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  1. E3 details and tidbits

    Wh The E3 talk has mentioned both plates and shields for armour. So I'm guessing there will be shields. Tho D3fnc is TD1 thing so guessing gear sets and brands will be different. How long until they give shields some special treatment won't be known for a while.
  2. Shields

    The earlier areas of the DZ have bosses without Landmarks. I think the easiest way for Westside Piers bosses is to run a Resistance mission
  3. Ubisoft Club - Sam bot - Rewards - until June 17

    Yes. People have been wanting a companion app for the game. Short of that, hopeful that APIs could be published so users could create their own . Not sure whether Ubisoft had such apps in other games. I've played Elder Scrolls which allowed for user created plugins. The quality of life improvements from that was pretty amazing. Though this game is different so
  4. Shields

    I'm heard that it has been said they all run up to TD2.
  5. E3 details and tidbits

    The other titbit is a new vanity item rewarded as achievements are tropies which hang off the back of your belt/bp. About the size of the fury animal handbag charms accessories (honestly this is what they reminded me of; no judge, lol). The best shot of these was the original image of three agents on a ridge looking out towards DC.
  6. Madison Field Hospital - LEGENDARY

    cool. tried carrier. still at 4 have to try..
  7. E3 details and tidbits

    Anyway, it's not great. But it's address ti April Keener
  8. Madison Field Hospital - LEGENDARY

    Looking forward. Maybe once my Shields are done. West Pier is so slow. It seens like a lot of contained areas with a mess. Looking forward to it between the two new ones.
  9. E3 details and tidbits

    This is cool from @agent_mab Hopefully the image quality is there.
  10. Ubisoft Club - Sam bot - Rewards - until June 17

    Apps like that are usely promotional and thus next to useless.
  11. E3 details and tidbits

    Ok, this wasn't quite correct. There still are Gear Sets. Brand Sets are effective another type of gear. Brands have their modifiers and set bonuses. Have to see how the two over-lap or intersect.
  12. Logging in the @UbisoftClub app and asking Sam (your personal gaming assistant chat bot) a question gets you some Rewards.
  13. Shields

    If you're not big on the DZ, do that first. People in there are more focused on clearing their Landmarks than you. That'll change later. For Manhattan boss 10, don't bother with LZ bosses as HVT Bosses count. And if some of the HVTs are a bit difficult then join some else's group as it is just any 8 not each individual one on your list. (You can repeat the easier ones and they still count towards your 8)
  14. @GhostRecon: Celebrate the 2018 World Cup in Ghost Recon Wildlands and support your team with the Facial Paints Flags pack! Available for free until July 15th via the in-game store!