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  1. Share your build!!

    That was super lucky to get. Very happy and it has ok stats as well. The other caches are not so good today. About 4 kneepads all TA and other items I already have... Lexington seems to be the place to grind but the Legendary give one top cache per completion and I am pretty sick of Lexington now.
  2. Share your build!!

    Oh Classified gear.... and a Ninja Messanger Bike pack :-).
  3. Share your build!!

    I currently have 5 sets running spread over 3 agents; Striker Tact Auth x2 (Napalm with Feros Mask and general without) FInal Measure Gold build (with Feros and the gloves) Mainly Exotic gear Tact Auth builds are fairly tuned but the others not so much. The TAs in the pics have the 30% bonus and the second also has the Barretts chectpiece bonus but neither have the extra SP from the Talented weapon talent proped). Strikers (just had a bit of a re-jig on it yet to be tested). Tact Auth (General) Tact Auth (Napalm legendary) Gold build Final Measure Mainly exotic gear
  4. Shut up about last stand!

    Every single time you went to collect the mats for crafting... you know, when mats and crafting were still a thing .
  5. Anyone had one of those days.... Have been playing quite a bit again recently and jumped on a few nights ago to do the last Legendary for my 3rd Agent and then maybe something else. Completed WarrenGate Legendary although it was a bit of a chore as the random team I was in were a little light on punch but that is fine. Things seemed a bit laggy and getting revived and going down before getting any Agent control was a bit frustrating but #JustDivisionThings. I then switched to my fav TA Agent and decided to try out a MDR I transferred from another one of my Agents and try running Napalm Legendary to see how it played. Well my TA build is good for SP (around 380K with the 30% before Talented is prop'd on my gun) but is light on firepower and around 280k. We played through until we got to the agents. After killing the first two, one of the other players was furiously typing that we all had to go to the lift level floor. I'm thinking 'huh', two agents to go and one with healing station ability on the bottom floor with multiple directions they and the mobs can attack from and little cover that means we will be bunched up. After hanging around upstairs but not being able to make much of a dent on the mobs (low firepower alone) I went down and, yep, we wiped out as the agents ran around in their healing station area shooting and sticky bombing whilst mobs flanked up. We respawned and they all did the same thing again !!. Same result. Probably a good 1.5 --> 2 hours wasted there. I had the same with another group on another day but one of the group stayed on to with me whilst the chat was screaming about coming down. We ignored it, managed to kill the 3rd agent and then went down and we all completed the mission. Seem to be a lot of new players around at the moment. Legendary with randoms now seems to be a lot more challenging. Needless to say, I have upped my DPS a bit now. A quick example of this was last night with a group which seemed to be 2 snipers, me and someone else I guess was hybrid. Playing legendary Napalm, we get to the long area (respawn point) and somehow manage to beet the first part, although I seemed to be getting a lot of aggro enven on my TA build which was a bit of a warning. For the second part I run to the front of the scaffold overlooking the bad guys spawns just to miss the shotgunners. I manage to take down one bad guy and then look around to see I am on my own apart from 6 shotgunners all charging me. Oh happy days. After a couple of wipes and one persons rage quit we still managed to complete. I do like the challenge but there seems to be a big lack of conscientious about how to do each stage now where it used to be there with other randoms. Steam sale recently maybe.... Anyway, anyone else been having 'one of those days.' in the Division ?.
  6. Share your build!!

    Current fave is my TA build. Needs some good firepower in the group though. As @Oh. daesu has found. Lacks enough punch in legendaries alone. Used it in a group with a Sentries Call and two other fairly light. We did Napalm Legenday but felt like it took twice as long as with a strong group of randoms. Skill power is with the 30% TA bonus. It is usually around 288k. The flame turret really has some reach on it now. Support station does around 12k healing per second @288k SP). As well as the weekly Ledgendaries, I have also just done Falcon Lost and CLear sky with randoms and it did ok. Clear Sky I ended up getting both the boxes and plugging them in and then doing the laptop... Went down a few times but only needed to be revived twice as I had revive stations down the other times. OverHeal helped a lot as well.
  7. Survival Stories.

    Maybe I will give it another go after 1.7 drops . Thanks.
  8. Survival Stories.

    Did they patch the bug / exploit where you could call the chopper at one LZ and spawn the hunter then run to another one, call the chopper but a new hunter will not spawn as the original one was at the original LZ. I heard a few were using that way back when. I have not run it for quite some time either. If it dropped exotics at XXXX points then it would add another incentive but it is a fair amount of time for basic throwaway loot most of the time. I do like it, just wish it was a bit more rewarding and I had a team to run it with as that was a bit more fun also.
  9. Views on the current exotics ?.

    I was there thinking my exotics were pretty poor until I listed them all . A few were bought before they became 'drop only' and a number of them are poor or of little value to me but recently I got the MDR, Barretts chest piece and one or two others that didn't stink. I have banged away at Lexington time after time, night after night and got nothing though so I guess some of the luck is coming back. Legendaries are getting easier as player work out the techniques that work. Make sure someone has a revive station up at all times. Practice crowd control with flame turrets or smoke seekers etc and anticipate the rush waves, duck and dodge a lot. Remember there is only 1 checkpoint in the middle of the mission. If you wipe out before it you start from the beginning. A few successful runs and you should get the patterns. Most random teams support each other with healing as they know a 4 person team clears it much easier than three or less. Remember you can also swap Agents if you have more than 1 at level 30 so you could do 12 runs for 12 exotic caches if you wanted to. I usually swap between two Agents just because they tend to be setup differently and run the Legendaries with each. I also play most nights if just for an hour or two.
  10. Views on the current exotics ?.

    Ihave got most of mine from Legendary runs. Apart from that I bought them when they were available at one of the sellers (before they became exotics). Apart from the one ShowStopper from a very lucky General Assembly (Hard) run, I have never found exotics anywhere apart from legendary runs or Incursions. I don't tend to do the Dark Zone so weekly challenges / Darkzone challenges I have no idea if they drop. I have not played it much recently but have also not found any in the Underground.
  11. So with legendary missions I have been steadily grinding away to finally get some exotics (my Lexington runs failed to produce anything but frustration and boredom with that mission). What are your experiences with what you have tried and what are you after ?. My views are from the ones I have used and are based on my play style in the PvE environment. This week I finally got a ShowStopper from a General Assembly run on hard.... I was so happy until I found myself toe to toe with a Legendary shotgunner and found it did almost no damage to them (possible server lag... maybe but still). I now realise I wish it was the MedVed... The Skulls MC Gloves I use on my golden and exotic kitted Agent. This I quite like as she can run most missions and hold her own without any gear set bonuses. The Shortbow kneepads as ok I guess. The delay on grenades make them pretty ineffective on harder missions if used as more than a diversion. The lower delay is a bit better but they still get dodged alot. Not many better alternatives for non-gearset kneepad though. Barretts chestpiece I finally got last night. Just starting to try it out but have yet to us it tactically (leveraging the bonuses depending on the situation). Bliss holster does not really do anything for me as I dont use a sidearm very much. I would imagine a Defence shield build may see some advantages. Ferros mask I use all the time when doing Legendary Napalm. Bullfrog I seesaw back and forth with quite a bit, swapping with a M4 or LVOA-C. Caduceus I have not noticed proping when I have used it so the effect of its heal is clearly not helping me very much. I am using on my TA build and have modded it for crit but still not enough out of it for me to care at this time. Liberator didn't interest me so it just sits in my cache. Urban MDR I got last week and am enjoying it but like the Bullfrog, I change back and forth with the LVOA-C as it packs a punch but sometimes I prefer the burst damage. The Pakhan I use quite a lot. I bought a few before they became exotic only and they have served me pretty well. The Hungry Hog I recently got a couple of but I am not feeling a preference over the Pakhan. The slower firing speed takes a bit longer than I would like for Time to Kill. The talen is nice if there are big groups of enemies to take down though. The Historian I liked until they nerfed it but am finding use in it again as I have put two firearms heavy builds together. Love the secondary explosions. Tenebrae I find of very limited use. hitting the week points with a sniper is hard enough but then hoping they go off as well... I have unloaded more or less a full box off a MG5 into the back of a shield guy and not have it pop. This one just sits in my cache. Cassidy I bought before it became exotic. I have never really used it but the LoneStar dual Cassidy's sounded like fun. Not sure how practical it would be though. Eir is just consigned to the cache. Tommy Gun is also just consigned to the cache. Centurion is consigned to the cache. I am hoping to get a MedVed at some point and with 1.7 the Ninjabike bag. Apart from that, just better versions of items I already have but the grind will be on in 1.7 for the Classified Gearsets more than exotics I would guess.
  12. 1.7.Build Talk

    So I am finding the PTS quite a bit easier than the Live server, possibly due to the classified gear sets. Challenging missions are fairly ok for solo and even legendary Napalm with only two others and the Sentry build was fairly doable. A fourth joined us at the defend stage before going in to the building to the watch tower. I find this quite a bit with the PTS and then when they release it Live it seems to be quite a bit harder... I am a bit concerned that the global event caches so far have given nothing different to any other caches. The loot randomisation is either broken, to low percentages to get anything remotely different (clothing, skins, classified set pieces) or I am just amazingly unlucky (this one is quite possible). I am also a bit worried if the classified sets get farmed fairly quickly then the lack of more difficult challenges (more than 3 legendary missions or even upping the one that are already there) will make things boring again so quickly. What are others thoughts
  13. "civilian in need"

    Just run past and never look back... If you do it fast enough you can't even hear them swear at you as you trot off in to the distance. Ignore those who tell you that every time you do so you loose another part of your soul and take one step closer to indifference. I have been doing it for ages and I still at least try not to shoot a civ if they get in the way of my gun....
  14. What's good?

    You could be forgiven for thinking this is the senior version of the UBI forums as a fair number of people here are err, more advanced in years and experience. I think it shows with people being very friendly, informative and inclusive. Ask away and enjoy your stay .
  15. 1.7.Build Talk

    Have tried TA 6 piece (Broken) and Lonestar 6 piece (Broken) on the PTS. The LoneStar was surprisingly good. Running with a MG5 but have yet to find a good shotty for this build which is not spec'd in to electronics. I would like to give Sentries a go again as that used to be my go to set before it was nerf'd underground. Will be interesting to see how my 6 missmatched pieces with Skulls MC gloves do in 1.7. It seems to be doing 'ok' in 1.6 live at the moment. What I have found with the legendary missions is; Time Square is fairly easy if you can handle the shotgunners rush near the start. As it is open, you can always just back peddle to make sure you don't get flanked. There are also a number of high spots for your snipers too. Napalm is not too bad with fire turrets etc for shotgunners rush in the first stage and then two up and two down for the next section. For the long area, the scafold on the right seems best with people on two floors. As the health station coverage is spheriacal, one station can cover both floors and the grenades only go for a floor at a time. On the second part of that section, go to the other end of the same scafold. Two out front and one behind the cover at teh top of the stairs with health stations and to cover for shotgunners coming up and can take pot shots when someone comes in to view. The boss fight at the end is a bit more challenging. Go for Tarantula first (IIRC) at that one lays down the health stations. As always, beware the shotgun rush. Warrengate is ok as well if you contain the enemies in the first section to the courtyard. If they get out in numbers then it becomes a big mess. Get those snipers down as well as they can ruin the run. The rest is a slow plod with health stations and survivor link keeping the team up. I have seen people using it to get just one team member up but the sooner you use it then the sooner it can be used again I guess. Unfortuantely I have not been able to find any random groups for any UG runs recently. Seems not a lot of people are playing it any more in my timezone.