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    Specific. Incisive. The words really allow the reader to feel he/she is with you, experiencing the rush of the mission. How do you manage to capture the essence of the experience in such few words?
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    Bah, none of you are old - try Pong in a bar, space invaders, asteroids, Defender... but the first that really caught on with me and my son, was phantasy star online. It allowed us to play even though we were in different states as at that time I traveled extensively for work. As that whole platform got compromised with "Game Sharks" we moved to everquest - just before they came out with a "windowed" UI. ahhhh the good times of yore... Today - Halo (all versions), Borderlands 2, TD - TD has pretty much all my attention right now. Serious Sam 2 when I only have my laptop. ...gene
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    its fairly easy - google it - there are a couple steps so easier to google than to explain. ...gene
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    After the timer starts, you have to open the used-to-be-called 'Kingslayer File' in the Tacmap regarding to the lost car you have to find. In the file, you'll see a picture that's basically hinting the location. That's your only clue. When you found an idea where to go, go there and you will find a scene destroyed car with SB corpses around. You gotta tag a bug to said car to complete it.
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    Sounds to me like key binding issue, not on the game's side, but the Windows side. I don't know of any program within Windows that allows you to rebind keys, but I do know there is third party applications that can do so, such as KeyTweak. I've never personally had this problem, so not sure how good my word is.
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    Getting to higher difficulty province, I noticed there are more and more enemies around the base. So lately in my single player playthrough I no longer clean up the whole base. Instead, I killed only necessary ones and I started on using other items to distract enemies out. For example, there's this one where I need to destroy lots of coca stock and it was in the back of the base inside the processing warehouses. So I creeped-creeped like a lizard, planted C4 on the stocks in one of the warehouse. Blew it and everyone checked the place out while I was already outside before they knew it. When they were busy, I blew the other stocks and the cartel started running that way while I creeped my way up to conveyor belt outta the base. I walked away from the base as if nothing happened. Ooooh yeaaaah...
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    You know, I'm someone who appreciate things, even small details like how they designed a small path in the farm or mountain, with their very own little bushes or rock or trash scattering around. And this game just got it. Sometimes I really want to reach out the dev and tell them that they've done a really great job on the environment and the game in overall. But posting appreciation message in the official forums will just get buried underneath the toxic threads and (sorry, but gotta say) the brainless/selfish request threads that will eventually fuck the game up. #justconfessionthings
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    Trying to snipe... Bang! Target ducked. Target was surprised, he stood back up looking at my direction. Bang again, target moved his head to the left. Third bang. Now target moved his head to the right. Fourth bang, target swiftly moved to a sandsack stack for cover. A tip of his head was seen! So there goes the fifth bang. And he ducked again, completely covered himself. The last bullet in the clip was shot in vain. I think I was trying to shoot Neo.
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    One of the reasons why I like this game.
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    Survival is normalized (everyone starts at the same starting point - crap gear, crap pistol), so the only requirement is that you be able to access the Base of Operations (BoO), which opens up usually around level 4 (once you leave Brooklyn and reach the mainland). Once you open the BoO, the access point for Survival is in the Terminal, which is the middle level (below the main ground level of the BoO and above the stairs to Underground). As for really playing the main game before playing Survival, you don't really have to beat the game, as Survival kind of takes place outside of the main story. Aside from understanding the main premise of the game (dollar flu, many people dead/dying, factions take over, etc.), you can jump right into Survival after hitting the BoO, if you like.
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    And for WWII pack, I'm really interested at the rifle and the pistol. But the price is unjustifiable..
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    Just to avoid confusion, what Quinch meant here was GRW Credits, which is to buy items from Store. This is different shop section from UbiClub, which requires uPlay points. To answer the question, most guns and attachments are unlockable in the game. The rest of the items aren't.
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    Thanks for the welcome 💯 hope all is well and good luck in Divison
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    Remember you can use your drone in vehicles if you are not driving. Just get someone to fly over the target, pop your drone out and tag away. This is especially useful for sea based assaults.
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    Fortunately or unfortunately, all gear is subject to RNG. Like any RPG, what drops is random and the stats for the items are random too. The odds are that over the course of your toons play, you should get tons of average stuff, some crap and some good stuff. That's from drops. Stores will have differing pieces to buy as well as blueprints to buy that you can make items from. Most of these items will change on a weekly basis, so keep checking each week for new items to buy and build. As for instruction or how to play, the best way to run (especially solo) is to go to an area, activate the safe house, complete all of the side missions (light blue pentagons) and events (blue, yellow & green items). Once you've done those, you'll probably be leveled and geared enough to compete any story missions in the area. By taking this route you'll kill three birds with one stone: 1.) hit lvl 30 by the time you complete the final mission, 2.) see the well designed city that Massive created for us to play in and 3.) clear all the missions, side missions and events, which you need done for some of the end-game content. Hopefully this info helps and feel free to keep asking questions if you like and we'll see if we can help.
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    As I now have 55 gear set pieces (several full sets) and with 66 backpack slots - how many gear sets do you carry around switching out for different encounters? I carry a weapon of each type but generally only one setup (6 pieces of gear). It seems that you could carry 4 full sets (or 24 pieces of mix and match) and each weapon type and still have half a backpack of free slots. ...gene
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    yeah, I played with um on PTS - very nice change. And yes you have to have the gear with you, but we have plenty of slots (6*9=54 still room for loot with most backpacks) And you can't change in combat - but hey what a way to make it easy to pack up for a series of battles that you are going after! And it's really prolly 6*6 gear + maybe 4 to 6 weapons - so even better. (this is my weapon, this is my gun...) I have only one really working build, the D3 - so I ahve plenty of space lol ...gene
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    I have so many supplies up to 40k left unused because I avoid some absurd skills LOL.
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    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the division. Just started playing a few days ago. Its nice to to meet the community. I'm hailing all the way from Malaysia. If anyone interested in partying or maybe help a newbie to complete some of the story mission (by god, please do....I need all the help I can get. This game is pretty hard), you guys can add me. I play on Xbox one and my gamertag is LordKukupants. Thank you and cheer guys
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    Even picking up a cheap one from Best Buy is good for testing purposes. Saved me a lot of stress a couple times. It also slightly changes between OS's. Which is why he recommends looking it up. Make sure to include the OS in your search.
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    Hi guy's I start on the new DLC for Xbox1 (Finish Wildland's first part) but I'm not sure what to think of it just yet but like some advice from others who have tried it well my question is about the side missions is it just me or do they seem just a little off balance to say like I jump in Lost Car side mission and it doesn't tell you just **** where to go but you have so much time to finish it stuff like that just need some input from others who play it yet Thanks ChowYungFats
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    try booting in safe mod with network - that will not run any third party programs - see if there is a difference. ...gene
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    Thanks for the reply. Your advice is helpful and appreciated. When I had just played a few hours, I had found some main- & side-missions quite difficult, and that's why I thought it would be good to try multiplayer. But now that I'm starting to get better gear & equipment, as well as skills and perks, I'm finding it easier to plan and now I'm quite happy to progress through the game at my own pace. Hopefully in a few months, I'll be ready for the DLC and expansions. Looking forward to experiencing that too.
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    Interview with Agent: Ghost Commander: So 'Ghost', you've been selected to be apart of this 'Division'. But first I need background. I have your profile here and have a few questions. Ghost: Okay... Ask away. C: Okay, first off... The Colonel's Militia... What in the world if that? Some sort of frat boy club or something? G: It's a Special Forces group composed of the best trained and most brutal Special Forces Soldiers ever. We did missions all around the world but never took credit for them. You can consider us... Ghosts in a way. C: Right, so how many men have you killed while you were in the TCM? G: That number I like to keep secret... mainly because I have a hard time sleeping if I recall the exact amount. So lets say around 100. C: Around 100? What Special Forces Group were you apart of? The SEALs? G: *nods* C: Oh... right says here in your profile that you lead your own team... so I guess that qualifies you to be a Squad Leader in the 'Diivsion'. G: Give me competent Squad mates or let me pick them myself... last time I had squad mates given to me, my spec. ops. team was lying face down in a field outside some shanty town without support. C: *gulps*
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    LOL I often tagging a burning truck. I'm like "yea here's your supply basically I don't give a shit how it looks like by the time you picked it up."
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    Yes, teaming up you would have unlocked or discovered the safehouse. I'm not sure how determintal to the story line that is, as ymmv. Safehouses aren't significant to the story line. You may have done a story line mission. The game story isn't that linear, so don't swaet it. You can redo story missions and echo points are still there.
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    I was worried that this off theme madness would be injected into the main game / Story Mode. But seeing that it is a separate mode, I accept whatever offered in it with open mind and hands. So to speak, I feel like playing Santa Blanca mode (with my very own Santa Blanca-approved undercover character). I love it when a game gives us a different perspective and placed it from our enemy's side. I'm also challenged to literally fight alone and be more aggressive here. That is a welcome change and now I know whenever I wanna go gun blazing, then Narco Road would be the place for it. Sorry I just realised I wrote this in the wrong section..
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    I'm looking to buy their artbook if it ever gonna release.
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    Link below showing a LOT of the concept and actual in-game art and level design in the game: recon wildlands&sorting=recent Enjoy! And keep an eye out in-game for them.
  31. 2 points A few weeks ago, we told you about our ambitions for the post-launch content of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands. Title Update 3 is already available; this is the first step in a long list of improvements that we are working on for the game. Today, we would like to go into detail about the Live Season Challenges, which will be available starting April 18th. Live Season Challenges Overview With the Live Season Challenges, the development team wanted to give all players new objectives to achieve on a regular basis. Challenges will be available through multiple seasons with each of them lasting six weeks and featuring a specific theme with dedicated rewards. Through a new in-game menu section, you’ll be able to find the current challenges and follow your progression. You will have to follow specific instructions in order to find new assignments that are set in different regions of the map. Please note that you need to be online to activate the challenges and update your statistics, but the missions can be completed offline during the same game session. There will be a total of five new missions per week that will gradually allow you to discover new pieces of Operation Kingslayer. These will be divided between: - Three challenges playable in solo (co-op is available, but please note that your stats are counted individually). - One challenge dedicated to Task Force members (Task Force can be created or joined on the Ghost Recon Network) - One community challenge that will require the contribution of all players to reach a common objective. Players will receive a reward after completing each challenge totaling three rewards per season. During a season, each challenge will be available for one week and updated every Wednesday at 9 am UTC. So don’t forget to complete them before then to get your reward! 1. Season One: The Rise and Fall of Unidad Ghosts, here is your mission briefing regarding Season One of the Live Season Challenges:
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    Interesting build. I don't generally run Striker's, so I've never considered mixing it with AB (also haven't run AB since like 1.4/1.5). Since 1.5ish, I've been running all my builds (with the exception of my all HE set) with 4pc of one set/2pc HE or exotic. Couple of questions: 1.) What's your damage mitigation from armor? 2.) How do you use this build (assault/DPS, tank, support)? I'm trying to see how you use it in PvE to see if I have any suggestions to offer. That said, the suggestion I always try to offer is find a build that's fun for you and works for how you play. If you want to try some of the min/maxer builds, go for it but don't be afraid to scrap them if they don't work for your play. Nothing is more frustrating than grinding to get "the build", only to find out that it makes the game no fun for you.
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    Episode 1: The Rise and Fall of Unidad Episode 4: The Terror of the Rykers and Dollar Virus Episode 10: Zombie in Bolivia and Mister Chen, the Kung Fu Master Episode 20: Wars in the Star - One Rogue Episode 30: Megazoids and His Evil Company from Mars
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    Let's just make it short. It's midnight right here. :P > Narco Road will be available on 18 April for Season Pass owners. 25 April for individual release for USD14.99. > Next update released on 12 April for consoles, 14 April for PC. Introducing seasonal challenges with its own reward.
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    1. P90 SMG, G28 Sniper, and 5.7USG Pistol. a) I don't remember. But it's the square one for P90 and the 4x one with + reticule if I'm not wrong for my G28. b) Always aim for mostly close and medium. I'm the shoot and gone type. 2. G28. Good fire rate to unf*ck f*cked shots. 3. L85A2 4. P90 and SPAS 5. M121 6. Knock Out moves, Distraction items (Flare and Diversion Lure), and Mortar
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    Recently took some updated photos. Came out much better.
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    Doing a base jumping and fall 1 foot to the ground will instantly kill you. LOL
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    Things learnt today. 1) drones will explode when coming into contact with your parked (stationary) copter, alerting the ai and allowing the LT to escape. Edit: helicopter blades 2) compound gates which open for cartel vehicles, won't actually open for cartel bikes. No matter how fast or urgent you're travelling. I.e. slam!!
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    Hello, used to play this a while ago recently getting back on it 👌🏽 Sterting to get more into the PvP side of it, I mainly play with my brother infomus88 I'll get him to register here later too. I don't have any DLC yet long way to go. Are there clans/gangs/groups on here to join? Events n fun shxt? My PSN is "Diggavell-_" Darkzone Level: 26 Normal Level :23 Usually online midday or late nights Uk time Hello Forums! 🤘🏽
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    Thanks people 🤘🏽 I'll check this out
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    When you really now want to visit Bolivia on vacation ... (the game is that beautiful) #justwildlandsthings
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    I just realized now we can shoot from sedan's trunk. lol It looks like a nice 'surprise mothertrucker!' --- Apparently there are two types of Peruvian Connection: 1. Peruvian Connection as Pre-order Bonus. Includes: Peruvian Connection Mission, Kraken Patch, Dragon Patch, 2x XP Boosters 2. Peruvian Pack as separate purchase or comes with Season Pass Includes: Peruvian Connection Mission, Kraken, Dragon, Skull&Bones, Phoenix, Lion Patches, Special Ops Pack (Patch & XP Boosters)
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    I play solo all the time. There is tons of PvE content to do. And no I have not been to the dark zone yet. I may check it out someday, but I see no need at this point. I am having a blast just running around killing randoms when I don't have mission time and doing daily's when I have the time. For me, a mostly solo non-PvP player, I am having a gas. I have two agents lvl 30/256 and 40+ gear set pieces. You will enjoy this game for a long long time. ...gene
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    Thanks for all the help. While I am learning about gear sets and HVT and daily's and the lot - I no longer feel like the N00B thanks for all of you. ...gene
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    Next Outfit will be Division. It comes with a patch and Division LVOA-C. It's showing in my game right now, but can't redeem at the ubi club yet.
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    Another option would be to use a 4pc tac with inventive backpack and vigorous chest or a Barrett. But your build seems to work well for you and you have plenty of sp. my tac build has 385k sp but just a bit more health. I use mine for PVE well on legendary, revive station and sticky bomb for a bit of boom 💥.
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    Got to the highest point in the game...jaw dropping views!
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    I'm currently part of the Agents of the Technodrome, which is a FB PS4 Division clan. Most of the players are on European times, but I'm in EST. Recently I've been running Wildlands, but feel free to add me on PSN: DeadSockPuppet.
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    Loot is everything in The Division. Next to drops you can buy gear and weapons. The better loot is obtainable by buying them at the vendors in the Base of Operations with Phoenix Credits. But how do you earn it as fast as possible?