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  1. Changes to the weapon system are coming to The Division 2. Old Weapons make a return, new Weapons will be added, Weapon Mods will work differently and the same goes for Weapon Talents. Let's take a look at how this will work for the second installment in this franchise.
  2. To prepare yourself for the arrival of The Division 2, you can start by unlocking rewards through playing The Division 1. Update 1.8.2 brings with it the Shields program. Let's take a look at what they are, how to unlock them and what rewards you will get.
  3. Being the sequel to Tom Clancy's The Division, the second installment brings with it many new features and gameplay mechanics. From the 8 Player Raids and the Communities, to the Specializations and Clans. Let's take a look at all of them in this video.
  4. Six months after the Green Poison outbreak the SHD has moved to Washington D.C. There are rumors of a coup that could plunge the United States into the next civil war. Our task is to prevent that from happening.
  5. When the pandemic happened ordinary citizens turned thugs. These thugs are called Rioters. Rioters are here to prey on the weak, because survival of the fittest wills it so. Who are the Rioters? Who is their leader? And how many Alex's do they have among their ranks?
  6. The pandemic gave way to chaos… and amidst the chaos one among many factions rose to power: The Rikers. Inmates unleashed upon Manhattan but coordinated by one single person: Larae Barret. Who are the Rikers and Larae Barret exactly? What is their story? And what is their end goal?
  7. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is released in early 2019 and we'll see gameplay and trailers during E3 2018. So, before we're diving into all that let's take a look at all the features, mechanics and content we would like to see in the game.
  8. The final Global Event 'Onslaught' comes with three new Face Masks for you to add to your collection. Want to know how to earn the Ember, Smiler and Oni Face Masks? Stick around to find out.
  9. Everybody has a story, including Joseph Ferro - the leader of the Cleaners Faction. Let's get to know Joe and the Cleaners a bit more, by learning about their personal relationships, their views on the pandemic and how they affected our story.
  10. We all know Faye Lau. She’s as useful in her cause of saving Manhattan as she is annoying to listen to. But did you know she has a sister? She’s called Heather Lau. Pay attention, because this video is a short one.
  11. Who knows Baldy McBaldface? You do? But what's his story? Why has he become this dictator? What does his company, the Last Man Battalion, stand for? And why is he so god damn bald? Those questions and more will be answered.
  12. The new Global Event 'Blackout' comes with three new Face Masks for you to add to your collection. Want to know how to earn the Tao, Rictus and Vulcan Face Masks? Stick around to find out.
  13. Division Tech required? Here are the best ways of earning it.
  14. Mildly confusing exotic weapon talents and a mildly confusing weapon set bonus. Check out here what the Devil and Heel have to offer you!
  15. Wanna heal the shit out of your teammates and immunize the fuck out of enemy grenades and other status effects? You've come to the right video, as we're taking a look at the Classified Reclaimer Healer. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2t6ov