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  1. #JustDivisionThings

    That time you get your THIRD Showstopper via a Classified Cache. #justdivisionthings
  2. Gear Bonuses - Updated for 1.7

    I really should know this but... Do the 5 & 6 ONLY activate if you have ALL "Classified" versions of the gearset, i.e. you can't mix and match regular Lone Star with Classified and get the extra bonus's?
  3. GE Talk

    Have to admit I looked yesterday and when I saw the top three player names were virtually identical....same prefix name but then just different numbers after (and clearly Chinese)... I had to step back and think
  4. GE Talk

    I'm currently working on the "most GE per hour" idea as - hit your LZ bosses (150GE each) then run as many missions on Hard/2nd level outbreak (300 GE each). You can run through the missions really fast (10mins) and likely add to other achievements such as not being downed/not using heals etc.
  5. GE Talk

    Yeah, when searching for a group it only seems to check the main difficulty (normal/hard/challenging etc) but not the Global Event setting you added.
  6. #JustDivisionThings

    That time you run through Amherst Apartment only to realise all but one member of the party forgot to activate/collect the intel in his room meaning all the enemies for the last two stages have spawned BEHIND YOU... (welp!) #justdivisionthings
  7. "civilian in need"

    Now you get Encrypted Key Fragments from helping Civilians so now a valid reason to hand over your soda
  8. Global Event Tokens, Seal Caches, Encrypted key fragments...so much to do!
  9. Survival DLC - Play for free weekend - August 18- 20

    I've encouraged people to try this out in my latest video... I really feel Survival is perhaps the BEST DLC I've ever played of any MMO game so far. My only regret is that each session has to end... I mean, I really hate having to go into the dark zone and extract, I would love to see how long I could manage in the frozen LZ before either cold or gangs got me and I wish there was maybe a solo version which turns off or greatly extends the infection death clock for this purpose. Also, now with the new achievements there are even more reasons to get on that fated helicopter!
  10. PATCH 1.7 - LIVE - Review & Gameplay

    More content for you, with 1.7 live now what's some of the high level changes and gameplay... what are Global Events or Encrypted Caches?? Let's see!
  11. Finally get around to recording some Let's Play from the Fallen Ghosts DLC

    Sucks doesn't it! Basically I was exhausted, when I finally stopped to have that holiday & rest my body decided it had time to make me really unwell. Pretty much killed all enjoyment of the time away for me personally...had to put a brave face on it for the family of course as I still had to go out and about, drive, "enjoy" the time but I was ill for virtually all the time and I'm only now starting to recover properly. I just now need to get my wriggle on and get my "keen" back for gaming! I'm back to the satatthecomputernotreallyknowingwhattodo phase currently though I've dabbled in a few games I've not played for a while (The Long Dark, Total War: Warhammer to name a couple). Fingers crossed though...my YouTube channel has suffered with a break in transmission as well because of this and I really want to keep that going.

    Firstly sorry for my absence from the Forums. I've been hit by a bout of illness AND officially was on vacation..typical how the two happen at the same time! Currently fighting with a period of apathy meaning I'm not in a major gaming mood. On the plus side the PC is running flawlessly and the SATA cable change seems to have been the solution to my issues. I really hope I shake this emotional downturn enough to come in for patch 1.7 release tomorrow!
  14. 1.7 PTS begins!

    Duel wield Showstoppers perhaps? I wonder how the new builds will like that?
  15. Episode 8 - Waiting for the End

    Guess who's back, back again@g1nt3r's back, tell a friendGuess who's back, guess who's backGuess who's back, guess who's back ... @g1nt3r back!