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  1. Taking down the hunters.

    Firecrest has fire bullets. And running with Sentry (can't remember the weapon talent name) there's a weapon talent the blinds the target. Both work well on hunters. Edit. Not for Survival of course Who maybe @RimBlock @genedjr and son, plus myself might be on at the sametime during the Survival Shield.
  2. Taking down the hunters.

    My limited experience comes down to one thought, CC ammo. Whether it shocks, blinds or cause fire. Terribly important. There are shock grenades but on the whole they are temporary. Ammo keeps on giving. Esp. for solo. In a group, it depends.
  3. Phoenix Shield

    Crap, auto correct keeps typing schadenfreude, and I don't know why. You still breeze thru it past me lol.
  4. Phoenix Shield

    The Phoenix Shield will drop on August 16. This shield pertains to the Survival DLC. You need the following. And note, these aren't retrospective. (Sorry @RimBlock) 5 successful extracts 5 hours Survival 5 Hunter kills The first week will be open to players without the DLC expansion.
  5. Stygain Mask

    Congrats, that's awesome work
  6. Returning apprentice agent ;)

    Hey @Kationiks, welcome to the forums.
  7. Graffiti Thursday

  8. What parts of TD do you do and not do?

    PVP Skirmish: Don't like. 4x4 pvp without much attempt of context or objects, not my thing Last Stand: I liked it in the PTS. Drifted away afterwards. Since then, matching has been impossible, so gave up. DZ: I like it. Somehow, I only PVE my way through it. Landmarks, drops et.al. I used to run with packs. Not sure what happened. But still, I like PVEing and worrying about being ganked. I'm weird *shrugs* Expansions Survival: Like the context. Liket he feel. Like the idea. Don't like putting in a reasonable amount of time and then by bad luck it's all wasted in one fail. I play for rewards, so the time needs to be worth it. But still, there's a shield in it so looking forward to it. Underground: The original, I loved. It was seriously good. But once again it lacked reward-love from the devs, and matching was hard... so... Going back to it has been good. But since the shield was a weekender, matching is drying up again. LZ Bosses: It is quaint in its way, I enjoy it. Not what I log in for, but if I want the rewards, I like it. HVTs: Like it within the context of rewards. Other missions are better but still good. Missions: Legendaries: Love them. They're not to straight forward, challenging, learn new approaches sometimes. Incursions: Harder to match. Stolen Signal: Totally agree with @RimBlock, to pug through it is hopeless. I like a format that is still reasonable pug-friendly. I read that the devs liked the format of SS and see it as the way forward in TD2.
  9. Resistance - Hunters

    Can anyone tell me when the Hunters are most likely to appear? Is it around a certain wave level or particular types of waves? Much appreciated.
  10. Suede Shoes Gray

    Haven't picked up those leggings lol
  11. Gobal Event 30 July

    GE Assault kicks off Monday. Runs 30th July until 6 th August. I.e. one week. This is for Classified Sentry, Strikers and Reclaimer. http://www.thedivisionforums.com/topic/5155-surprise-global-event-assault-weekend/?tab=comments#comment-28958
  12. Who dies first ?.

    Mostly it is the same for me except the fatties. And, of course, in your list there's always situational considerations, which you know. I'm just included those quibbles for the sake of banter, not because I think you missed them. But anyways, Snipers and Grenadiers fit this bill more so. Shotgunners, well, that's a choice foisted upon you. They make themselves the first, planned or otherwise. Though, I think with the new op'ed GS they aren't as scary as the old. i.e. Bullet sponges who could one shot you; scary. Snipers have sting but if you can ruin their line of sight, who cares. Usually you are forced to care lol. But sometimes you can draw the mob away from the main area enough... But really, I hate 'em, and they're my first choice (when Shotgunners are not really a choice, so to speak) Machine gunners. They both can kill you and effectively limit your movement (it's own demise). Things are easier once you have some mobility, so a good number 3 on the list. Grenadiers are like snipers. They are situational. Sometimes you rely on good cover, and they muck that up. So, they need to be taken out, and allow your plan to proceed. However, the situation can be different due to mobility or they simply can't lob their joy to yo little camp... then they can wait. Normals. Sometimes you want a free approach to take out the main target, so you clear the norms firs. And other times, they don't matter. Get the main target done then they're easy to sweep up. Reglarless of sweeps, I think the other non-mains get a higher bill for the kill. So, nice spot on the list. Heavies. This is one point I differ. For me, they are walking bombs. Much better for them to "go off" early amongst their brethren. Plus there's the unwarranted delayed gratification. Why wait for the bang, bask in the glow of their demise. Snipers have sting.
  13. Hunter as Prey - farming hunters

    I might try some these, thanks. What I like about Firecrest is the flame ammo. On a Big Alejandro, this proc will stun the Hunters. they can't use a med kit as you whittle down their health. Though with shock ammo directive I find I have to stop, voluntary or the effect of the directive, and then the Hunter pops the heal. So then it takes a few times.
  14. @RimBlock, you have the Sting mask. What did you find was the best way to farm Hunter kills? Had thought as a group though it is by individual kills, so faster but less. The Daily Hard usually has hunters (even had them at the start before any npc mobs), and you don't have to share those; so to speak. I enjoy the hustle in a group, esp solo feels more intense with two hunters after you. Solo: Firecrest and Group:Sentry/FireandFury.
  15. Sacred is out.

    yeah, I was expecting much more effort.