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  1. Yeah Legendary. If you can do it on a fairly fast cycle and get the bonus points for the difficulty then could be a winner.
  2. I have now started seeing the trend to just run through sections avoiding any conflict as you can with Napalm Production mission (for a quick cycle in the GE's). Amethysts Apartment. From the starting point just run past the bad guys straight in to the door on the left to the next section (don't get left behind or it is you vs all the AI and the rest of the team cant be seen for dust). Jump up on to the balcony area to avoid betting caught out from behind by any AI following you from the previous section and clear the two waves. Run around underground and clear the AI by the stairs up to the next section. Run through (go to the raised area and on the right you can climb up and go through the apartment to get to the fire escape. Complete the next sections as normal. That is a good 30% you can just charge straight through with a little luck and if you don't have all the aggro. Bit disappointing. Sure lots of people will be doing that for GE now. Wonder if this will become one of the go-to missions...
  3. So I remembered the 1.8.1 patch has dropped so have taken another go at The Division after tearing myself away from Hope County (sort of, prefer The Division). After installing the patch my game started in full screen windowed mode (Taskbar at the bottom and title bar with the minimise / maximise / close icons). Trying to change to full screen in the options just crashes the game to desktop. This also happened when you alt tab to another Windows program and then back in (windowed mode), at least for me. Used to be a time when you could edit the 'state.cfg' file and set it to Fullscreen via the cfg and on startup it was fixed (the file is located at C:\Users\[your account name]\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division ) but that did not do it this time. Well... it turns out they have now moved to a XML config file now ( same location --> GFXSettings.TheDivision.exe.xml ). I opened it with Notepad ++ and could edit <OPTION Name="DisplayMode" Registered="True" Type="Enum" Value="BorderLess"> ... and I am back to fullscreen again. (I actually changed the value to fullscreen which worked but on exit the game changed it to borderless. The res listed in the file is not 4k which is what I usually play on but I will check that when I spin the game up again. Hopefully this will help someone else out who may also get stuck in Windowed mode. The performance take a big nose dive.
  4. Year 3 content.

    Lets hope The Division 2 does not put them back at the bottom of that 2 year ladder again
  5. Year 3 content.

    Just been through the 1.8.1 patch notes you posted. Some good and some ok. Have left in only the items I have comments for. More items are listed. Go check out the News article @Oh. daesu posted for the full list. Game Changes Division Tech increases <-- Div tech is gonna be raining down from everywhere it seems. Daily Combat, Crafting, Survival and Dark Zone Quests now reward the player with 25 Div Tech each. Weekly Open World and Weekly Underground Assignments reward the player with 100 Div Tech each. Season Pass Supply Drops now award 100 Division Tech. Global Events Vendor Bosses in the Resistance game mode now award 100 Global Event tokens. <-- Not sure on this. It wont push people to stay longer. Two cache boxes and people will still bail I think. Possibly even sooner if Classified is now becoming available elsewhere... Classified Gear Drop Rates Legendary Missions now have a 20% chance to give Classified Gear as a reward at the completion of the mission <-- About time. Season Pass Supply Drops now have a 10% chance to drop Classified Gear. <-- Ok. Would have been happy with just the Div Tech here. Classified Gear Classified Firecrest 6 piece talent now gives immunity to the player’s own fire. <-- Well Duh. Why did this take so looooong ....... Think we will see it being used a bit more now. Bit disappointing by Blackout. Hoped it would involve lighting and being blinded etc not just shocked and shocking others. May not have a chance to try the PTS. My desk is full of Li-Ion batteries, soldering bits, electronic boards and charred skin. Maybe I will take a look at the weekend if it is still around.
  6. Year 3 content.

    Ran the missions a bit over the weekend for Assault as I only have 3 Striker pieces. Opened 6 caches and only got 2 Striker pieces of which only 1 was Classified and I already had a better one. I like Assault, my Reclaimer can just drop stations and face tank most Challenging guys close range but the rewards are just so disappointing. Roll on 1.8.1 with the reward realignment. I am sitting on 280 Div Tech at the moment (plus a chunk which can be used to get more via the Damascus build / scrap cycle). Not really spending it as my Reclaimer and Sentry builds are around 98% complete (a touch more armour here and there) and have not really started optimising other sets yet. Looking forward to the 'big legendary' coming... hopefully it is the UN mission.
  7. Year 3 content.

    So the State of the Game has announced the stuff for year 3 along with the news of The Division 3 (reveal to be at E3). Details are in the SOTG post by @Oh. daesu. What are you most looking forward to ?. I like the idea of the new Legendaries (4 in total) and of course the better drop rates for Classifieds. New GEs are nice and will be watching out for what Blackout will entail. Biggest thing that will have me grinding away though is the Shields which give rewards in the second game. The only other thing known about The Division 2 is that it sure will be pretty. This is one area the teams have never let us down on from my point of view. Roll on year 3.
  8. Survival Stories.

    Been going back to Survival a bit again. Died from cold the first few times but got back in to the groove. I stepped back in to it to get the 5 hunter kills for the mask but with few other players it is hard to team up and burning them down 1-on-1 is incredibly irritating. IIRC they have 4 medkits and drop the health station.... The only thing I really do not like is the virus countdown. Would prefer a countdown to get the cure and then after that you can take a bit of time. The last 2 runs I did I died after getting the cure and flare gun to the timer and got killed by a Hunter whilst trying to extract. Saying all of the above... I still really enjoy it though. The rewards are pretty worthless at this stage and coming out of survival seems like quite a big letdown. Maybe a snow storm in the regular map would be quite interesting and add a bit of interest. Oh well. Back in to the cold.
  9. Classified - Drop Rates - Div Tech

    Drop rate for the new weapons seem pretty low. Running Resistance today I got a standard green and a crappy MedVed (as in very low score). This was a lot better when 1.8 first dropped. My, off the top of my head, suggestions. Add a classified chest for Legendaries & incursions (ClearSky may be a problem here due to fast completion rate). Add Legendaries to vendors but up to a max GS limit (say 265). Increase DTech as levels increase in Resistance to promote people staying around longer. DTech reward for Underground missions completion and Hunter kills. Higher chance of Classifieds from Hunters in underground but, possibly, make them a bit more difficult. Give Classifieds in chests with 3 pieces of different sets. You can choose 1. Drop rate for LZ bosses on Classifieds is probably about right. They are not really difficult these days. DTech for daily targets (ie. 5xHVT of a particular level or higher / 20 missions to get the intel for HVT / All LZ bosses killed within a set time etc).
  10. GE Ambush Talk

    @Jaypeg, what do you think the odds are, when the GE has completed, that you will be able to fill in the blanks with the expanded loot pool now . Guess it will be mainly waiting for the next GE for those gearsets to have an ok chance. I think I have the following still to get 6 pieces on; Tach (1 missing) Striker (3 missing) Lonestar (1 or 2 missing) D3-FNC (1 or 2 missing) Banshee (1 or 2 missing) That is not to say I have very good 6 pieces on the rest but I do at least have 6 pieces. Got my 6th piece for FireCrest this morning . Not sure I will get home in time for any more runs before the GE ends today.
  11. GE Ambush Talk

    The Alpha is quite fun. Was running with 1 on Stamina and 4 on Firearms with firearms mods giving health mainly. Rocking a LW M4. Chewed through ammo but took down the enemies pretty well. Keeping proc'ing the mini signatures is fun. Not sure how practical though. Was also a bit squishy so I have reverted to 2x Stamina and 3x Firearms with Firearms mods. Will try it tonight. Have seen a few running with bolt action rifles so I guess Hunters is getting some love .
  12. GE Ambush Talk

    Finally got my 6 piece Alpha. Ran Warrengate and Russian Consulate with @Oh. daesu who kindly agreed to help me get my Flawless commendations ticked off (standard not Legendary ones). Unfortunately with randoms, someone tends to go down. That is another 50 points (10 per mission and 30 for all basic flawless) plus enough GE credits for another cache. Firecrest and Tact still to get all 6 for.
  13. GE Ambush Talk

    Ferros Mask . Running my 6 piece Nomad for a change. Liking it quite a lot. Works very well on Challenging solo. No change to my set tally ... Running other missions on challenging for some variety though. Consulate and Hudson are both fairly fast as well.
  14. GE Ambush Talk

    3 chests and finally started getting some Classifieds again. Now up to 5x Tact 5x Fire 5x Alpha 6 x Hunters (still don't care).
  15. GE Ambush Talk

    I suspect they either nerfed the superior caches or they have an issue (maybe server lag related). 10 caches opened this evening (should be 20 items + any bonus items). Received 2 Classified pieces 2 Exotic weapons (one House & one Warlord) 16 Standard Greens. Yes they were Superior caches... I get better odds just doing resistance. When I played this morning they were the other way round. It is only this evening that it has gone like this (hence server load maybe a factor). Now up to 5x Tact 5x Fire 3x Alpha ?? x Hunters (still don't care). Seems it is house day though as I get two (cache and boss drop). Both were also worth keeping. Have also had a play with FireCrest today. With all the speed runs, not much time for the fire turret to actually do much before the enemies are all down... 6th Piece should be fun though. It was on the PTS but the 'on fire' issue @Jaypeg mentions above has forced me to spec in to burn resistance as well.