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  1. Finally joining the world of cosplay...

    Updated some things on the cosplay. Switched handguns, shirts, added some more stuff on the strap, and I have more gear getting ordered. Definitely getting better. (I've since adjusted the shears holster to face towards my right side, instead of straight up the strap.)
  2. Unable to switch to side arm or secondary weapon

    Reset your key bindings to default, then give us feedback on the result.
  3. Finally joining the world of cosplay...

    Alright! Now for those of you interested in what medical gear I carry, My IFAK in an Condor Outdoor Rip-Away EMT pouch. It doesn't meet MARCH (M - Massive Bleeding or Hemorrhaging A - Airway R - Respiration C - Circulation H - Head Injury or Hypothermia) yet, but it eventually will. This is what I've had around, and been able to stock it with currently. ----------------------------------- Acetaminophen (500mg Tablets) (4) Adhesive Bandages (Assorted) (47) Antiseptic Towelettes (13) Aspirn (325mg Tablets) (2) Benadryl (25mg Diphenhydramine Tablets) (4) Burnaid Burn Gel (3.5g) (1) Cortizone 10 (1oz cream) (1 tube) Eye Pad (4.1 cm x 6.7 cm) Fabric Bandages (Assorted) (4) Foam padded aluminum splint Gauze Pads (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm) (1) Gauze Pads (5 cm x 5 cm) (5) IBUPROFEN (200mg Tablets (2) Leatherman Raptor Shears (typically carried on my belt however) (1) Neomycin Ointment (.9g) (4) Penlight (1) Q Tips (10) Surgical Tape (1) Survival Blanket (84" L x 52" W) (1) Trauma Pad (12.7 cm x 22.86 cm) (1)
  4. V-Sync monitor vs. Gsync NVidia GPU

    Oh quinch, you and you're satanic rituals...
  5. V-Sync monitor vs. Gsync NVidia GPU

    What are his system specifications?... Can you give us a DXDiag? Just because the monitor is 144Hz, does not mean it will stay at that. It just means that is how high it can go up to. I personally don't notice a difference about 60FPS, but some people like the idea of 144Hz monitors. If that's you, knock yourself out. I think the fact it's an AMD FreeSync monitor paired with a 1080 is definitely a probable cause, but to be honest with you, I wouldn't know how to test the monitor to verify that. I will say this though, V-Sync always caused more problems than it fixed for me. Even CAUSING screen tearing for me. I turn it off, smooth and silky. I'm not sure why, but it seems some peoples systems run that way. I know I'm not alone on that front, as I have heard quite a few times the same issue from others. Maybe something worth trying. To top this reply off, I'll say I don't know of a software work-a-round myself. It absolutely is insane to spend that much and have it not work as intended, but I find that's common in the tech industry. I know a guy who bought an Alienware laptop, 3 months in it burns out. Sends it in to get replaced, replacement burns out. Was something like 1500$. You REALLY have to be careful, and put hours into research on hardware. You can't watch a dozen videos and decide off those. Watch, listen, and read everything you can.
  6. Finally joining the world of cosplay...

    Back with more gear pictures! Got my Leatherman Raptor Shears, 3M Half mask respirator, and IFAK all in there. I'll be posting again soon what I keep in my IFAK currently, in case anybody wondered what medical gear I'm always carrying. Been looking a lot more at getting a CYMA M870 to use as my primary weapon. There's a full metal one by them with a fixed stock and full barrel that has been calling my name the past couple weeks... Keep an eye on this space!
  7. Firearms are awesome. Am I wrong?

    Took some more photos recently. Here is the NBB (Non-Blowback) I own. It's an ASG Steyr Mannlicher M9-A1. Since it is CO2 operated, it is a semiauto. With .2g BB's it's approx 400FPS. I tend to run .25 and .28 gram BB's though, so that brings it down a bit. She didn't end up being broken on arrival. I was just a dumbass and got the safety's mixed up. I actually got her out of an evike.com swaggpack. It's like a sort of mystery box. Cost me 40$ with shipping. If you want to check those out, here is a link: http://www.evike.com/products/54491
  8. Help getting above 60fps

    Like what these guys said. If you could post your DXDiag, it would give us full specifications for your system.
  9. Help getting above 60fps

    Try what is suggested in the thread from @Oh. daesu. Then update us if the issue persists or not.

    I think we can all say we're relieved that at least alcohol wasn't involved. Unless you're drunk now, and just think you weren't then.
  11. CPUID HWMonitor error?

    That is really strange. I've never used HWMonitor, but still, strange, and defaintly will throw people off at first. Thanks for this info Gene!
  12. Finally joining the world of cosplay...

    UPDATE: NEW GEAR! I've recently received a Leatherman Raptor, as well as a 5.11 Tactical Rush 24. The Raptors were 70$, but they really are amazing quality. One of the best tools I've ever had. Leatherman have their reputation for a reason. The Raptors are medical shears, with a couple additions. They fold, have a seatbelt cutter, 02 wrench, ring cutter, and a 5cm ruler on the end of the bottom blade. The shears themselves can cut a penny in half if you put some good strength into it. The holster they come with is also very impressive. It is compatible with MOLLE, but can also go onto most belts. I personally wear a 1.5 inch duty style belt, and it fit snugly into the belt mount. So I don't think it would work on a 2 inch belt, but unless you're law enforcement or maybe military, you won't be wearing that anyways most likely. Now, why did I purchase the Raptors? They aren't exactly a thing a Division Agent carries are they? Not typically no. I don't think I've mentioned yet that some of this gear, I carry as my EDC (Everyday Carry). I always have gear on my belt, or on/in my pack. The reason I own the Raptors, as well as my IFAK, is because 1. I'm Red Cross certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED, currently looking into a class for Basic Life Support, and in the future, Small Craft Incidents. 2. One of my biggest goals, and my current focus, is to become a United States Air Force Combat Rescue Officer (AFSC 13DXA). Combat Rescue, in tier 2 Special Opeations. The actual medical stuff tends to be left to the Pararescuemen (PJ's) for the most part, but it is still part of the job, and I wish to be proficient at it. The 5.11 Rush 24 is meant to be a 24 hour bag. Typically 130$, I snatched it for 88$, and do not regret it. By far the best pack I've owned so far. I believe it's about 33 liters, equaling roughly 2300 cubic inches. But has many pockets, some mesh. I love this because I can organize the things I'm carrying. My laptop looks kinda small in it compared to my old bag. Hydration pouch, which you can run your tube out the sides on the handle. Back is pretty well padded, I find it comfortable, but I typically only carry 15 pounds in it. So far, no complaints, and honestly would recommend it anybody. If I was a Division Agent, I would take this over a sling pack. I seem to be having trouble locating a good MOLLE bandoleer, but that was an excellent idea @quinch1199. I'll continue looking for a good one. Seriously considering purchasing one.
  13. New agent

    Correction, Puppet doesn't bite. Welcome to the forums!
  14. New Guns

    Jesus. Yeah, that would easily kill a guy. And think of how overpowered of a weapon that would be!
  15. New Guns

    Lord knows what that is in... 20mm? Whatever it is chambered in, it's going to be an instant death.