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  1. *NOTE: Maybe open a Strategies forum for Division 2 and move this thread?* *MAIN NOTE: Information as of Private Beta gameplay* Control Points For each area there are 1-3 control points. Each point, as you enter an area, is held by the dominant “enemy” faction in that area. Often retaking them is a priority. Each Control Point is fortified and armed with a mounted mini-gun. It is guarded by a group of normal level mobs, supported by one (purple) boss. A short time after engagement a small additional wave of the same composition will emerge from a back room accompanied by a Heavily Armed leader. Strategy: Alone or in a group, as with all engagements, its best to approach as unnoticed as possible and position yourself with clear line of fire and cover so you can make maximum damage in your initial volley of fire. Once you are close enough you will be given the option to “Call In” reinforcements. This makes use of a flare gun, immediately alerts the enemy and also brings friendly Militia from the nearest stronghold. Before using this, do a quick calculation on how far away the friendly location is, how long might it take for them to get there vs. how long before you need their distraction? Ideal strategy is to start your attack, weaken the enemy then call for the Militia. Priority is to keep enemy off the mini-gun. Likewise any enemy on the mini-gun must be your first target. Proceed as normal to a point where you think you can call for the Militia but not so far in that the point is cleared before they get there (ideally but not essential) Militia will arrive and help (a little) A wave will spawn with a “Heavily armed” boss After this the point is taken BUT a counter attack will spawn outside the Control Point. Counter attack will contain a heavily armed leader. Tactic here is to use the mounted mini-gun against them wherever possible. - You can clear the point THEN call for the Militia, but that's a lot of standing around doing nothing in my opinion. My advise is get them moving so they arrive just as you win - Clear the counter attack fully and the Control Point is liberated. An on-screen wave graphic will confirm this. A cache/treasure room will open in the back (will be marked) and the Control Point also contains a rearming box for your use at all times. In the “treasure room” will be several bags/boxes of materials and gear plus a Large Cache crate for you to unlock. Note the smaller bags and boxes respawn, the Large Cache box does not, so this can be used as a “farming” point. At this point you will notice one Militia is designated as Control Point Officer, you need to resupply the control point via this NPC with Food, Water, Components. Maintaining supplies on each Control Point at +50% capacity for each type of supply keeps them happy (and currently assumed keeps them from reverting back to enemy control). Remember!! Unless you call for the Militia you CANNOT formally take the Control Point and the treasure room will NOT open. Always remember to do this either before, during or after. Don't leave the area without calling them or making sure they get there and take over. Immediately AFTER you have taken the control point a side mission will appear nearby “Secure the Perimeter”. This is a gathering of enemy you need to defeat to finalise this stage, nothing special about this, initial spawn of variety of mobs + mid level boss followed by small wave + high level (Named) boss. The named boss drops a faction specific key that unlocks a mid sized loot crate in the area and you are given the “Secured Perimeter” confirmation. At this time I’m not sure if ignoring this mission has an direct effect on the Control Point however but I did notice that taking the control point was the spawn for these missions. Hope this helps!
  2. quinch1199

    Control Points - Guide & Strategies

    *UPDATE* I've been reliably informed that if you don't keep friendly control points stocked past 50% they will eventually turn back to enemy held dynamically in the game. What I don't know yet is if the large yellow loot crate then will respawn for you if you retake the control point... ...because...that would be some really cheesy-evil "loot farming" in the LZ.
  3. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    Didn't see this directly answered. THIS is how "Normalisation" works. Everyone gets maxed out, regardless of the actual level of gear. If you're in a level 1-5 Dark Zone for example but only have level 1 gear it gets maxed out, as does everyone elses so the playing field is completely even except type of build attachments or specilised buffs an item may have. Soooo many people on the official forums claiming people are cheating because of this but don't realise they're doing the exact same level of damage. Only cheaters at the moment could be teleporters or people shooting through terrain/map etc.
  4. quinch1199

    Dark Horse Comics - Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis

    APP downloading now! (well after EMUI has updated lol... silly Chinese spy phone) ...actually...the APP is horrid ... I'm off to my local comic book store!
  5. quinch1199

    Open Beta confirmed but no firm date yet.

    @RimBlock Deal! I'll try not to talk Khuzdul to you...
  6. quinch1199

    Open Beta confirmed but no firm date yet.

    ALWAYS looking to team up!! Have to hope schedules line up as I don't think I'll be able to put as many hours in for the Open Beta, I'm wondering if it'll be basically the same build? They are likely to have corrected the net coding issues though by then at least. Sewer tunnels were cool, first time I went down empty, second time ....ABSOLUTELY NOT EMPTY, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, SCARY, KEEP AWAY NASTY MAN!! lol I don't think any of my other co-ops on PC have early access this time around *cries* ... Keep eyes open for me as I've got annual leave from the 12th and WILL BE LOOKING FOR STEADY CO-OPS!!
  7. Originally posted on the official forums (so text is aimed at Ubisoft), wondered if much of it matched your own impressions: Pros - Learning curve: as a Div1 player it took some time to realise the play style in the game is subtly but also significantly different. Get close to the enemy and die quick! Keep the enemy at 50+m and keep moving cover or with friends use an LMG to pin them and flank the enemy WORK IN THIS GAME! Damage models: Armour, what an innovative idea for an RPG!! I realise Ubisoft have had to balance the criticism of Division 1’s “bullet sponges” and the more RPG players used to HP pool opponents and I, so far, like this balance. Environment: The level of detail, the hidden nuances (love that plaque with YouTube and creators names for example), the general atmosphere and weather changes are great. Fog….OMG!! I can see how you do a Survival style DLC with that switched on. Extensive sewer systems too?? Brilliant! Graphics: A large step up from Div 1, as to be expected, and welcome none the less. Optimisation: I know plenty of people had issues, seems most were using Intel & Nvidia chips. I ran an Ryzen with AMD graphics and had no issues what so ever (but there is a Con later anyway). Story: You guys!!! Dropping recordings like that, you teases! Old characters in a new place huh? Can’t wait to get more. Control points/bases/Projects: This new game mechanic to liberate, unlock and keep resupplying them…brilliant. I’m going to love it to start with I’m sure (another Con later though). Cons – Net coding: Lots of issues with disconnects for everyone, several issues point to poor net coding. Guys, don’t do this to us. Optimisation: I know AMD did a lot of work pushing the Snowdrop engine in favour of AMD multithreaded processors, but to get decent feedback don’t shut out team blue like this. Control Points: Yes, I found this task really exciting, especially once I worked out the mechanic of how to do this properly such as calling backup etc…but… I do wonder on the longevity of interest. Once I’ve liberated all of them, do I now have to routinely “farm” resources to top them up all the time? If I don’t do they get retaken? Might the idea for me be to just leave them and let them be retaken?? More info needed. Graphics: Yes, they were very good but…so many glitches Ubisoft! Macro scenery not connected to static Micro scenery which just floats? Wasn’t this apparent in Alpha? These things take a while to fix too so I don’t relish the overtime you guys are having to do now. For some reason after build 2 I could NOT change my graphical settings with the game, each time it said it would set them after a restart, they never did, whatever “custom” default it chose I was stuck with…it worked but needs to not be this way obviously. UI: NOT a fan. I would say its too much navigation to get to a submenu. I don’t expect to select two menus to get to menu I need, especially clunky with Friends / Invite UI. If I wanted to join a random agent…just two keys needed but if I wanted to join an ACTUAL friend, press space, select name, click name again, navigate to correct part of side menu, click “join group” .. TOO MANY MENUS! Streamline the UI please. In review – Overall, considering the new game mechanics, setting and play I loved the Beta. Its both different, the same and an improvement on everything that was The Division. There are technical issues that need sorting, with little time to do it, you’ll excuse fans for being pretty rabbid with worry about some of the more heavy issues. I guess we can adapt to others but try to get things like the UI streamlined significantly as well as working on optimisation for single core processor speeds i.e. Intel (IF possible, not sure it is though). I’m happy my pre-order is safe, happy to have already bought the game and will be looking forward to playing again and investing another few years of my gaming life into a Division Game.
  8. Couple of things to note on the "Agent requesting backup" - It activates as an option for a player to take if he loses his armour for any reason and starts taking actual damage (I didn't see it as an option before this point, it seems to automatically offer you it) - Activated only by Group Leader. - In the beta the match making side of it was utterly out of wack, lumping you with inappropriate groups. (hopefully fixed/better balanced for live) - The audio gets very annoying until you learn to block it out mentally. (kinda defeats the process and idea behind it though!) - If you answer the call you fast travel to the point where the caller is and immediately join their group (i.e. at any point in the mission) - You can leave at anytime (such as getting stuck on some stairs against enemies you can't damage lol!). - You will only benefit from XP rewards if you remain in the group, physical rewards you still have to be present to physically loot. - It is NOT the same as the option to call in back-up when assaulting enemy held checkpoints, this is an option specific to Missions (Story and I think Side missions) - To accept the request for assistance you HOLD map activation key/button, it then opens a list of agents with current requests for you to choose from.
  9. quinch1199

    Die Hard Division Fan

    Yeah, there are two which (I'm sure) were completely in the playable area. One entrance is on the south eastern side of the abandoned military base where you started for the beta. Careful though as if you push too far south east you activate a side mission (medical base) which is actually in the OOB area (though, I did complete it anyway by being able to find a spot I could snipe the enemies in the base from just outside the red line lol). The sewer system seems to wind all over, is split over three levels, has some good loot (at least one very scary ass boss!!) and some specific loot I think will become clear for its use when the main game is released, though I have found ONE spot in the main LZ where this same loot was located.
  10. quinch1199

    Die Hard Division Fan

    Did you miss the manholes south of the White house then? Those sewers were very extensive and seemed to be quite confusing being split on three levels! I think I found more climbing points than most, they're there but seems they're not as obvious, some look "too high" to climb but let you, some don't have the blue tarp over them etc. Not many caribina rope access areas though, likewise ladders seemed short on supply. Climbing was with boxes or over vehicles etc mainly for me.
  11. "The stupid "agent request assistance" or whatever. I hope this allows us to 'join' and really provide assistance. but..." It does allow you to join, just open map and there's a join option, however, balancing was totally out I think as often I'd join someone on a mission and I was a level 5 running in normal and I get throw in with level 7s running a hard mission with no information prior to joining. So, works but needs more work
  12. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    Impressions and Pros/Cons for Private Beta: Pros: Environment – Loved the more open environment for LZ areas, promotes a more realistic (in my opinion) engagement distance, allows for better “suppress and flank” options, discourages “Face hugging”. Ai – They are far more active, far more adaptive and sneaky Damage Mechanics – body armour instead of HP Sponges!!! For a quasi-RPG this is a nice innovation. Reminds me of the Cyperpunk RPG tabletop game. Settlements & Checkpoints – If I recall it’s something I suggested a few years ago. Dynamic safehouses…where you liberate them but have to keep them supplied or they get retaken. It’s a mechanic similar to the old Mad Max game of a few years ago. I love the intricate way you NEED to take the checkpoints and the rewards you get for doing so. The need for supplies constantly makes you want to explore and gather supplies and I can see this being very consuming for LZ players. Then you need to secure the perimeter with a battle nearby, nice. Graphics & Animations – a noticeable step up from the 1st game! Wish the game allowed me to change settings after its last update though…unfortunately it was locked to “custom”. Looking forward to spending an hour or so in character customisation when the game is live! Extensive world – Finding extensive sewer systems was brilliant! Though I did run into a nasty chainsaw wielding boss down there on the last day. Things like enemy faction specific keys points to a greater game mechanic not yet explored in much detail. Cons: Net code: Server-side net code was, again, poor and a large proportion of bug reported relate to this and memory leak. Memory Leak issues: Should have been picked up in Alpha testing. Perhaps I didn’t play long enough or for other reasons, I didn’t experience the issue but enough of other people did for it to be a worry BUT fixable (was reported fixed on last build). Specialisations: I … DIDN’T enjoy playing ANY of the three specialisations. I didn’t like the signature weapons or the play styles, none of them fit how I play (either Alpha Suppression or Beta Assault roles). I’m hoping there’s others available for release?? Intel processors: a chunk of people running Intel systems had massive issues with optimisation of the game. As I was using Ryzen I can’t comment other than to say as the game was rebuilt with AMD, I’d suggest this has plenty to do with it but hope they fix it for others.
  13. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    It was unfortunate I was stuck with a 30 round magazine for it ... last magazine perk was "pistol" magazines, perhaps it meant 9mm etc? Wasn't sure if would effect the Kriss or Thompson as they use .45ACP either ...have to see when its live
  14. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    Near the end of open play I picked up a blue Urban MDR and Purple Thompson for my level 7 free-roam character. That MDR is soooooo good as a semi-auto sniper rifle!! Its unfortnate I didn't manage to find a blueprint for any .45 or 9mm magazines in my time in Beta though so I couldn't really use either the Thompson or the submachine guns really effectively as i would in normal play. Pros & Cons next!
  15. quinch1199


    This was a known bug, mainly for consoles, which "should" be fixed now the server has restarted.
  16. Game started out in Windowed Mode and with some nasty "custom" graphics setting so I'm assuming this is why the 1st 3mins of my video is just ...HORRIBLE... once settings are applied the game ran fine, watch after approx 3mins to get some loot and audio file locations.
  17. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    I've unlocked her etc but we just couldn't find that bench. Ok, so through the open entrance next to the stash box in reception, left, left again, and down the stairs should be next to the replica QM's stores (as the actual QM is in the reception area as you mention). i've picked up cloth etc, deconstructed a load of gear for it. Have to see what / if I can craft. Thanks! Will try to find it tonight i've not really found a favourate weapon yet, perhaps except the SCAR-H (not called that in game...can't remember what its called), its a DMR weapon but I never liked it in Div 1, however with the better sounds and realistic recoil, it do enjoy using it. So far I don't like the LMG's so much, they're pretty much the same as Div 1 so feel, lacking, when compared to the other weapon handling. Ohh...yes, the "meaty" shots...they've added a thud sound as the round hits. Games like Post Scriptum have it too, kinda a squelchy deep thud noise... love it. They do need to work on the footfall audio though, especially when running through trash on the ground. Too tinny and high pitched.
  18. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    Played thorugh the introduction plus the first main mission and a good stack of side missions ... Well, THIS is how you learn from the previous game isn't it? The features and mechanics in the LZ gameplay are a breeath of fresh air. They've clearly taken all they learnt from the first game, all the critisism and all the items they had to fix and just gave us a game with it all fixed from the start! LOVE the new armour mechanic and the Time-To-Die on enemies seems so much better. We have no indication how this will translate to high level gameplay but it feel soooooo good so far. I have an exceptionally critical friend I game with, Wildlands she moaned constantly about, Div 1 she nagged all the time we played, last night though she was aghast and couldn't praise the game enough. I can't wait to experience the settlement expansion / reenforcement mechanic better, likewise items such as the Clan Room I can't wait for either. Only issues from last night: 1) Sell items to vendor for them not to leave your inventory bug 2) Delta/Mike issues (meh..not worried about that) 3) COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF US FIND A CRAFTING BENCH WE COULD USE! lol I only played enough for one short video and then played co-op from about 23:00-01:00
  19. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    As it gets further into the day the server loads will increase as people arrive home and log in unfortunately..... I've added a link and status of known bugs on another thread for reference btw
  20. If you've experienced anything unexpected, buggy or generally odd please make sure you post it on the Ubisoft Division 2 Beta forums: Please remember this is a stress TESTING phase of the game. There is only five weeks until launch so make sure bug reports include system/platform details, how long into game play the issue occured, for PC try to play in Windowed mode, or use an appropriate overlay, and monitor for CPU, RAM, GPU usage spikes etc. and include as appropriate. EDIT - I have noted a report of possible issues using MSi Afterburner so try to use a different monitorig attachment. Thank you, Below is a list of known issues (as of 14:00hrs, 07/02/19, UK time) Kindly find below the current list of known issues for the Private Beta:[Performance] Significant performance drops and potential crashes after long play sessions.Workaround: Restart the game[Performance] FPS drops when capturing DZ landmarks with large player groups.[Performance] Potential crash when going idle inside the Clan Quarters.[Performance] Crash on Xbox One when accepting invites from outside the game.[Graphical] Rendering issues may occur in cutscenes and when moving quickly through the open world.[Graphical] Low LoD models might be shown after fast travelling.[Graphical] Props located in settlements may disappear after watching cutscenes.Workaround: Fast travel to the settlement or restart the game.[Audio/Subtitles] The intro cinematic may be missing audio on Xbox One.[Audio/Subtitles] Deconstruct audio plays when item is marked as junk.[Audio/Subtitles] Some voice overs is missing and the player will only see subtitles.[Audio/Subtitles] Subtitles is missing for some voice overs.[Audio/Subtitles] Subtitles are missing in some echos.[UI] Missing UI elements when spawning after having disconnected a controller during the intro cutscene.Workaround: Open & close the map.[UI] GPS line guides the player towards a locked gate after having reached the White House lawn.Workaround: When facing the gate, turn left and continue towards the White House.[UI] The PvP mode Conflict’s victory screen does not appear.[UI] Specializations tutorial does not show keyboard key prompts on PC.[UI] “No weapon equipped in this slot” is incorrectly displayed when switching to a sidearm if the 2nd primary weapon slot is empty.[UI] Skill stats display incorrect normalized values.[UI] “Dropped Loot” UI prompt may be displayed incorrectly when in the Dark Zone.[UI] The PC chat window and the notification window overlap.[UI] Some menu icons have missing textures.[NPC] Rusher enemies do not take melee or headshot damage.Workaround: Shoot them in the torso.[NPC] Audio and animations may be out of sync when NPC’s put out the fire outside of the Base of Operations.[NPC] Enemies may fly through the air when dropping down from ledges.[NPC] Enemies may sometimes display slowed down animations.[NPC] Enemies may slide during their animations.[NPC] Weapons may be misaligned when being held by some enemies.[NPC] Enemies might complete their animations after having died.[NPC] Enemies may despawn when approached if other activities are started.[NPC] Enemies may sometimes not leave their spawn rooms.[Gameplay] Interacting with objects does not work correctly while in cover.[Gameplay] Players might encounter incorrect animations when interacting with props.[Gameplay] Group members may briefly freeze in place during gameplay.[Gameplay] “Call for backup” does not work when matchmaking.[Gameplay] The gates of the Base of operations social space may become locked when leaving a group.Workaround: Re-enter the social space and try again.[Gameplay] The Base of Operations Quartermaster may not be present after having completed the Grand Hyatt mission.[Gameplay] “Outside Playable Area” may be displayed when walking through foliage and props.[Gameplay] Players are unable to take cover behind some objects in the open world.[Gameplay] Player may get stuck when navigating some corners or over some props.Workaround: Fast travel anywhere.[Gameplay] “Donate all junk” to Projects is not functional.[Missions] Towards the end of Grand Hyatt Mission, the NPC’s voiceover may not start.Workaround: Wait near the NPC’s and the mission will progress.[Missions] Unable to complete the NZ09 Rescue Operation due to missing hostages.[Missions] If all players in a group die dimultaneously outside the Invaded mission zone, they will be unable to respawn.Workaround: Restart the game.[Weapons] The Nemesis sniper rifle does not function on hip fire. [Weapons] Restorative talent description states “+10% health”. Correct functionality is “+10 health on kill”.[Skills] Placeholder information is shown on the backpack of the Demolitionist character.[Skills] Skill items may appear blurry in the Quartermaster’s menu.[Localization] Notification window does not localize after language change.Workaround: Restart the game or fast travel.[Localization] The skill mods video is only available in English.[Localization] Some in-game text is missing localization in certain languages.[Localization] The NPC Manny has placeholder voice overs in French.[Other] Some characters in cutscenes are missing facial animations.[Other] The Base of Operations tutorial may pop up late if the Manny cutscene is skipped.[Other] Frame rate caps at 60 FPS with V-Sync OFF.[Other] PC Benchmark mode is not functional in the Beta.
  21. quinch1199

    The Division 2 - Private Beta - Known bugs & issues

    Most issues seem to come under Memory Leak, Net code and optimisation for certain builds and platforms by the way.
  22. quinch1199

    The Division 2 Beta - The Start

    All preloaded and waiting myself now! I have to sit through work tomorrow so can't get on to test until around 19:00hrs earliest unfortunately.
  23. quinch1199

    Pre-Order open on U-Play

    Nope. Won't be on Steam this time. I wouldn't pin my hopes on it coming to Steam either, this and the new Metro game debarkle, seem to indicate Epic is putting its Fortnite money behind incentives to publishers.
  24. The only real issue I have is around stash space. From what I've seen so far we will only have 50 slots in our stash!! However. Maybe the way the new game works means you no longer have to store so much gear "just in case", it seems with only three specialisations and a completely different loadout scheme in the game mechanics means its very likely 50 will be more than enough for anyone except the people who have to collect one of everything (though there are plenty of those). That said, stash expansion packs for £1.99 might be in the plan. I like that Ubisoft made paid content purely cosmetic in TD1. If they stick with that I can't see people being unhappy. Complaints about some players getting advanced access to expansions is problomatic however, it won't effect me as I'm not "competitive" but I can see it's really the wrong choice to take for Ubisoft to be honest. If you want balanced PvP I can't see that allowing 10% of the players access to new gear being a great idea! lol
  25. quinch1199

    Snowdrop + AMD = Good?

    Just days away from some actual testing and I know none of us have tested the game on our own rigs yet (PC or console) BUT perhaps console players can chime in now anyway as the platform hasn't change from the last game. The Snowdrop engine has, we're told, undergone some significant tweeking by AMD directly in order to smooth it out and (for PC players) enhance performance for multithreaded processors such as AMD's own Ryzen series. Question is, how noticable is this and what changes have been made? What performance buffs are we talking about and have they just all been lost potentially in enhancing the graphics of the game generally anyway? Console players who've tried the game already, what console did they use (Xbox One X?) How did it look and perform when you thought back to performance for TD1? I ask this as, essentially, none of the changes done by AMD wil impact current gen consoles much...though potentially huge upgrade in performance for the next gen PlayStation which is meant to carry AMD hardware. What is everyones thoughts on this partnership anyway? I can't think of another partnership like this for previous games. I realise EA has some input with Intel for BF5 and Anthem but to my konwledge it hasn't stretched to Intel actually rebuilding the game engines! I'm hoping, if the results are good, that Ubisoft might consider doing the same to their AnvilNext game engine for the next Wildlands and Assassins Creed games...fingers crossed.