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  1. Dark Zone Stories

    I smile every time I hear this story lmfao.
  2. Dark Zone Stories

    hence the /s, was just a joke around all the people saying there's no late game content in the game other than dark zone. ( /s is supposed to imply sarcasm. )
  3. Dark Zone Stories

    Yeah we can hit up the new supply drops in the DZ and maybe later check out the incursions! /s
  4. Dark Zone Stories

    Only if he had a bad walmart mic with static coming through it and no push to talk.
  5. Dark Zone Stories

    When did I ever say he didn't care about his teammates? lol
  6. March Season Pass Raffle!

    I want to win
  7. Where my Vector peeps at !?

    Yeah, mine has Fierce (8% increased crit), Self Preserved (heal 3% of crit damage given), and Brutal (24% headshot damage). GG I crafted an AK yesterday after you saying it was good though and man, that thing is a beast as well.
  8. Here are my stats, the 3rd talent on the gun is Brutal but I couldn't get it to fit into the picture. I have been messing around with my stats and I think the best way to get the talent unlocked would be to use an electronics backpack and 3 gear mods. The problem is that this lowers my DPS and stamina by such a large amount that I dont know if it is even worth it to unlock for a simple 8% crit chance... To get the talent unlocked I would need to lower my DPS to about 150,000 and HP to 6X,000... I would just like some opinions on what the smart way to do this would be because I honestly have thought about it and have no idea. Thanks for any suggestions :P
  9. Electronics skill actually give you crit chance and damage in pulse and alot more health on first aid, making it a pretty important stat in some PVP builds
  10. Dark Zone? More like Kiddie Zone...

    Its actually really boring, half the time I'm running around looking at chests that have been already looted and when I do finally see people, everyone is too scared to do anything near each other.
  11. I havent experienced any lag myself and I have around 10 hours game time. Guess maybe im just lucky.

    IMO it wasnt the best idea in the first place to release the game on a monday/tuesday lol.

    What kinda joke is it that the game releases on a monday? Lol most people wont even get to play it seriously until the weekend.
  14. XB1 get The Division 30 days early

    this is the dumbest thing I've read in a while. By the time the DLC gets released on the other platforms its pretty much stale and all the secrets will be known / all strats found out. It ruins alot of the new experience knowing that other people played the same thing over a month ago...
  15. What faction besides The Division?

    thats where I would play, nothing cooler to play in a survival game than a military sniper.