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  1. Sentry shield build

    So this is a 6pc sentry or hybrid? I'm starting to like Sentry.
  2. @GhostRecon: The Free Weekend is now over on all platforms. Thank you for playing! The wildlands forum actual got a far visits from the Ghost Wars release. So there must be a far few playing
  3. Cadet Cap - Green / White

    Cadet Cap - Green & White are the same appearance.
  4. Battalion Helmet

  5. Thompson M1928

  6. Tommy Gun

  7. #JustDivisionThings

    Civilians are so temperamental; One moment the slightest bang or wrong turn and they curse you , and walk off. Then, as the grenades are spamming, the shit is flying, and they stand in the open waiting for you to come out to give them a medkit. Seriously? #justdivisionthings
  8. Resistance is not so futile.

    Thanks for that, @RimBlock. You know, speaking as a player abstaining from the PTS. Ambush sounds fair but maybe not so interesting, lol. Are drones different? They used to have an app with drones Not sure if that relates.
  9. Infantry MG5

  10. MG5

  11. Enhanced PP-19

  12. PP-19

  13. Showstopper