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  1. So I was thinkin, I own and I want to do something with it. Should I create a dedicated forum for Ghost Recon Wildlands?
  2. Thats tight, I don't know of any in my area. Unfortunately I live in California where everyone is shamelessly liberal so anything that involves wars and battles doesn't really happen here.
  3. Bummer. I am going to play the open beta on my PS4. I played both closed betas on the PC so before I buy I want to try both systems to see which one I want it on.
  4. I suppose you can call it that, wonder if I'm allowed to say I participated in that.
  5. I've always wanted to go to a reenactment
  6. Here's my EDC blade
  7. When I played the first closed beta, which was secret, I had much more map to play then the last closed beta.
  8. Well thank you
  9. I cannot stand Bill Maher, he sits on his echo chamber and just virtual signals like he's jesus for something.
  10. I played with the CSS a bit and when I change that font, it changes the font of the font that's being typed behind the white. I'll keep workin on it tho.
  11. well apologized to anyone he offended but still gave WSJ and all other main stream media the finger. if that's the case HEIL PEWDIEPIE Sick of the media and there leftist extreme logic. Hillary lost, get over it.
  12. Man, sorry for the late reply, but I agree, I thought it would be a fun idea.
  13. Can you provide a screenshot please?
  14. Anyone follow this stuff? People cancelling their subscriptions to Wall Street Journal for being overly PC (political correctness) and writing a lie against pewdiepie. If you're not familiar, this video by sargon of akkad will explain it and this is pewdie's response to the Lame Stream Media and WSJ