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    So it appears that one of the devs let slip that the Open Beta is a thing. Likely to be end of Feb / Beginning of March. I would imagine a lot of it will be marketing like the closed Beta was. Most issues found are likely to be patched out no sooner than the first post release patch. One thing I found a bit irritation, talking of patches, was that on the PC you started the game which then told you there is a patch which you apply and then have to restart again. With Steam the patching is in the background out of playing time so you are pretty much up to date and ready to go with the latest version when you start. Hope UPlay get this sorted out...
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    Originally posted on the official forums (so text is aimed at Ubisoft), wondered if much of it matched your own impressions: Pros - Learning curve: as a Div1 player it took some time to realise the play style in the game is subtly but also significantly different. Get close to the enemy and die quick! Keep the enemy at 50+m and keep moving cover or with friends use an LMG to pin them and flank the enemy WORK IN THIS GAME! Damage models: Armour, what an innovative idea for an RPG!! I realise Ubisoft have had to balance the criticism of Division 1’s “bullet sponges” and the more RPG players used to HP pool opponents and I, so far, like this balance. Environment: The level of detail, the hidden nuances (love that plaque with YouTube and creators names for example), the general atmosphere and weather changes are great. Fog….OMG!! I can see how you do a Survival style DLC with that switched on. Extensive sewer systems too?? Brilliant! Graphics: A large step up from Div 1, as to be expected, and welcome none the less. Optimisation: I know plenty of people had issues, seems most were using Intel & Nvidia chips. I ran an Ryzen with AMD graphics and had no issues what so ever (but there is a Con later anyway). Story: You guys!!! Dropping recordings like that, you teases! Old characters in a new place huh? Can’t wait to get more. Control points/bases/Projects: This new game mechanic to liberate, unlock and keep resupplying them…brilliant. I’m going to love it to start with I’m sure (another Con later though). Cons – Net coding: Lots of issues with disconnects for everyone, several issues point to poor net coding. Guys, don’t do this to us. Optimisation: I know AMD did a lot of work pushing the Snowdrop engine in favour of AMD multithreaded processors, but to get decent feedback don’t shut out team blue like this. Control Points: Yes, I found this task really exciting, especially once I worked out the mechanic of how to do this properly such as calling backup etc…but… I do wonder on the longevity of interest. Once I’ve liberated all of them, do I now have to routinely “farm” resources to top them up all the time? If I don’t do they get retaken? Might the idea for me be to just leave them and let them be retaken?? More info needed. Graphics: Yes, they were very good but…so many glitches Ubisoft! Macro scenery not connected to static Micro scenery which just floats? Wasn’t this apparent in Alpha? These things take a while to fix too so I don’t relish the overtime you guys are having to do now. For some reason after build 2 I could NOT change my graphical settings with the game, each time it said it would set them after a restart, they never did, whatever “custom” default it chose I was stuck with…it worked but needs to not be this way obviously. UI: NOT a fan. I would say its too much navigation to get to a submenu. I don’t expect to select two menus to get to menu I need, especially clunky with Friends / Invite UI. If I wanted to join a random agent…just two keys needed but if I wanted to join an ACTUAL friend, press space, select name, click name again, navigate to correct part of side menu, click “join group” .. TOO MANY MENUS! Streamline the UI please. In review – Overall, considering the new game mechanics, setting and play I loved the Beta. Its both different, the same and an improvement on everything that was The Division. There are technical issues that need sorting, with little time to do it, you’ll excuse fans for being pretty rabbid with worry about some of the more heavy issues. I guess we can adapt to others but try to get things like the UI streamlined significantly as well as working on optimisation for single core processor speeds i.e. Intel (IF possible, not sure it is though). I’m happy my pre-order is safe, happy to have already bought the game and will be looking forward to playing again and investing another few years of my gaming life into a Division Game.
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    Found a manhole to the south of the White House but it went in to a out of bounds'area. Maybe I missed another then. Cool something else to explore 😊 👍.
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    I had great fun today, I like how you cannot just be a tank and blast away, a little strategy or approaching the combat from a completely different way works better all the time and the more planning the better the combat outcome. Great game, the best part is I am off when you release the game so I can play all I want...I told my wife to go have fun with her mom that weekend...LoL
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    Thanks for the heads up. The series link Bought (digital editions - Issue 1 = $1 and issue 2 = $3.99). Can read via browser or app. Each issue is 22 pages. Story is good but not totally sure if it will bridge TD1 and TD2. Starts in NY and moves to another city but not DC at this point (no spoilers ). New characters introduced but not sure if they will appear in TD2 at this point. Now if I can only find a way to convert to epub so I can add them to my existing collection of Warhammer 40k books and comics and read them all with a single app ..... .
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    @RimBlock Deal! I'll try not to talk Khuzdul to you...
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    Ping me if you seem me on. I will also look out. Also need someone who speaks a common language to test the mic out on .
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    ALWAYS looking to team up!! Have to hope schedules line up as I don't think I'll be able to put as many hours in for the Open Beta, I'm wondering if it'll be basically the same build? They are likely to have corrected the net coding issues though by then at least. Sewer tunnels were cool, first time I went down empty, second time ....ABSOLUTELY NOT EMPTY, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, SCARY, KEEP AWAY NASTY MAN!! lol I don't think any of my other co-ops on PC have early access this time around *cries* ... Keep eyes open for me as I've got annual leave from the 12th and WILL BE LOOKING FOR STEADY CO-OPS!!
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    Never noticed the 'Secure the Perimeter' mission although I did kill a couple of mobs and got keys when wandering around. Securing all control points for a sector also spawned hunt for a named boss with a time limit for me. You get one shot only and if you fail then it vanishes. How you tackle them depends on how they finally dial in on TTK etc for the final release but for the building site close to the White house I could sneak in through some road works along the side road and through a tunnel. I could then get half way up the ramp to the main building behind cover and go noisy. Drop a turret for crowd control and use the healing drone / seeker if needed. I tend to call for help after clearing but good point about wasted time. Just like doing on my own without friendly casualties or helpful people getting right in the way. I tend not to use the minigun as I don't like being 'stuck' on it and the enemy tens to come up the sides out of its arc of fire a lot of the time. If you call for help and they get there before all enemies are dead then one usually jumps on it anyway. Working out you have to call for help (really calling for a team to take control so you can leave) before it is captured took me a bit of time to work out as it is not too obvious.
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    Cool, only 15 days to wait. Will be good to see how they have dialed in the difficulty after the Open Beta testing. Looking forwards to tunnel exploring as highlighted by @quinch1199. Let me know if you want to team up for some of it.
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    @RimBlock yep looking forward to it. @g1nt3r gave me an invite to the Private Beta, only one evening for me. So another beta is welcomed, lol. 1-4 March Open Beta
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    Couple of things to note on the "Agent requesting backup" - It activates as an option for a player to take if he loses his armour for any reason and starts taking actual damage (I didn't see it as an option before this point, it seems to automatically offer you it) - Activated only by Group Leader. - In the beta the match making side of it was utterly out of wack, lumping you with inappropriate groups. (hopefully fixed/better balanced for live) - The audio gets very annoying until you learn to block it out mentally. (kinda defeats the process and idea behind it though!) - If you answer the call you fast travel to the point where the caller is and immediately join their group (i.e. at any point in the mission) - You can leave at anytime (such as getting stuck on some stairs against enemies you can't damage lol!). - You will only benefit from XP rewards if you remain in the group, physical rewards you still have to be present to physically loot. - It is NOT the same as the option to call in back-up when assaulting enemy held checkpoints, this is an option specific to Missions (Story and I think Side missions) - To accept the request for assistance you HOLD map activation key/button, it then opens a list of agents with current requests for you to choose from.
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    Agree on the specialisations. Past a quick try, I didn't use any of them. Saw quite a few using the sniper one though. At this point , from what I have seen, they just wont get any use from me. The Deltas were fixed for me after the first maintenance. Rarely had an issue after that. I did have lots of issues with sound near the end of the Beta. I also saw one or two invisible enemies (health bar and skill targeting button was visible but no enemy) who then blinked in to existence after 5 --> 10 seconds. Also, and pretty worrying for me, I seemed to get the preemptive grenade stagger in the last day runs of the Invasion mission. If that is still in the game then that will be a major disappointment in my view. I am running on Intel, played for hours with only one CTD and not really any noticeable slowdown. I am pretty convinced they were playing with damage / health / armour of the enemies during the maintenance. First round was hard, second was easy and third was in the middle although Invasion was noticeably more difficult on the last day for me. They did the same on the PTS for TD1 to try and dial in the right levels. We will see in the Open Beta if they have got the balance right.
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    Yeah, there are two which (I'm sure) were completely in the playable area. One entrance is on the south eastern side of the abandoned military base where you started for the beta. Careful though as if you push too far south east you activate a side mission (medical base) which is actually in the OOB area (though, I did complete it anyway by being able to find a spot I could snipe the enemies in the base from just outside the red line lol). The sewer system seems to wind all over, is split over three levels, has some good loot (at least one very scary ass boss!!) and some specific loot I think will become clear for its use when the main game is released, though I have found ONE spot in the main LZ where this same loot was located.
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    I am a Die-Hard Division Fan. The One thing lacking that I see, is the inability to interact with most buildings. In the division, I loved when the new outback Dark Zone emerged with way more interaction with the Buildings, Climbing, exploring underground, I don’t see a lot of this here, it is kind of disappointing. I am hoping it will evolve over time to be the best game of all time. I am at Level 7 thus far in closed beta, and it really does rock. So much new material, a little hard to get a handle on a few new tricks, but still, awesome. Thanks Guys and Gals.
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    Did you miss the manholes south of the White house then? Those sewers were very extensive and seemed to be quite confusing being split on three levels! I think I found more climbing points than most, they're there but seems they're not as obvious, some look "too high" to climb but let you, some don't have the blue tarp over them etc. Not many caribina rope access areas though, likewise ladders seemed short on supply. Climbing was with boxes or over vehicles etc mainly for me.
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    Wow, a purple huh. Nice going. Never saw on on the lvl 7 agent. Thought the last level of magazine perk was for 9mm. Didn't unlock it as it did not occur to me some SMG's use 9mm. On the Black Tusk Invasion, if you went around the building to the central courtyard there was also sometimes a named boss you could kill 😉. The P90 is top of my list with the MDR. Everything after that is grays ( or day old stinky custard depending on what weapon it happens to be). Need to work out how the skill / armour / firearms pie chart worked as I was heavily in skill for most of the time but saw little I was using with skill perks. Roll on the 12th March (3 day early release access 🤣 ). @tusler: Getting rid of the .... I mean treating the wife to a shopping weekend sounds peaceful for full on concentration of Division fun.
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    OK, my reply here is all about the BAD All the graphics bugs in TD1 are here. - so look at Buzz Lightyear. Do I care about this - nope. Gun info - while there is alot more gun info it seems misleading - pistols are nicely powered, but do not follow the appropriate range accuracy. way to accurate. Shotguns are good, but I need more research. The level of the gun seems to be less significant than TD1 - the stats are everything. So its very confusing your level 3 m1911 is dominating over your lvl 5 M1911 with low stats, good stats is not the end all. MOBs not taking damage - at first i thought this was lag, but no, the target radius for some (seems to be random) goes from state wide to 0. Again random. This is just weird. I sniper shot a MOB and it dies. On another nothing. (BTW I am capturing via OSB). Lag maybe, but.... Some random MOBs are smart, and do as veterans do - but no indication (IE, not purple or above) AOE damage. OMG the splash for AOE damage needs to be fixed. Sometimes not in cover you can '0' sometimes in cover you die. Just not consistent. The stupid "agent request assistance" or whatever. I hope this allows us to 'join' and really provide assistance. but... Should you still buy - H3LL yes. They addressed 50%+ of the issues that plagued TD1 - and maybe more. Is this worth $60 - h3LL yes. I will get 1000s of hours of great game play. ...gene
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    I have only seen a little climbing and that was in the DZ on the intro mission but there are at least 3 underground manholes I have come across but they go nowhere due to the Beta restrictions. There are a few metro stations so we may still get more underground areas. I am also a little concerned, however, that half the map seems to be wide open monument / museum type places rather than the variety of shops, offices and homes we saw in TD1. I expect the big buildings will be used for set pieces or specific missions but will probably be walled off from free roam meaning the map size for free roam and variety is likely to be less. I love the upward mobility available in TD1 especially in the new DZ area but it is also great for Survival where you feel like you are actually exploring rather than just running up and down streets.