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    Thanks Jaypeg. Will try this build.
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    OK, just a thought - with classified gear, the zillion ways we can mod the gear, the 120 inventory item limitation - just how many accounts do you have? Right now I have 1. And I am not sure how I would get two on this Steam user. But I am thinking about it. If UBI said hey - we got ya - $10 and well add another Toon to your account - $10 and we'll give you 200 item Stash, add $10 and 300 item stash... You get the idea. (I'd be broke already! LOL) I can see having 12 toons with specialized loadouts of that toons gear/weapons.... And yep I would pay for it. Thoughts? ...gene
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    Awesome. Its My favorite Childhood Movie Jumanji.
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    Updated some things on the cosplay. Switched handguns, shirts, added some more stuff on the strap, and I have more gear getting ordered. Definitely getting better. (I've since adjusted the shears holster to face towards my right side, instead of straight up the strap.)
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    Below are my thoughts on this, often, touchy subject. I’ve taken a long look at the concept and execution of the Dark Zone and its gameplay and have come to the conclusions below as to why it so harshly divides the community, why it should work and why it doesn’t work. Perception: Firstly, the learning curve is drastic! Unless you have great knowledge of the game meta, builds etc any PvP you face in the DZ will be very one sided. I see Players who are more used to PvE constantly complain as they don’t understand how they’re toon can be killed so rapidly…fact is they’ve only faced Ai…usually never tried a Legendary or Heroic mission, maybe never faced a Hunter in Survival. They don’t realise and have never had the experience of PvP. They’re build isn’t optimised for PvP. They fail, get killed constantly and, seemingly, too fast for it to be allowed in the game…must be hacks, exploits, cheaters… the DZ is full of cheaters clearly…crappy game. …see? Their perception is that the DZ is where all the Cheaters go, it’s a broken area and “Why can’t we just have a PvE Dark Zone?” What went wrong: Inexperience. That’s where it went wrong. Massive came with practically zero experience building a PvP arena style game, they didn’t do their research. They knew what and how they wanted things to go but forgot the first law of MMO's. - If players will be dicks in an online game, and they will do all they can to be the biggest dicks they can be. Suddenly you have players camping extraction zones. Spending dedicated hours creating meta builds and exploiting every loophole possible in the game mechanics. Players deliberately running into your shots so you go Rogue by accident … basically being huge Trolls and suddenly Massives' lovely game is broken to pieces. It's not how they wanted the play to develop. Players just weren't playing the game by the rules they wanted them to. How does it get better: The first step forward was subcontracting out development of the DZ and PvP to Red Storm. A development house with ACTUAL MMO PvP experience. Drawback is that how Massive built the DZ, how they built all the game mechanics meant that Red Storm have a HUGE uphill struggle. They’re constrained by the source coding deep in the game. Bottom line the Dark Zone will NEVER actually be “fixed”. There will always be some element of “broken” about it as it can’t be rebuilt from the bottom up. I say this as I'm pretty sure it would have been by now...this strongly means its just not possible. However, Red Storm have shown us how things could have been … firstly with Last Stand and now with Skirmish Mode. The key was shown as Normalisation. You can enter the mode with any build you want, meta'd to any level, but stats will be normalised…levelled out. Yes, there are still ways to exploit some builds but these are far more minor than the whole concern around the DZ. In Last Stand for example I’ve gone in with pure PvE builds and whilst I’ve not done very well, I’ve not had players kill me in one shot as they could in the DZ. I believe normalisation was the solution I proposed very soon after the game released (somewhere on these forums long ago). The reason it’s not been implemented into the DZ still, and it appears never will, are clearly due to the fact the bottom layers of core coding to build the DZ are focused on the same coding as the LZ and this will always prevent the obvious solution. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the players neither have the experience or knowledge of how games are actually built and how such early choices in game mechanics can influence areas of game play. All they see, all they vocalise, is that the game is broken. It’s true, it is…in that area but its broken BECAUSE the LZ isn’t broken, for the very same reason that the Light Zone is fun, makes the Dark Zone horrible for many. Red Storm can improve the situation. I also believe that modes such as Last Stand and Skirmish have been built DELIBERATELY to try to move gameplay focus out of the DZ…to lessen the number of dedicated PvP players in the Dark Zone artificially. Less players with the PvP meta builds physically in the DZ, ultimately the better for PvE players entering the DZ. The Logic is simple if flawed. Flawed because of course… First Law of MMO's: People will be dicks. Those who want to be dicks will realise exactly that there are less skilled, tooled up, players in the DZ…that the chances of running into a player who can face them down will be far less. …so less wolves = more prey. There will be a period of quiet as PvP players migrate to the new game modes but ultimately you will face a meta-gamer again. Conclusion: The Dark Zone is broken, long live Last Stand and Skirmish. PvE players ought to realise that there are far more PvE opportunities in the game and either visit the DZ rarely or take the hits more on the chin. The DZ won’t and shouldn’t be a safe place, unfortunately it will also never be a FAIR place. Red Storm can help to modify some issues but they're bandaids over a big wound. However, I don't see the Dark Zone as a failure. What it doesn't do is explain to players exactly what it is and how it works...sure it "tells" them...but clearly the full implications of it are not understood or there wouldn't be any issue, would there? Despite doing exactly what it says on the tin, I think the fact there are PvE elements in the DZ lead many to neglect the warnings or just choose to not understand them. Game on people….
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    No prizes just for fun and the ability to churn stomachs and alert the fashion Police...do...your ...WORSE! Here's my first one...I call it simply... "OMG and a cloud of shit storms"
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    Anyone done Russian Roulette? On solo is too much like hard work, as we say here. I imagine piggy-backing on a team is far easier. Seriously, do that. Of course, you should shoot out the car tires of the limo with you revolver.
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    TFW when soloing in the dz, you go at some LMB in a basement. But it's 4 players in LMB gear waiting to gank someone. #justdivisionthings
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    Not really fussed about the PTS, will farm for div tech and cypher keys in the meantime.
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    This right "Please update me with exclusive content and offers for Ubisoft titles."
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    I think the info you need is on this link: https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Faqs/000011623/Unsubscribe-from-a-Newsletter By default you are set to NOT receive communications including emails, so you have to turn this on before you get an invite from Ubisoft.
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    Nope but I can say one huge thing... THE DISCO IS BACK IN THE UNDERGROUND!!!!
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    Hi, I'm fashion police and you're under arrest, quinch!
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    Myrtle, pretty fly for a white girl.
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    PvE is the default setting as you go into the DZ. From what's been explained to us you will NOT be able to damage any other players character, by any method, unless they mark themselves as PvP. Basically the same way there is no friendly fire in the Open World (LZ) during missions & Incursions. As soon as they switch to PvP they show as Rogue and you can damage them, they can damage you ... just as it works now. There is a small cooldown timer (looks like 3 seconds) between pressing the button and actually going Rogue, this is to give people in your group the chance to leave that group if they don't want to be Rogue themselves. My assumption at the moment is that Rogue status remains until the hunt has expired. There are still some grey areas I haven't worked out yet and I'm going back over the SotG audio today to find the small bits I might have missed. For example they said the old Rogue hunt timer was gone but didn't really explain how a Rogue hunt ends except by rogues getting killed or all other players on the hunt mission getting killed by the Rogues.... I'm hoping for some form of other escape possibility for Rogues but I guess I'd be happy if they can't just "run away". Guessing making sure the Rogue hunt doesn't end until one side is all dead means players can't use any map glitch bugs to hide (i.e. finding a glitched part of the map and hiding literally inside a wall). Making Rogue hunts an active mission - that players "join" much like an LZ mission - means 1) Rogues can't just keep running or just hide until the timer expires, 2) Gives a clear option to grant genuine rewards to any players involved on both sides based on performance. However, as we only saw it from the Rogues side I don't know yet how the normal player side works...is there a pop up asking you to press a button to join a Rogue hunt in your DZ area or something else? If you don't join a hunt are you now immune to the Rogue damaging you? Still some key questions I need answers too. Oh, players get special caches for taking part in hunting down Rogues, Rogues get special caches for surviving one which are nice touches.
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    This vid is trimmed, ignore the other one...
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    Sorry thought I had responsive on my AR, have sustained instead my build looks like this...needs tuning
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    I gave Resistance a go last night for a couple of matches and here is what I found. You open multiple sections with tokens you gather from fallen enemies (we should all know that). Takes 2-3 rounds to get the tokens in order to get to new sections if oyu don't buy other things. The rounds sometimes have disrupt events which knock out your skills, Capture point missions with a timer, infection waves which damage you unless you are protected. People are running up to the enemies and shooting them to grab the tokens or just running and grabbing the tokens from your targets a lot of the time. Tokens are also needed for special bullets or healthpacks etc (makes the above activities rough if you kill from a distance). Bosses carry bonuses like PXC, GEC and ammo. Ammo is hard to come by. Not found an ammo location to stock up on. I ran out of ammo from the new LMG and had to use ammo cache to reload it. It is quite possible, even if you open an area then the team of randoms you are with may not go in to it. I had this and it was hard to get back. On the whole I liked it quite alot. I ended up around wave 12. The team wiped and I had to stop. Got 2x Tier 1 and 1x Tier 2 caches. Nothing of note in them for me. I found firecrest worked quite well. May try TA tonight.
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    @TheDivisionGame: Invites for those selected for the 1.8 Console PTS are going out tomorrow, Oct 12. We apologize for the delay. Keep an eye on those emails!
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    Just got the first Mask from killing all dem pesky LMB. Just keep running Russian Consulate and you will get it. It is the hockey mask. The others are a bit more tricky (ie. do all the missions without using healing). The LS 5 piece I have works well as @Oh. daesu mentioned. MG5 rocks with it. I have just done Russian Consulate with my new 6 piece Sentries Call. First 6 piecer I have but not ideal by any means. Worked ok with good team support though. I guess Sentries has a higher drop rate as a fair few people running it at the moment.
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    How do I get a fk’n mask?
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    HVTs are also still good. My weeklies are all done but the dailies can still be run...err..daily Update: Just double checked on this and they have nerfed the HVT through the floor for GE credits. They are now only double digit.
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    I had a nice breather when wildlands came out... was refreshing to be in another environment . Have fun dude ...
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    So during GE I got maybe 10 classified pieces - since then 2. For me, I simply stopped trying. ...gene
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    too dark DSP - but I like it. ...gene
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    I have built zillions - its fairly easy with all the you tube videos - and if you got $500 you can game. My current rig is a AMD Ryzen R5 1600x ~ $1000 minus the case, two 1TB HDs. But I built it with Zen2 in mind and I already had a graphics card (and got gifted a GTX 970), but I think 1 large would get you a rig that would be great at 1080p, steaming, and OSB capture. Parts picker is a good tool, but I found it limiting... Lots of research will guide you. Just Google! ...gene
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    Rngesus must be on my side as I got three bits in an hour today...check every bit of gear that the bosses drop
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    It was a beast wasn't it, especially in SF role...I got smacked on the chin by the bloody spring when taking the rear plate off, had to suck that one up😂😂😂
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    I can of course with others imagine the frustration but this actually makes the game more exciting and anticipated. Wonder what will be like when I'm on the gaming level where I have the co-Jones to complain about something I don't know how to make :) Patience and Blessings <3
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    my bad I didn't mean weapon talents...yeah I'm using destructive and ferocious . Swift isn't needed on lone star as you just swap weapons to instantly refill. I use a mp7 on my pvp build, as a secondary... mag size sucks though but sweet rate of fire,
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    Officially announced just a few hours ago, the 1.8 PTS ... ...GOES LIVE TOMORROW (September 22nd) for PC ONLY It is a phased PTS with Phase 1 containing the following items ready for testing: 1) Rogue 2.0 2) Skirmish 3) Camp Hudson 4) Dockyards and new LZ area 5) Dynamic Ai spawn 6) New recalibration using Div Tech (all players will have full Div Tech PLUS free classified caches available for testing purposes) ...I also believe the four new Classified weapons (including MPX SMG, two paired DMR's & an LMG) will be in circulation also.
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    IMPORTANT CHANGE TO UNDERGROUND IN 1.8 This will be available in PTS to test also... ....Hunters. Yes, on ANY mission of Hard & Above you will have a RNG driven chance to encounter Hunters!! For each game session there is a % change that Hunters will spawn as opponents, there will ALWAYS be one more Hunter spawning than there are players. Example: Solo play = chance of two Hunters spawning, two players = three Hunters and so on. In addition to that the more Phases in a mission the greater chance to encounter Hunters...however...you will encounter them once per mission regardless of how many phases. ...be afraid, be very afraid.
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    They dieded? Lol Btw, my internet is on maintenance. Can't download the stuff. Anyone playing can try contributing to this thread. Tell us how the customization work etc.
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    Got me a Supply Crate. Yep straight to inventory. So, unobservant.
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    UPDATE: Whilst these were acknowledged by Massive on Twitter I have so far experienced none of the reported issues. EDIT - My (educated?) assumptions regarding the issues being reported are that the movement issues are mainly on console. Hence my assumption is they're caused by Server Load. Massive announce a patch to fix RPM Glitch. This encourages far more "sleeper" players to log in after the patch to play because...no unfair ganking anymore...majority of the player base are on Console...hence the console connected servers get a large, unexpected hit. Ubisoft servers are NOTORIOUS for being bad. Hence the movement issues are very likely latency related (not "Lag" as such). As a PC player I've not experienced ANY of these issues, I'm not even sure if the RPM Glitch was a thing on PC? Having never encountered it, I can't say. What I can say is I have not experienced any sluggish movement animations, no delay in making sharp turns in the LZ for example. There is always a moment of juddery movement when first entering a high population area such as the DZ (which they've deliberately covered up by going through that "ISAC Reboot" thing) or when entering the HUB by walking out the tunnel. There are issues where I run around a corner, my HUD tells me there are enemies but the game hasn't rendered them yet...that's a mix of my PC perhaps not writing fast enough and server latency potentially but nothing I would think could or SHOULD be imposed on Massive to fix. It just seems to be quite often that those that shout the loudest and complain the most have the least knowledge about how online MMO's work at a coding level or how computers work and the limitations of certain hardware. Ultimately if you own a Console you are NOT running with the best optimised equipment, you are NOT using the fastest processors, you are NOT going to get flawless gaming performance with games that have to constantly move from Muliplayer to Single Player environments. Games like COD or Battlefield are always Multiplayer...you can't seemlessly move from the Single Player game into playing a Multiplayer match! Why? Because you're hardware isn't up to it so they haven't written the game around it. Unfortunately The Division has tried to do that, it works fine on PC but as the build of the game increases, more patches are added, more environments are added Console hardware increasingly struggles to keep up.
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    Reports of some new issues with the latest update, would appreciate if we're finding the same issues: 1) Sluggish movement - movement speed and change of direction appears delayed and slower than before the update 2) Stat boost glitch - changing loadouts artificially appears to be boosting stats SIGNIFICANTLY. Unclear if this is due to UI false reporting the increased stats or an actual increase. 2) RPM & Haste glitch - more significant than ever... I don't believe anyone on this forums knows how to activate it and I don't want anyone to try but keep your eyes open as they seem to have found a work around.
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    Changelog] - September 21st - Maintenance Here are the changes to be implemented with the September 21st maintenance. Fixed an issue where “GE – Assault” commendations were available prematurely. This fix will not affect any existing commendation progress.
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    Hello all, When I started my first character, I was kinda nervous going into the Dark Zone. Mainly because I didn't know what to expect. When I read that Rogue agents roamed inside, I was thinking PvE mainly. It was until later that the Dark Zone was a PvP place as well. Now, I'm not very good at PvP nor do I like doing it but I don't mind it until this lone incident happened. I was farming in the DZ and was extracting. A bunch of Rioters came and I threw my Seeker Mine and was about to kill them when I somehow went Rogue. A couple seconds after that, I saw another agent there and I knew what happened, one of my Seeker Mines must of hit him. So he kills me and takes my loot and I apologize to him and he says that he wanted it to happen. This guy ran into one of Seeker Mines and turned me Rogue. Now, I find that to be an asshole move and I have not entered the DZ solo since. I have gone back with a friend but I'm never going back into the DZ solo after that experience.
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    Try resetting the keybinding to something like scroll wheel, if that works it should be able to be reset to your preferred method and work. Side note, have you checked the keys work on the keyboard outside of the game, its another possible issue.
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    tac 4pc + Relentless 4/3/8. Deadly/Talented/Compentent. ead 24% turrent/seeker. versatile build. I can take it into legendarily missions, it's brutal in HVT or boss route, and pveing in the DZ. Not sure about pvp, when solo I stay out of trouble. I don't need first aid/support pack as Relentless means dropping a seeker mine is as good. I want to build some ninja builds. So, far my other builds don't compare to this one. which is a same but I'm working on it.
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    They didn't give any real information about how Banshee is being reworked except to hint that it will have a positive impact on rewards gained during Manhunts...it might be a general boost to drops all over in the DZ for example. I'm currently only visiting the DZ myself to gain Div Tech in preparation for 1.8 and using Div Tech as a recalibration currency in the new West Docks Hub. Just the occasional extraction if the place seems exceptionally quiet (like last night.. I was LITERALLY alone in DZ08 & 09!).
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    I go into the dz mainly for PVE but I use a pvp build because I know I'm going to have some nob try and shoot me in the back.. banshee is a good set but I see players trying to egg you on knowing that they will get a damage increase. Hexo build all the way for me...
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    ok. false alarm. guess I wouldn't put it past then to "well agents, we have given it some thought and decided", lol
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    Sorry buddy: "Reminder to all Agents: Global Event Assault is scheduled for October 3. Please disregard the in-game counter as we investigate the error." - source Ubisoft Twitter
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    Three shottys, you forgot the double-barrel sidearm.
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    Thank you, not a problem. I knew "fixes" were coming, and long over due. Side note: RPM glitch and sniper rifle hamming bug are being rectified in next mini patch next week (1.7.1) THEY ARE STILL HANDING OUT INSTANT ACCOUNT BANS TO ANYONE CAUGHT USING THE RPM GLITCH ... be aware.
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    Now...I wonder if I can get that build but with my two Showstoppers....
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    Dog Days: Kill 150 stray dogs.