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    oops - forgot about those I will update shortly. [update]OldGamerGene is a dufus Of course it works. ...gene
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    GE Blackout will kick off 23 April. This is a full week GE. Modifiers: Black out: Your ammo is Shock Ammo. The amount of shock depends on your Charge Meter (white bar). Shooting or moving builds your Charge Meter. Extreme Blackout: Melee attacks with a full charge is an inst kill. However fails will stun you and your group. Total Blackout: Charge Meter deplemishes faster when close to your team mates. Classified Gear Caches: D3fnc Deadeye TA Striker. Masks:
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    Really, was working in the pts. What did it show when you opened your daily caches?
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    Somebody get some Kazoo musicians in here ASAP!
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    Maybe, but it would be easier for a GS291. Once you have the build - then optimize it. And its fun. My lonestar GS256 can clear any PvE [put challenge level here]. But now that she's 287 its much more powerful and fun. And its about style - my striker GS291 is much cooler than your striker at GS210. But hey - its all about having fun with the game - AND I am. ...gene
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    Exactly, but I expect it to be playing so everyone else can hear it too
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    Only when he has his helmet and cape.
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    The link above is your best bet. Try the Discord
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    Wuut, you don't have that playing in ur head every time you walk done a hall?
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    i think we need to move away from thinking optimizing gear is the be all of a build.. its not, i run with people with 275 gear scores who tear people apart... you could happily run any legendary with 256 gear and still complete it...
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    Go with the rivets my friend. They can hold anything together. Except the Titantic.
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    PSA: Nails are over-rated. Go with the scews.
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    We don't discuss how I know, gene. And if you ever figure out how I do... I will have to make arrangements for you...