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  1. Update 7: Heli Tweak, Added Textures, Bug Fixes

    For the link-lazy, the patch notes are below. -------------------------------- Below are all the fixes and improvements we are bringing you in Title Update 7. MISSIONS/NARRATION - In “La Granja”, fixed a bug that would sometimes spawn you on top of Unidad soldiers when killed - In “The Convoy” (Koani), fixed a bug causing the player to sometimes spawn in Itacua when killed - In “Marcus Jensen”, fixed a bug causing the mission to sometimes become unavailable if the escape vehicle was destroyed before interrogating Marcus Jensen USER INTERFACE - Incorrect time information is no longer displayed on booster window after activating a 2 hour booster - The G36C folded buttstock description now indicates the actual unlock location - We added setting allowing the players to use the new helicopter controls without the HUD - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused redeploying while flying a helicopter to display the helicopter crosshair in every vehicle GAMEPLAY - We improved the new helicopter handling’s accuracy when close to the ground - Fixed a bug causing a helicopter to sometimes bounce off the floor at startup - You can now spawn purchased or rewarded vehicles when playing in offline mode - Fixed a bug causing the player to be unable to use the drone, binoculars, and Ghost Squad/Rebel Support commands after having been revived from a shutdown vehicle AUDIO - Fixed a bug causing several submachine guns to be missing audio GRAPHICS -Fixed several clipping issues in Charactersmith -Fixed issues with secondary ammo not showing correctly on certain vests STORE/CUSTOMIZATION - We added more color options for the Ghillie suits - We added all camo options to CRYE tops and pants NARCO ROAD - In “Electro Air Race”, we fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the mission to remain stuck at the second step - In “Prophet on Wheels”, we fixed a bug sometimes causing the player to not be able to engage in dialogue with Arturo - In “Truck Off and Die”, we fixed a bug causing players not following the target would not complete the mission FALLEN GHOSTS - We fixed a bug causing the mortar danger zone to sometimes not appear - We fixed a bug causing the distance to marked enemies to not be displayed for the new NPCs - We fixed a bug causing numbers to not be displayed on enemies while utilizing sync shot PC - Fixed a bug where the reverse vehicle camera would stutter when driving. - Fixed a bug where the helicopter mouse steering would remain active after switching the controls scheme from New to Classic. - Fixed a bug where the Toby Eye tracking sensitivity options would not work. - Fixed a bug where a graphical corruption could appear near Libertad city, on AMD GPUs. - Fixed a bug where the volumetry godrays would pass through builds and walls in certain conditions. - Fixed a bug where the Pitch icon was missing from the HUD, when using a Steam Controller. We also wanted to use this opportunity to share a word about the Ghost Recon Network and Ghost Recon HQ. These updates are not contained within the Title Update, but we wanted to let you know how we improved them recently. GHOST RECON NETWORK - Tier 1 stats are now displayed on your Ghost profile page - You now have the ability to “like” the featured content on the main page - We have added a Signature Generator so you can show off your stats GHOST RECON HQ - Don’t forget you can download Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ, the companion app for Ghost Recon Wildlands on both iOS and Android. This way, you will never miss our news, you can access all information about our alternative Bolivia and you will be able to play Guerilla and gain rewards for Ghost Recon Wildlands. We invite you to discuss the above changes on our forums. We would like to thank you for you constant support. The dev team will continue to work hard to produce more title updates in the future.
  2. GE Talk

    @TheDivisionGame: We're aware of a notification bug in which Tier 1 players received a Tier 3 bracket reward message, and vice versa. http://ubi.li/du5h4
  3. GE Talk

    Same here. Have too wait for the figures from the leadership board. Originally knew I wasn't going to hit T2. Then with the changes I looked like I would. Alas no. So curious as to whether peeps hit the numbers hard and bumped me down. On the up side, I got a ninja BP from one of me Prof caches. So, Rngus, I take back all the blasphemous things I was saying.
  4. Recalibration

    Coolieo. Hope this helped
  5. Recalibration

    I think they have, somewhere along the line, removed the incremental extra cost of recalibrating or added a very low cap. Effectively, you can reroll as much as you like.
  6. Global Event Leaderboard Changes

    Just for prospective, this is what the original patch notes had. The Global Event leaderboards have 3 Reward Tiers that define what reward you will get: Tier 1 – lowest reward tier Top 50% - 16% of all players 1 Mask Tier 2 Top 15% - 6% of all players 2 Masks Tier 3 – highest reward tier 5%-1% of all players 3 Masks
  7. Global Event Leaderboard Changes

    http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1730163-Global-Event-Leaderboard-Changes?p=12862288 "Global Event Leaderboard Changes Agents, Today we have introduced changes to the global event leaderboards which ensures that more players are eligible to receive the newly introduced face masks as a reward for participating in the ongoing "Outbreak" global event. Tier 1: Place in the top 85% to 31% of the community 1 Global Event Classified Cache, 1 Mask Tier 2: Place in the top 30% to 11% of the community 2 Global Event Classified Caches, 2 Masks Tier 3: Place in the top 10% to 1% of the community 3 Global Event Classified Caches, 3 Masks Please note that these changes will not be visible until the leaderboards refresh."
  8. GE Talk

    *grumbles* I got 2x Damascus Pakhan and a McSkulls last night. Kind of disappointing. I think my score is about 1100 for commendations. I started to look at it them, then learnt the significance of the "hour". Sometimes I'e been lucky to have an hour to play when I login, so I just got get cray obsessive eyes when I login in and grind grind grind. Hopefully I'l get to look more sometime this week. Not sure how the hour is measure tho. They could measure across logins so 1/2 hour + 1/2 hour in a later login is still an hour. Or purely starts on the hour and runs to the next turning of the hour. Weeklies are good. I found the first half the LZ bosses are nearly (but not quite) as good as Lex. Which should be enough to get tier 1. And I say the first half of the LZ bosses because in the LMB areas you can loose too much time trying to fight your way to the bosses. Though, you may have better routes than me. There's that one boss you can get stuck with 3 r 4 lmb mobs lol. And that Riker boss that you may have to wait for him to arrive. Minutes minutes, all about minutes. Lex is a still a better grind. I've heard people grinding Clear Sky, but you prolly need a good group to farm that. I think I have a 6pc DE, but one piece has really crappy armour. Haven't check my inventory yet. Saw 5 chest pieces of FM, lol. So, might have missed a 6pc in that. Lex is full of my Prof Caches that dropped because of a full inventory. Ah, there might have been a Ninja BP in one of those. But... minutes, minutes, push, push push, reset, reset.
  9. Gear Bonuses - Updated for 1.7

    Yep, for 5/6 - must be all classified. And Ninja backpack only works for non classified.
  10. Recalibration

    There's no limitation to how many times. However... Weapons : You can recalibrate only one weapon talent. (think it's only one, at least it usually only one). Recalibrating will cost you some Phoenix Credits and consume a Weapons Kit. Not all your weapon talents will be available for recalibration. You'll see a Locked symbol next to the unavailable talents. Normal Gear: You can recalibrate one attribute (either a stat, major attribute, or a minor attribute. But only one). Recalibrating will cost you some credits. Classified Gear: Like normal gear but you can recalibrate one stat and also one attribute (either a major or minor attribute) Having said that. Until you get to end game (level 30), recalibrating isnt worth the credits. So if you're still leveling up from 1 to 30, then best to save your credits. But that's up to you, you may want to give it a whirl.
  11. GE Talk

    Housekeeping!: Splut this off from Share You Build
  12. GE Talk

    Well, done. Yes, massive dropped the ball on that. But anyway, If I get a mask I'm happy. Would like to break into Tier 2 but ...
  13. GRW Forum Gone Kaput

    GRW forums are up. Thanks for the fix @g1nt3r. Not sure whether you have to venture into css hell to fix the themes.
  14. GE Talk

    ok, Lex is faster and no health drain, which is consistent with the standard Outbteak option. For some reason, my Global Mission listed missions come with health drain. Outside chance the pug leaders are changing it on entry. but... anyway. gotta check the leadership boards for the face masks when i have the chance
  15. Commendations - Patch 1.7

    Are you looking at the Appearances tab?