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    Finally got it. Joined a team who were going after the boxes and after the second box opening two went and dies but I kept on fighting and with one other managed to clear the level and two others agreed to keep going till level 15 (the other person quit and someone else joined). Game crashed on round 13 but I got back in midway through round 14 and so got the shield. Also played with a random team last night and we got to around round 18 before getting killed via contamination. Unfortunately my Sentries build cannot clear cooldowns in 20s so couldn't switch to Reclaimer and no-one else had immu station :-(. 3rd award for TD2 now achieved. Three more shields and the last reward to go .
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    It isn't. Usually I would not be to bothered with this one as I can usually team up with other randoms and open two, or if the other team members don't just quit, 3 classified boxes. This time things are different.... Rather than securing a place and staying put until you need to move on and have enough tokens to open things, people are just rushing out causing the enemies to spawn all over the place. Played two rounds last night... First in carrier where one guy just charged out before we had the tokens to open the building at the far end and stayed out. Then we finally opened it but died in the contamination round (second one) even though when my immu box blew, another person in the team didn't drop theirs. We all died of contamination with only 3 enemies remaining. Second in the container port has one guy in a new team rushing to get the data breach and kill the bosses rather than farming. Had to keep telling them to come in to the corridor where the enemies can only come from one side (out of the first building, to the right and up one level). I changed to my agent with 6 piece Sentries and 6 piece Reclaimer. Contamination was fine, ran Sentry at other times but they kept going out of the corridor which resulted in spawns all over the place including from the corridor. We dies on round 13 with all the rushers. Also had around 6 crashes of TD. Updated my Nvidia drivers a few days ago so suspect that is the reason. Will try again tonight.