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  1. In this Open world side mission we find out that Shaun, is an annoyng jerk.
  2. Clan is fully active and we're moving on our weekly tasks! Keep up the good work everyone. I'm not too proud to say we need more members still though. Get out there and recruit, recruit the right people for our vision and our experience.
  3. Tested last night, skill reboot/cooldown issue appeared to have been resolved at least for my main character. Any more feedback Agents? One thing to note, there are several "forth walls" in the game i.e. invisible terrain walls preventing movement where movement should be allowed. I've found these on some escalators and on one staircase so far. if you find any please report them, Ubisoft needs a video and an accurate map location (screenshot for example from map view). I made it a mission last night to find some, found a couple, so help needed if you can. I call them "Forth Walls" as they break immersion.
  4. Impression I get is that the pandemic was World Wide so most major nations will be hit and have devolved to a similar level as the US. So unless by some quirk of fate China or Russia have been able to retain control to a better level (let's face it China may well manage such a thing due to having a HIGHLY centralised governing system) then they're unlikely to be in a position to or have the resources to make a bid for a more global domination. I think it far more likely that we have seen and will see currently unknown third entities moving up to attempt this...hinted with the Black Tusks and Hunters. Think less of a known nation and more in line with a Bond style villain with a previously secret but globally encompassing organisation with members in every government and the expansive stockpile of material that would come with a organisation having to keep in the shadows until now.
  5. I'm unbelievably happy about how this game has turned out for starters. Whilst the main story doesn't seem as engaging, the further I've got into it, the more echos and recordings I've found the more detailed its become. I feel more main story has been moved away from the missions and into these collectables. Also to note that the "story" itself doesn't really hit until end game with only hints in the collectables really. The main focus of LZ 1-30 life is .. life. An actual duty to protect the civilians and enhance their abilities to not only survive but thrive. I feel this is a nice touch as the first game, no matter what you did...there were always sorry civilian scavengers and you never felt like you're making an actual difference. Friends are trying to boost me to level 30...I'm resisting... I want to absorb the LZ in my own time! I'm at level 27 and struggling with the skills shutdown/cooldown cycling issue so taking a break from really grinding until that's fixed.
  6. Part of me says "YES!" but part of me also feels its an over done genre BUT something similar, better could be done. Not sure if this is a spoiler free zone though but something like this could be linked to the semi-secret mission you get over on the Western side of the map. In particular if you think of the potential MCU / Inhuman links.
  7. Welcome to the forums. In answer ...YES YOU CAN!! You will soon get to unlock a Barber which will have a facility in the White House for you to be able to change the general look of your character. I won't say more as it is a main side mission you get to soon.
  8. Indeed! Remember you also have to have to activate your Weekly Ubisoft Club Challenges via the ubisoft website and your profile otherwise you won't gain the additional XP etc in-game.
  9. Similarly I've not received the items I unlocked with the Facebook game to be honest. If you have issues like this you need to raise a support ticket with Ubisoft via their official website. The Division Forums are a fan-site and unfortunately can't rectify your issue.
  10. Official forum post:
  11. Still looking for players wishing to play the game more methodically, tactically and enjoy the PvE experience. Novicus is gathering members, all looking good and exciting now!
  12. @Ladyjackie Glad to hear its sorted now! :D We're always here to help.
  13. Does your monitor support variable refresh rates? If so, is this enabled? Have you tried 2k setting? What basic setting is the graphics quality set to (Medium/High/Ultra)? I've not tried live game yet (stuck at work still) so can't comment further but I do wonder if it might be a G-Sync issue also.
  14. Gotta Catch them all! (spoiler, I did)
  15. A lot of the deeper details are unknown still so here are the key and exciting points 1) The ability to unlock the Clan space in the White House is gained during the story gameplay. 2) The Clan space is a customisable social area withing the East wing of the White House. 3) A clan can have a maximum of 50 members each with four characters each. A minimum of four player members is required to unlock the facilities. 4) Customisable in game insignia (arm shields I believe) as well as clan tags on names. 5) As part of the Clan space there is a Clan Cache. Each week there are XP targets for the clan to achieve to unlock the Cache and at least three levels of Cache based on how much Clan XP is gained (bronze, silver, gold) and each clan member gets to unlock this additional cache. 6) Clan XP is also used to unlock vanity decoration for the clan space itself. Making it a truly unique area for all members to enjoy. Apart from these I believe clans will get specific bounty missions and events in game.