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    Hello everyone, TC Report is a twitter account focusing on reporting news on the latest Tom Clancy games! Super hyped for The Division beta as the release date appears to be the 29th of January...these days are going by very slowly! Can't wait to see how The Division will look like on PC. If you play on PC feel free to drop your Uplay names down below so we can squad up...or will you go rouge? Have a great day!
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    dude I just want to play so bad!
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    Even if you use steam a Uplay account is required.
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    Hey! Welcome to the forums! I follow your twitter, good stuff comrade. I play on PC! But I use steam, pretty sure it doesn't matter though. Anyway yeah its gonna be hella slow these last 2-3 weeks, its exhausting ugh.
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    Doom! Good to see you, you-humble-gun-knowledge-beast!