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    Thanks. Doing those Survival runs takes a lot of times and then just hoping you are geared and lucky enough to take down the Hunter(s) at the end .... Quite a buzz extracting at the end though . I sorta feel bad for the final Hunter kill and extract as I had the anti-virus with 8 minutes on the clock. I was running for the safehouse to craft the flare gun and gear up as good as I could when someone fired a flare at the same place I usually extract from which was right next to me so I ran for it. I climbed up the side on to the parking garage roof and ran around to the other side whilst I pulsed. One Hunter was downstairs but went down as two other agents shot it but another came running up the inside of the garage and I shot at it as it came in to the Helo landing area. I got it low but it healed, again I got it low and it healed. By this time my health packs were now all gone and my health station had blown and was recharging. Then someone else started shooting it and knocked it down over half way (two first aids for Hunters only it seems) so I just walked out of cover and unloaded as it ducked down and manager to get a killing shot ( commendation) and as the helo was already hovering by that time it set down and I climbed in. The other guy on the roof climbed in with me but I guess their partner had to run a bit and then tried to get in the same side as us which was now full. Rather than run to the other side he just stood there until the Helo took off and we could only wave as we flew to safety . But... I got my commendation so I don't feel that bad considering the number of hours I put in to it . I also got Subzero hero as well (clothing to withstand -22Deg C) on the same run so double score...
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    My limited experience comes down to one thought, CC ammo. Whether it shocks, blinds or cause fire. Terribly important. There are shock grenades but on the whole they are temporary. Ammo keeps on giving. Esp. for solo. In a group, it depends.
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    Finally got Stygain. Havent seen it around alot so here it is. Commendation: Kill 5 hunters in Survival, Underground & Resistance.
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    Thank you Callsign_Gloves ! There's a ton of information in here ! As you say, I just have to find it. It will take me some time but sure I'll find gold nuggets ;)
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    Welcome to the forums. All the information you could ever need on The Division is here on the forums, you just have to find it! And don't worry too much about your English, it's actually pretty good.