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  1. I heard! I need to address that next episode. Tinkkzy's always been so sweet to me
  2. In today's show, the boys discuss builds, the to do's and not to do's of early leveling and g1nt3r rants about the god awful character creation on this weeks episode of SHADE TECH RADIO!!
  3. It's already on "Do Nothing"
  4. It's not muted there. As soon as I close division it starts working. Like it will be playing but no sound will be coming out and then I close the division and all of a sudden I can hear it.
  5. So yeah, whenever I play the Division, my itunes just mutes... like it doesn't crash or anything and the song is still going but I cannot hear. Anyone know why? Or what the solution is?
  6. Yep, be sure to check us out and share with literally everyone you know. All of them.
  7. Listen on iTunes Today the boys discuss Gear Score increases, assigned role dungeon matchmaking and My Little Pony?! Naw, not the last thing.
  8. In this episode, we meet our new co-host, HawkShot, we bring up some tips for the beginners out there, discuss what Hamish and Gabe spoke about in the SOTG, and read some comments made by our lovely listeners. Listen and enjoy! Here's the episode if you want to watch it!
  9. Yeah, I think you're trippin brah, that never happened. Also thanks for the compliment.
  10. We'll have to have you on soon brother. lol pong
  11. Thanks daesu! I'm glad you enjoyed it bud.
  13. Thank you @trashpixels for your donation of $10.00! "A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him." Halo
  14. Why do you want to delete your account?
  15. Fuckery is definitely sought out by me