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  1. Link "should" work at least now. I initially had it set up as Invite only but have made it public now so maybe that was the issue. I do have one friend who has Division on PS4, I still have to check with him if he is getting Wildlands though (recently helped him upgrade his hard-drive so he had space for Division!). I can have a word and let you know but it shouldn't prevent you joining for now ... never know it might encourage you to get a PC! haha! I'm mainly focused on setting up event suggestions on the calendar for people to work around, it means I can also give players a separate narrative so they can replay old missions without getting so bored later on.
  2. Dude, just join anyway ... there's absolutely no pressure and I'm not planning on running this Task Force with any major organisation. What I want to use it for is to help friends organise when they can be online at the same time to avoid having to use match maker, to gather people I know want to play the game in a Stealth style together, give everyone some broad format to work towards when they play and maybe in the future give some suggestions around off-story missions that they can complete with a little background narrative so the game doesn't get boring running repeat missions. I have access to a couple of TeamSpeak servers as well so everyone has the ability to team up and communicate as they should do. So the invite I've sent you ... click Accept... haha! I won't be chasing people to be in TeamSpeak if they're online, I won't be throwing people out if they don't play for a while and nothing like that. This is just an experiment and a way for players I know want to play in the same way to ensure they get the games they want in this title.
  3. Its ok, i'm confused every morning when I wake up and realise I'm still trapped in this primitive meat-sack waiting for the ship to come and collect me..... ...but also very excited about Wildlands (and loving Last Stand Mode in 1.6!)
  4. The 5th Element Task Force. Looking for players used to using TeamSpeak, who want to play Wildlands as a stealth and strategy game. We don't run and gun, we don't go in loud. Take only if absolutely needed and kill only when absolutely needed for the mission. Civilians are kept from danger and stealth is always the first choice. Missions and, in the future, Roleplay missions. Come have a look and join up if you want to be part of it. - Part of 5th Dimension gaming clan but no direct affiliation required -
  5. This is the only thing I'm concerned about. I estimate that the whole game, even though its huge, will only take between 60-80hrs to complete all main missions, side missions and collectables. Beyond that I have absolutely no idea where they'll go. They can add additional missions as DLC but we've found a mission is only an hour's experience at best...the minimal random encounters they had certainly weren't really of anything worthwhile at all. What's lacking currently is any information from Ubisoft regarding DLC or even what is included in season passes so its a huge question. One hope I had is that they could open it up with user mission editors so that players could set up their own private missions much like you can in ARMA 3 but the issue here is that leaves console players with potentially a very clunky interface and its likely a feature they'd not use.
  6. Pre-cursor for ZOMBIE MODE! (plus recent recordings found in the Underground are hinting at this)
  7. Oh balls!! That's my main winning tactic spoiled. Woot!!! HAPPY DANCE! Woah!
  8. Its going to be a Looooonnnnnggggg night of recalibration.
  9. Not hit yet but i'll send you an invite as well to make sure I've also sent a message to big G here to suggest a separate section for Task Forces as (like clan adverts/invites etc) it might block the normal forums up eventually.
  10. No reason you can't join anyway for now...never know, I might find someone you can play alongside buddy. I've made the Task Force public now anyway so people here can find it. Am I a better shot? I just wished the Ai would engage at more than 200m .... I hate getting so close
  11. A short farewell as we gather the last two collectables on the 2nd map and a fitting sign off until we meet again on release.
  12. My profile by the way:
  13. Create your own or feel free to leave a message below if you want to join mine. The service will allow players to organise and schedule game sessions IN ADVANCE meaning you can play with people you know on a regular basis! Its live NOW ... I have started my own for my small group I played with during the Beta's - [5TH] The 5th Element- hope you can join us maybe.
  14. A PvP element would be tricky. However a "lore" is already in the game with the ex-Ranger we took down in the Open Beta...who said he was alone? However, what I'd like to see as a PvP would be something like Squad or Arma and not a Call of Doodie style simple capture the flag on tiny maps sub-game. To be honest I'd like the game opened up like Arma is to the community to create scenarios for PvP of their own rather than a "here's our idea of what you want as PvP" as Division has. With the size of the maps, built in bases, civilians all around ... lets face it, its an Arma style game already. You just need a set of tools given to the community to be able to build campaigns like they have in Arma. ...though I realise that might leave Console users behind and without a good PvP at all *sad*
  15. THIS! I feel that the developers for Wildlands and to a lesser extent Division have made these games SPECIFICALLY so that the amount of enjoyment you get out of the game is proportionate to the attitude and play style of the player themselves. This is *good* for players like you and I and the majority of those on these forums as we play these games to explore, to quasi-role play, for pure enjoyment. However I can see this game getting the type of negative feedback from the wider community because the majority of gamers out there are "Reward Driven". They can no longer garner rewards from participation alone and have a disproportionate need for constant in-game and obvious gratification (get this weapon, get this special power, get this level, exceed this persons score etc etc). They will....and already are....slating this game terribly ("why isn't there PvP / game is too easy / too short / not enough story"). Both these games gain so much more when played with the right people around you and the right mental attitude.