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  1. As in all on one website? Or as in having sub-domains for whichever game you'd be playing?
  2. I would say if you already own the domain, why not?
  3. I figure you would have to go over a state or two to seen anything good. I missed it last year, but there's a D-Day reenactment in Conneaut, Ohio, right on Lake Erie. Beach and everything. I think I was told it's the largest reenactment in the country? History channel came out one year to film. Found a link for it, I'll have to go this year and post back. I also may be shooting a few different weapons here in a few weeks, so I may post a few things from then too.
  4. Oh HK, I like the look of that.
  5. The time the Great Lakes Region usually have them in June-August. There are a few in the winter. Indiana I know usually has stuff. Watched something of when they reenacted Battle of the Bulge.
  6. I followed it a bit, from a business standpoint, it does make sense. I feel more so for Disney being family friendly. They cannot have people accusing someone affiliated with these things and not be impacted. I think it's a little silly, I caught on it was a joke. Mainly because I make inappropriate jokes myself, he handled everything afterwards exactly how he should have, and apologized. Nothing else he can do.
  7. Welcome to the forums! I love that avatar too, made me chuckle.
  8. Welcome to the forums bud!
  9. Awesome! Glad it's fixed, and good luck out there!
  10. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Sorry to hear this. The Division has always been a bit of a bug farm. The 1.6 update is coming soon isn't it? That may fix your problem.
  12. Welcome to the forums man!
  13. Welcome to the forums bud! Watch out for @quinch1199. He's a little force choke happy...
  14. This one is for Ubisoft Support. Your character is attached to your account. They can dig into it and see where the character files went. Send them your DXDiag.txt, msinfo32.nfo, and they may want some uPlay logs. Go to your Ubisoft Game Launcher folder. Go to logs, and the ones they will probably request will be the "launcher_log.txt" and "network_info.txt". Good luck!
  15. I'd slap her. You don't play mobile games in an what is this? 1500$ gaming chair? And get away with it like that! Not in my town!