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    Well, got one I guess...
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    Firstly sorry for my absence from the Forums. I've been hit by a bout of illness AND officially was on vacation..typical how the two happen at the same time! Currently fighting with a period of apathy meaning I'm not in a major gaming mood. On the plus side the PC is running flawlessly and the SATA cable change seems to have been the solution to my issues. I really hope I shake this emotional downturn enough to come in for patch 1.7 release tomorrow!
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    I do have the impression it comes through extra compared to their various other announcements. lol Paul Rhodes' "both got shit to do" really used to grate on my nerves.
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    Anyone had one of those days.... Have been playing quite a bit again recently and jumped on a few nights ago to do the last Legendary for my 3rd Agent and then maybe something else. Completed WarrenGate Legendary although it was a bit of a chore as the random team I was in were a little light on punch but that is fine. Things seemed a bit laggy and getting revived and going down before getting any Agent control was a bit frustrating but #JustDivisionThings. I then switched to my fav TA Agent and decided to try out a MDR I transferred from another one of my Agents and try running Napalm Legendary to see how it played. Well my TA build is good for SP (around 380K with the 30% before Talented is prop'd on my gun) but is light on firepower and around 280k. We played through until we got to the agents. After killing the first two, one of the other players was furiously typing that we all had to go to the lift level floor. I'm thinking 'huh', two agents to go and one with healing station ability on the bottom floor with multiple directions they and the mobs can attack from and little cover that means we will be bunched up. After hanging around upstairs but not being able to make much of a dent on the mobs (low firepower alone) I went down and, yep, we wiped out as the agents ran around in their healing station area shooting and sticky bombing whilst mobs flanked up. We respawned and they all did the same thing again !!. Same result. Probably a good 1.5 --> 2 hours wasted there. I had the same with another group on another day but one of the group stayed on to with me whilst the chat was screaming about coming down. We ignored it, managed to kill the 3rd agent and then went down and we all completed the mission. Seem to be a lot of new players around at the moment. Legendary with randoms now seems to be a lot more challenging. Needless to say, I have upped my DPS a bit now. A quick example of this was last night with a group which seemed to be 2 snipers, me and someone else I guess was hybrid. Playing legendary Napalm, we get to the long area (respawn point) and somehow manage to beet the first part, although I seemed to be getting a lot of aggro enven on my TA build which was a bit of a warning. For the second part I run to the front of the scaffold overlooking the bad guys spawns just to miss the shotgunners. I manage to take down one bad guy and then look around to see I am on my own apart from 6 shotgunners all charging me. Oh happy days. After a couple of wipes and one persons rage quit we still managed to complete. I do like the challenge but there seems to be a big lack of conscientious about how to do each stage now where it used to be there with other randoms. Steam sale recently maybe.... Anyway, anyone else been having 'one of those days.' in the Division ?.
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    Hey guys. Handsome puppy here aka Alan. New to this comminty. Thought id poke my head in to say hi
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    Guess who's back, back again@g1nt3r's back, tell a friendGuess who's back, guess who's backGuess who's back, guess who's back ... @g1nt3r back!
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    Earlier in the GE Week there was a "Cheese-it hack" for Dragons Den apparently which meant players in the know could complete the Incursion and get the highest payout in GE Tokens really fast. This was patched but not until Wednesday/Thursday I'm told. I didn't log in so no idea where I finished up or if I got a mask but on the last day I was still running at only 1500GE Per hour mark. BTW - the "hour" calculated is from ACTUAL top of the hour i.e. 7pm-8pm with GE earned used for the ranking. So, best way to maximise GE collection was: 1) Start an incursion before the hour was up, make sure you didn't kill the end boss until just past the top of the hour i.e. 19:05hrs. 2) Immediately hit LZ bosses 3) Farm Lexington or another "fast run" Mission until end of the hour.
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    Something else I thought of, Siege didn't hit it off well when it initially dropped, if I remember right. However, it had a dedicated group and the game had been steadily growing and had come back to being very popular. The two games are very different, but it's possible for Division to have a resurgence like Siege, which would almost demand a sequel.
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    That's very interesting. I doubt that 1.8 will be canceled, as they claim to already have parts of it in the works (which seemed to be confirmed by ETF Charlie members), but the fact that there hasn't been any talk at E3 yet on a Division 2, it's possible the sequel was canned. Here's some things to consider on this: How valid of a source is culturedvultures.com? Has this info been reported on other sources? I'll admit that I don't spend a lot of time reading through gaming sites, but I'm not really familiar with this one. Again, as I said I don't spend a lot of time on them so it doesn't mean this isn't a legit source. Divison, despite it's faults, was Ubisofts best original IP at release so I would have to think it warrants an attempt at a sequel despite the player base dropping off. With Vivendi possibly making a hostile takeover bid, one would think Ubisoft can't afford to leave money on the table - on the flip side they can't afford to sink a lot of money into something that fails. This could explain dropping a second game and/or the movie - can you say Assassin's Creed movie? Destiny had a lot of issues (similar to Division), but Bungie is claiming Destiny is basically a 3 year beta and that the real game will be Destiny 2, could Ubisoft do the same with Division? On SotG this week, Hamish and Yannick said that Massive was hiring like 200 people to help support their project, such as Division AND Avatar and this is in addition to (I think?) hiring that they've done earlier this year for the same reason. We can only see the job postings, so there's no way to confirm that they'll be working on both projects, rather this is just what we've been told. Massive has said, via SotG, that there will be no more paid DLC for Division and that any future updates, including 1.8, will be free. So, the only money coming in for the current game will be microtransactions for emote and vanity items, not sure how long it will be able to keep the game viable as it takes money to support a live team and dedicated servers for the game. I'll probably be able to come up with more things to consider on this topic, but that's a good start. It's something I've been thinking about and I'm interested to see if more info comes out on it.
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    I've heard there's a handful of hacks and/or cheeses that allow players to inflate their GE scores to hit the top of the leaderboards and that many (possibly most all) of those in the top tier are there from nefarious means. Massive said on the last SotG that they can determine players that are cheating and will ban them from the game, but that's for hackers, not sure about cheesers since they're not actually "cheating" per se. They did say that leaderboards are just the way they're starting out the GE and that they're working on tying the rewards to something else as a measurement to help reward players for skill as well as dedication and play time (the current leaderboards really just reward play time). They mentioned some ideas on SotG and said they're looking for more, but no ETA on when that might change or if it actually will change.
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    From what I remember, though, unless they changed things you can mix regular and classified gear for the 2, 3 and 4 pc bonuses, allowing you to get the benefit of the higher stats (armor and firearms/stamina/electronics) from the classified gear while still maintaining your set bonus as you collect classified pieces.
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    http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1730163-Global-Event-Leaderboard-Changes?p=12862288 "Global Event Leaderboard Changes Agents, Today we have introduced changes to the global event leaderboards which ensures that more players are eligible to receive the newly introduced face masks as a reward for participating in the ongoing "Outbreak" global event. Tier 1: Place in the top 85% to 31% of the community 1 Global Event Classified Cache, 1 Mask Tier 2: Place in the top 30% to 11% of the community 2 Global Event Classified Caches, 2 Masks Tier 3: Place in the top 10% to 1% of the community 3 Global Event Classified Caches, 3 Masks Please note that these changes will not be visible until the leaderboards refresh."
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    Just for prospective, this is what the original patch notes had. The Global Event leaderboards have 3 Reward Tiers that define what reward you will get: Tier 1 – lowest reward tier Top 50% - 16% of all players 1 Mask Tier 2 Top 15% - 6% of all players 2 Masks Tier 3 – highest reward tier 5%-1% of all players 3 Masks
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    Yep, for 5/6 - must be all classified. And Ninja backpack only works for non classified.
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    That time you run through Amherst Apartment only to realise all but one member of the party forgot to activate/collect the intel in his room meaning all the enemies for the last two stages have spawned BEHIND YOU... (welp!) #justdivisionthings
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    Now you get Encrypted Key Fragments from helping Civilians so now a valid reason to hand over your soda
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    Finally got on to Tier 1 for the leader board. So many with the same scores though. Pages and pages. Seems there are a fair frw cheaters in there as well with massive scores that they could not get through 'fair' means. Weekly HVTs are a good way for getting GE creds (hardest are also 750 + looting on boss kills). I also have a 5 piece Deadeye now but still to find the backpack to make the 6 piece. Ninja bag does not helpwith that from what I have read.
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    Oh Classified gear.... and a Ninja Messanger Bike pack :-).
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    Crazy how scarily accurate I predicted 1.7 would drop soon.
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    I think we can all say we're relieved that at least alcohol wasn't involved. Unless you're drunk now, and just think you weren't then.
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    I know how that is, got married in Vegas 10 years ago an I was sick the whole week we were there. And it was a planned in advance wedding, not a drunken night.
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    I ran the tri-shotty when LS first came out when sausage, M870 and double-barrel and it was a blast for CQB. Didn't do much from range but tons of fun on Underground.
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    Hate being sick during vacation time. It's just wrong. Clearly something wrong in the fabric of time and space when that happens . Hope it didn't completely ruin your time off.
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    Hey guys, please continue to be patient while the necessary tweaks are made to adjust for the recent update. Due to some unforeseen RL concerns, the corrections may take some time to implement so we may have to deal with limited functionality on the forums for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate the patience.
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    Every time I finish, enter, change, or just about anytime - that damn last stand announcement is played. "hey Agent..." - is there any way to get it to stop? It's so annoying I want to remove the DLC. This is beyond annoying, it's harassment. ...gene
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    Every single time you went to collect the mats for crafting... you know, when mats and crafting were still a thing .
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    @TheDivisionGame: Update 1.7 is confirmed for Tuesday, August 15! Global Events, Classified Gear, Face Masks, and more.
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    Like the title says, I just started playing The Division, this week and already level 10, what gear should I be looking for. I like to use AR's and Marksman Rifles- a run and gun type build with the ability to hit from a distance if need be. Any help would be nice, thanks
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    What tgey said... Plus, talking weapons- The different types of weapons seem to vary in effectiveness across the levels. For example,, level 1 to 10 a good shottie is fantastic. But don't bother with shotties after that (or at least until you get close to 30) as they seem to lack stopping power relative to the toughness of the AI. So, that's another reason to try different types of weapons, than thinking there's one good combo. leveling 1 to 30 is a good time to mess around with different weapons as DSP had said. So mess around and have some fun.
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    Well - I disagree a little with DSP - get the best gear for stamina/health and the best damage weapons (DPS is broken, use the damage number). This allows you to take a hit and hit back. The 1-30 game AI is brutal - 1 or two hits and your dead. Don't get frustrated on dying - it happens, alot 1-30. Just crank out those levels. And oh yeah, use cover ...gene Oh yeah - welcome, this is a KICK A$$ game.
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    Maybe they just caught on quicker that it was a better thing to do. Lots of games do that nowadays, especially those that use foreign clients (I.E their own). Take a look at Origin for example, you can trial a lot of the triple A games. I think it's a good thing. Maybe they're prepping for the PvP release, hoping to entice new players.
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    UPDATE: NEW GEAR! I've recently received a Leatherman Raptor, as well as a 5.11 Tactical Rush 24. The Raptors were 70$, but they really are amazing quality. One of the best tools I've ever had. Leatherman have their reputation for a reason. The Raptors are medical shears, with a couple additions. They fold, have a seatbelt cutter, 02 wrench, ring cutter, and a 5cm ruler on the end of the bottom blade. The shears themselves can cut a penny in half if you put some good strength into it. The holster they come with is also very impressive. It is compatible with MOLLE, but can also go onto most belts. I personally wear a 1.5 inch duty style belt, and it fit snugly into the belt mount. So I don't think it would work on a 2 inch belt, but unless you're law enforcement or maybe military, you won't be wearing that anyways most likely. Now, why did I purchase the Raptors? They aren't exactly a thing a Division Agent carries are they? Not typically no. I don't think I've mentioned yet that some of this gear, I carry as my EDC (Everyday Carry). I always have gear on my belt, or on/in my pack. The reason I own the Raptors, as well as my IFAK, is because 1. I'm Red Cross certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED, currently looking into a class for Basic Life Support, and in the future, Small Craft Incidents. 2. One of my biggest goals, and my current focus, is to become a United States Air Force Combat Rescue Officer (AFSC 13DXA). Combat Rescue, in tier 2 Special Opeations. The actual medical stuff tends to be left to the Pararescuemen (PJ's) for the most part, but it is still part of the job, and I wish to be proficient at it. The 5.11 Rush 24 is meant to be a 24 hour bag. Typically 130$, I snatched it for 88$, and do not regret it. By far the best pack I've owned so far. I believe it's about 33 liters, equaling roughly 2300 cubic inches. But has many pockets, some mesh. I love this because I can organize the things I'm carrying. My laptop looks kinda small in it compared to my old bag. Hydration pouch, which you can run your tube out the sides on the handle. Back is pretty well padded, I find it comfortable, but I typically only carry 15 pounds in it. So far, no complaints, and honestly would recommend it anybody. If I was a Division Agent, I would take this over a sling pack. I seem to be having trouble locating a good MOLLE bandoleer, but that was an excellent idea @quinch1199. I'll continue looking for a good one. Seriously considering purchasing one.
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    Correction, Puppet doesn't bite. Welcome to the forums!
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    I would guess about a month, so last week of August. That gives them 1-2 weeks for them to make any changes to the final build before sending it to Sony and MS and then 2-3 weeks for (mostly Sony) the console approval process.
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    Hi guys. Firstly im new to this site so a big hiya from me. Secondly below is a screenshot of my 1.6 build. Any advice is welcome. I play The division solo so not so good gear
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    You'll also want to make sure that your weapon talents are all unlocked - the white ones are active (unlocked) and the grayed-out ones are locked. Suggestions for how to do that are: 1.) Shuffle your gear stats around like @Oh. daesu said until you meet the requirements for your talents. 2.) Reroll or recalibrate talents until they unlock with your current build - this won't work for your DMR since two talents are locked. 3.) Mix-n-march 1 & 2 until you roll gear stats & talents that work together. 4.) Swap out your weapons with ones that the talents are unlocked on. No matter what weapons you have, you always want to make sure that your weapons are all unlocked. If you have locked talents you're not getting all you can out of your build even before you hit the street. As for gear, use set pieces in either 2, 3 or 4 piece groups or you're not getting the best possible bonus out of your gear. Set pieces (teals) have bonuses for having 2 of the same type (i.e. Lone Star, Firecrest, etc.), 3 of the same type or 4 of the same type. In your case, you have 5 Lone Star and 1 Firecrest - that build has one Lone Star piece not adding an additional set bonus and no bonus from Firecrest because you only have 1 piece. High ends (yellowish-gold) and exotics (reddish-orange) don't have set bonuses so they can be mixed in to fill holes with gear sets or they can be used on their own (in fact some exotics require you to have no set bonuses to get their benefits). As @Oh. daesu said, let us know what your playstyle is and we can suggest some sets and/or pieces for you try to get and test.
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    Hey @Handsum-puppy, welcome to the forums . * focus on set gear that suits your playstyle. You have lonestar but you dont run with either lmg or a shottie. Having set geat talents that suit you can make up for poorer stats.So, what's you play style? * You toughness is much higher than what's worthwhile. Recalibrate at leasttwo of your gears stats from Stamina to Firearms. If you're Silo player maybe only two. * Try and pick up some gear mods. You have some empty slots. Get those filled. Anything is better than nothing. You can check what's on sale at the vendors (use a vendor list or a werkly vid to save your time) or get some blueprints and craft your own.
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    aaaand that's all she wrote. Guess that means closer to a release.
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    See I find I destroy up close, I can kill someone who's gone down to a sliver of health and used a skill heal. I find myself getting fucked over when I'm overcrowded due to the fact I'm not super tanky, nor am I super electronic orientated. Though DPS wise I fucking destroy with the Lightweight M4 and MP5 combo. EDIT: I'm making my alt a shotgunny tanky fuck, gonna boost skill and toughness mostly, for pure survivability.
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    HEY guys, i think this might help! It has the DZ Named Npcs and vendor types. Up to 1.5 (note: found this on twitter a while ago and i thought it might be useful)
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    Started yesterday. Was waiting for them to say something, but this has been really good for getting phoenix credits.
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    Lord knows what that is in... 20mm? Whatever it is chambered in, it's going to be an instant death.
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    Yep, I think thats the one
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    I really need help in the dark zone I'm trying to build my equipment up but people keep going rouge on me and stealing my stuff I'm not a very high level but I just really need people to help me my user name is lonewolf302015 and even though my character is a guy I'm a woman
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    OK, I am not happy with Enermax - emailed to ask where my AM4 bracket was and, from the response, they failed to send it. So they promised to send it USPS First Class - bah. While I see great reviews of the product - service - not so much. I would send it back, but getting another from anywhere would take just as long and still would probably not have an AM4 bracket. If its not here Friday - I am returning the cooler anyway and going with another. So the build is holding, as it has been for three weeks, on a cooler bracket. ...gene
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    I completely agree. I use Photoshop CS6 for all of my needs. Paint would and is only good for simple diagrams, annotations and quick mock ups... or just to fuck around, which then again can be just as easily done in the likes of paint.net, Gimp and the almighty Photoshop.
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    The fact you assumed I watch that disgusting anime shit hurts me, emotionally. The Harmonica Pistol is probably the best fucking pistol ever made, lmao. It just looks so dope.