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  1. After 3 days grinding the Underground I managed to get my 3k. If anyone wants to know what I did in the top two rows (easy ones with no PvP) then just shout. It does take a lot of grinding some items though. You gotta put the time in. I did around 60 runs of UG this weekend. Update: One thing I can think of is that for Boss kills and 5 directive UG missions you can run them on Normal difficulty and they still count. If you have a good build and can team up with a good group then challenging can actually be pretty fast. The quality of randoms and grouping up seems better currently for some reason where I am.
  2. Shields

    So had just over 2.9k towards Talon so maybe within reach. Just finished some low hanging fruit (pistol and SMG kills tier 3, S&D 1st tier) and still have around 55 points still to get. Back in to the Underground for some other quick wins.
  3. Shields

    Think I have done all those apart from the 3k commendation score (I think) and the Survival one. Guess we will have to wait and see how many are back dated as some of them are meant to be (like Shepherd). The ones I have already done are not too hard so should be very doable to get them done again which is encouraging. The fear was that some would be unattainable to all but the players with significant time and experience in the game but that appears not to be the case if the data miners are correct.
  4. Starting in Windowed mode. How to fix on PC.

    Your welcome. Took me a bit of time o find it so glad it was able to help you out. Its a right pain when it happens...
  5. Finally, I have Sting.

    Good news. Thanks
  6. Finally, I have Sting.

    It is under combat. It is the face mask for killing 100 hunters (your own kills not team kills). Underground is the quickest way to cycle them I have found. Would like to get the other hunter killing mask but need to kill 2 in survival which would seem unlikely given how few seem to be playing you could group up with.
  7. Finally, I have Sting.

    Lots of runs. I was lvl 34 with this Agent Thursday night and now lvl 30 with maybe 20 underground caches as well inc the ones I opened previously. Charging though and not fighting when not needed enabled a quick cycle of levels and Sentries at GS290 with 8k+ Firearms really hits hard. For the hunters, I found knocking them down, flashbang them (skill not grenade) before they can heal then you can take them all the way down. It was verry irritating when they appear next to you and hatchet before you can react and the someone pops the sig skill just for you to get the hatchet again. One round I got the hatchet 3 times in a row.... That was irritating.
  8. Finally.... 100 hunters later I have Sting. Did 3 phase cycling with randoms and got the final 30 of the last two evenings. Also ended up with 14 Underground caches. For this one you have to actually kill the hunter (not someone else on the team). Oh, the build is Sentrys Call
  9. The Division - Thank you reward

    Nope, nothing on my side. Must be just for you .
  10. E3 details and tidbits

    Seems to be damage at range (bullet power / punch) rather than bullet drop which is about accuracy at range (ie bullet trajectory dropping due to distance traveled and loss of velocity). I suspect the bullets still fly straight regardless of range but just do less damage when they hit but would be very happy to be proven wrong. I seem to recall they will have flight time factored in for the long range shots which is very nice. If they are enabling snipping with open environments then at least it adds some skill requirement.
  11. E3 details and tidbits

    What if the DZ where.... Underground . Would explain why it is not on the map and key stations could be entry points with bigger stations having some overground parts. I suspect that is not the case but who knows. It looks nice and I like the armour plats coming off the bad guy as you shoot him. Different factions have different styles when attacking (some cluster, some flank heavily etc). This I like. The foam gun is going to be a major irritation especially if you cannot shoot yourself out. I foresee a couple of weeks of 'Oh thats cool' turn in to months of"WTF... get rid of it". Not sold on the Signature weapons yet but we will see. Lots of new skills coming it seems. Graphics look a lot better (especially in the inventory etc). With only 9 months out and people playing at E3 (albeit on high spec PC's), hopefully the graphics changes will be minimal. The previous changes between advertised and realised had a 2+ year gap in between. Not so much time to tweak around with only 9 months. Fingers crossed. 8 player raids may be good but the trouble I have getting 4 people together for the Underground sometimes makes me wonder if it will workable outside of the US / Europe. Looks good. Will most probably buy straight off and hope for the best as there really is nothing else like The Division out there. Right time to get back to trying to stop my Dinos eating my park visitors... Jurrasic World the game is out and fun if quite flawed in quite a number of ways (UI / Building placement).
  12. Madison Field Hospital - LEGENDARY

    Madison is fine. Only real part with a little difficulty is the final roof battle. Died first try with randoms with a hunter coming around the dies and axing me (twice). Respawned and we cleared it. We had one healer (not sure if reclaimer), one striker, one something else and my Sentry's. The UN one is a bit more fun but maybe as it is a longer run. No guns for the helo was a bit of a surprise as I tried to activate one but it went down quick enough. Wiped first time with the bosses in the auditorium but again, second attempt was a win. One thing I like so far is that there do not (yet) seem like a farce that is Amethysts Apartment where you can run through half of it. Got my first two shields (Westside Piers bosses I got with the missions to kill 3 names bosses mostly). Not so bad but have to wait for 1 in 3 or so missions and clear the other two in between quite fast. Killing the Skill Jammer was a right pain solo..... Now I have to do the DZ missions for the other two shields (whoopee)... Still working on my 100 Hunters achievement (up to around 70 so far). The thing with this one is getting the killing shot.... At least Firecrest is fun to play now you don't set yourself on fire but the Nomad nerf is a pain as it is now pointless (for the 6 piece) if not solo. Maybe that should have just been changed for the DZ. Oh got another Striker Classified piece (well another 4 pieces but 3 were for parts I already had). I am now up to 4 total . Only set I dont have and the only one I would really like to try. I am having to play with its poor cousin Predators Mark sometimes instead .
  13. Played through again last night and y9u just have to wait for the second wave t9 c9me out of the doors and then can stun and run past them if you time it well. Problem is if you get left behind you get the full mob force against you including sometimes chasers from previous mobs as well.
  14. Yeah pretty sure you are right which is why you need to clear the two waves there. What it does not have is the 'cut scene' type parts (Ramos or waiting for lifts etc).
  15. Yeah Legendary. If you can do it on a fairly fast cycle and get the bonus points for the difficulty then could be a winner.