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  1. talant

    Hi @Eddieseward, this is fan site for the game. The site is not affiliated with ubisoft in anyway. You should post your request to the ubisoft forums.
  2. I saw a clip of someone taking out another copter (two seaters) by flying above and dropping down upon the enemy. Tge impact destroys the enemy copter leaving you unscarred. It works. And they can't shoot at you while you have the altitude advantage , which makes your attempts are fairly forgiving should you not get your descents quite right. The large copters the damage isn't sufficient. If it is possible, it would take an inordinate amount of time. You can however keep pushing down the enemy copter until you slam them into the ground. Just remember to time your pull up. You don't want to continue downward when they hit the ground, your downward momentum will do you in.
  3. That still happening?! Saw it a lot during beta and a little post release. Found it really annoying when you had the sound of some's head banging against the underside of the copter during a long trip. Once someone had the affliction it would happen on every trip.
  4. No lunar tides, just variances in water levels due to rainfall. But no game tides. Yeah, not sure if it's just where they happen to show up or dev humor
  5. Lol never expected to see that.
  6. yeah, that's more obvious on PC, as we go thu ghostreconnetwork. But still, understanding this playstyle is not straight forwrd
  7. There used to be a bug that would cause me to "jump over" instead of "crouch behind". Doing a mission, like Warrengate Power Station, was some what problematic. Fix was to log back in which wasn't convenient during a mission. Edit: oh, and a real headache for UG.
  8. it's very much like how it was in the beta.
  9. Just to add, the Division is more repetitive in a structured , grinding for gear progression kind-a-way. Wildlands is more unstructured, open world. Which means how you get your fun is up to you more. For some people, this can make it more repetitive. Esp if you like the addictive gear progression grind.
  10. My tactical and stealth are improving, but my sniper rifle is still considered a fav even though I haven't picked i up in such a long while. Mainly ARs SMGs but not a high kill rate.
  11. a) Get better mods. They're more important at end game. b) could be bad rolls. mk17 and mk20 are similar alternatives I prefer the carbon/tactical M700, which is slower rof bit hits harder.
  12. in Australia, we put British backpackers in koala suits and send them out into the streets.
  13. @DeadSockPuppet yeah sounds like the same spot. @quinch1199 glad to hear that. Eventually get to that approarch. So far, going for intel. Feels very different play when getting in and out of a compound without a shot as a good result.
  14. Suddenly thinking of inception for some unrelated reason
  15. I think I've seen some experienced grunts and a pistol is one of their favs. Yeah, so you're probably right about that.