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    Madison is fine. Only real part with a little difficulty is the final roof battle. Died first try with randoms with a hunter coming around the dies and axing me (twice). Respawned and we cleared it. We had one healer (not sure if reclaimer), one striker, one something else and my Sentry's. The UN one is a bit more fun but maybe as it is a longer run. No guns for the helo was a bit of a surprise as I tried to activate one but it went down quick enough. Wiped first time with the bosses in the auditorium but again, second attempt was a win. One thing I like so far is that there do not (yet) seem like a farce that is Amethysts Apartment where you can run through half of it. Got my first two shields (Westside Piers bosses I got with the missions to kill 3 names bosses mostly). Not so bad but have to wait for 1 in 3 or so missions and clear the other two in between quite fast. Killing the Skill Jammer was a right pain solo..... Now I have to do the DZ missions for the other two shields (whoopee)... Still working on my 100 Hunters achievement (up to around 70 so far). The thing with this one is getting the killing shot.... At least Firecrest is fun to play now you don't set yourself on fire but the Nomad nerf is a pain as it is now pointless (for the 6 piece) if not solo. Maybe that should have just been changed for the DZ. Oh got another Striker Classified piece (well another 4 pieces but 3 were for parts I already had). I am now up to 4 total . Only set I dont have and the only one I would really like to try. I am having to play with its poor cousin Predators Mark sometimes instead .
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    The earlier areas of the DZ have bosses without Landmarks. I think the easiest way for Westside Piers bosses is to run a Resistance mission
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    Logging in the @UbisoftClub app and asking Sam (your personal gaming assistant chat bot) a question gets you some Rewards.
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    Yes. People have been wanting a companion app for the game. Short of that, hopeful that APIs could be published so users could create their own . Not sure whether Ubisoft had such apps in other games. I've played Elder Scrolls which allowed for user created plugins. The quality of life improvements from that was pretty amazing. Though this game is different so
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    If you're not big on the DZ, do that first. People in there are more focused on clearing their Landmarks than you. That'll change later. For Manhattan boss 10, don't bother with LZ bosses as HVT Bosses count. And if some of the HVTs are a bit difficult then join some else's group as it is just any 8 not each individual one on your list. (You can repeat the easier ones and they still count towards your 8)
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    Kind-a-busy tonight
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    I haven't had a chance to look through the list to see if they're all still relevant for The Division 2. Might be worth making an addendum video that covers the new things for The Division 2, like Specializations, Brand Sets, etc.
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    I'm not so sure. We have to remember that the game isn't being built from the ground up, rather it's being made on an updated version of the Snowdrop engine. It's possible that many of the assets just needed to be updated and moved into the new environment. Also, the base game is there, so they really just have to work on implementing the changes that we've seen as opposed to starting from scratch. We'll have to be on the lookout for the betas and that will probably give us a better idea as to when the game will actually launch.
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    I set a high bar for being totally oblivious.
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    He puts together a compelling argument. Towards the end he says he sees the wall in the trailer, but I think that wall is much too short to be the DZ wall. My opinion at least, I would think it to be a bit bigger. Like that he mentioned the old post office though. That's out towards the Federal Triangle. You can go up the tower via elevator, but most of it was like a food court if I remember right. Although, that could have completely changed by now. Was only in there once, maybe 7 years ago. Anyways, just found it interesting how he was able to point that out. Maybe he visited the city himself at some point, or he's just a very observant dude.
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    MarcoStyle did a video on why he thinks union will be the dz here if you wanna watch it.
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    Good find. I would think they would have them in TD2, since they were put them in the original game.
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    Union would be a cool area to have the DZ. Maybe they'll let you go into the D.C. Metro tunnels a bit also. Of course, that's assuming they allow you into the station itself. and if that is the case, I imagine it will be a landmark.
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    Wait, will there still be ballistic shield? Cause I love my D3FNC. By the way, some of the map right here. Speculated DZ is the Union Station are to the north of the player.
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    My son and I tackled this last night. It's way fun. We had one team death and completed it in about an hour. While all the objectives are the same the waves are NOT. They are different and will surprise you with shot-gunners and heavy's. Snipers are plentiful and while not a one shot (to my striker), you barely survive. Our team was a maxed Striker and a good Reclaimer. As the striker I was down several times, but my healer brought me back. And you need a ranged weapon as a striker (not my forte, but luckily I had a good M1 in inventory) I think with practice this is a great farm. Anyone else go for it? ...gene
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    I will be there - I have maybe a hour in survival and need all the help I can get. ...gene
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    Me too, and the quality of some of the MODs is quite amazing. I have not played in a while - never really finished the story-line. But it was fun for a distraction. My son has many hours/days on this game. AND it's all free. ...gene
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    I was just thinking about this actually, since the August Shield challenge will be as follows: Phoenix Extract 5 items, survive for 5 hours and kill 5 Hunters in Survival So, August may wind up being Sherpa month. Going to discuss it with the other people that help me plan things.
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    cool. tried carrier. still at 4 have to try..
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    Pier 93 seems to be the most active, and easiest. Assuming you stay in the corridor on the 2nd floor. How I got my Avenger Shield.
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    True and true, but I will download it, log in, claim my rewards, then delete that mofo faster than you can say allakhazam.
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    This is cool from @agent_mab Hopefully the image quality is there.
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    While its cool - I HATE THIS. Just another way to screw around and destroy privacy. ...gene
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    Ok, this wasn't quite correct. There still are Gear Sets. Brand Sets are effective another type of gear. Brands have their modifiers and set bonuses. Have to see how the two over-lap or intersect.
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    Thanks for the info! Going to download the app myself now!
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    @GhostRecon: Celebrate the 2018 World Cup in Ghost Recon Wildlands and support your team with the Facial Paints Flags pack! Available for free until July 15th via the in-game store!
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    The Reactivation Caches can be found at the Rewards vendor in the BOM. Below is an example of one for D3fnc
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    Thanks Obama.... I mean, Ubisoft...
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    Oh so "select" means choosing from the chosen. *Grumble*
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    Pick me!!! Pick me!!! *swinging arms wildly*
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    Hmm, would make for a good series of videos for new/returning players. 🤔 Not sure I have the time to make them, but definitely something to consider. These, at least the first one, might take more time than I can usually dedicate to my vids if I wanted to do them correctly. Might have to look at working on them during some vacation time I’ve got coming up. We’ll probably have a better idea of how relevant the info will be after the reveal at E3 on Monday, which would be a good gauge as to whether it’s worth putting the time in.
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    Considering it mostly is irrelevant to seasoned ppayers, they could just give it to all. Though presumably per account not per character. New players woyld likely only have one, so 500 DivTech. But seasoned players with four characters getting 2000 DivTech... that's just silly.
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    Optimized mechanics that are way more responsive and modern.