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  1. Welcome to the forums! A good place to look for people to team up with is here:
  2. Even picking up a cheap one from Best Buy is good for testing purposes. Saved me a lot of stress a couple times. It also slightly changes between OS's. Which is why he recommends looking it up. Make sure to include the OS in your search.
  3. Not quite. KeyTweak allows you to change Windows bindings. Say you wanted to change the location of the windows key to the "X" key. I believe it lets you create your own macros as well. Have you tried another keyboard at all TWSF?
  4. Sounds to me like key binding issue, not on the game's side, but the Windows side. I don't know of any program within Windows that allows you to rebind keys, but I do know there is third party applications that can do so, such as KeyTweak. I've never personally had this problem, so not sure how good my word is.
  5. Alright, back from the weekend, and got a couple pictures. Started on a Marlin Model 795. Then Ruger Single Six, M1911A1, Remington 870 (20 Gauge), and finally the SKS. By far, my favorite had to be the 1911. Has a good feel in my hands, was accurate, and I love the recoil of the .45. I was more accurate with it then anything else as well. Targets were a good 10 or so meters, but managed to get 3 or 4 rounds on center per magazine.
  6. Thought I would post this before I leave today. This is my Taurus PT 24/7, this is the 1st generation one. This is only an airsoft replica, but it defiantly looks and feels like the real deal. Fully licensed by Taurus. Frame is polymer, with a rubberized grip, slide is metal, internals are metal. You cannot strip it completely down though. Take the slide off to do cleaning, but taking the guide rod out and whatnot isn't an option. On the receiver, it does have a serial number (on the other side) also. Magazine has the caliber listed as 9mm para. Be back in a couple days with more stuff.
  7. Recently took some updated photos. Came out much better.
  8. Welcome to the forums Digg! Look here for groups:
  9. Welcome to the forums bud.
  10. Welcome to the forums bud. Look in this forum for some PC peeps: Good luck!
  11. Get better gear. Make sure it improves your stamina.
  12. Glad to hear you're back in the game, enjoy!
  13. I would reinstall the game. Something in it has to be corrupted. I've had to reinstall The Division more than any other game I've owned. I love the game itself, but jesus christ I have to reinstall it every 3 months otherwise stupid crap starts happening. If the reinstall doesn't work, I'd put a ticket into Ubisoft Support as well.
  14. Looks to me like a registry problem, obviously missing the .dll. I've attached it below, download it, and place it in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, then try again. msvcp110.dll
  15. A Mike error message is related to the game not being able to access your profile. Have you done everything on this help page?