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  1. Rebel Shield

    Finally got it. Joined a team who were going after the boxes and after the second box opening two went and dies but I kept on fighting and with one other managed to clear the level and two others agreed to keep going till level 15 (the other person quit and someone else joined). Game crashed on round 13 but I got back in midway through round 14 and so got the shield. Also played with a random team last night and we got to around round 18 before getting killed via contamination. Unfortunately my Sentries build cannot clear cooldowns in 20s so couldn't switch to Reclaimer and no-one else had immu station :-(. 3rd award for TD2 now achieved. Three more shields and the last reward to go .
  2. Rebel Shield

    It isn't. Usually I would not be to bothered with this one as I can usually team up with other randoms and open two, or if the other team members don't just quit, 3 classified boxes. This time things are different.... Rather than securing a place and staying put until you need to move on and have enough tokens to open things, people are just rushing out causing the enemies to spawn all over the place. Played two rounds last night... First in carrier where one guy just charged out before we had the tokens to open the building at the far end and stayed out. Then we finally opened it but died in the contamination round (second one) even though when my immu box blew, another person in the team didn't drop theirs. We all died of contamination with only 3 enemies remaining. Second in the container port has one guy in a new team rushing to get the data breach and kill the bosses rather than farming. Had to keep telling them to come in to the corridor where the enemies can only come from one side (out of the first building, to the right and up one level). I changed to my agent with 6 piece Sentries and 6 piece Reclaimer. Contamination was fine, ran Sentry at other times but they kept going out of the corridor which resulted in spawns all over the place including from the corridor. We dies on round 13 with all the rushers. Also had around 6 crashes of TD. Updated my Nvidia drivers a few days ago so suspect that is the reason. Will try again tonight.
  3. Talon Shield

    Think most people do solo or go in set groups rather than grouping with randoms as coms etc would be difficult. You can team up in the game if you can catch someone long enough to ask them. PvE is much easier and a bit friendlier for obvious reasons but even with PvE you are still all competing for mats and gear chests etc. When starting out look for fires or shelter when your health hits half way until you get better clothing. The map shows some you have passed or that are near and don't be afraid to backtrack if you need to as it is better than freezing.
  4. Beta Registration Record High

    ... Yep, back now. When I posted previously it came up empty. Small glitch maybe.
  5. Talon Shield

    Yeah, I can just imagine them resetting the commendation score and the backlash :-). Around 3,150 -> 3,200 now after all the Underground and Survival grinding.
  6. Beta Registration Record High

    I signed up and then bought (pre-ordered) the Ultimate ed. so I am gonna be Dead Sea salty if I don't get in as, oh you know.... they don't have any Asia based Beta servers. That or I do get in (as I have flippin well paid) and they don't have any Asia Beta servers so it will the a lag-tastic wonderland. Oh the anticipation. ----- Woh, no emoticons to choose from anymore on the forums.
  7. Taking a break

    I am sorta in the same boat (burnout) but on Survival I am the reverse. I have liked it but the risk / reward is seriously low for the time you spend so I rarely played. Now days, however, there is not really much meaningful reward in the LZ / DZ either when you are pretty much geared up. Survival is a bit more random than just grinding set missions where you know the location of all the enemies etc so it is a bit more of a sense of achievement when you go through it and get out. The Hunter battle at the end really gets the blood running after all that time spent. I recorded my last run so I may edit and upload, possibly just the last Hunter battle to give some others some ideas if solo. Survival is more or less all I am playing at the moment but I tend to play solo PvE and teaming with randoms can be frustrating for the other stuff. Guess it sorta suits me at this time. The Hunter battle at the end really gets the blood running after all that time spent. Really didn't like Warframe that much. So many different MAT types with so many combinations needed for different parts and multiple parts needed for an item. Finding the right Mats for Div blueprints was bad enough in the past. This just seems massively worse, unless you want to pay pretty high costs (ie more than a top tier game) for an item (Warframe suit). I do appreciate it is free to play and gets updated often but the grind is extreme unless you are willing to throw the cash at it. The kids love it though. Currently getting back in to Dying Light and some good old zombie thumping with various home made weapons.
  8. Phoenix Shield

    It seems to work strangely. Your Hunter gets tagged to your final score even if someone else takes it out but if you are not actually grouped and others appear at the extraction and kill Hunters you do not get any credit for being there. You have to be actually grouped with the killers it seems. That would be my assumption as I am never grouped and that is what happens when others wander on my LZ or I wander in to theirs. Hunters are much easier one on one which is why solo works well IMO. One thing I will say is don't give up (unless you are downed). I have had very crap runs with really bad mats / clothing / armour finds, all close encounter areas cleared etc but somewhere along the way things pick up and I will maybe find a dead Agents stuff in the DZ and suddenly I am back in the game. My run last night was just like that. got in the DZ with 9 minutes left. Had to run for ages to get the virus cache and since I was in the upper DZ levels the bad guys were still all around, I got to the extraction zone with 3 minutes on the clock and extracted with 30s to spare solo. I have had bad luck for the first 40+ minutes but still pushed on and have rarely not extracted now. This is not due to some super excellent skills. If I can do it then most should be able to as well. It is just knowing the most likely places to loot for the items you need and going for it till the end.
  9. Survival Tips

    Thought I would just clarify which building I hide behind as it is not so clear above. The one with the smile face in front. As it has the L shape from the back.
  10. So pre-order for the Division 2 is open on U-Play. Options are different for different regions from what I hear but there are 3 options open for me (Singapore). All prices in Singapore $. Exchange rate is around 0.73 USD , 0.99 AUD (bit of a surprise there) or 0.57 GBP. S$70 - Standard S$117 - Deluxe (Gold): 3 day early access + year 1 content. S$128 - Ultimate: Couple of skins, special skill action, 7 day early access + year 1 content, larger stash size. From memory so maybe a few other bits for Gold / Ultimate editions. Remember you can get 20% off with 100 U-Play points. I got the Ultimate Pre-Order with S$25 off due to the U-Play credit discount.
  11. Survival Tips

    How I cover for Hunters (lower level parking lot extraction. 1. Facing the lower level DZ. 2. Turn right and at the top of the rams is a some metal cover (Cover 1). Hunters like to hide behind this. One Hunter spawn point (best for me to kill them) is by the parachute above my Agent. I run forwards to the cover and turn right. There is a small L shaped building. I hold up there. 3. Looking back at where I was standing in Pic 1 & 2. Hunters can spawn to the left or right at the far end but you can usually see them running iif looking this way f that is the case and have some good cover. The ramp down with the metal cover (Cover 1) is to the right. If you see a grenade circle but have not seen any Hunters looking in this direction then the Hunter spawned down the ramp to the right. 4. Same cover looking to the right at Cover 1. There is another Hunter spawn point behind me but if standing here a Hunter will not spawn at that point. Moving backwards and around the corner provides cover from any Hunters coming in this direction. From this small building you can get good basic cover from 3 sides (there is a wall to the right and only the back is fully exposed. If you are lucky then the Hunter will sprint from the cover to axe you but has to jump the wall. The LVOA-C with an extended mag and reasonable Firearms should be able to burst them down as they make the run.
  12. Survival Tips

    Ok, some pictures. Extraction build. Note usually I have just a gold holster (for the 3 stats) but got lucky and looted a dead Agent this run. The LVOA-C
  13. Survival Tips

    Done and done. Finally finished the shield, mainly solo. The last hunter ran at me and the LVOA-C burst him down in under a single mag within 30s of calling the chopper as he came charging at me to try his nasty axing ways. With the 1 1/2 minutes left on my hands I then shot a couple of reds downstairs, collected their loot and took some pics on my final extraction loadout which I will post later just in case it helps anyone else out. The LVOA-C is awesome for this and is the reason I do not use an AR for anything but the Hunters to save the ammo as, if unlucky, the battles can run for a while. Also managed to get the Hoarder and 10 Hunters commendations for Survival.
  14. Survival Tips

    I suspect there are some people camping extraction sites aiming to take down the hunters when other players come in. That can be a real pain if someone is going for the Hunter kills and after around 1 hour play someone comes in and takes the kill shot... Unfortunately teaming up on this side of the world is pretty difficult with the multitude of languages, most of which I do not speak. Have to go solo most of the time but at least I get the Lone Wolf bonus . Got and cleared the big flamer guy on just outside the bottom left of the DZ and after was pretty much purple kitted all round. Ran the long way to the closest DZ entrance to try and get a few more mats (especially Weapon parts) and ran in to someone who just got downed. Ran in and hud whilst I revived them and after realised on the other side very close were 2 gold LMB. Deciding discretion being the better part of valor, after the person was back on their feet I ran rather than risk it but saw the other Agent continuing to fight. This gave me pause thinking they may be super powerful to keep taking on the LMB but they went down again and before I knew it the LMB were hammering me from two sides and knocked me down. As I no longer had any health packs (due to reviving the other Agent) that was it for my last run last night. Got one more revive for the commendation but maybe next time I will let them bleed out and take their stuff rather than waste almost an hour of playing. Maybe I will have another go tonight for the last Hunter. Like survival quite a bit although the virus counter is quite annoying. Starting to feel a bit samey after playing enough times. Got my Black Pigeon Down Commendation last night too (Lots of survival sessions) and have around 2 more items to extract for that Commendation to be fully cleared as well.
  15. Survival Tips

    One more additional here. The Purple LVOA-C I find better for blasting down the Hunters than a gold G36 or anything else TBH. Add an extended mag and something for stabilisation and you are good to go. Snipers are pretty good for the earlier stages. SVD or M14 are great even when close with Red enemies. Purple bad guys are a bit more of a challenge. One more hunter to go for the shield .