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  1. Classified Gearsets - what you got?

    fuck man, I need to get me some classified gearsets
  2. GE Ambush Talk

    Well I have established 2 things, first, I have much better aim on pc than on xbox, second, the game has really gotten alot better with the last several updates. I hope they use what theyve learned over these last couple updates for the groundwork for The Division: Los Angeles
  3. GE Ambush Talk

    lol I should of probably known that. I just got one. Those superior caches so far suck
  4. GE Ambush Talk

    So can I get a mask from the superior caches or what?
  5. Let It Snow

    Thanks fam
  6. Patch 1.8 Talk

    Hmmm I wouldn’t know, Went to play with my main on my Xbox and got delta error... annoying
  7. Taking a break

    Haven’t even played videos games at all lately myself... lifes just been kicking me a lot lately and haven’t even felt like it tbh... ugh
  8. GE Assault Talk

    How do I get a fk’n mask?
  9. Just may be me but I like seeing the facial reactions of the person I'm watching, I find it to be an extra source of entertainment.
  10. Ryzen Gamer Build

    Holy shit, $9,000 computer build!?
  11. Crashing

    Weird, did you try reinstalling?
  12. Episode 8 - Waiting for the End

    Audio Only Version Available Here and on iTunes This week g1nt3r returns from his camping trip to put in some work. In the Intelligence Annex, g1nt3r & DSP cover the updates to the PTS, including that PTS 3 will be coming to console, and talk about some console PTS invite requirements that Massive forgot to relay. For the weekly Incursion, the show goes rogue as DSP & g1nt3r talk about all things rogue. Starting with a little rogue lore, they guys cover how to go rogue, what happens when you go rogue, how the timer works, some builds for both going rogue and hunting rogues and end on rogue douchebaggery. The guys close out the Division Forum by discussing how they helped a Forum & Twitter follower with some suggestions for a vampire build as well as make an announcement about special plans for Episode 11. g1nt3r ends the episode with a special tribute to Chester Bennington, may he Rest In Peace. Contact us: Email - shadetechradio@thedivisionforums.com Twitter - @shadetechradio or @divisionforums Or visit our sites: shadetechradio.com thedivisionforums.com
  13. Donating to the Community

    Thanks again @trashpixels for your generous donation of $10! “A STRONG MAN DOESN’T NEED TO READ THE FUTURE. HE MAKES HIS OWN.” -Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid
  14. Episode 7 - Silent Lucidity

    Listen Here In this week’s Intelligence Annex, HawKShoT returns to stand in for g1nt3r while he’s getting his camping on. DeadSockPuppet apologizes for the unscheduled week off, the lack of a YouTube recording for EP 6 and the guys discuss the woes of console PTS invites and the PTS in general. For the weekly Incursion, the boys delve into Inventory Management: The Game (thank you Remy). They cover the pros and cons of multiple toons, mules, stash filtering and whether or not mods should take up space in inventory. DSP and Hawk close out the show by discussing how feedback was light for the week and that they’d love to get some listener emails to read on the show and possibly discuss in future episodes in this week’s Division Forum.
  15. Episode 6 - Goodbye Stranger

    Haha I used to watch these cats on youtube