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  2. SoTG - Drop rates - Classies Exotics DivTech

    Funny, I was thinking Season Pass Supply Drops were a waste of time. So, I stopped. Then I get annoyed when SP Supply Drops cause me to think DZ Supply Drops are happening when I was in a DZ checkpoint. Hate a Supply Drop tease... just wrong. You know?
  3. Last week
  4. These changes are still being worked on. New Classified Gear Set Drop Rates Drop rates of Classified items has been increased across the board to 6% (from 3%). The Mission Reward of Legendaries has now a 20% chance to drop a Classified item. Season Pass supply drops, have a 10% chance to drop a Classified item. Division Tech Season Pass supply drops give 100 D-tech. Daily assignments give 25 D-tech. Weekly assignments give 100 D-tech. Exotics All Exotics have been added to the Light Zone bosses. All Vendor Exotics have been removed from the loot pool – you can just buy them from the vendor New Caches During GE 900 Token Caches have been removed (1500 Token Caches are still there) Targeted classified gear set caches will be available. Each event will have 4 caches available for purchase containing the event’s corresponding sets. You can only get the Classified Sets that are also assigned to the Global Event Offseason A classified cache will be available for purchase, containing a guaranteed classified drop. It will be priced at 2500 phoenix credits and will not be limited to Global Events.
  5. Warlord how to get

    I agree with you, this is very random.
  6. Starting up again

    I like these games of action genre, The Division, Destiny 2, etc. I developed more interest in these games, since my brother set up his PC gaming room and Destiny 2 kaufen from online store. There are new updates every time in the game and that makes it more interesting.
  7. Hunter recall in Underground.

    Hey, this is really interesting strategy.
  8. Nice try PlayStation

  9. New Guns

    I just saw this. Hahaha! I always wondered how powerful that rifle from Jumanji would be in-game?
  10. MSPaint saved! YouTube Editor lost!

    Good point.
  11. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    Alpha 5 pc with Barrerts or savage gloves .
  12. Earlier
  13. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    Anyone else tried non meta or hybrid builds (which is currently guaranteed to be non meta)? I haven't tried anything else than mentioned, tho genuinely curious whether anyone has. I'm not really a meta lover. I luv pred and would love a 6 pc but now feel meh simply because it's the meta now. Consumated recalcitrant, for better or worse (worse really).
  14. Survival Saturday Community Event

    Don't forget Agents!! It's every Saturday!!Good luck!
  15. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    cool, i have a couple of mp7's that i would like to try as well... house is good but miss that higher ROF and low mag size. :D i built mine for pvp... also put a 3 apha, 2 tac and ninja combo together, good support role... strong pulse and quick heals.
  16. What do you know about Aaron Keener, the main antagonist in Tom Clancy's The Division? Before I started working on this video I didn't know jack sh*t about him. I'll show you his origins, his motives and how he is connected to characters like Charles Bliss, Gordon Amherst and Vitaly Tchernenko. Who's side are you on? The Division? Or Keener and the Rogues?
  17. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    During the ge4 I run that on one of my toons as he got some of the AB pieces. It's a good build for ARs. Tho I had more into electronic s than stam. Should try stam then :)
  18. Try a 3 pc alpha , 2 pred and a NInja. 6k Stam the rest into firearms . Crit chance (main and performance). I’m running a house with deadly, unforgiving , card counter and responsive . hits pretty hard
  19. Classified Gearsets - what you got?

    Well I thought I needed an alpha chest in order to complete all sets but found it on another toon... noice. also tried an alpha banshee combo that’s not too bad ... all well having all the gear but having the div tech to optimize is a different story. Keep farming
  20. Gaming Chairs

    Hmm, I'll be taking note of that recommendation as well. :)
  21. Firearms are awesome. Am I wrong?

    Short answer: They indeed are awesome.. but in the right hands.
  22. Consoles. Specs off pause

    I agree. They try to add a few updates here and there, yet, they can never admit that making a single console completely better would require an overhaul, in this case, the development of a new console.
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