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  1. What I like, and what many people have missed, is that they've finally given structure to "Going Rogue" now. Not only does it now have to always be a conscious action, but the new Man Hunt has an actual goal and a scenario where one side actively wins! Gone are the days of just running a timer out. Now if you're a Rogue you have a target to aim for, know when and how you can win and can control when you loose Rogue status completely. Not only does it encourage CONSTRUCTIVE activity in Going Rogue but gives ISAC Agents structured gameplay to which to fight the Rogues.
  2. DZ Division Tech Farming

    Of course the ACTUAL solution is to just accept publicly that players who've got DT stacked up will be able to maximise their gear within the first day and leave things as they are but there are ways to make this better! Example: World of Warcraft has thousands of players running at maximum optimisation and max level with their gear and builds. Blizzard brings out an expansion which increases max level. It's well known that there's a good chunk of players who will get the expansion DLC and within a few hours be max level again!! Do you hear much nagging about it? Not really no, and there are three key reasons for this: 1) New Gear 2) Variety of activities 3) More story/Lore With patch 1.8 essentially the max level is being increased...BUT... we get only a handful of new items, no real new gear at all and virtually no story or additional Lore. What The Division lacks is a commitment to its genre. Its always tried to be part MMORPG, part Loot-shooter but its always been story "lite". They really should have worked on expanding the lore and story with the opening of the WSP. Three story missions for example perhaps? I hear there are more echoes which is a good thing but I don't feel it engages people enough. Of course the game is a victim of its own demographic schizophrenia as players wanting the looter shooter game power through story and pretty much ignore it (then complain they've finished the game of course) and more dedicated RPG players find the story shallow and over too soon - in short the game's never really been set up for a community like other MMORPG's. The LZ isn't a fully open world where you can bump into the any other player for example (like in WoW) and the social areas don't have joint quests players can randomly run (like Destiny). So I think at the moment it might be helpful if Massive explained that the game won't be able to cater for everyone, that some players will absolutely have a head start because...they put the hours in...I'm a casual gamer myself and whilst I can see similar players feeling left out because they see other players rocket ahead initially, I also appreciate that players who've worked hard hours for that ability should benefit from the grind they've done. I really wouldn't want to belittle their achievements.
  3. The PvP toggle option was introduced pretty much SPECIFICALLY due to this issue. It means players can't just lay in wait in the open at entrances, the idea is they'll show up as Rogues on your map before you even enter so you will just move to another entrance. It's looking like the introduction of the Docks in 1.8 is a deliberate attempt to move PvE players out of the Dark Zone...as so far I've found the rewards are the same (including Div Tech), what I'm not sure of yet is if there will be weekly or daily caches specific to the area. If there was then it becomes a valid option for PvE players to ignore the DZ entirely. Not only that but the introduction of dedicated PvP Skirmish mode is aimed at taking some of the dedicated PvP players out of the DZ also. Trouble is, if these all work "as intended" all that will be left in the DZ are gankers and glitchers! Perhaps that's for the best before we hit 2.0
  4. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    *Salute* ex Royal Anglian here.
  5. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    Too many burnt fingers on the barrel for me but to be honest most of my service I was an LSW gunner so I got "lucky"
  6. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    that's what she said... lol be fair, I could have said you were Ex-RAF!
  7. Patch 1.8 PTS Console Invites

    Really time to concentrate on Div Tech. Currently in this phase of the PTS its 50 Div Tech per re-roll on the optimisation table. It would be very advantageous to max out Div Tech if you can before 1.8 hits. For me that's a long task as I've never used Div Tech so I went and converted loads of it many months back to normal crafting materials!!
  8. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    I was really hoping when they mentioned a "new LMG" that we'd get the good old GPMG. That said, they'll likely ruin it by introducing the full FN version and not the one us ex-stabs know and love! GPMG...when you "generally" have to kill everyone.. lol!
  9. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    I'm guessing a few people will mention that this is likely actually the more modern MG3, however, the length of the barrel indicates more to me its the old MG42 as it had a shorter barrel than the 1960's MG3. That said there's no real way to scale it or guess correctly .... but I like the nostalgia aspect lol!
  10. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    I think I've got the one I have in the PTS up to 1,100rpm and I don't know about consoles but its pretty controllable still if you empty the magazine in two long bursts. It would certainly be worthwhile creating a build around it if you can get one with good rolls.
  11. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    Oh....it glows...boy does it glow!! lol
  12. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    unfortunately not but with 1,000 RPM (basic!) and 100 round box magazine...you tend to have to reload a lot lol!
  13. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    Personally, i'm a simple man and I'm just hugely excited that an MG42 will be in the game
  14. LIVE FROM 1.8!

    The way I view it and how I described it in my video is that this is the Dark Zone for Light Zone players... I can't say I "like" the dynamic spawns and I hope it gets tweaked before release BUT I can see the reasoning behind it. Its to make an area of the LZ much more like the Dark Zone but more unpredictable. I'll get used to it, I just need to take more ammo out with me!
  15. The Division - 1.8 PTS!

    Finally got some decent video editor software so I can start uploading again! PTS 1.8 is live everyone! Here's some of the best bits in Phase 1