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  1. I’m an Xbox One player. I’m looking for English speaking players in timezones complementary to China, Australia and East Asia, etc. After the positive responses to patch 1.8, I’m returning to The Division. Am a lvl 30 player with lvl 75 DZ. Am looking for guys to play all the current content with. Last time I played was over a year ago, but I know The Division very well. Am currently based in China.
  2. Is anyone able to explain what's happening to the DMG numbers I'm receiving for crafted Vectors. I crafted 9 Vectors today and they all rolled below the lowest DMG range number given in the crafting station. I also compared their DMG to my current Vector stripped of all mods, and it was giving a figure higher than it originally rolled at when first crafted. I presume this is because of the perks/boost on the gear I'm wearing. But if this is the case, why did all the Vectors crafted today still drop under the minimum DMG number given from the BP in the crating station? Surely when crafted their DMG numbers would also have been boosted. As I type this the DMG range given to me for a Vector crafted from my BP is 10146 - 11302. But the DMG's of all the Vectors I crafted are 9589, 9268, 9382, 10.1k, 9139, 10.1k, 9354, 9507, plus the one I've already broken down was also under the lowest figure given in the range. When stripped of all mods my current Vector has a DMG of 10k. It originally crafted in the low 8k range, so I imagine the extra 1.5k is coming from my gear. High end parts take a lot of effort to gather/craft and understanding what the DMG figures are doing and why, would be an enormous help. Plus provide confidence in spending high end parts when crafting other weapons.