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  1. Seems no matter how much I try I can't break that first shot with my L115 at 505m ... I'm not great with the sniper rifle but I can see how I could get used to it more due to the influx of Season Challenges insisting on kills at range.
  2. What's classed as a "veteran"? One of the Lt's? I can't say I'm greatly inspired to do the challenges if all we're getting is patches. You can equip one patch can't you? I designate that for my Task Force's emblem on the backpack. They need to improve the rewards I think. Task 1 - Steal Unidad armoured car. Drive into middle of Unidad base. Kill all Unidad. Task 2 & 3 are so easy not worth expanding on that. Task Force ... task .... any Santa Blanca who drives past, shoot tires until it stops. Plant C4. Repeat. In conjunction to visiting a few of the big bases (such as the one in the starting area) where there are plenty of sports cars just parked up waiting for you!
  3. For completeness sake I'm maxing out all the skill tree's but, like The Division, there are far more skill points than skills. The only limiting factor is resources which encourages you to continue to take on the more random missions. I've been at level 30 for a while now and I've mainly concentrated on unlocking the final skills in tree's that mattered the most to me for co-op play. I'm now just picking up the last bits and bobs. The fact that I run with co-op means that I'm actually still quite a way from completing the game!! I'm always going back to areas I've completed to help others.
  4. For info: To quote: "Ubisoft stated Narco Road was always meant to be a standalone expansion, and a wholly different game experience from the base game. They didn't want to mesh Narco Road's features with the storyline of the original Wildlands." (I was tempted to add a negative comment but we all know how I feel about NR).
  5. Don't try to include it at all. I'm of the opinion that Narco Road is an uncompleted game that Ubisoft were working on (or rather the dev team of Narco Road the way its a different Developer who made Narco Road to Wildlands I hear)...but they decided to tweak it and add it as a DLC. It could even be what they first thought of when considering the next title in place of Wildlands! Its obvious that it doesn't happen in the same universe/time/reality as Wildlands at all.
  6. There are several in-game STRONG hints about its existence. 1) Several bodies, clearly mauled by a large creature with bear sized claws 2) Yeti hunter outfit! 3) Several mysterious caves with mixes of bones inside. Likelihood is that the Yeti/Sasquash itself isn't in the game ... YET .... kinda like getting access to the Aircraft Carrier in The Division you could put a "Soon" tag on this
  7. I'm hoping the rewards get better as you go through the season, that would make sense.
  8. Video up (see video section) if you need to work out how to see the info page for these, what they are, what they get you etc.
  9. SEASON CHALLENGES! How do you activate them? What are they? What do you get?
  10. Action starts at 16 mins, before is planning and scouting.
  11. You forgot: Episode 15: Power-Ghosts and they're Dinobots of power Episode 18: Ghost Carrie - Pig stickers and what not to do at Prom.
  12. Looking at the picture the only extras on that gun that are over what you can get on the in-game ACR is some MAGPUL foregrip furniture and a MAGPUL magazine loop (which gives a faster reload in real life). Naturally this is a game so, as we've seen on "special" versions of weapons we can get in-game, the stats are often different in some key areas so maybe expect a higher RoF, reload speed and maybe damage than a normal ACR.
  13. Short barrel ACR.