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  1. This one is for Ubisoft Support. Your character is attached to your account. They can dig into it and see where the character files went. Send them your DXDiag.txt, msinfo32.nfo, and they may want some uPlay logs. Go to your Ubisoft Game Launcher folder. Go to logs, and the ones they will probably request will be the "launcher_log.txt" and "network_info.txt". Good luck!
  2. I'd slap her. You don't play mobile games in an what is this? 1500$ gaming chair? And get away with it like that! Not in my town!
  3. Haha, the machine I'm currently using for gaming was built off of a HP xw4600 originally. Just put in bits of money into it over time. Good luck with the summer reinstalls. I have probably too many machines myself. I already have 5 next to me, and probably a good dozen more in the closet. Computer hoarder for the win! Have fun!
  4. Welcome to the forums!
  5. Gene, try reinstalling uPlay. You can backup your saves by going to your "Ubisoft Game Launcher folder", and making a copy of the "savegames" folder elsewhere. Reinstall Uplay. Now this one is your decision, but I would reinstall the game after reinstalling Uplay as well. Also optional is deleting Ubisoft, Uplay, and The Division registry keys. Be EXTREMELY careful when doing this. BACKUP your registry! Press WINDOWS + R to open Run, type "regedit" and press ENTER. The application will open, you then need to go to the menu in the top left and select "File" > "Export...". You can name it anything you want, I just put registry. Now we need to delete keys. Go to "Edit" on the menu, then "Find Next". Type "Ubisoft", "Uplay", or "TheDivision". It will then send you to a folder where it will highlight the key with the keyword in it. Right click, and delete. Press F3 to find the next file. Eventually you'll find no other files under the keyword. This may take awhile, and remember, BACKUP FIRST! Also, when contacting support, send them your DXDiag, as well as system information. To do this, press WINDOWS + R once again, this time, type "msinfo32", and ENTER. The application will open, click "Software Environment", and go down to "Windows Error Reporting". Make sure it loads. If it doesn't and you export it, it won't be in the export. Once it has, go to "File" in the top left, then to "Export...". Save it as a .nfo! It should look like msinfo32.nfo and show up as a system information file.
  6. Have you started a Ubisoft support ticket as well? They will be back online January 2nd. If you watch between us, support, and the support board, we may be able to figure something out faster. And hopefully whatever is the fix, we can post it for other people. I'll post new ideas as I come up with them.
  7. Welcome to the forums man!
  8. I cannot tell if this is a 1.5 patch problem, or a new copy problem. Have you tried doing ALT + ENTER when in game or starting it up?
  9. Hey peeps, This thread will be a parody of the "Firearms are awesome. Am I wrong?" thread. As the title says, this is for blades. I'll kick it off with some of my own. Smith and Wesson. Cannot find it on their website oddly, but I got it from Cabela's, here's a link:|/pc/104795280/c/104740380/sc/104342580/smith-wesson-174-ceramic-window-punch-folding-knife/2315648.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Ffolding-knives%2Fsmith-wesson%2F_%2FN-1100725%2B1000004681%2FNe-1000004681%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_104342580%3FWTpageType%3Dindex%2FNo-0 Smith and Wesson and Alphatek knives. Now these last two I actually inherited recently from my grandfather. They were given to him by my great great grandfather before he passed. He served in the U.S Navy during and before World War 2, but we don't know anything else about his service. The story is he got these from the war. Not sure how he did since he was Navy, but that's how the story goes. I know nothing about the sword, but the knife I believe is an Italian Fascist Youth Leader knife. I'm working on getting them identified.
  10. Found a photo of me at a WW2 reenactment back in June with a M1 Garand. I look real skinny. Luckily, I no longer look like a stick human.
  11. Good stuff. Have you tried my suggestion? And I assume it didn't work?
  12. I don't think there is either unfortunately. Not in game at least. Maybe in a file you can edit, but defiantly not in game. Might look around and see if I can find one myself.
  13. You're a Death Otter now @g1nt3r? Man I hate those things. Always in the backyard pond.
  14. I've never heard anything about it myself. Well that's really odd. Although if I think about it, you wouldn't be able to play the game without the update, plus it's automatic. Now from my past experience, I first bought the game and had a similar problem to this. I tried everything, but ended up just reinstalling it. Which fixed everything. For whatever reason The Division has always had very weird problems with me that are usually only fixed with a reinstall. A friend of mine had the exact same problem when he bought it, and ended up doing the same. I don't have this in my file, so that may be a next step to try. Delete it and try to open the game again. I think I remember it recreating itself when it didn't find it. If it won't open just verify files or put your backup in.
  15. I would look real sexy in hot pink. Just sayin.