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  1. Taking a break

    Will take a look. Thanks.
  2. What will you optimise first..

    I would have thought holsters would be around the top of the heap as they could boost 3 stats at a time but it all depends on your original rolls as to the mileage you get. Not sure what the purchase cost will be but I will save for Classifieds, Exotic and key weapons (LW M4, various snipers, shotguns of choice) and key golds like the Skill boosting packs. I have around 2.5k D-Tec so can be a bit loose with it to start with. All the exotic caches I believe also give and I have a few stored up (20-30).
  3. Taking a break

    Strangely enough, I just bought D-III Reaper of Souls last weekend but for the XB-One. It is one game me and 3 of the kids can play at the same time and is great fun when I get to screen down and we are playing on the projector (100"). I will step over to that on weekends I think but will come back and forth with The Division as well, especially when 1.8 drops.
  4. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Zoom in on the map and slowly pan around. I had the same and found my two illusive items both over by the top right side. I had to really zoom in and go screen by screen searching though to see them.
  5. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Trying to push people back in to the DZ maybe ???. I got one from a LZ boss but that is all I have seen during no GE times. None in caches or anywhere else. None in the DZ but I have spent only a very small amount of time there. Oh and the classified that dropped as for a slot I already had 2 other pieces of the same set for. The premium cache vendor is also turning up duds all the time now and I only have 3 full sets from him. I am around 2200 now I think. Not really been pushing to get any more and TBH not been playing that much recently. Did the legendaries this week and one of the Incursions for one character but that is it. Waiting for 1.8 and resistance.
  6. Resistance is not so futile.

    Nope. Drones are the same as Falcon Lost. Found lots of places tokens drop that you cannot get them (top of containers, over water, other places you cannot climb). Played in the Pier 93 area today. Died on wave 18 buy respawned outside the start position. One other player spawned in the Clinton base and two others were still alive. The game glitches though and no more waves spawned. Still a fair few bugs for them to work out.
  7. Resistance is not so futile.

    Sort of. Killed enemies drop blue tokens as they do in Last Stand. These tokens can be used to unlock other areas and power-ups (medkits / special ammo / gun turrets / scanners etc). If you grab them then you can choose how they are spent. Someone sitting in cover shooting the enemies has little chance of grabbing and someone else can just nip out and scoop them all up. The caches of med kits etc have two options (group or personal) with different costs but it defaults to personal and I am unsure at this point how to move between the options. You get around 20 seconds between waves and in this time you are most likely to be grabbing tokens and paying for things as when the timer runs out you cannot spend, well cannot unlock other areas at least. I did another couple of rounds last night. 3 person team on the Intrepid. We did ok, probably up to level 15 or something. The times I have died, it has been insta death and not crawling bleed out. Could be as I had all the aggro but hard to tell as the PTS is really laggy for me. Quite a bit of rubber banding and one minute I am up and firing and the next I am spread all over the floor. The current new GE on the PTS (Ambush) is ok. Bonus damage when stationary. This was meant to promote cover usage but standing still in the center of a parking lot also gets the bonus, or face to face with an enemy. The other new GE (Strike ??) sounds fun. Killing enemies cause them to explode (ie. they drop a grenade on death). This also affects Agents as well which makes bunching up less attractive. Haven't tried that one though. Oh and for Resistance, there are 3 areas you can play. Intrepid (Aircraft carrier), Pier 93 (Container storage area) and Powerhouse. I tried Pier 93 solo last night (solo not out of choice ) and got to level 8 (sneaky sniper moved around to one side of me) and I was down after a couple of hits. Shame as that was the last enemy in that wave. Made it through unlocking 3 sections, one scanner and one turret. A couple of issues I noticed (at least one has already been reported), drones can get stuck in containers hanging in the air and enemies just spawn in and can do so right behind you even though there are no doors or other ways for them to get there.
  8. I gave Resistance a go last night for a couple of matches and here is what I found. You open multiple sections with tokens you gather from fallen enemies (we should all know that). Takes 2-3 rounds to get the tokens in order to get to new sections if oyu don't buy other things. The rounds sometimes have disrupt events which knock out your skills, Capture point missions with a timer, infection waves which damage you unless you are protected. People are running up to the enemies and shooting them to grab the tokens or just running and grabbing the tokens from your targets a lot of the time. Tokens are also needed for special bullets or healthpacks etc (makes the above activities rough if you kill from a distance). Bosses carry bonuses like PXC, GEC and ammo. Ammo is hard to come by. Not found an ammo location to stock up on. I ran out of ammo from the new LMG and had to use ammo cache to reload it. It is quite possible, even if you open an area then the team of randoms you are with may not go in to it. I had this and it was hard to get back. On the whole I liked it quite alot. I ended up around wave 12. The team wiped and I had to stop. Got 2x Tier 1 and 1x Tier 2 caches. Nothing of note in them for me. I found firecrest worked quite well. May try TA tonight.
  9. GE Assault Talk

    Dont think it matters who you kill . Maybe Lincoln Tunnel could have been where I got the others. Yeah the Sentries was nice although the pieces are not optimal. Still would like the 6th piece for my Final Measure though.
  10. GE Assault Talk

    Where to get the 10 enemies downed in 60secs commendation ?. I have 9 out of 10 but not sure where I get them. 10 ai in 60 secs, not sure where there are that many in one place without other players which cuts down the odds of you getting all 10... Anyone found a good location for that ?.
  11. GE Assault Talk

    Just got the first Mask from killing all dem pesky LMB. Just keep running Russian Consulate and you will get it. It is the hockey mask. The others are a bit more tricky (ie. do all the missions without using healing). The LS 5 piece I have works well as @Oh. daesu mentioned. MG5 rocks with it. I have just done Russian Consulate with my new 6 piece Sentries Call. First 6 piecer I have but not ideal by any means. Worked ok with good team support though. I guess Sentries has a higher drop rate as a fair few people running it at the moment.
  12. GE Assault Talk

    I am running Final Measure but the server lag means it does not always pickup the grenades. It is 5 piece classified with 345k Stamina and does ok but still goes down now and then on challenging Russian Embassy. I am running with my AR (LW M4) but use mainly for emergencies and the Showstopper for the heavy lifting. That thing is great up close. It is also helping with my shotgun kills commendation as well. I ran Lincoln Tunnel to help with the 3 enemy in 5s at the stage where you defend the tunnel. Have not attempted any Legendary one yet
  13. GE Assault Talk

    HVTs are also still good. My weeklies are all done but the dailies can still be run...err..daily Update: Just double checked on this and they have nerfed the HVT through the floor for GE credits. They are now only double digit.
  14. GE Assault Talk

    Caches for me. Not so keen on the masks. Would rather get the classified gear sets. So far for Classifieds (superior caches - different, although not necessary good pieces); 4x Reclaimer 3x Sentries Call 2x Strikers That was with 6 caches.
  15. GE Assault Talk

    Ran the 'GE Missions' last night and GA was quite fun after you get in to the concept of rushing as a team at all the AI. Drop health stations every now and then and you are usually ok. Queens tunnel has a nasty part near the beginning after the kill the shield guys and go down, as there is a sniper at the back who can almost 1 shot me. Likewise, Falcon Lost can also be problematic as there is only so far you can push forwards without getting hit by the sentry guns and the snipers can take you down really fast. I actually found it quite fun. Bought 3 caches, 2 Sentry Classified and one Reclaimer Classified pieces.