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  1. I'll look into this.
  2. Haha Merry Christmas Chow, hope its a good one.
  3. Merry Christmas sactown, hope you have an awesome holiday weekend.
  4. I stole it from metal gear solid phantom pain. One of the recruits comes with that name. You have otters in your backyard pond? Im jealous
  5. Wait its not in the menu? Do you mean like instead have it as a link outside of the menu?
  6. What's that?
  7. Damn, that sound sick, I like it. I was thinking the same thing
  8. That's what I was thinking lol. Probably gonna be making more colors available as I plan to remove some unused user groups.
  9. Remember when video games used to sell out at like best buy and you couldn't get them. Thank god for digital downloading.
  10. I feel like I should make the Jedi icon... louder.
  11. K you're good
  12. meh, it's the holidays
  13. Hardline was garbage, and EA's response to it was even worse. Can't stand when devs don't swallow their pride and admit to their shit and fix it.
  14. Man... I need to start playing more... been to busy though bleh. I hope the game isn't dying. I've invested so much time not only to the game but in building these forums for all you wonderful people.
  15. Upload screenshots from your Xbox One? Save the image from your xbox profile via the xbox website on PC and then upload it via the attachment block underneath the reply box.