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  1. I think Nimble and Steadfast are the opposites, in terms of play style. Depends on whether your toon will move or camp more.
  2. While the convenience of both on one site would be nice, yeah as @HawKShoT said. And if you're playing Wildlands why log into
  3. unscheduled maintenance, it would seem.
  4. seriously good pics.
  5. And now Phoenix Creds and
  6. Not that familiar with pewdiepie. But it was interesting to watch. A bit of a hatchet job. I like his critique of the media.
  7. Not a biggie. Esp if it breaks something more relevant.
  8. Ok, thanks. Sometimes these aspects are ninor components than the spin.
  9. Hey @deke_burnswhat builds do you have?
  10. I've heard it described as an open world where you can develop a raport with tge various locals. Not sure if that is in a faction kind of way. Is that evident in the beta?
  11. Those who have experienced 1.6 on the PTS, what do you think of the survivablity? This is regard to less armour and toughness. Some are saying it is too much like 1.3. seeing issues like time 2 kill, but with time 2 die, so to speak
  12. Added two screenshots. One just has the quoted text. The font is almost the sam as the background. The other screenshot shows the quoted text with some of the text selected, which makes it more visible.
  13. It is something that comes with patch 1.6. So, keep your Historian and after the release 1.6 The Last Stand it will then have explosive bullets.
  14. LZ open world bosses (I've got 4 from this) Amherst's Apartment s
  15. Yeah, wasn't sure if they count that as a talent or not.