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  1. SoTG - Drop rates - Classies Exotics DivTech

    Funny, I was thinking Season Pass Supply Drops were a waste of time. So, I stopped. Then I get annoyed when SP Supply Drops cause me to think DZ Supply Drops are happening when I was in a DZ checkpoint. Hate a Supply Drop tease... just wrong. You know?
  2. These changes are still being worked on. New Classified Gear Set Drop Rates Drop rates of Classified items has been increased across the board to 6% (from 3%). The Mission Reward of Legendaries has now a 20% chance to drop a Classified item. Season Pass supply drops, have a 10% chance to drop a Classified item. Division Tech Season Pass supply drops give 100 D-tech. Daily assignments give 25 D-tech. Weekly assignments give 100 D-tech. Exotics All Exotics have been added to the Light Zone bosses. All Vendor Exotics have been removed from the loot pool – you can just buy them from the vendor New Caches During GE 900 Token Caches have been removed (1500 Token Caches are still there) Targeted classified gear set caches will be available. Each event will have 4 caches available for purchase containing the event’s corresponding sets. You can only get the Classified Sets that are also assigned to the Global Event Offseason A classified cache will be available for purchase, containing a guaranteed classified drop. It will be priced at 2500 phoenix credits and will not be limited to Global Events.
  3. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    Anyone else tried non meta or hybrid builds (which is currently guaranteed to be non meta)? I haven't tried anything else than mentioned, tho genuinely curious whether anyone has. I'm not really a meta lover. I luv pred and would love a 6 pc but now feel meh simply because it's the meta now. Consumated recalcitrant, for better or worse (worse really).
  4. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    During the ge4 I run that on one of my toons as he got some of the AB pieces. It's a good build for ARs. Tho I had more into electronic s than stam. Should try stam then :)
  5. Weekly Vendor Shout Outs

    Lightweight M4 blueprint is at Clintons MP7 blueprint is at the BOO Enhanced PP-19 blueprint at the BOO. (decent PVE sub/m)
  6. Classified - Drop Rates - Div Tech

    I think this game has a habit of offering what people want (i.e.whats relevant to end game) with only the new content, but not the existing content. The old content remains unaffected, which means it becomes irrelevant for EG purposes. Underground is a good example. I enjoyed this DLC so much at release of the DLC, but it become irrelevant to EG with future patches. Which makes it pointless and hard to group (since it is pointless EG content for others as well). And "hard to group" is a true killer. If it really isn't worthwhile solo, content-wise. So, Resistance is where the Classie is at. Everything else is practically not. DZ remains the even ground, and UG has been brought up, but rest of the game... In 1.8, they finally brought Underground up to the meaningful EG drops . For a while UG languished with irrelevant drops for EG. This has been corrected. LZ and HVT needs o be address and not left to languish as it has been. I guess HVT could be decided just something that "non EGamers" use to get there leg up. Fair enough, however, non DZers need a chance at Classie and DivTech. So why not allow HVT a chance to play a part in that balance. Just a Note: I keep hearing that bosses (DZ,LZ,HVT,SupplyDrops) all have a chance of Classie drops. However my experience and what I read, LZ and HVT never have that . (HVT is know for EIR and HILRD drops, like LZ has ShortBow,Caduceus,Tenebrae). So, it seems bumpkin. I think that HVT and LZ need to also be brought up to what is relevant for EG. So , yeah, provide DivTech for LZ et.al. I think Legendaries and Heroics already have DivTech which can't be over farmed since they come from once a week Exotics. So allowing LZ to be moderately farmed for DivTech provides a balance. So, leave that as it is. Let LZ and HVTadd to pve player's access to DivTech. UG offers Hunters as access to Classie. So really HVT could do the same thing. When you accept a he more difficult top tier HVT, you run the chance of having Hunters try to intervene. Effectively means more challenge with more rewards. DZ is already good for DivTech. Mobs drop DivTec as well, so there is more that what it seems. Another Note: During the GE4 the drop rate seemed fantastic, though afterwards it has been a desert. RNG is hard to guess but reading others comments I suspect variances in the drop rate between GE and now
  7. They're talking about Classified drop rates and how to improve this. Plus how people feel about the availability of DivTech. What's your opinion? Drop rate needs to change? Another option on how drops can occur? Happy with your rate of DivTech? If there's a survey I'll post a link.
  8. A Destiny plyr coming to The Division

    Hey @SilverFox, welcome to the forums! I've never actually played Destiny, though when The Division first came out it was forever compared to Destiny.
  9. Cronus max

    Yeah, heard of aim assist. So the marco shoots for you as well?!
  10. Bug with Div Tech and Optimization

    Maybe hold off until this is fixed.. [Changelog] - February 6th - Maintenance Here are the changes to be implemented with the February 6th maintenance. Fixed an issue involving the Classified AlphaBridge gearset. Fixed a UI issue in which gear optimizations may reset between sessions
  11. Cronus max

    Is this a console thing?
  12. Classified Gearsets - what you got?

    Edit: Have DE mask and FC mask. Had problems with those cells I was unable to rectify. Gearset Holster chest gloves knees backpack mask Alpha Banshee X X D3-FNC X X Dead-eye Final Fire Hunter Lonestar Nomad X Predator X X Reclaimer x x x x x Sentry Striker Tach x x x x x
  13. GE Ambush Talk

    The stats for GE#4 Broadway Emporium - 670,000 Queens Tunnel - 1.5 Million Police Academy - 1 Million Times Square Power Relay - 2.2 Million Dragon's Nest - 430,000 Lexington Event Center- 8.1 Million Hudson Refugee Camp - 173,000 Clear Sky - 2.2 Million