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    @CO1-LFC you should check out the Groups thread for LFG and clans: http://www.thedivisionforums.com/forum/32-find-groups/
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    The game runs amazingly well on PC. I was worried at first about hacking but it looks like for the most part it’s been dealt with or at least I haven’t encountered any issues yet.
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    I don’t think it has challenge, just normal, hard and legendary. Also, I’m pretty sure you have to kill 3 NPCs in the courtyard to open the underground.
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    oops - forgot about those I will update shortly. [update]OldGamerGene is a dufus Of course it works. ...gene
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    So I remembered the 1.8.1 patch has dropped so have taken another go at The Division after tearing myself away from Hope County (sort of, prefer The Division). After installing the patch my game started in full screen windowed mode (Taskbar at the bottom and title bar with the minimise / maximise / close icons). Trying to change to full screen in the options just crashes the game to desktop. This also happened when you alt tab to another Windows program and then back in (windowed mode), at least for me. Used to be a time when you could edit the 'state.cfg' file and set it to Fullscreen via the cfg and on startup it was fixed (the file is located at C:\Users\[your account name]\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division ) but that did not do it this time. Well... it turns out they have now moved to a XML config file now ( same location --> GFXSettings.TheDivision.exe.xml ). I opened it with Notepad ++ and could edit <OPTION Name="DisplayMode" Registered="True" Type="Enum" Value="BorderLess"> ... and I am back to fullscreen again. (I actually changed the value to fullscreen which worked but on exit the game changed it to borderless. The res listed in the file is not 4k which is what I usually play on but I will check that when I spin the game up again. Hopefully this will help someone else out who may also get stuck in Windowed mode. The performance take a big nose dive.
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    The link above is your best bet. Try the Discord
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    i think we need to move away from thinking optimizing gear is the be all of a build.. its not, i run with people with 275 gear scores who tear people apart... you could happily run any legendary with 256 gear and still complete it...
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    Damn skippy, where’s my Imperial March played on kazoos?
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    Go with the rivets my friend. They can hold anything together. Except the Titantic.
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    We don't discuss how I know, gene. And if you ever figure out how I do... I will have to make arrangements for you...
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    The Dark Lord Puppet that is ...gene
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    DSP - with the drop of 1.8, this is finally a great game. While I will always find things I don't like, I have over 1400 hours now and plan to spend alot more time learning PvP, even with a controller on PC. Welcome back. ...gene
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    Yessir! And there should be a GE coming soon (possibly next Tuesday), so I should get a chance to see how those run.
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    Nice timing. 1.8.1 is dropping.
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    Alright, now that I'm back at this, I'm coming for the 2K post mark and the custom hot pink Jedi or Sith tag
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    One thing you should note is 99% of those people didn’t pay for premiere, they likely pirated it since it’s insanely easy to do so. Honestly, you’re right that most of the youtubers who use it only really make use of the basic features that come with a lot of other free software but there’s actually a lot of stuff you can do in premiere that you can’t do in free editing software. The real effort comes from programs like After Effects for any vfx or fancy overlays you see in certain vids.
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    Patch 1.8.1 can been confirmed as April 12. GE Blackout will follow this.
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    Damn, exploding heads were a blast. Pun intended.
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    My dad give my invaluable advise when I got my first job (landscaping). "Work at your speed, don't worry that other can't keep up." I have live by that for a long time... ...gene
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    Well I like it, they should keep it in the game lol
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    It’s my first GE and I’m loving it. Played a couple hours last night and bought my first cache. I’m still working on the timing for the Force Punch, but I’ve got some good suggestions on how to become more skilled with it. Also, need to look at the GE Commendations so I can see about how to start unlocking the masks, since I don’t have any yet.
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    Does this a few times, but it still takes 6-8 minutes. Lex takes about that long as well. So for me its a tossup. ...gene
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    Really, was working in the pts. What did it show when you opened your daily caches?
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    Somebody get some Kazoo musicians in here ASAP!
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    Maybe, but it would be easier for a GS291. Once you have the build - then optimize it. And its fun. My lonestar GS256 can clear any PvE [put challenge level here]. But now that she's 287 its much more powerful and fun. And its about style - my striker GS291 is much cooler than your striker at GS210. But hey - its all about having fun with the game - AND I am. ...gene
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    Exactly, but I expect it to be playing so everyone else can hear it too
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    Only when he has his helmet and cape.
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    Hiya everyone, sorry to hijack the thread but it’s a recently used one! I’m a returning season 1 player who’s LFG/Clan to play with. My user is CO1-LFC and if you can help at all it would be much appreciated, thanks!
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    Lord Puppet is coming! Look busy!
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    With the news of Division 2, I've come back to take a look at the game and get reacquainted with an old friend. Haven't really played since 1.7 dropped, so I've got a lot to see. Explored the piers some, ran some Skirmish and Resistance and checked out some of the older content. I still need to see the changes to UG, as I hear they've done some great work with that (checkpoints, new directives, Hunters, etc.). As a result, I'm currently working on finishing my "what Division 2 needs" YouTube video. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight and it should post to my channel tomorrow morning at 6 AM (EST). I'll post a link in here when I get to work tomorrow and y'all can take a look and see what you think.
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    This is very well made. Post this in the videos section of the site, more people might see it there also.
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    Welcome to the forums and the PC MASTER RACE. You have made the right choice, my friend.
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    Hey all, I created a fan made prologue short just out of hype with the help of a voice actor: I’m really hoping they stick with Manhattan as a playable area and maybe extend to other boroughs but I get why people think they should move to a different state entirely.
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    There will be new vanity items in the Patch 1.8.1. There will be Encrypted Caches Mk3 to collect. A new Collectors set. Plus some new clothing sets.
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    Don't think there is for the regular items. You can with the "Collections".
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    On that topic: how do you know if you have collected everything from a particular cache set? It's just about a 100% chance it seems to get back fragments as I already have that item. ...gene
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    How’s it going guys, I’m a long time division player, I played the game since alpha on console and recently switched over to pc. I’ve been playing for about 3 months now on pc and just started up a YouTube channel if any of you would like to check it out it’s the same as my user name on this forum (xRTEN).
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    Thanks man, appreciate it!
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    Welcome to the forums, and welcome to the PC MASTER RACE my friend!
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    Oh I absolutely agree with that. Arizona is a very gun friendly state, and I love that. No, .44 is not issued in the U.S.. All we got is a couple air rifles in .177/4.5mm. Although, I do believe we have a couple functioning M1903s, but those are ceremonial rifles. So I assume they rarely even put blanks in those. Now if people were conceal carrying on campus, I would be 100% for it. But you NEVER, EVER, announce or brandish a firearm, or ammunition. So even if these students were armed (I honestly question the mental state of some), they would be very irresponsible. I forgot to mention they were BRANDISHING the ammunition to other students. It's not as if they and their bags were searched and they came across them. Of course, that all was done after they were found brandishing it, and more was found. I had a cadet look down the barrel of one of those 1903s last week, and I immediately told him off. I don't think these city kids have even handled a firearm in their lives honestly. No muzzle or trigger discipline, and looking down the barrel? Come one now. I used to conceal a knife with me in Ohio. Typical campus policies, no knives, etc... My automotive tech garage still did it anyways. We all thought it was stupid. Tell us none of us can carry anything, but to fight an armed assailant? Okay, sure.
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    I posted elsewhere, and don't call me Shirley! Had to get thay old pun in. Lol I don't mind something northern and foreign. So, Tokyo would be fab. Like the snow and mega city feel. That's just me. The rest, I worry they'll screw up what I like in trying to create something fresh. It makes me feel somewhat conservative. The old timers in this site prolly familiar with the idea of a good game being remade in crap V2. DZ is a prime example. Just hate the idea of it becoming over structure d in play. So, the same but more.
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    I would respond to this, but this is a gaming forum. All I can say is, well done, well done indeed. ...gene
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    They are running through the 4 Global Events this week. At the moment, it is GE Outbreak. Headshot damage is increase and their heads explode!
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    This might be your best bet.
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    The next week we have another rerun of GEs from 1 to 4. This will be a rolling 2 days from GE1 to GE4. Outbreak March 26th. Assault March 28th Strike March 30th Amvush April 1st
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    Thr next week there is going to be rolling 2 day GEs for each of the 4 GEs for whatever you hanging out for. Outbreak March 26th. Assault March 28th Strike March 30th Amvush April 1st .
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    Yeah, don't let others low standards cause you to lower your own, lol. Nothing usual about that that. Reading a bit about Baltimero Lopez. He was in an iconic picture of a marine clamoring over the front of a beach lander during Incheon. He was JROTC.
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    So how about Chicago, or Detroit, or Denver, or Paris, or Moscow, or Rio? But there is alot of NYC left to play with. Better micro-transactions - the vanity stuff is hogwash. - Say $5 for +50 stash, - $5 for another toon, - $1 for a specific outfit - $1 to reset re-calibration - $2 for 200 item backpack capacity Things that make play more fun but do not provide a in-game advantage. More severe weather. That is not just foggy/snowy, but sleet/rain/wind that impacts bullet travel, running, finding loot. Add realistic ballistics in a new set of guns - as example a marksman rifle that does 300K base damage but has drop and roll off like a real rifle. Pistols that are not useless. 6 round grenade launchers! More hunters in more places. Looting all gear from the dead - even if the gear is not functional it should be able to be deconstructed. Sorting options for backpack and stash. There are far more names than "Alex". I would think people off the street would love to be a random voice for a game - "hey here's $5 can you say... into the mic?" The ability to change the site reticle (color/type) - yeah I know there is a little variance with scope types, but not enough. In line with that, be more granular with crafting - I would like more control over what I craft than a dice roll. Really challenging missions designed for solo play, duo play. While the scaling in TD is very good, this would really focus (and limit) on solo/duo play. Better interaction with the civilians - when you see someone in distress be able to provide help. When we see a guy announce in the window that there are bad guys, be able to interact and ask about the bad guys. Be able to guide people to safe houses and have them stay there. See NPCs open shops as you progress through the game and regain control of sections of the city. More diverse NPC scenes - there are currently very few NPC scenes. Alot more, new, changing dialog for "Ricky". Be able to move non-NPC corpses to the side and pose them with dignity - or cremate them. It would be another aspect of the game to returning to "normalcy". And I never understood the zillions of vehicles that cannot be used for anything. And the forever batteries in those useless vehicles. Shooting out lights should stay shot for at least the active session. Same with glass. On the technical side, I hope the updated gaming engine does not require more GPU power. With GPU prices through the roof and availability very low I would think GPU requirements should stay the same of be slightly lower. If a GTX 1050 TI could drive TD2 at 1080p/60fps/medium that would be grand - but not holding my breath. ...gene