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  1. With a host like @g1nt3r... Who wouldn't?
  2. Check your motherboard temperatures as well. One summer my board was at 80C and did the exact same thing. Connection was dropping in my game constantly. It may be time to add more 120mm's also. Or upgrade the ones you have. If it's not just your CPU that's hot, then you ought to add another fan or two. I don't really hear anything bad of Corsair and Be Quiet's fans.
  3. Hey Quinch, I absolutely think this is a cooling issue. What case are you using? I know a lot of new cases have plastic or aluminum fronts that are usually a big culprit. Just because they restrict airflow to the front fans. Therefore, reducing the volume and pressure of air into your case. My first priority would be switching out that stock heatsink. Even just another active cooling one like a Hyper 212 EVO. You don't necessarily have to get an all in one water cooler for your CPU. Although, if you have the space and cash, it wouldn't be a bad idea. With your network, is it just your machine that drops off the network? Or do other devices do it also? If other devices are as well, you may have a overheating problem with the modem. In which case, stick a little fan next to it.
  4. Over time, your gear score will be decreased as better gear becomes available, or the gear score is raised. It can also be decreased if you switch gear pieces.
  5. Welcome back bud.
  6. Where are you launching the game from? Steam or Uplay? Back in Playback Devices, in the Playback tab, your speakers (I find for most users it's Realtek High Definition Audio) are enabled, and set as the default device? Open the context menu on your speakers and select "Properties" and "Advanced" tab. Change the bit rate. Doesn't matter what to, but I would start at 16 bit, 44100Hz, try them and see if any resolve the issue.
  7. Ok, try this: Right click on the speaker in system tray, open the context menu, and select "Playback devices". Open the "Communications" tab. There's only one option, "When Windows detects communications activity:" select "Do nothing."
  8. Firstly, check your volume mixer. See if it's muted there. If it is, it's as simple as clicking the speaker icon at the bottom of the window. Get to this by going to your System Tray (Lower left hand corner) and opening the Context Menu (right clicking) on top of the speaker icon. In the Content Menu is the option "Open Volume Mixer". There will be sliders for the volume of each application.
  9. @g1nt3r, RTS? Dude, I remember wiping the floor with you in Company of Heroes! @DeadSockPuppet, it may have been a good thing she wasn't at 12:12 on 12/12/12. If she was, she probably would have some weird supernatural powers. Although, if that power was traveling between alternate universes *cough* *cough*, THE DIVISION *cough*, then that would have been awesome. But I suppose we'll never know... Awesome show you guys!
  10. Welcome to the Forums! Glad you got into our community! One of the best for any game I've seen. I don't know of a specific group that RP's, but check but of these, and you may find one. Good luck in the field!
  11. Welcome to the Forums! Ah Florida... Haven't been there in years. Although it's a bit too hot for me to survive in anyways. I'll stick with the Midwest's bipolar weather.
  12. I don't think there is anything like what you're asking for. There are other third person games, open world, or loot based. However only The Division and Wildlands seem to have all three. Closest thing I can even think of is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Although I only had a couple hours in. Third person wise, Batman Arkham Asylum, Dead Space, Mass Effect are good. Open world wise, Skyrim and the Assassin's Creed series. Loot wise, Borderlands 2.
  13. Try alt + tab, you can fullscreen any game by doing that. Go to The Division in Uplay, go down to Properties on the menu on the left side, and click "Verify Files" under "Local Files". Or if you're on Steam, right click The Division, and select properties from the context menu. Continue to the "Local Files" tab, and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files".
  14. I suppose I can see some sense in that. I believe most people play PvP anyways, do they not? I rarely go in the Dark Zone.
  15. I was told I could be anything... So I became a jackass.