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  1. There is no situation where fire isn’t the solution. Engage hostiles, set up the Dragonbreath Turret and watch the world burn. No witnesses, no problems. Some men just want to watch the world burn and we happen to be one of them. PATREONBecoming a Patron grants you access to exclusive content, like weapon or build blueprints. Besides, it helps us finance hardware, software and games, in return giving access to an increase in quality and quantity of the content. Classified Firecrest Blueprints: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21865351
  2. From the tablet-operated drone to the stealth takedowns, Tom Clancy's The Division used to have many features that didn't make it into the game. Some for obvious reasons and others for... not so obvious reasons.
  3. In 2001 the president signed a directive that authorized Operation Dark Winter - a bioterrorist attack simulation. It showed how vulnerable the United States had become. Preventive measures were taken and in 2007 Directive 51 was signed that created the Strategic Homeland Division.
  4. The open world of Washington D.C. brings us to iconic locations, like the Washington Monument, White House and Capitol Hill. How large will the map be? What can we visit? And how will it look?
  5. While the end of the world disabled any form of media, from the tv news to radio broadcasts, one show has been online during the entirety of the pandemic and after, the pirate radio broadcast: Wouldn’t You Know It, by Rick Valassi. Who is he?
  6. Within this discarded survivalist field guide, written before the collapse, lies a mystery—a handwritten account of April Kelleher. She is journeying through post-collapse Manhattan in search of her husband's murderer and to find the author of the survival guide - Warren Merchant.
  7. Pre-ordering can be a hassle. Tom Clancy's The Division™ 2, with its six editions, is no different in that regard. From the Standard to the Phoenix Shield Edition this video shows you every bonus, gives an overview of the editions and recommends what you should buy.
  8. The JTF or Joint Task Force is a combination of military governmental organizations, like the police and other public authorities, like the paramedics. Together with the CDC and CERA they were tasked with the containment of the Green Poison pandemic, but it all went horribly wrong.
  9. April survives the New Year and continues her quest to find Merch. Will we find out who Merch is? Will we know how April's story ends? Watch the video and you'll know.
  10. Miko, Drew and April enter the condo, but that wasn't a smart move? Let's find out what happens after they loot for supplies in the building.
  11. April gets threatened, finds clues that connect to Bill's murder and teams up with a couple only to get in trouble again. From the 12th to 22nd of December we'll follow her story.
  12. In this first episode we will discover the first days of the Green Poison and April's experiences from December 3rd to 11th.
  13. Have you ever wondered what the Green Poison pandemic would’ve looked like from the eyes of an ordinary citizen? April Kelleher, widow to a murdered husband and writer to the scribbled notes in the Survival Guides of the book New York Collapse, is that ordinary citizen. Or is she?
  14. The First Wave Agents of The Division had to deal with the absolute worst of the pandemic. Noble Squad, being one of the First Wave squads, had to deal with Rioters, Rikers and even an hostage situation with an important story character. Tragedy and loss are words that describe their story.
  15. Weapon Talents return to Tom Clancy's The Division 2, but we've only seen new ones. I searched through the E3 gameplay demo footage and collected the 10 confirmed Weapon Talents that will be in the game. Let's check it out.