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  1. Welcome to the forums bud.
  2. Welcome to the forums bud. Look in this forum for some PC peeps: Good luck!
  3. Get better gear. Make sure it improves your stamina.
  4. Glad to hear you're back in the game, enjoy!
  5. I would reinstall the game. Something in it has to be corrupted. I've had to reinstall The Division more than any other game I've owned. I love the game itself, but jesus christ I have to reinstall it every 3 months otherwise stupid crap starts happening. If the reinstall doesn't work, I'd put a ticket into Ubisoft Support as well.
  6. Looks to me like a registry problem, obviously missing the .dll. I've attached it below, download it, and place it in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, then try again. msvcp110.dll
  7. A Mike error message is related to the game not being able to access your profile. Have you done everything on this help page?
  8. Like @Oh. daesu said, we aren't the official forums, nor affiliated with Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment, or the Tom Clancy franchise. Submit a ticket into Ubisoft Support: Log in to your Ubisoft account there, and you will have the option to submit a support ticket. Thanks! ~ HawKShoT
  9. Little confusing how they do that. I'll just blame it on the fact they're Belgians.
  10. Doesn't it use 5.7x28mm? I think it's still classified as an SMG because handguns such as the Five-Seven (Both being manufactured by FN) use the same round?
  11. Hey Junky, You got the right forum bud. Have you checked if all your drivers/firmware/software are up to date? Have you verified the game files/cache? Something worth trying is in your Nvidia Control Panel. Right click anywhere on the desktop to bring up the context menu, and select "NVIDIA Control Panel". Under "3D Settings" there is "Manage 3D Settings". Go to here. Once in, there should be 2 tabs right below "I would like to use the following 3D settings:". "Global Settings" and "Program Settings". Stay on the global tab. One of the settings is called "Maximum pre-rendered frames". Change this to 1. There will be another setting towards the bottom for "Vertical Sync". Change this to "Adaptive". Click "Apply" at the bottom of the window, and try launching the game again.
  12. Yeah I've never been able to overclock my workstation either. Only GPU overclocks I'm afraid.
  13. I originally played The Division on a GTX 560 Ti. My motherboard is about 9 years old now I think. You really just have to squeeze all of the performance out. Windows will "park" your CPU cores. Essentially locking them for OS use, so your game doesn't use them. I've attached a folder, inside, there is a program called UnparkCPU.exe. Run it, and click "Check Status". It will eventually bring up your parked cores, and you can click "Unpark all". I'm not sure how much of a performance boost it will give you, but it's pretty quick and painless. Unpark
  14. Topic of processors, have you unparked your CPU's cores?
  15. Nope. I'm not touching it. If this game starts turning into a pay to win game, I'm done.