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  1. From my view, having started playing recently, I would say; If you like FarCry (3 / 4) then this is likely to appeal. No radio towers but lots of missions found with intel and although they are repetitive in structure, the way they play out is not locked in like in The Division (to a large extent). The map is fully explorable from the start so no 'leveling to get to harder areas' if you can stand the walk / drive / fly time to get there and open the safe houses. The guns are ok but not as unique as I would have liked. Driving is as you would expect in FarCry rather than ARMA which is probably one of the weakest points in my view. Trying to get helicopters to go forwards faster is a major irritation. The locations are fun a lot of the time and the landscape / world is very well done. It does suffer from sniper-itus (snipe the guards from range, sneek in and mop up, get the loot / objective) which can make it feel a little boring at times but you can also ramp up the difficulty if you want more of a challenge. Multiplayer can be great but you will also have times where no-one is working together at all. There is a vote to kick ability though. I like it but it is very different to The Division. More Arcade than tactical.
  2. Sounds like Mortar fodder . I tried in a village with two side roads and a road straight ahead that looked easy but still failed during my first tries at this type of mission so will have to try and find that one again. There were also no helis around.
  3. Tried this last night and also put down 10 or so mines on the paths leading in to the mine complex but still no dice. Didn't remember to call in rebel reinforcements though so will try that next .
  4. So playing solo last night. Was getting a bit cocky with the heli landings and jumped out of the 'Blackhawk' just as I got a landing bounce which resulted in my standing in a field with the big heli slowly banking off sideways in to some trees around 5ft off the ground in the background. The resulting black plume of smoke indicated that I wont be using that one any more but luckily there was another in the base I had landed by. In a multiplayer mission for destroying the Sub (no 1), I blew the sub and then ran around the sub shed, which had a burned out Unidad heli on it, and up on to its roof whilst being fired at by all the aggro'd troops. Little did I realise that one of the soldiers had climbed in to the helis smoldering charred remains and was manning the minigun facing across the rest of the roof and they cut me and another random I was with to shreds as we tried to escape.
  5. So I thought I would drop this here so people can give advice on various missions others are having difficulty with. So I will go first with a request for help on a particular mission type. Rebel Radio: How do people do this. I have tried it a few times and they just destroy the radio every time. I have tried mines on the oncoming roads (I only have 3 available at the moment) but even then people still seem able to get out of the cars and I have a swarm of soldiers and more vehicles coming. The radio also seems very weak, which I guess it would be. What techniques do people use to complete this one ?.
  6. Remember you can use your drone in vehicles if you are not driving. Just get someone to fly over the target, pop your drone out and tag away. This is especially useful for sea based assaults.
  7. I found the 50 round AR mag last night and saw a silencer for a LMG as well so will go after that next. I have also just got the high level silencer skill which makes a bit of a difference but not massive from what I have seen.
  8. I see your humour is more of the darker kind
  9. Same here. I also have a Strikers and D3-FNC builds but keep coming back to Tacticians Auth. I use the 200% Firearms & Stamina to skill power and regularly run with around 350k SP (with a bit of TA buff). Standard turrets are really good in anything up to Legendary. Legendary needs a some other skills I find as turrets get taken out quickly if you are not careful. When doing Times Square Legendary, coming out of the subway I jumped up on to the police station and took on 3 waves of dual snipers and mobs almost single handedly (the other three stayed downstairs popping up for pot shots every now and then. It took some time but the standard turret and revive station worked pretty well. I could also take two sniper shots before hitting red. It can be a pretty strong build. Also don't forget you can also use mobile cover. My shield is around 2.5Mil health at the moment so even though I don't have D3-FNC on I can distract with the shield and get the aggro whilst the other squad members can flank and take them down. Coolheaded is great as it relies on headshots and not kills. Add some skill haste on the mods / gear and you should be good. I do still spec for destructive at the moment as I still find myself burning down enemies and that armour can take a long time without it. Brutal has too high a Firearms requirement (4870 (or around that iirc) My firearms & health ares around 4k each to proc most the stuff I want to use.
  10. This game, with the coop or AI can generate quite a few funny events. I have three that I was part of which spring to mind. Concierge Service for you sir ?. I had to capture someone and as luck would have it had just cleared a base with an APC so went after them in that. It was surprisingly nippy and I managed to get ahead of them and block the road. Not wanting my team (AI) to shoot the autocannons at him after he got out, I also got out (followed by my team) and shot by him to scare him in to submission. Well I scared him... right in to my now empty APC which he promptly drove off in leaving me with a massive Homer Simpson moment (Doh!). Any landing you can walk away from. With some randoms we were doing some sub missions and flying to the next one in a heli when we got targeted and attached by a missile on vertical landing. The missile hit when we were about 20m above the ground and we all bailed hitting the floor followed by the flaming wreckage. The tortoise and the Hare. So hunting another guy for interrogation, I was flying the chopper (blackhawk style) and positioned it so a door gunner could take out the escorts and then proceeded to go for landing but it was a narrow mountainous winding road and took me a bit of time to position before landing. One of the team (of randoms) got impatient and jumped then used their parachute to get down quicker. They did, right in to the path of a car and was promptly run over . What are your best funny moments ?.
  11. So as I have just started playing (8 hours+ in now) there are a few things I have learned that may be helpful for others just starting. 1. Do the single player missions and gather resources / skill points to upgrade. This is important as jumping straight in to multiplayer resulted in me dying or running out of ammo quickly. 2. Heli stealing is tricky as anyone apart from the heavies can jump in the heli and get away so shooting the 'Boss' does not guarantee you getting the chopper. Use your ync shot to take out all the non-heavies quickly then gun down the big boys. Plane stealing I have found to be much easier. 3. Nope its not you, helicopters are terrible to fly in this game. 4. Bullet drop is a real thing in this game. Practice those long shots before taking on that very long range sniper int he tower. 5. If you are in deep with the unidad (??) then hide or run. Trying to keep shooting will just bring more of them and Apaches which will just rocket your arse. Hiding if you can will allow for the heat to die down a bit. 6 Stop people driving cards by ramming the cars, shooting the tyres etc. Try not to run the guy you need to capture over as well though . 7 You don't have to shoot (or get any bonus for killing) all the bad guys. Just get in and grab what you want with the least killing to reduce risk of heat and swarming soldiers. Any others from people ?.
  12. So what are your fave weapons. The starting shotgun was actually pretty good at low level. It got me out of a number of close scrapes early on. For snipers I am playing with the M14-EBR (semi-auto) and the MSR. For ARs I am using an M14-A1 with grenade launcher which is good but is taking a fair few more shots to down the higher level bad guys. I like the 3 selectable fire modes as well and with the silencer it is fairly god for stealth. For LMGs I have only got the Type-92 so far but it is actually pretty good. It takes out a chopper in one mag (75 shots) and is reasonably accurate for a LMG. I have not yet tried the SMGs. What are others running with and what do you like about them ?.
  13. They appeared a day or two later. Yep I was looking for a rifle when looking for the Huntsman rifle, sot a shotty . Thanks everyone.
  14. So I purchased the G36c with xx UPlay points and I dont have it active in the loadout screen. I bought the Deluxe edition and I dont see the hunter rifle. What is up with these items or do I have to do anything special to activate them. I got the game on Steam.
  15. Ok, 4 hours in. First two hours were not good. Playing with randoms, people jumping in and out of the team all the time. Some people not getting involved etc. Dying and other 'Team mates' not reviving but just walking past. Second two hours, joined a team with a couple of guys from the US who had opened a lot of the map and one of which was very chatty. Got a M4A1 and SRS A1 plus a few mods. Got swamed and killed a number of times but it was good fun. The people you play with makes a big difference. I would agree that it is very much like Far Cry / Just Cause 2 but is a bit harder. Ammo is a bit issue for me at then moment especially if patrols get allerted. Some issues though. The turning circle for your Operator is terrible sometimes. He also does not hide very well a lot of the time. Hiding behind a wall with him facing left, rather than turning around to face right when moving right he moves along the wall facing left until his butt is sticking out, then his whole body and then he can shoot totally exposed. I feel the cover system needs a lot of work. I would have also prefered to see the option to bypass the wait for the respawn timer like lots of other games have. I think it will grow on me but is nowhere near as tactical as The Division from what I have seen so far. Thanks for everyones feedback.