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  1. Global Event - Blackout 22nd September

    Global Event Blackout is back this week. 22nd - 29th. Follow the link below for an understanding of GE Blackout
  2. You may remember Dark Horse comics was to produce more story line for Tom Clancy's The Division. It's available for pre order. "The first issue of Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis goes on sale January 9, 2019, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop." The Dark Horse Blog:https://www.darkhorse.com/Blog/2806/dark-horse-comics-and-ubisoft-expand-divisions-lor Comic Book review: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/10/15/tom-clancys-the-division-new-comic-dark-horse/
  3. Rebel Shield

    The Rebel Shield has dropped. Rebel: Fight for your rights - Get to wave 15 in Resistance not sure whether this is retrospective.
  4. SOTG 2018 Road map forward

    This is an updated infopic for what's scheduled for October.
  5. Global Event - Ambush 24 Sept

  6. Taking a break

    Yeah, I find starting Warframe best just to look at blueprints which mats are obtainable. Got suck into buying one blueprint that has mats on planets not accessible to me for quite a while.
  7. SOTG 2018 Road map forward

    Going to miss sitting up top of a building waiting to extract and watch the snow drift. I've really enjoyed how the snow has change the environment of where you're roaming. Games like this you get over familiar with you settings so the weather can add a bit of variance to that.
  8. Global Event - Ambush 24 Sept

    The Global Event Ambush will kick off again 27 September Details of how Ambush works is below. http://www.thedivisionforums.com/topic/5176-global-event-ambush-weekend/?do=findComment&comment=29054
  9. Warframe

    Any good tips for Warfrme? Downloaded, so going o give it a try
  10. SOTG 2018 Road map forward

  11. Talon Shield

    You can also do it solo. Actually if you've never tried Survival, I suggest you start it as solo. Gives you more of a feel for it than when running with a group.
  12. Talon Shield

    Yeah, cueing apoplectic outrage in three two...
  13. Beta Registration Record High

  14. Talon Shield

    This Shield is for 3000 Commendations, retrospectively; as you may have guess