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  1. Beta Registration Record High

    there are emoticons
  2. Beta Registration Record High

    @DeadSockPuppet @Oh. daesu Any idea when they'll be selecting people and giving out beta codes?
  3. The divison

    I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I can get behind that, you should start a petition.
  4. np on the donation. had thought  of it before bit was a slackard.

    1. g1nt3r


      You’re the man

  5. Graffiti Thursday

    Oh and @Oh. daesu, you’re the man, thanks for the donation. $40 and I won’t get that god damn annoying message every time I visit the forums that I need to upgrade!
  6. E3 details and tidbits

    This game looks so clean... I hope they don’t nerf the graphics like they did on the 1st one lol
  7. Graffiti Thursday

    WTF?! I'm surprised they put this in the game.
  8. Division 2 Beta Sign Up

    Hopefully we can get some beta codes to give out.
  9. Exploding headshots?

    Well I like it, they should keep it in the game lol
  10. Exploding headshots?

    I was away for a little, what’s with the exploding heads on headshot kills?
  11. New to forum

    Welcome comrade
  12. The Divison 2

    D.C. is the rumor, no idea how true it is
  13. The Divison 2

    I actually have the hormonal level of an 80 year old menopausal women at the moment but I’m still pretty excited about his game.
  14. Title says is all, what would you people like to see in the upcoming sequel, The Division 2?!
  15. The Divison 2

    Fuck... yes. My body is so ready for this. What’s beautiful about this is they have their shit together, so now we’re going to get a new game with all the good shit about the division 1