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  1. Just out of interest, how many hours have you put in to the game so far in a week to get to where there is nothing of interest for you to do ?. I probably have around 40 hours in it so far and am now working on finishing all the missions on challenging and hard. I also have all 12 masks to get and the exotic weapons like the Chatterbox left to do. I hear you as far as the grind goes for gear. The dev team still have not learnt that jumping up gear scores in random large leaps just results in all but the min / maxers jumping up to the top GS pretty fast and then most of the loot drops from there onwards are trash. To this end I can see the 'why bother' thoughts myself. Stuff I still want to do before giving it a rest; Max out materials for post Tidal basin drop for crafting WT5 items All Hunter masks All exotics All missions completed on challenging (about 4 done so far). All missions done on hard (should be fairly easy now). What rewards will I get for the last two... not much, maybe some materials and some mostly junk items but I know that I have been able to do it. If you have done them it would be great if you could put together a post on how to get all the masks and exotics for the community here 👍.
  2. Really want to grind after lvl 30. Up to then you can just do the missions and it should tip you over. Going between world tiers you have to grind a bit to get the min req for the Strongholds and moving in to a new WT makes you pretty squishy and ineffective until you gear up a bit. I replayed the Island stronghold on challenging with randoms with a GS half way between the last WT and next and died so quickly multiple times. It was taking multiple mags to down a gold, let alone the bosses. I then did the Space admin mission on Gold with GS 447 with randoms and we rolled through it with me going down just a couple of times. The equipment jump the power of your Agent massively with a small increment in GS sometimes. @Oh. daesu Yep same old gear loot issues. Big jumps (at WT4 in just over a week) and higher GS items with much worse stats than lower ones. There is just two big an overlap and the lack of slow progression in favor of luck will jump you up to the top quickly just wears away the incentive to keep on grinding away for all but the most dedicated. WT5 is dues soon with Tidal basin so we will see what that brings. Oh and also a tip for those who have not seen it. You need to upgrade your work bench to craft better gear. It takes mats and cash to upgrade it but it is not automatic. I only realised on WT3 and never used it as all the craftable gear was still blue level. Upgrade is 'x' when using the bench on PC.
  3. Whilst my case is a bit unusual, grouping with randoms can be a major PITA where I am located. Most countries do not have English as their first language and as it is my only language, teaming up can be troublesome. In TD2, running missions on hard or challenging has been a bit of a nightmare with randoms as they are all going off on their own (a few run and gunners just being cut down in seconds). Trying to suggest alternative methods just doesn't work due to the language barrier. We have a Clan started with forum members and others. Makes it easier for me to schedule time with like minded people to go and do more difficult missions and to play in a more coordinated tactical way rather than using the shotgun approach of everyone going their own way and hoping it works out or we can keep the respawns going until the bad guys are all dead. If people do not wish to join clans then that is also good. Not sure what the point of removing them would be because someone does not want to join them. I don't play the DZ but I have no intention to ask Massive to remove it. Others do and like it and it has no reall impact on my play so why not leave it where it is...
  4. The three settlement vendors are the main ones with another in the Clan room but that one needs leveling up with clan exp to get to a usable level. I did encounter a NPC who mentioned a bounty to kill someone and a wandering vendor but have not tried it yet so not sure of the outcome. He was in an alleyway in the top left sector next to the Whitehouse.
  5. The skill cooldown issue is a big problem. Hope they get it resolved soon.
  6. Works both ways. I ran through a doorway to find a heavy on the other side who one hit killed me :-). Lesson learnt... listen for big footsteps before charging through doors. A lesson for real life too I think ...
  7. That is a really stupid and clunky system :-) . It really should be automatic and in game. Oh well, guess UBISoft have to get people to actually look at UPay somehow...
  8. Well it has been a busy 2 days playing. 25 hours in, level 23, 67% complete on the main story. Wasted a bit of time working out which missions were story missions after the skill points were all unlocked (no more yellow triangles on story missions). Have finally unlocked recalibration which I will test tonight. Fave weapons so far; C-TAR21 (AR) & MK17 (rifle) - yep same ammo :) M14 Socom was nice but very limited ammo. MDR is also good but more Mk17's lying around so find myself using that most often. Sill no P90 found yet. I suspect items are level locked as the C-Tar only came later for me and I have been finding new ones fairly consistently after that point. I am finding the story to be less than what it was in TD1 but part of that maybe the quality of the mini missions being a lot better and longer than in TD1. They sort of take focus away from the main story line for me but I do like that they have more depth. How is everyone else doing ?.
  9. I had a download when logging in last night so I am guessing the patch went live. Only thing I noticed is two weapon skins disappeared although, TBH, I am not sure how I got them so getting them may have been a bug.
  10. Thanks got them and joined. I have a Modmic which is good but the extra cable is a pain. They have a wireless version so I may take a look at that now. As it is so hot here I have the ceiling fan on all the time and when doing conf calls from home for work (cheap headset) I tend to get feedback concerning the fan noise so the modmic seemed the best choice. Have finally got an avitar pic sorted as well 😄.
  11. Especially as it is not summer time and the snow has thawed . Yep, send me the details. We will see how the timezones work out but I don't mind pumping in some exp as I run around and may get to team up with a few like minded tactical players. Being able to communicate in English is a significant advantage for me considering the region I am located in. Need someone to help calibrate my mic though as it may be a little high / low for play at the moment.
  12. Well it was in the closed Beta so would be a little strange to drop it for the live release as so many wanted it. Have a pic posted in this thread with my endgame character owning a gold one . It shredded with that SMG build. Devs have also confirmed there is some randomisation of the waves as they have a 'manager' routine that works out the wave composition based on a preset 'budget' so the types of enemies you face are sort of randomised but their spawn locations not so much (which is the big factor on re-run boredom IMO). A step in the right direction hopefully but I suspect it will be flawed in that it does not take in to account the synergies between enemy type (needs some fast reds to help protect the tank with a grenadier or sniper in the distance keeping us on our toes). We will see.
  13. Nice. I love the MDR in TD1 and still in 2. Them changing the LVOA-C to a rifle is terrible . As per Marco's (MS) testing from the beta, Accuracy seems only to be good for LMGs and stability is great for Rifles. No real affect of ether for other weapon classes.
  14. Not bad. Only played half heartedly compared to the Alpha / closed Beta rounds. Lvl 6 before moving to the second area so was a bit out of sync with the difficulty and rewards there. Anyone found a P90 with the lower level (non-endgame) character ?. Wonder if some items are locked to a higher level. Also found a named pistol (looked like a short barreled Rhino from memory and limited pistol knowledge). I also thought there were more gold drops from the end game mission (like the end boss) but its mainly purples this time around so mostly junk. Couldn't get to all gold gear this time. Ran with a gold AUG and P416 as they were the best I could fine. One prediction... Snipers... Snipers everywhere for endgame matchmaking. Rand a couple of runs and they were all heavily loaded with people doing the sniper specialisation. Also found a guy running Demolitionist who was just spamming grenades quite a lot. Not sure if he was just finding a lot of special ammo or something else was going on there. That end game mission I think needs reworking a bit as well as after the first two waves come down and are dealt with then you can just run down and kill the boss (better with two team members). Maybe they should drop more 'guards' for the boss drop off to make it harder to do that.