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  2. Game crashes

    Anyone been seeing crashes recently. I have been having lockups in the game then crashes to desktop. Seems to occur in the DZ or after being in the DZ. Not had the issue in a mission yet, only solo. I have reinstalled the Nvidia drivers which seemed to sort it out for a bit but got another one today. Running with a GTX 1070 and GPU-Z is not reporting any overheating or anything like that.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Taking a break

    I've been playing Destiny 2 too, what's your battle.net? Or are you guys on console. It isn't THAT buggy either, could use some balances here n there though but overall I'm having a blast with it.
  5. 1.8 New Weapons - What do you think is good?

    Reading it, the talent can proc +25% dmg is no laughing manner. But the switching of the proc makes it sound like rogues got to time it, just to get that edge. Tho mp5 mag, how long is that really.
  6. I didn't play the pts either but all I keep hearing about is "the house"
  7. Last week
  8. I *cough* skipped the last PTS. Those who got to try the PTS, did you get to try all the new weapons? Previous PTSes we could open free caches tho they might have done things differently. Curious which weapons you actually think will have build potential if not meta potential.
  9. T/A Dps

    Soloing I like being able to drop the seeker when I'm in a spot of bother and heal back up. BFB can be a bit tricky popping your head up when you're the main target.
  10. T/A Dps

    Yeah I tried it with a turret and a bfb, got insta healed with the sticky...swapped out to seekers and turrets as I found that I was getting a longer heal overall.
  11. Numbers - Pre 1.8

    bad week for me. And I've prolly be busy the next month or so and miss the next GE.
  12. T/A Dps

    You won't need healing skills with it. You can go full dps and even dropping seeker mines will refill your health as if you hit first aid.
  13. T/A Dps

    Nice numbers! Mine has more for FA and Health, and you've got you're SH% right up to the fill mark and the skill power really hitting it, exp after the Inventive BP. Must make an awesome healer. I need more survivability to lay down my turrets where I want and if I'm shooting for procs it nice to do some dmg. How does it go solo?
  14. More Character Slots

    I personally prefer the load outs over multiple characters. Having the load outs allows you to have different gear setups to more easily swap between activities. With load outs you could go from Incursions, to DZ, to boss farming and then on to Last Stand with the same character. If you use characters and have like one for PvE, one for DZ and one for PvP you’d have to deal with swapping characters and the rejoining your group to do this - much slower and annoying.
  15. DX12 Renderer

    As HawkShot noted, its the evolution of the DirectX interface from Microsoft. Try both! In settings for graphics there is a setting to enable DX12 - try it. If it works, keep it. If not, go back to the (IMNSHO) more stable DX11. And GOOGLE! Changing certain settings can have a huge impact. Also if you have a current gen (read GTX10xx or Vega) go for it, if not, still test it but do not be surprised if DX11 is better. On my GTX970 - DX11 works best for TD, DX12 works best for Destiny 2... So go figure. ...gene
  16. wow, this is alot of thought - I need a bit to consume this - but hey, wow.... I will review and provide feedback - again wow. ...gene
  17. Hildr Eir - Talent Valkyria

    I am also interested as I have several with diff specs - but really have not thought of a good way to use them. ...gene
  18. More Character Slots

    I like micro-transactions that are clear and provide, for the buyer, good value. The current gambling exotic caches are bogus and as Lt Buzz noted, probably illegal. I am against overt 'power' purchases as that is the real benefit of, er, well - gaming. I noted a few in another post that I would buy (yeah, spend real money). I am sure there are lots of really cool things people would pay for that are not related to the power of the player - but the purchase has to be I want x, pay y - not pay Y and hope for x. ...gene
  19. Taking a break

    Back to the original subject - taking a break - my son and I have been really heavy into Destiny 2 - its really fun, it's really buggy. I will definitely be back when 1.8 drops. But for us - we are a little burned out on TD. ...gene
  20. Numbers - Pre 1.8

    Guesstimates... Div tech: 3000 <-- Updated prof caches: 0 exotic caches: 40 weekly: 0 Only really looking for exotic caches for the 1.8 drop. Doing HVTs and Underground for the commendations but not playing that much TBH.
  21. T/A Dps

    finally put a relentless on my tac build as was curious to see the heal return... works really well.
  22. More Character Slots

    I agree as a paid option. And I agree that if they add more gear sets then it would work. Since they are adding Classified Gearsets, that's how I got the idea. The prices couldn't be that ridiculous, maybe $0.99 for 1 character slot, so on and so forth.
  23. More Character Slots

    keep as is... works well enough.
  24. More Character Slots

    Maybe as a paid option. I like characters tho loadouts work well for me. If they were to add a for more gears maybe then an extra would make it easier. There are going o be people like you that like have characters for particular builds.
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  26. More Character Slots

    Not too long ago, I leveled up my last character on my account and was wondering, why don't we get more slots? Now, I like creating characters on The Division (kinda weird I know but it's something I like) and think this is a good idea. And before I pitch this on the Ubisoft forums, I would like everyone's opinion on this. My reason for wanting more character slots is basically this: loadouts. I know what people are gonna say 'Just put loadouts on one character' but this is just me speaking but, I don't like the fact of having one character running around with six different loadouts. From my perspective, if we get more character slots, then we could get one character for one loadout. Mainly because of my OCD, but partly because I don't like having a cluttered inventory with six loadouts and loot I received from doing Madison Square Hospital or Lexington Event Center and having to sort through all the loadout gear and loot. I would greatly appreciate everyone's opinion on this before I go and pitch this on the Ubisoft forums. Cheers!
  27. DX12 Renderer

    Okay I see, thanks HawKShoT
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