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  1. Collecting What Remains - Division Lore Podcast

    I think I'll check this out myself. You really know your stuff, and I trust your judgement. ;)
  2. Rogue Agent Red Theme

    Sweet looking theme! Thanks for putting that together!
  3. What did your agent look like?

    If you mean dead sexy, you're right.
  4. What should my Spreadsheet do for you?

    That wouldn't be too hard to do really. We pretty much know all of the multipliers for the attributes. I'll mess around with it.
  5. What should my Spreadsheet do for you?

    FYI - Not sure if you were going for it, but your signature image definitely screamed at me when I saw it! Boom! There it is.
  6. What should my Spreadsheet do for you?

    Can you clarify what you're referencing when you say "items"? My head goes directly to guns and gear when I hear that, so just want to make sure I understand. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. What should my Spreadsheet do for you?

    Yeah, there's not much I can do with the randomness other than give advice on what type of variables you should look for depending on your build. The character build system is so deep there's no way to capture it all.
  8. What should my Spreadsheet do for you?

    Just proves that whoever said being a spreadsheet nerd wouldn't get you in good with the ladies was an idiot.
  9. This is "Going A-Hole" defined.

    Chalk it up to doing research for the podcast...
  10. If you've listened to RAR, follow me on twitter, or just listen to me mumbling around my house, you know I've been working on a spreadsheet for TCTD. It currently has every skill, skill mod, talent, perk, weapon perk (that I've found so far) and the prerequisites or costs associated with each of them. The end goal is for it to be a user friendly tool so that people can plan out a character build rather than sift through the 150 rows of data that it currently has in it. Since TCTD doesn't have a traditional "linear" skill progression method (which is nice), it's not as easy as it normally would be to put together a tool. So throw some ideas at me of what you would want it to do (or put a link of some tools for other games in a spreadsheet format)! Here's a couple of examples of ideas that I have. If you select the skills, talents, and perks that you want for your build, it would tell you which upgrades to do in which wing and what they would cost. Weapon talents will be categorized so you could select "headshot" and it would list out all of the talents that would benefit this style of play. As an example, I love the Fallout 4 spreadsheet below and how it operates as a skill builder. THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR TCTD, because fallout 4 skills unlock by character level and attribute points. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3q1YmcPnjk9TDlqMjJDNWFJU1k/view
  11. Does this mean that my "Breakfast with Tinkkz" moments will not stay just a distant memory?!
  12. The Division - Enemy Factions

    I almost posted it below looking at your post cause I wasn't sure if it was new info or just questions ;)
  13. The Division - Enemy Factions

    I just came here to post it! Open Beta hype swallowed it up I think.
  14. February 2016 Raffle - Enter Here!

    I'm in it to win it!