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  1. I use the default and free software with the Nvidia drivers app (GeForce Experience). ALT+F9 and its recording video and mic (can disable as you wish), it also has a brilliant screen capture mode (ALT+F2) which allows you to remain in-game (though it will disconnect you from online mode) and manipulate the photo...zoom in, zoom out, pan around, change filters etc BEFORE you save the screenshot! It then dumps you right back into the game and reconnects you online automatically. I'm sure ATi will have a similar one. All my YouTube videos are recorded this way. Only disadvantage is that for some games it doesn't disable the "Recording has started" pop up for some reason. All Ubisoft games seem ok but titles like War Thunder and Astroneer all have this issue meaning I have to post-edit the start of the videos out so you can't see the pop up in the final video. Not sure why its some titles and not might be something to do with graphics settings in-game around windowed mode. All in all though, for a FREE item of software, with no trades, that's stupidly simple to set up (I can stream right to Twitch from this as well with an ALT+F key press...and also stream on Facebook as well same way and as simply), easy to use and can record as much as you have hard drive space for .. I can't fault it.
  2. The other bonus to farming the World Bosses is that generally you can complete both your daily Combat & Crafting missions whilst doing them.
  3. Agreed with @Oh. daesu - last patch notes where these were amended set them to 4hr intervals so that people can't constantly farm them at the exclusion of other parts of the game. That said you can farm all of them at least twice per day, more if you don't need sleep!
  4. yeah, he is a hunk isn't he....
  5. They'll be listening! (like the rest of us)
  6. I'm back in The Division, oh faithful city of white wonder... though having various computer related issues that have slowed my gaming and video production down to almost nothing currently. and I forgot my intro!
  7. I guess the big question for me is... are they retrospectively applied or will I have to re-do the requirements for each feat again to obtain its completion?
  8. Certainly as a PvE player I realise when I do PvP that my build .. and likely choice of weapons is lacking so perhaps touching on the differences or types of weapons and how they differently effect the two modes of play would be an idea? For example does "stagger" from shotguns effect Player Characters the same as Ai, is it as effective etc. Is using a sniper build in PvP really an option at all? what's the current meta in PvP (SMGs? LMGs?) and how might you see this evolving with 1.7 or even 1.8 (though I know this would be speculation)? ..also...did someone mention gunz?!? yay! GUNZ!
  9. Downloaded. Also... the podcast got a shout out from Tinkkz and Remey on the Bombshell Jackets Podcast #56 !!
  10. Thanks for the responses! Network - whilst I have experienced some other equipment dropping from WiFi none that were hardwired in dropped. This was isolated to the PC in question. Boot fail - after standing for a time system booted normally. The POST ran fine also with associated audio queue. The boot drive is a SanDisk SSD (120Gb) and is confined to being a boot & utilities disc only. Case I'm using is a Dead Silence AeroCool ... I'm appreciating this isn't the best for airflow unfortunately and currently has two 120mm internal fans only. My intel is using the stock cooler so my first recourse after payday is an aftermarket upgrade (they're not expensive) Motherboard - ASUS H110M-A It was mainly the drop in network connection that confused me as even with serious overheating on previous systems all its done is shut down...I've never had one systematically drop its network connection but I've not used this Motherboard before either.
  11. to my knowledge the Ai are bound by the same in-game physics and abilities as your player character. They cannot jump or rappel etc.
  12. Two issues hit me this weekend when the UK hit the "balmy" and dizzying heights in temperature of 28 Celsius (that's a mere 82F for those two countries it the world who use those measurements). 1) Full crash. Restarting directly to BIOS only and doesn't recognise any boot drive is connected. - checked all connections. Internally the case was physically feeling hot so I stripped it, added an external fan to blow directly over the mobo. Seemed to be ok after then for the rest of the day. 2) Network connection dropping. When playing online games seemingly only (i.e. watching YouTube for periods of time and other web browsing didn't lead to the issue). Basically the PC would drop its network connection completely, reestablish it & reconnect...meaning I would be booted from any online session I was in at the time. PC is hardwired via a CAT 6 LAN within 2 meters of the router. I'm purely suspecting an overheating issue. CPU has a stock intel cooler currently. Before I invest in a nice big cooling solution I'd like others opinions if possible (and maybe cooling solution options). I don't believe I'll need liquid cooling .. seems overkill for this country! Processor is an i5 6400, not overclocked in any way.
  13. heat was the only issue I could think was causing the issue..but perhaps not the router but my PC to be honest as the network didn't drop as much for other items connected (though my smart meter dropped for a time and one of the tablets dropped briefly during the day)
  14. When you see Ginter online and his game is available but you can't join him as your router is melting so badly in the heat that internet keeps dropping every 2 mins and you die a little inside #justdivisionthings ...that was my weekend. Temperature dropped enough to go online only much later at night.
  15. No need to buy Gold Edition! Buy the standard Edition and get season pass on the cheap (as the season is almost over) or pick and choose which expansions you want to buy separately. I'd suggest maybe not bothering with a season pass now but waiting until year 2 starts. If you don't need to concentrate on the other items in the next couple of months you can get used to the core game ready for the next season pass. As for UPlay/Steam... you can buy from steam but you need to activate the codes on UPlay meaning you can either launch it from Steam or UPlay. I launch mine via UPlay which then activates my Steam overlay.