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  1. Depends on where you plan to get your +amour mods? I craft mind, so I like my lv34 firearms/stamina/electronic blueprints. To get you amour mitigation up towards 56%... you need these. Mostly, you need electronics. There could be better ways, but if you craft... As for Simon. flank, flank, leave the building. Don't get caught. Keep plugging away at his amour until you can go in and kill him off. Don't get caught, he is slow. Use that lack of speed. If it is where I think it is, the exit has a left and a right. Draw him out, and go back in. Just don't get caught. And, plug away at his amour until he is ready to be killed. Kill his mobs first. You need to avoid him, so mods with ak47s make that difficult. LMG have the box at the back of their backpack. Though with Simon that might not count for much. If you have a turret place it where they can't get to. Some times they walk up to the turrent and stare at it in frusration. Which is good, since you get to plug away... without getting caught. And, don't get caught.
  2. Reclaimer, rapid, specialized + liberator.
  3. I think there's a soft cap with skill power. Maybe 200k give or take.
  4. survival

    back again. let me know if you're interested in a survival run.
  5. you can drop your turret on top of things like fountains, walls, postboxes... He cant climb those to stomp out you turret.
  6. Getting a nice blue T821 shortly after leaving the Survival hide out. Nice. Heading towards a barrel, jumped a fence and landed in a sewage trench... from which there was no way out. #justdivisionthings
  7. experienced players

    So what kneepads and glovesare you rolling with? Guessing the backpack is specialized. So you hadn't gone with the 4pc predators?
  8. And on a side note. The chair has some ports on the side and I expected to see a usb or micro charger cable. But it looks like she is connecting with video plugs. What's with that?
  9. "So, you have a chair." Sprawl on the floor on a couple of cushions.
  10. Yep, wonder around in a lost state will work. I'm afk atm, so can't show you a screenshot of its location.... but maybe someone will. Yep, you need the dlc, however you have a season pass so should be there with not much fuss.
  11. 1) you'll need to have completed General Assembly story mission. 2) the Quarantine Centre mission doesn't automatically appear on your map. So, wonder down abot SE/SSE of the BOO. You should find it in the side streets, and it will kick off the story narrative.