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  1. i tried to get the founders version right from Nvidia, but there was a problem with their site when ever i tried to put in a shipping address...strange. ended up going with ASUS read good things about them, just got it in today. Thank you for your input, it was valuable. Now i just need to find a very good 30" to 35" monitor to utilize the power of this GTX 1080 :) (sick of these tiny screens 24" to 28" lol) want to go big :)
  2. Hello all, Im looking at getting the Nvida GTX 1080 as an early x-mas gift to myself :) who is better to get it from? ASUS? EVGA? MSI? Gigabyte? or should i just get the founders edition right from Nvidia? thanks in advance for your suggestions
  3. i was off by a week...usually it takes a couple of months for the player base to drop off by that much..not 2 weeks. especially games where one can sink a ton of hours on. like this game.
  4. i got it as well, it is a good concept and was cool in the very beginning...till you got to the point where every building is the same no matter what planet you went to, you kept doing the same things over and over and over and over. mining resources, recharging your ship, space suit, mining gun. wash, rinse, repeat. i can see why 90% of the player base stopped playing it after a week.
  5. i guess you are right, people need to feel superior to everyone else for some reason...i say get what ever you want and screw what others think. :) if all the people you play games with are on xbox..get an xbox...same goes for PC and Playstation....
  6. i never really understood the whole "console war" concept...who cares what anyone else likes? it only matters what you like. I am a fan of games..period, i dont care what console anyone else has. thats why i have a XB1, a PS4, and I built my own gaming PC. so i can enjoy ALL games no matter the platform. As for Upgrading the XB1 and the PS4 to the XB1.5 and the PS4.5. i dont see the point..first i don't have a 4K TV to enjoy 4K gaming. and i really don't see the point since we all know there will be an XB2 and a PS5 not too far in the future considering the success both of the current consoles have had. I have patience, i can wait.
  7. i have to say, the more i see of this game, the more i want to get it
  8. well, i got the game, i will have to say that it is addicting as f*ck lol its a good time waster
  9. you only get a cache box when you reach a new underground level. its automatic and not a drop. over all i like it. i went from gear score 205 to gear score 241 in the first 13 levels. so glad i got new weapons..been using my gear score 182 black market AK forever and a day :). also dont forget that underground also has a new incursion. it might be repetitive to a point but i find it fun, but maybe that is just me.
  10. Metalica would be better lol
  11. i also want to hear the feedback on this
  12. ahh ok....that sounds very need to run that by g1nt3r. he might be game to do it.
  13. lol tell me about it...using thumbsticks trying to aim is like slow time i get my sights on someone , im usually dead haha. Yes wildlands, we might have to talk g1nt3r into splitting this forum up into 2 parts, one for the division and 1 for wildlands , that game looks great. they have agent origin stories for wildlands already?
  14. i cant play FPS on console.. FPS games are SO much better on least to me they are. better control with a mouse and keyboard than with a controller imo. with that said, this game looks awesome...i will most likely get this and wildlands
  15. did anyone notice at the 21 second mark in the video that it looked like an RPG round being shot? and it doesnt look like division agents its being shot at....hmmmm do we get RPG's now?? lol would be cool