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  1. The new Global Event 'Blackout' comes with three new Face Masks for you to add to your collection. Want to know how to earn the Tao, Rictus and Vulcan Face Masks? Stick around to find out.
  2. Division Tech required? Here are the best ways of earning it.
  3. Mildly confusing exotic weapon talents and a mildly confusing weapon set bonus. Check out here what the Devil and Heel have to offer you!
  4. Wanna heal the shit out of your teammates and immunize the fuck out of enemy grenades and other status effects? You've come to the right video, as we're taking a look at the Classified Reclaimer Healer. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2t6ov
  5. There are 15 Face Masks that can be unlocked in Tom Clancy’s The Division™, three of which can be unlocked outside of the Global Events and twelve during the global events. Stick around to find out how you can unlock each Face Mask. Face Masks Overview: https://i.imgur.com/YkZwE0E.jpg
  6. What do you know about Aaron Keener, the main antagonist in Tom Clancy's The Division? Before I started working on this video I didn't know jack sh*t about him. I'll show you his origins, his motives and how he is connected to characters like Charles Bliss, Gordon Amherst and Vitaly Tchernenko. Who's side are you on? The Division? Or Keener and the Rogues?
  7. Update 1.8 brings with it four new exotic weapons, including the new light machine gun - the Big Alejandro. Exotic weapons have unique capabilities and exotic weapon talents, separating them from the rest of the weapons. In this episode we'll take a look at the statistics, exotic weapon talent and recommend the best weapon mods for the Big Alejandro.
  8. Update 1.8 will be released soon. With it comes a lot of new content, like a new area, new classified gear and new weapons. There are four new weapons and in this one we're looking at the new submachine gun called 'The House'. The information was gained through weapon testing in the Public Test Server (PTS) for 1.8. 0:09 Intro 0:30 General information, Magazine Size and Reload Speed 0:53 Weapon Bonus 1:05 Exotic Weapon Talent 1:30 Damage, Range and Rate of Fire 2:08 Accuracy and Stability 3:10 Mods
  9. Welcome, in this video we are going to compare Critical Hit Chance versus Critical Hit Damage. So if you are interested in that? Check out the video.
  10. The new "expansion" for Ghost Recon: Wildlands has just been released for Season Pass holders, it's called Fallen Ghosts. With it comes a whole arsenal of new weapons, from a new 50 caliber sniper to a small crossbow. Check it out.
  11. The new "expansion" for Ghost Recon: Wildlands has just been released for Season Pass holders, it's called Fallen Ghosts. With it comes a whole arsenal of new weapons, from a new 50 caliber sniper to a small crossbow. Check it out.
  12. Welcome to our video on Stamina, Armor and Toughness. We will take an in-depth look at how stamina scales, how armor converts to damage mitigation and how to calculate Toughness. All in the interest of creating a Toughness based build.
  13. Welcome to our video on Skill Power and Skill Haste. We'll go in-depth on how Skill Power works, what the best sources are, how Skill Haste works and what its best sources are. We are also comparing Specialized and Inventive to see what the best talent for that Skill Power increase.
  14. With the increase of Skill Power in update 1.6 a lot of people are now running builds that revolve around the Turret and Seeker Mine. As part of our team we are going to include such a build as well, but next to its Skill Power it also has good DPS. Check out the build for more information.Picture 1 - Gear: http://i.imgur.com/I9ziAWW.jpgPicture 2 - Weapons: http://i.imgur.com/gxyqmji.jpgPicture 3 - Skills and Talents: http://i.imgur.com/V031MUY.jpg
  15. Welcome to our guide on Firearms. In this video we will show you how damage Firearms, Firearms scaling and DPS work in this game and which weapons have the best base damage on paper (with science!). !NOTE: these stats are without any talents considered. so just the base damage and Firearms scalling. but understanding this should help in your quest to finding the best weapon in your build. We also didn't include weapon bonuses, headshot damage, critical damage or critical hit chance.