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  1. Something to look for then! Pity though that I have the MX Gloves in storage...guess they're really only worth it for a pure HE build?
  2. but not on my channel! (busy trying to persuade some friends to return before 1.6 hits)
  3. Each time I enter the DZ I break out into a cold sweat, start shaking uncontrollably and curl up into a fetal position as if I was having a bad flash back to Vietnam...
  4. The continued hard right wing rhetoric and soundbites completely void of actual reality or content is getting painful to listen to now. Apparently the UK will become a "world trade leader" ... HELLO! Hear that knocking? It's a small thing called RE-AL-ITY ... we are no longer a World power on our own in any sense of the words. Strength can only come from unity. Daily I feel like saying "fuck this shit, I'm off" and just fucking off to New Zealand to live in a cabin...and that twat Trump isn't making it any easier! Its only the fact that I'd feel horrible uprooting my young family that keeps me here.
  5. We're short of supplies and staff for our medical wing and short of funds ... welcome to the NHS!
  6. I have determined that I need to make a video on these subjects...
  7. Run outside, around the corner and go back into the warehouse by the side door. To my knowledge the mobs won't respawn and I don't believe he will follow you very quickly (though, as I fought him before patch 1.4 I can't guarantee that anymore!). What level are you by the way? I realise this changes almost daily though. "Gear Score" - After your character reaches level 30 you no longer level up. Character level is calculated by "Gear Score", which is an average of the quality of your gear you have access too (weapons, equipment). Every item has a score (think starting at 031) and currently the upper level is 256. So if you see a player with a score of 256 you know he's fully equipped with the highest level gear. Your Gear Score is used to allow access to Incursions and other in-game activities and World Tier levels. World Tiers are difficulty settings for the open world (from 1 to 5) and they vary the level of Ai mobs you face normally as well as difficulty levels available for you to select on missions (i.e. Heroic is only available in World Tier 5).
  8. I couldn't be less interested in such a mode. We have Survival...isn't it "almost" the same thing? If it's a non-restricted build version of the mode (aka like the Dark Zone is) then it can only compound the issues players have and be dominated by players who are stupidly within the Meta-builds. That said, I took the survey and I fail to see why the guy gets the ideas he does from it.
  9. I don't think the weapons are that much of an issue maybe, but as you said gear is a real problem sometimes. Might be worth thrashing out some "house rules" ... for example I started using the old Lvl 5 backpack you get from the extras vendor at the back of the BoO. Just wish there was more items like that but I'm sure I can think of some way to keep items "vanilla" as if you roam around World Tier 5 ... using a lvl 5 backpack perhaps is going too far.
  10. survival

    Just to say that I realised that as soon as I get into the Dark Zone .... NO MATTER HOW LONG I HAVE LEFT ON MY DEATH-COUNTER .... I always start to panic and rush!?! ...what's up with that! Last night I had a good 25mins left yet as soon as I'd picked up the virus data I was off to an extraction. I HADN'T EVEN COLLECTED ANY DZ CACHES!! *facepalm*
  11. I'm looking at that as an option for one of mine too. Is Sentry the "agreed" double up for D3 sets?
  12. Some side missions plus we look at the next mission and where the game is taking us.
  13. I just need to find a couple PC players willing to run pretty much the same as me. With suitable restrictions (off the shelf M4 or Shotgun for example) but its very difficult to limit other gear as you can't completely unequip unfortunately. For example an option to just remove your backpack would be ideal! Likewise JTF vanity sets!!!
  14. Oh yeah, I remember I didn't have that much issue with it to be honest as all I did was kite the hell out of him running around and around the shelving units until I'd killed off all his minions...was just a matter of keep kiting around the shelves and taking pot shots at his weakpoints. Took a long while though.