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  1. Global Event - Blackout

    Anyhoo... What do you think of Blackout and it's stun modifiers?
  2. Ok then guess the GE creds would be better for lex fir time spent. Side question: Does AmApt come with Challenge? [I won't regain access until after GE blackout, so..]
  3. So there's no points where you have to clear to progress? Interesting Lex you have to clear (rescue hostages) to continue. And you mean Legendary?
  4. Global Event - Blackout

    GE Blackout will kick off 23 April. This is a full week GE. Modifiers: Black out: Your ammo is Shock Ammo. The amount of shock depends on your Charge Meter (white bar). Shooting or moving builds your Charge Meter. Extreme Blackout: Melee attacks with a full charge is an inst kill. However fails will stun you and your group. Total Blackout: Charge Meter deplemishes faster when close to your team mates. Classified Gear Caches: D3fnc Deadeye TA Striker. Masks:
  5. Patch 1.8.1

    Really, was working in the pts. What did it show when you opened your daily caches?
  6. Returning Year 1 player LFG

    Np. Best of luck.
  7. Returning Year 1 player LFG

    The link above is your best bet. Try the Discord
  8. Forum Ranks

    Wuut, you don't have that playing in ur head every time you walk done a hall?
  9. Taking a break

    PSA: Nails are over-rated. Go with the scews.
  10. The Divison 2

    Nice timing. 1.8.1 is dropping.
  11. SHD Transmission 1

    *Heard* all upto level 15. Level 20 os for the Commendation.
  12. Hello Agents/NYCers

    Hey @betterbinary, welcome to the forums
  13. Alphabridge

    Tried my Alphabridge 6pc. Tried it in a Falcon Lost team. Not very nice to my pugger mates when I can hit T to revive their down arses. So group PVE isn't a good choice for AB 6pc.. People like AB for pvp but you procs are based on kills. Maybe in a group but solo pvp the kills won't rack up . Maybe just me lol But PVE (or PVEing the DZ) whole new story. I find myself trying to maintain a steady kill rate to keep those procs to keep moving. You're pushing constantly. And trying to keep aware of each proc whether its a heal defence or tac sig, so as to know how to play it next and take of each sigs advantage. I was running with a 7:5:3 build which has short live 4 second procs. Haven't tried the balanced 5:5:5 build yet to get the 10 second procs. Anyone tried?
  14. Patch 1.8.1 Vanity Items

    I'm actually looking forward to the Mk3 caches. The mk2s were quite good. Those sets in the picture doesn't pique my interest. Not sure if the more appeal to thw military peeps
  15. Optimization

    Yep mods you still got to find. So you haven't run out of DT yet?