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  1. Help getting above 60fps

    Try what is suggested in the thread from @Oh. daesu. Then update us if the issue persists or not.

    I think we can all say we're relieved that at least alcohol wasn't involved. Unless you're drunk now, and just think you weren't then.
  3. CPUID HWMonitor error?

    That is really strange. I've never used HWMonitor, but still, strange, and defaintly will throw people off at first. Thanks for this info Gene!
  4. Finally joining the world of cosplay...

    UPDATE: NEW GEAR! I've recently received a Leatherman Raptor, as well as a 5.11 Tactical Rush 24. The Raptors were 70$, but they really are amazing quality. One of the best tools I've ever had. Leatherman have their reputation for a reason. The Raptors are medical shears, with a couple additions. They fold, have a seatbelt cutter, 02 wrench, ring cutter, and a 5cm ruler on the end of the bottom blade. The shears themselves can cut a penny in half if you put some good strength into it. The holster they come with is also very impressive. It is compatible with MOLLE, but can also go onto most belts. I personally wear a 1.5 inch duty style belt, and it fit snugly into the belt mount. So I don't think it would work on a 2 inch belt, but unless you're law enforcement or maybe military, you won't be wearing that anyways most likely. Now, why did I purchase the Raptors? They aren't exactly a thing a Division Agent carries are they? Not typically no. I don't think I've mentioned yet that some of this gear, I carry as my EDC (Everyday Carry). I always have gear on my belt, or on/in my pack. The reason I own the Raptors, as well as my IFAK, is because 1. I'm Red Cross certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED, currently looking into a class for Basic Life Support, and in the future, Small Craft Incidents. 2. One of my biggest goals, and my current focus, is to become a United States Air Force Combat Rescue Officer (AFSC 13DXA). Combat Rescue, in tier 2 Special Opeations. The actual medical stuff tends to be left to the Pararescuemen (PJ's) for the most part, but it is still part of the job, and I wish to be proficient at it. The 5.11 Rush 24 is meant to be a 24 hour bag. Typically 130$, I snatched it for 88$, and do not regret it. By far the best pack I've owned so far. I believe it's about 33 liters, equaling roughly 2300 cubic inches. But has many pockets, some mesh. I love this because I can organize the things I'm carrying. My laptop looks kinda small in it compared to my old bag. Hydration pouch, which you can run your tube out the sides on the handle. Back is pretty well padded, I find it comfortable, but I typically only carry 15 pounds in it. So far, no complaints, and honestly would recommend it anybody. If I was a Division Agent, I would take this over a sling pack. I seem to be having trouble locating a good MOLLE bandoleer, but that was an excellent idea @quinch1199. I'll continue looking for a good one. Seriously considering purchasing one.
  5. New agent

    Correction, Puppet doesn't bite. Welcome to the forums!
  6. New Guns

    Jesus. Yeah, that would easily kill a guy. And think of how overpowered of a weapon that would be!
  7. New Guns

    Lord knows what that is in... 20mm? Whatever it is chambered in, it's going to be an instant death.
  8. New Guns

    Buffalo AR probably was in 7.62mm x 51mm NATO / .308. FN's SCAR's L and H stand for Light and Heavy. The Heavy version of the rifle is in 7.62 NATO, while the L is in 5.56 NATO. Just a guess though.
  9. Mouse Cursor pop up at random lags game

    Hey Evil, I still need to know : Have you tried another mouse? Is it only The Division, or is it other games as well? When did it start? Was it fine before? And what have you tried so far? Thanks! ~ HawKShoT
  10. Mouse Cursor pop up at random lags game

    Hey Evil, Send us your DxDiag. Here's how to do that: Have you tried another mouse? Is it only The Division, or is it other games as well? When did it start? Was it fine before? And what have you tried so far? Thanks! ~ HawKShoT
  11. V1.6 and graphics performance impact

    Hey Gene, Pretty sure you're card doesn't even support DX12? So that is probably why it ran the way it did. You can still install DX12, but you're card isn't going to be happy about it. Once you buy a newer card though, you can be sure it will do better.
  12. New here

    Hey bud, Look here for PS4 players and groups: http://www.thedivisionforums.com/forum/35-playstation-4/
  13. New here

    Welcome to the forums bud!
  14. Finally joining the world of cosplay...

    Multicam is an awesome pattern! And I'm glad the U.S. military has adopted it (Army and Special Operations, Air Force when deployed). It is cheaper than it was a couple years ago, but you really have to watch out for the knockoffs. ALWAYS go genuine. I've also thought about buying a cheap black watch and gutting it. Add some orange LEDs and a cutout. But that is to be continued... I'm still deciding on what my next priority is, but I think it may be a Battle Belt, or a "War Belt", and put some HSGI TACOs on it. 1. Because those mag pouches look badass, 2 because my mags will stay in place, and I can go for a double mag, or a double mag "kangaroo" I think it's called. 2 mags plus a pistol mag. But MAN those are pricey!
  15. Finally joining the world of cosplay...

    Ah America. Although more of our population is scared of firearms, we have it way easier than you guys. Now I DO take the orange tips / flash hiders off mine, but that is because they aren't something I can take on a field anyways. Either too low or high powered. Camouflage patterns I really debated for awhile. I was considering ABU (Airman Battle Uniform) or MARPAT also, but ended up on Multicam (Skorpion W2, OCP, all the same deal). I will say this though, the ABU pattern is ugly. A digital tiger stripe in the Army's old UCP colors. And it blends into f*ck all. I was just a little biased towards it, which is why I considered it. Alphabridge set uses the good old Hunter's pattern. I've personally never owned anything in it, but for the woods, I have no doubt it would work very well. The U.S. Army's older UCP pattern is also in game (the National Guard set, the JTF all wear it also), but I would like to see more patterns come in eventually. Any ideas for a watch or radio block? Admittedly, those are ending up being the hardest things for me to find.