! For each game session there is a % change that Hunters will spawn as opponents, there will ALWAYS be one more Hunter spawning than there are players. Example: Solo play = chance of two Hunters spawning, two players = three Hunters and so on. In addition to that the more Phases in a mission the greater chance to encounter Hunters...however...you will encounter them once per mission regardless of how many phases. ...be afraid, be very afraid.
  10. 1.8 PTS 26 Sept

    This has info on how to change the email opt in. https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Faqs/000011623/Unsubscribe-from-a-Newsletter
  11. 1.8 PTS 26 Sept

    If PTS on console is the same as PC then you will have to download a complete version of the game, I'm sure instructions would be on the email from Ubisoft to you explaining what to do but make sure you have sufficient drive space for a full download. Bare in mind that PlayStation access (and console in general) is usually behind PC due to restrictions placed by the console manufacturers for additional security and stability checks.
  12. Commendations - How are you doing.

    I got a lot of the kills ones very quickly and easily, I still have a lot to fully complete but they're progressing rapidly and nicely. I'd love to get a high number too, I just haven't played enough Division lately.
  13. 1.8 PTS 26 Sept

    I want the next GE to happen now so I can shred some fucking bodies. I'm full of speed and momentum. Hope you're all having blessed Friday early mornings / afternoons depending where you are. 1.8 seems hype. Is it gonna be paid 'Year 2' content or what? Such as the things coming with it, I mean can you really even say Year 2 anymore, since we're not far from Year 3 lol.
  14. 1.8 PTS 26 Sept

    I'm not ps4, so not at all familiar. However, there is meant to be a setting on your account that allows them to send you emails. Maybe one of the ps4ers here might know?
  15. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Have got a few more and am up to 1900s now. Would like to hit 2k but will be tricky without a helpful team (ie place both bombs in Clear Sky or all the bombs in Falcon Lost without fighting others to get them). Trying to knock out the challenging ones now as well. The challenging, 4 team, 5 directives, 3 phases has proved to be troublesome with the last phase a number of times having the ai spawn right next to me (protect the guy / generator) and just wipe me out.... Taking a bit of a break as I got an Oculus Rift and am playing Lone Echo which is pretty good and the kids are playing RoboRecall witch is if great.... Will be in for 1.8 or the GE though.
  16. 1.8 PTS 26 Sept

    Hey guys, I have never tried any PTS before but would like to this time!! Where do I need to go, to check for my email to get a code? Forgive me but I don't understand what this means? I play on PS4 - uplay accounts will need to have the "email" option select to receive the email codes. What is uplay account? Sorry for the ignorance! LOL
  17. Ghost War Open Beta 21-25 Sep

    Yeah. It's free anyway. And I've seen people take it like it's a final product despite of the huge title saying OPEN BETA. lmao.
  18. Yesterday
  19. 1.8 PTS - 22nd September!!

    No idea, details aren't released the only one I know is the H&K MPX .. they may even be named weapons. I know the sniper DMR's are semi-autos and meant to be equipped as a pair for extra bonus' Also note that in 1.8 they are reworking and giving minor buffs to older existing named weapons so they keep up. ...of course, problem is that I can't game tomorrow night!! *angry*
  20. 1.8 PTS - 22nd September!!

    Only, wow looks like the main. Classified weapons. So these will be 256++ gear?
  21. Dark Zone - Classifield Gear

    Thanks. Yeah was worried it might be like that
  22. Dark Zone - Classifield Gear

    You can get them from dz , drop rate sucks for me though.
  23. 1.8 PTS - 22nd September!!

    Officially announced just a few hours ago, the 1.8 PTS ... ...GOES LIVE TOMORROW (September 22nd) for PC ONLY It is a phased PTS with Phase 1 containing the following items ready for testing: 1) Rogue 2.0 2) Skirmish 3) Camp Hudson 4) Dockyards and new LZ area 5) Dynamic Ai spawn 6) New recalibration using Div Tech (all players will have full Div Tech PLUS free classified caches available for testing purposes) ...I also believe the four new Classified weapons (including MPX SMG, two paired DMR's & an LMG) will be in circulation also.
  24. The Underground was the first DLC released for The Division and it was the most grindy and unrewarding mode in the game. I loved the DLC but once I hit level 40 i quit playing it. Now I have a reason to return.
  25. Ghost War Open Beta 21-25 Sep

    Lol. Bring in the B team. Not much of a position to download myself. Hasn't been connecting. The GRW has had a increase in hits lately. Prolly from the beta.
  26. Ghost War Open Beta 21-25 Sep

    They dieded? Lol Btw, my internet is on maintenance. Can't download the stuff. Anyone playing can try contributing to this thread. Tell us how the customization work etc.
  27. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Ahh..but did you get the patch to wear still? My assumption was that I was gaming AFTER the update as well as I wasn't online until past midnight Central European time...yet I was still progressing. I'll update in the morning after tonights session.
  28. Anyone got classified gear drops from the DZ. In particular post GE. So far nada. So was wonder if it effectively covers bosses or just supply drops. Edit: Context. Mainly been doing the LZ boss route which drops fairly well. Not sure if DZ is unlucky or limited. Edit #2: Dammit, one pc to go.
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