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    Andrew Kingslow, if you are still wondering. Just found out myself, finally.
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    I'm putting a hold on Season Pass as well. Narco Road sounds like a whack, breaking out from all the serious part of the game. Fallen Ghosts sounds like yet another classic Survival. I hope they can do much with the Survival. After all the price is quite steep for two packs and 3 clothes and a van... At the end of the day, I hope, I really do hope, we the so-called PvE community can keep supporting the game. This game is made to be a tactical single/multiplayer co-op, not Call of Duty Wildlands nor Dark Zone Wildlands with their pinky guns and funky dresses. Just like Gearbox towards Borderlands, I hope the developer have a backbone of where they're going and what they're doing. Gearbox pulls up middle finger to PvP community for 3 Borderlands games and the series succeeded as a fantasy shooter, shoot-n-loot multiplayer co-op; have a strong support by the community. I hope we can do the same towards Ghost Recon Wildlands as a more-serious-shooter tactical co-op game.
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    Hey how's everybody doing? Well I'm really new to this but thought I'd check it out and give it a shot.
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    I'm still Ranger but my tactical planning is very high as Task Force Leader I tend to be the primary source to reccy the area and advice the other guys on the layout etc.
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    This ain't official Ubisoft's forum though.
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    Currently playing on PC since the game first came out. I stuck with it through it's lowest moments and grinded it out and I don't regret it I love this game and got my money's worth with that season pass 💯. Looking forward to hearing from everybody.
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    Also, if yiu want to go shopping, this is a pretty good "where to go" listing.
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    Lol yes. The price for that costume and the price for GRFS is almost the same, at least on Steam when I open it from here. Ubi pls.. ---------------- Btw, I had my moment of truth last night. I was playing with a friend and he was busted by enemies. So I came to help, approaching from the other side. I saw a mob running quite close to me and I tried to shoot him, but alas, I missed and he spotted me, then proceeded to hide behind a wooden plank. Then in split second, I had @quinch1199 's reply post crossing my mind where it says " Most of the base guns will go through the corrugated metal.. " and I began spraying at said wooden plank where the dude hide and yes, I heard a scream. The dot was gone and my friend was saved. lol
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    I run 4pc tactician with a Barrett and inventive backpack. All rolled into electronics, firearms mod to unlock my weapon talents( competent , talented). Yes your dps takes a hit but from a PVE perspective you can still put the enemy down, you are squishy but cooldowns are pretty quick. I use overdose and a sticky bomb so I'm able to provide support for my team. My sticky bomb is around 1.2 million so it can either one shot(multiple players if close by) or do enough damage to take the edge off. And that's before my tactician bonus has kicked in... I've done all the legendary missions with this build , not my intention to come across as smug more about getting the point across that you can play well and do your bit. And it's s lot of fun as well... I have other builds but I always come back to this one. weapons wise I use a lvoac and secondary is a hungry hog or a shotgun(super 90). Hog for legendary and the 90 for missions and when I'm in the dz. I can break my build down for you if you like, it's not min maxed and can be improved somewhat. Give it a go...
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    What's up fellow Agents, My name is Spyders6 and I'm playing on the PC version of The Division. Hopefully looking forward to linking up...I'm on the East coast online around 8pm. Add me to your friend list and join me because I could really use the help, especially in the DZ.
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    You probably lost armor due to the removal of armor as a major stat on chest, pads, pack and holster for 1.6. Pre-1.6 people tried to hit 50-55% for damage mitigation from armor and with the 1.6 changes that's dropped about 20% to 30-35% for desired mitigation. As @HawKShoT said, look for better gear that has as close to the max piece armor levels as possible and start specing some pieces for stamina as well as using stamina mods and recaling for health as a major stat on your pieces. In case you need them, these should be the max values for armor on each piece: Chest - 2003 Mask - 1001 Pads - 1668 Pack - 1334 Gloves - 1001 Holster - 1001 Try to get as close to those values when you're keeping gear. You can't recal this number, so if it's way off you probably won't want to keep the piece. And for the stats on the gear (firearms, stamina or electronics), you want the stat to be at least 1250 for it to be really solid. Depending on the major/minor stats and armor you might be able to get away with less, but most min/maxers will pitch gear if the armor rating is way below the max and/or the stat is under 1250.
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    YES IT WORKS!! Had to reinstall both the game and the VC Redist!!
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    Yup! often you will be taking cover and start getting hit...then you realise...all that's between you and the enemy fire is 3-4mm of mild steel and its not going to stop jack being fired at you! Luckily it goes both ways and you can kill enemy hiding behind similar cover. Pity I cant fit a suppressor to the 556 but as its a free weapon unlocked with Uplay points I just carry it for when the mission turns from stealth to "loud"...but mainly I use it for antivehicle use...two magazines and I can shoot down two chasing helicopters! UNIDAD with body armour are a little tricky but heavier calibre guns do take them down faster but they still get protection. I'm waiting to find and use the P90 to see if they've given it the anti-armour ammunition it gets in military use or normal rounds.
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    Binary (@BinaryNumb on Twitter) from DZR posted up this weekend that DZR is looking for new content creators and that they're willing to help get people set up for new podcasts and content creation. With that post, @DasOttoman and I started batting around ideas on Twitter about different topics for a cast. Since Das has line 1800+ hrs in Division, another Division cast would probably be the option. One of the ideas I thought of was a "Division Stories" cast that would cover different agents, their toon backgrounds, the toon's build and possibly some community stories. The idea would be that it would expand on some of the segments that other Division casts have. After listening to the Special Episode of DZR Engage, Men Gone Rogue, the idea for a Division for Dummies was added to the mix. The panelists on the cast got into a heated discussion about meta and builds, but ended up agreeing that many players don't understand major and minor stats on gear, that they run Frankenstein builds because they increase their DPS or some other random stat they like and some don't even know or understand what recalibration is. Taking all of the above together, I thought a Division for Dummies cast would be a great idea. Veteran players that understand the game could discuss the basics (weapon talents, how sets work, toon stats, gear stats, recalibration, etc.) in a way to enlighten & encourage newer players playing the game. It would be a great way to help better inform the community and give back to players that need help - something really important to DZR and others in this community. So, TL:DR, I was wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea and worth pursuing? I'm not sue if this is something that I have time for, but I might consider it if there was decent interest in it. Even if I do have the time, I'm not sure I'd be the best one to host. While I try to be helpful here, I have no experience casting or creating content beyond my "slapdash" Twitch videos. At this point, what's everyone's thoughts? I'll probably post a poll on Twitter to try and get some feedback.
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    A Mike error message is related to the game not being able to access your profile. Have you done everything on this help page?
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    I find the LVOA-C and LW M4 to be pretty good for stability. They are not laser straight but not bad. You may wish to change your shooting style though as they tend to work better if you pulse shots rather than spray and pray. Think quick 10 round bursts rather than unloading the full clip in one go. I was playing with an M4 and was quite surprise how good it was for keeping on target unless I help that trigger to the end of the mag. The G36-E is well known for its ease of handling. Slower RoF but good punch and stays on target. Steer well clear of the FAMAS (Bullfrog) as it will go all over the place if you don't like the M4s . I also tend to use the Pakan as my LMG. A little more wide than the M4s but still workable. I also played with the MG5 recently setup for crit change with the talent that heals on crit hits. That was pretty good but due to the fast RoF it gets through ammo pretty fast. I also tried a one of my M249s recently and although it was not specifically modded for stability, it was all over the place. I would, however, hapilly run with a Hungry Hog if I ever found a decent one. The MP7 is also pretty good for a SMG with great burst damage but can also be a bit wild if not modded. What mods were you using for the LVOA-C / Pakans you have tried ?. Maybe I will put up a quick vid of mine if Shadow Play is working fine. I have just stepped up to a 43" 4k monitor and the GTX1070 is struggling a bit on high settings. Looks fantastic though.
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    Where Has Cupid Gone?
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    I'm not a big fan of this idea seen in last night I'll just stick to the normal play and grind for my goodies
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    Great idea, always want to make my game better
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    That's definitely good to hear. DZR is looking to host new shows, but they have The Armory already and it's a similar show. Besides, it would be really nice to have an official podcast. All of the support network is already in place, just need the host(s) and cast. As I said, we'll have to see how the idea goes on Twitter. I'm not necessarily going to have the time, but it sounds like a 1hr show takes about 5hrs to create a week, according to Binary. My biggest concerns are that I don't really have equipment for podcasting (although @DasOttoman thinks this can worked around) nor do I have experience with audio editing that most shows need. However, just in case this thing gets legs, I've started getting my ducks in a row. I've created a YouTube account and downloaded GIMP on my work computer so I can start to tinker with some logos and banners for my Twitter & YouTube accounts. I've also started brainstorming ideas for show names and then there's a show logo and all that crap. Again, this may go nowhere, but I've been meaning to create some the graphics and get on YouTube anyway.
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    For some reason I hope the PvP has its own character creation while everything else (the guns, parts) follow our PvE progress. I mean, 'corrupt agent' lore is used too much. Unless the PvP is just an off-lore mode.
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    Good question. During the whole betas, I've been trying to team up with random and in the last session of mine, I had two different type of friends joined in. One guy wasn't exactly a gamer, but he played more non-linear games. While the other was more of a gamer, but he seemed to like linear games where everything is obvious to do. In my observation: - The 'non-linear' type of friend didn't feel bored at all. He found the game was fun. As seen in the game, he would off-road and crap and would play the tactic 'seriously'. However, he would only find the 'fun' as long as I'm in. - The 'linear' type of friend felt bored within approximately half an hour. He said it's repetitive. - I myself am the 'non-linear' guy and my thought is that this game's a bit boring, but not repetitive. I feel 'bored' after repeating missions to help other guys. I also feel 'bored' because there's not much to do other than cruising and shooting, ignorantly speaking. But I wouldn't call it 'repetitive' simply because you have tons of ways to accomplish missions, many guns to use, and you don't have to play drone everytime before you shoot and stepping in the hostile area. You can sneak inside and stealth kill one by one a-la Sam Fisher instead. Based on that, I think the longevity of this game partly relies on the player since the game content itself doesn't offer much; this game is literally a sandbox shooter. I and my 'non-linear' friend agree that we shouldn't play this game everyday. And as I observed, I found this game could be something I would call as a 'hub game' where friends could load this to just screw around while the actual activity was to chat (I and my friend don't do this, though). I personally would say PvE Matchmaking is also a big help to extend the game's life, but it's not going to be a viable option to choose with the amount of people messing around. Lastly, they said they're going to add PvP and so I can see this game will live its life as the alternative of CS:GO. Sad but I can see this game is going to end up like that.
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    Dang, the closure was at 6am est. When they said 27th I was hoping I could hit it one more time. The last time I played the grouping was getting pretty good, mics, tactical. One guy in a group could fly the copters.... perfectly. We used the same copter on mltiple missions and that bird incurred no damage, So, we'd all pile into the copter and patiently wait for him to take the drivers (obviously pilots) seat. Overall most of my groups showed this cohesiveness. Maybe, I was lucky with the end of the beta, but the crowd was very different from the start, no mics, all glory, no waiting. Really would have liked some more time to get the feel of the game with the team work that was evolving.
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    You have to decide what kind of build (role) you want and what weapon talents you want to determine how to work your skills. - Higher firearms adds more DPS to your weapons and tends to help unlock attack talents on weapons. High firearms tends to be used for attack builds. - Higher stamina adds more HP for your toon and increases your health regeneration rate and tends to help unlock a mix of talents. High stamina tends to be used for tank or aggro-drawing builds. - Higher electronics adds more skill points to your toon, increase the effectiveness of your skills (damage, duration, cooldown, etc.) and tends to unlock skill based talents. High electronics tends to be used for support builds. As I said, determine what kind of role you want to play, which will in turn determine what kinds of builds you'll use. Once you have that, find some weapons you like and weapon talents that work with your build. Each talent will have a minimum stat level to unlock it and you will need to consider anywhere from none to all of the stats when looking at the minimum stats. Ultimately find your play style and then set your stats. Having all 3 stats roughly even won't usually be a good idea and this will become more relevant with update 1.6, where roles will need to be a little more defined to play the more difficult content
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    Oh so that's drone mortar? I think I ran across some dumbasses purposely killing me and teammates with it. I was confused wth was going on because there's no mortar launchers around. This game is not even released yet, but I've blocked several people so far.
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    Just ran across real deal team members. Sure sometimes we made mistake, but it's so great to see other players tactically approach hostile area from every corners to recon and snipe.
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    I need a breather from the division, looking for honest reviews... is it a bit repetitive? I'm a big shooter fan and I like the idea of open world missions but like depth and a good story mode.
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    No lunar tides, just variances in water levels due to rainfall. But no game tides. Yeah, not sure if it's just where they happen to show up or dev humor
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    Is there much in the way of hidden areas in the game? As it happens, my copter was shot down by a missile. Leaving me bobbing up and down in a lake in the Aqua Verde province. From there I could see a cave leading to a secret hideout. Though, really this secret place would have been revealed once you have gathered enough intel and went after the skill pts But still, I wondered if others have seen such hidden places. And also other pop references or easter eggs in the game.
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    New item @ in-game store: -Ghost Pack-Veteran WW2 theme . 1450 -Military Patches. 480 -Army Vehicle Pack. Reskinned Turret Hummer, Plane, Truck. 1450
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    SMG or shotgun as a secondary
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    Howl's it going guys, This is DexHowl and Welcome. I hope you are all doing well. I thought I'd take some time to share with you all my YouTube Channel. And my most recent Division video: I am reaching out to various communities to find out what everyone actually wants to see in future videos. Some of my videos so far are just gameplay though many more have actual commentary. Also, I really hope to get some feedback on my videos from you all. Whether you like them or not, tell me the why or why not here or In the comments of one of my videos. Thanks, DexHowl
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    They appeared a day or two later. Yep I was looking for a rifle when looking for the Huntsman rifle, sot a shotty . Thanks everyone.
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    I like it, hits hard.... my dps is low but it was doing a damn good job. Just need to recalibrate to get the most out of it. I've been wanting a single shot rifle for a long time. My trigger finger aches a bit😂😂😂
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    OMG the utter SWINE!! They've only gone and added a full JTF vanity set! They know I've wanted that...bugger!
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    Get better gear. Make sure it improves your stamina.
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    Just finished Ocoro as my second region. AI teammates are handy once you know how to deal with the commands. Before entering a hostile area, I always put them in secluded area and ask them to put on Hold. Then I will recon and sneak in alone, KO-ing everyone in sight. When I get busted, I become Leon the Professional. Luring enemies into open area or corners and then BAM! Or make enemies go through tight area together, then throw a grenade to cook them. When things gone foxtorted, I switch to Fire command and let the backup started. I love this game.
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    Wildlands is more like a cross between GTA and Farcry. Its a huge open world, third person steath/shooter with a proximity cover system (to take cover you move upto a cover item and your character automatically takes cover behind it so no getting "stuck"!). Missions can be taken in any order but some don't become active until you've completed the preceding mission (story missions that is). There is resource gathering and skill point gathering similar to The Division, this mainly allows you to unlock additional items (such as C4, better drones etc) that you can use, resources are gathered at missions, side missions and even on the side of the road as you drive past. GTA elements include being able to ride/drive/pilot every vehicle you come across (motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, boats, helicopters, aircraft!) and that the local "Police" UNIDAD have a spooky way of finding you and swarming you if you annoy them too much (though for some missions its very difficult not to). Farcry elements - Open world, missions in any order you wish, shooter and stealth options. ONE THING - the game is by far more enjoyable in co-op with people you can communicate with. In The Division you can get through missions with random people ok but in Wildlands you HAVE to communicate. The game is single player and OFFLINE enabled if you want to play alone however but it really lacks the expanded enjoyment of having a team of people working together especially when you need four enemies taking down in a synchronised way to avoid detection...there's no other way to do it unless you've unlocked the skill tree extensively. At the moment I would recommend the game highly, however I wouldn't recommend the Season pass as the two DLC's announced so far are pretty lame to be honest. If you can get the Delux version for the same price as the Standard game (Ubisoft were selling them for the same price before launch!) then get that as you do get an extra mission chain.
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    Lets do it. Write down some talking points, some questions that new agents would likely have and lets just get on the microphone and talk about it.
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    Hey thanks for the advice i appreciate it, i uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled and now it works perfectly so it was indeed some corrupt file etc.
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    The reason why DPS is a tough number to use, is because you only get that number if you're using your weapons 100% to the max. If you have a sniper that's got bonuses to headshots and headshot mods, you won't hit the DPS number if you're not constantly making headshots. For an SMG that has bonuses to crit hit chance (CHC), you won't be hitting the DPS number if you're missing your targets or not getting crits. When I was asking about the gear in each slot (chest, mask, pads, pack, gloves, holster) I was interested in what pieces you were running, not necessarily what mods you had (as you listed above). I'm curious to see if you have any matched set pieces or if you're running a bunch of random stuff (Frankenstein build). ----------------------------- As for a build to try, I'd suggest a 4 piece Predator's Mark/2 piece high end. Here's what I'd suggest: Chest: Predator's Mark piece Mask: Predator's Mark piece Pads: Predator's Mark piece Pack: Specialized pack (high end) Gloves: Savage gloves (high end) Holster: Predator's Mark piece What this will give you is the following from Predator's Mark: (2) Piece: Reload Speed +10% (3) Piece: +8% Assault Rifle Damage/ +8% SMG Damage (4) Piece: Talent : Hit 10 shots without switching targets to make the target bleed for 50% of damage already inflicted The specialized pack gives you a skill point bonus equal to your (firearms + stamina) x 200%. The savage gloves will give you +13% crit hit chance against targets out of cover. Try to recalibrate the major stat on your chest, pads, pack and holster so help boost your toughness. On your mask, try to recalibrate the major stat to skill point and on your gloves try to recalibrate your major stat to bonus AR damage and if you already have that then recalibrate to also have bonus SMG damage. You'll then want to look mostly for firearms and stamina on your gear, but try to keep some points (maybe one piece) in electronics to give you some skill points. The key will be to make sure that you have enough points in each skill so that you can unlock the talents on your weapons. For weapons, you'll get a mix of different suggestions, but I'd suggest G36, M4 or LVOA-C for an AR primary and either an MP-5 or MP-7 as a SMG secondary. Some good talents are: Fierce: increases crit hit chance by 5% Self-preserved: crits heal you for 3% of the damage you caused Stable: increases stability by 20% Accurate: increase accuracy by 20% Destructive: +15% enemy armor damage Ferocious: +10% bonus damage to named and elite enemies Sustained: killing a target increases your health by 6% Swift: +25% reload speed Deadly: +18% crit hit damage There's other talents that can be useful if you're using weapons other than ARs and SMGs and if you're a better at hitting headshots and other things, but any combo of these works well on ARs and SMGs. ARs have bonus armor damage as part of the AR type and SMGs have bonus crit hit chance as part of the SMG type, so sometimes it can be good to stack crit talents on SMGs to make them crit machines and armor damage on ARs to shred enemy armor. With this kind of setup you could close on an enemy with an AR and shred their armor and then switch to your SMG and crit the hell out of them to drop them. With my Predator's Mark build, I run Pulse with the bonus damage on pulsed enemies and I run first aid with the overheal as my skills and tactical link as my signature. For my talents, I use: Adrenaline: use a medkit and get an overheal Critical Save: use a medkit with low health to increase damage resistance 40% for 10 sec Combat Medic: use a medkit and heal enemies within 20m by 40% Shrapnel: applying bleed to a target gives a 30% chance of causing enemies within 10m to bleed The medkit talents stack to make your medkits more usueful, which you'll need since your skill points probably won't be super high and thus you're heals won't be super powerful. Shrapnel partners with the 4 piece bonus from your gear, basically after 10 consecutive shots on one enemy you cause bleed and then all enemeies within 10m have a 30% chance of getting bleed. Try out a build like the one above, I think you'll like it. Make some changes to fit your play style and make the build your own and let me know if you have any questions.
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    ...and all the comments to the this song are division gamers lol.
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    Pre-cursor for ZOMBIE MODE! (plus recent recordings found in the Underground are hinting at this)
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    The sixth update (1.6) for Tom Clancy's The Division™ changes the way you and your team have to build your characters. A team of four, also known as a Fireteam, will be shown in this video. We'll introduce the four classes that we have divided them in and from here you will be referred to the specific build guides.
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    Man, I do love the customization in this game, I mean, like 11 or 12 faces but holy hell are they like 100 times better then the Division customization faces. I miss the game already and it's been less than 12 hours since I've played. Looking forward to release.
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    Yes you can A part from the initial person(Eagle/Walker et al).
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    I'm surprised other members haven't uploaded videos yet... I have one on the way, about four I need to do post-commentary on and upload at a later date. I'm going to be so sad when the beta ends BUT I don't have to wait long until full release AND The Division patch 1.6 is in TWO DAYS!!!
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    You can change costumes, hair, and facial appearance in the Loadout tab. See lower left for the button to enter wardrobe. On PS4 it's Triangle. What you can't change is gender and face type. If you want, you can try digging the save folder and just delete it since the saved data is stored locally.