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  1. Beta Registration Record High

    there are emoticons
  2. Beta Registration Record High

    @DeadSockPuppet @Oh. daesu Any idea when they'll be selecting people and giving out beta codes?
  3. The divison

    I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I can get behind that, you should start a petition.
  4. Graffiti Thursday

    Oh and @Oh. daesu, you’re the man, thanks for the donation. $40 and I won’t get that god damn annoying message every time I visit the forums that I need to upgrade!
  5. E3 details and tidbits

    This game looks so clean... I hope they don’t nerf the graphics like they did on the 1st one lol
  6. Graffiti Thursday

    WTF?! I'm surprised they put this in the game.

    "With the launch of The Division just a week away, we thought it was a good time to update you on exactly when servers will go live and when reviews will start to come out. The Division was always designed to be a seamless online experience, giving players the option to play solo or group with fellow Agents to tackle missions and infiltrate the Dark Zone as a squad. Thanks to the feedback and participation of a record-setting 6.4 million players in the beta, we know many of you took up arms with others and saw first-hand how The Division’s unique gameplay experiences were brought to life by a large and active player population. Since it’s impossible for us to populate the servers in a way that would adequately replicate playing The Division on launch day, reviewers will start playing the game along with everyone else when it’s released on March 8 – after the servers go live officially at 00:01AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). We anticipate there may be some impressions posted online within the first few days of launch that were based on experiences with The Division Beta, and we look forward to seeing streams, videos, and opinions that provide accounts of final, in-game conditions. Players who have purchased digital copies can begin preloading today for Xbox One; Thursday, March 3 at 6PM CET / 9AM PT for PC (Steam/Uplay); and March 6 at 00:01AM local time on PlayStation 4 – except Japan where it will be available on March 8 at 00:01AM. In the US, digital copies of The Division for Xbox One, PS4, and PC will be active at 12:01AM EST on March 8. We can’t wait for you to share these and other Division moments as you explore the streets and begin your journey to save New York City. Thank you for your continued support." Source
  8. Division 2 Beta Sign Up

    Hopefully we can get some beta codes to give out.
  9. Forum Ranks

    Hello Folks, Here's a quick breakdown of the forum rank system At registration you start off as a "Member" -After 75 posts, you're moved into the "Community Agent" group Can now like up to 30 posts a day Can now edit your own posts unlimitedly Can now set a signature -After 250 posts, you're moved into the "Community Veteran" group Can now like up to 50 posts a day Can post News in our News Forum Can upload a cover photo for profile -After 500 posts, you're moved into the "Community Elite" group Can now like up to 100 posts a day Can now change username -After 1000 posts, you're moved into the "Community Jedi" group Can like as many posts as you'd like Can hide or delete own posts/videos -At 2000 posts, you can now choose your own rank, which I will create an image for. You can also choose the color(s) for your rank. I'll be adding more benefits along the way Thanks! -g1nt3r
  10. Exploding headshots?

    I was away for a little, what’s with the exploding heads on headshot kills?
  11. Title says is all, what would you people like to see in the upcoming sequel, The Division 2?!
  12. Exploding headshots?

    Well I like it, they should keep it in the game lol
  13. New to forum

    Welcome comrade
  14. The Divison 2

    D.C. is the rumor, no idea how true it is
  15. The Divison 2

    I actually have the hormonal level of an 80 year old menopausal women at the moment but I’m still pretty excited about his game.
  16. The Divison 2

    Fuck... yes. My body is so ready for this. What’s beautiful about this is they have their shit together, so now we’re going to get a new game with all the good shit about the division 1
  17. Classified Gearsets - what you got?

    fuck man, I need to get me some classified gearsets
  18. Everyone post your Youtube channel links here. Let keep the random chatter in this thread to a minimum with posting description and the link only and be sure to sub to other agents channels. Thanks Freeege for the idea! Remember #communitylove ---- Youtube Channel List ---- ¤ MasakariPrime ¤ Freeege ¤ Ebontis ¤ Amateur ¤ Ouja Strike Gaming ¤ TheAddictionTv ¤ ATH3ON ¤ MrGamerFanatic ¤ H4RKNESSTV ¤DeadlyTrickz ¤ ¤ ¤
  19. GE Ambush Talk

    Well I have established 2 things, first, I have much better aim on pc than on xbox, second, the game has really gotten alot better with the last several updates. I hope they use what theyve learned over these last couple updates for the groundwork for The Division: Los Angeles
  20. GE Ambush Talk

    lol I should of probably known that. I just got one. Those superior caches so far suck
  21. GE Ambush Talk

    So can I get a mask from the superior caches or what?
  22. Post your agent!

    Hello folks, let's see your agents! Upload a screenshot of your bad ass Division agent in this thread. I'll post mine when I get home.
  23. Let It Snow

    Thanks fam
  24. Patch 1.8 Talk

    Hmmm I wouldn’t know, Went to play with my main on my Xbox and got delta error... annoying
  25. Taking a break

    Haven’t even played videos games at all lately myself... lifes just been kicking me a lot lately and haven’t even felt like it tbh... ugh