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  1. Oh. daesu

    Broken Dawn

    "Tom Clancy's The Division Broken Dawn is available now for select countries, with US availability coming soon!" Details:
  2. I think you're talking about the snitch? In a SoTG they mentioned that you need to find the snitch to then find the gun runner.
  3. Ruben is continuing his good service to the Division community with his vendor list for TD2 DC.
  4. In PVE scheme of things, the normal grouping up works fine. I'm thinking people might use Clan teams for PVP. Then it will be handy to group with people you should be able to trust more.
  5. This patch is live. It is meant to resolve the failure to deploy skills (destroyed on deploy, if you haven't notice lol) Next patch should be next week.
  6. Maintenance - March 18th, 2019 Agents, good news! We have identified several issues that were causing skills to immediately destroy themselves and go on a 15 second cooldown. Our development team has been hard at work during the weekend and throughout today to find a fix for those problems. We will be able to solve most of these occurrences with the brief maintenance today, March 18th at 10:15 PM CET / 5:15 PM EST / 6:15 AM KST / 8:15 ACT. The servers will be down for approximately 15 minutes and you should encounter these issues way less often from this point on. The team is continuing their work to resolve all the remaining issues on this topic with a future patch later this week. Until then you can try to avoid the talents EXTRA and OVERLAP which seem to be the culprit and can cause skills to act up even after maintenance, albeit still much less often. We want to thank everybody for your continued reports, your feedback and most importantly your patience. The health of the game continues to be our highest priority!
  7. Maybe this might help.
  8. In the beta, I had issues with staff not showing. I'd go off and do some missions and they'd show later.
  9. Hopefully they are working on it. It seems to be hitting a few people atm.
  10. Moving this to Agent To Agent Support. This seems like something you should contact ubisoft support about.
  11. Oh. daesu

    Please Help !

    Your path has unlash. It will be the account of you PC. So check there and maybe just search all accounts in Users for Division just be sure. Plus the folder should be for Division 2, incase you have the original game installed at sometime. Hope that helps somewhat.
  12. This is something some wrote for the original game. Maybe it will help, or maybe version 2 is different. In which case you'll need to contact ubisoft support.
  13. Back in the day, this type of thing with gear differences was common. Though it irked some people somewhat.