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    Thanks Jaypeg. Will try this build.
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    OK, just a thought - with classified gear, the zillion ways we can mod the gear, the 120 inventory item limitation - just how many accounts do you have? Right now I have 1. And I am not sure how I would get two on this Steam user. But I am thinking about it. If UBI said hey - we got ya - $10 and well add another Toon to your account - $10 and we'll give you 200 item Stash, add $10 and 300 item stash... You get the idea. (I'd be broke already! LOL) I can see having 12 toons with specialized loadouts of that toons gear/weapons.... And yep I would pay for it. Thoughts? ...gene
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    Awesome. Its My favorite Childhood Movie Jumanji.
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    Whats the best build for striker? I use an assault rifle all the time.
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    No worries mate... I've since swapped out my stability scope for headshot damage. Stability is still strong...
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    This vid is trimmed, ignore the other one...
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    Quick vid to show how the mp7 stacks up... I've tried two AR's , shotgun but the mp7 just hits home for me...
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    Sorry thought I had responsive on my AR, have sustained instead my build looks like this...needs tuning
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    6k stamina and everything else rolled on firearms works for me. Mp7- destructive responsive brutal(primary as ROF stacks up quick) lvoac - predatory responsive determined(all stability mods)- extra healing and cooldowns
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    I gave Resistance a go last night for a couple of matches and here is what I found. You open multiple sections with tokens you gather from fallen enemies (we should all know that). Takes 2-3 rounds to get the tokens in order to get to new sections if oyu don't buy other things. The rounds sometimes have disrupt events which knock out your skills, Capture point missions with a timer, infection waves which damage you unless you are protected. People are running up to the enemies and shooting them to grab the tokens or just running and grabbing the tokens from your targets a lot of the time. Tokens are also needed for special bullets or healthpacks etc (makes the above activities rough if you kill from a distance). Bosses carry bonuses like PXC, GEC and ammo. Ammo is hard to come by. Not found an ammo location to stock up on. I ran out of ammo from the new LMG and had to use ammo cache to reload it. It is quite possible, even if you open an area then the team of randoms you are with may not go in to it. I had this and it was hard to get back. On the whole I liked it quite alot. I ended up around wave 12. The team wiped and I had to stop. Got 2x Tier 1 and 1x Tier 2 caches. Nothing of note in them for me. I found firecrest worked quite well. May try TA tonight.
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    Stash for every toon that can be shared across all four would be cool...
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    Characters: 4 toons. Not sure if I'd buy another toon. In terms of playing with builds, loadouts are fantastic. And doing multiple runs at things for PXC, Lengdary Exotic Caches, LS Boss timers, etc... well, four is enough. And extra Stash would be nice, but I'd probably still fill it up. It's relative. I'm already in the habit of moving certain sets to certain toons. So, I just be paying for clutter which would be more inconvenient than the convenience of extra space. Actually, have a sort or search would be nicer. One thing I liked about Eldar Scrolls. They had a community providing "Add-ons", such as inventory managements and what not. But anyway...
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    The "Delta" message, was that in game or part of the crash? If it's part of the crash your internet connection to the server is corrupt - that is bits are being dropped. This confuses the game and causes weird things to happen. "For me", reloading the NIC drivers did the trick. Now this was on my old xw8400 using a USB WiFi dongle. (note, I uninstalled the NIC device and had the uninstall remove all the files.) There are plenty of free online app to test the quality of your internet connection - google it. Contrary to your suggestion its not HW, you can test that as well with free tests. - I would do both. But my guess is that the games files or your NIC or your internet connection are at fault. I too am slow to say HW, but when all else fails.... ...gene
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    Sort of. Killed enemies drop blue tokens as they do in Last Stand. These tokens can be used to unlock other areas and power-ups (medkits / special ammo / gun turrets / scanners etc). If you grab them then you can choose how they are spent. Someone sitting in cover shooting the enemies has little chance of grabbing and someone else can just nip out and scoop them all up. The caches of med kits etc have two options (group or personal) with different costs but it defaults to personal and I am unsure at this point how to move between the options. You get around 20 seconds between waves and in this time you are most likely to be grabbing tokens and paying for things as when the timer runs out you cannot spend, well cannot unlock other areas at least. I did another couple of rounds last night. 3 person team on the Intrepid. We did ok, probably up to level 15 or something. The times I have died, it has been insta death and not crawling bleed out. Could be as I had all the aggro but hard to tell as the PTS is really laggy for me. Quite a bit of rubber banding and one minute I am up and firing and the next I am spread all over the floor. The current new GE on the PTS (Ambush) is ok. Bonus damage when stationary. This was meant to promote cover usage but standing still in the center of a parking lot also gets the bonus, or face to face with an enemy. The other new GE (Strike ??) sounds fun. Killing enemies cause them to explode (ie. they drop a grenade on death). This also affects Agents as well which makes bunching up less attractive. Haven't tried that one though. Oh and for Resistance, there are 3 areas you can play. Intrepid (Aircraft carrier), Pier 93 (Container storage area) and Powerhouse. I tried Pier 93 solo last night (solo not out of choice ) and got to level 8 (sneaky sniper moved around to one side of me) and I was down after a couple of hits. Shame as that was the last enemy in that wave. Made it through unlocking 3 sections, one scanner and one turret. A couple of issues I noticed (at least one has already been reported), drones can get stuck in containers hanging in the air and enemies just spawn in and can do so right behind you even though there are no doors or other ways for them to get there.
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    @TheDivisionGame: Invites for those selected for the 1.8 Console PTS are going out tomorrow, Oct 12. We apologize for the delay. Keep an eye on those emails!
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    Pretty much the same. 6x Striker 6xSentry 5x Reclaimer Would have preferred Reclaimer tho. At one point I had 5/4/0, so was hopeful of having the two full sets I wished for. As for exotics. Ninja BP, Medved, Warlord, Hungry Hog, and lesser ones. It was more fun than the last GE, mainly cause it encourage a different playstyle and builds. Tried my 6x LS with shotties was fun. I only got 8 GE commendations, lol never manage to group for Falcon Lost.
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    Sorry mate, just seen this... lex and Hudson for speed rounds.
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    My favorite Child Hood game its Sonic and Golden Axe 3.
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    Well done. That's pretty good dude.