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  1. Interesting idea. To go one further I made a black female character a few weeks ago and noticed a few things. Getting from Brooklyn to Manhattan (Clearing the police station) was much easier (this was my 3rd Agent and the one before her died around 6 times with the grenade spam or getting stuck on the cover). This Agent died twice. Now on the other hand. I have not managed to complete a Survival mission with her at all. My main Agent has completed missions a number of times. One factor that feeds in though is that the game has had updates between my 3 characters being created. The game has changed so if you really wanted to do a test then it would have to be creating male and female Agents now and playing both of them through. Female Agents do not equal female players so the chance of any 'tuning' at the backend are, IMO, pretty unlikely. Human interaction however is a very real thing and I have found myself balking at shooting a female agent at the beginning because the Agent was female (regardless of the sex of the actual player). Hearing so many female Agents with male voices over voice comms soon put rest to that reservation though .
  2. On PC, double tap drops it at your feet, single tap gives an aiming reticle like throwing a grenade. Second tap tyen throws. If you look at your skills screen and turret skill, scrolling down on the details panel should show you the placement buttons to use.
  3. survival

    Nice one. I played quite a bit over the weekend and failed most of the time, usually by gunfire death with AI or solo extraction fighting a hunter (once by cold ). One I played though, I had no weapon parts but got the anti-virus, found two div tech parts and then managed to extract with 44s left on the clock (joined two others at the extraction). I have noticed that not everyone starts in the session at the same time. I had played for 1 1/2 hours and someone was dead in the dark zone for over 2 hours. That would explain when it seems like everywhere has been looted. I tend to run with he LVOA-C & a LMG combo (with the green extended mag for both) if I can but the Scar Marksman rifle served me well as a battle rifle when I found one of those.
  4. survival

    Whilst the 'Give yourself 30 mins DZ time for a more relaxed experience' is very sound, I have never entered with more than 20 mins on the clock. Another tip, don't give up... I had a terrible run last night where most stuff was looted wherever I went. I found pills everywhere but not decent clothing or much of anything else but tools and electronics (had plenty of those). By the time I fashioned the mask, I had 8 minutes left on the clock but ran for the DZ to try and get a bit of extra credit for XP at least. I jumped the wall with 6 mins left, popped pills and syringes (3 / 2 receptively) when I could, found the AV fairly close to my entry point so managed to get that fairly easily but could not find weapon parts to craft the flare gun. Went to a point of interest and found another player taking on the AI. we were shooting from the outside scaffold in to the building and 2sec in the line of fire and I was down to a slim sliver of health, no health kits but had first aid skill (took time to recharge). Turns out the guy had a friend and we cleared the building, I got 4 div tech but with 2 mins left, had no hope and then they rushed to the LZ and popped a flare. I chased after them, helped with the hunters (they did most the work TBH) and then extracted with them with 1 min on the clock. Keep going, you never know what may happen in the DZ.
  5. survival

    I do PvE. Dont need to contend with the DZ ganking gangs outside of the DZ as well . Some people run, get mats to craft the filter then straight in to the DZ. I go a bit slower, craft 2 guns if I can and two skills if I am also quite lucky. My last run I crafted a RPK that had preditory that I could prop. Made a bit difference. AI can also drop some good blue loot (one piece per mob) outside the dz but watch your ammo as they dont always drop any and you can run out fast. Purple AI can sometimes drop purple items but have armour so much harder to take down and eat in to your ammo a lot deeper. A turret can be awesome due to its force multiplier effect and multi-direction attack and distraction. I seem to spawn a lot in the bottom left of the map. I am now mapping out key locations so i can go straight to them rather than just blundering around. I tend to use water when in high loot areas like apartment buildings. If i find lots of opened loot containers then i move vertically to the next road. Usually down as lower level enemies. Finding nothing but empty loot boxes is very frustrating. Lots of ai around usually means loot is still around although not always is someone gas been sneeky. No point engaging with heavies outside the DZ as you dont get better loot in my experience. Let me know if you want to team up sometime. I am taking Christmas hols so may be arou d a bit during daytime (your evening) more.
  6. survival

    With the impending arrival of Survival for our PS4 comrades and with a little experience of playing it post PST, I thought it may be good to get a thread up on Survival tips and tricks. Here are some from me. I generally run solo so these may not be all appropriate for group runs. Apartment blocks usually have clothes in to help against the cold. Some apartment blocks have bad guys inside. If you are close, go for the downed chopper, if not then don't bother. Every safe house has pills and a fabric piece. If you rush to the close safe houses you can sometimes find some not yet looted. The pistol is ok against red AI but Craft a green weapon (or even better a blue one) as soon as you can. The closer to the DZ you go, the harder the AI. If you are finding everything looted on your path then jump up or down a road and see if you are any luckier. Avoid the 'special locations' unless you have a better weapon. You can craft medkits at the safe houses. Different safe houses offer different items available to craft. Craft the first aid skill asap. The turret skill can also be very helpful. Run to the bottom of the DZ then run up its side hugging the wall as you are less likely to aggro the AI then coming from a side road. Craft any blue / purple weapons before you go in to the DZ as you can only craft gold weapons there and need Div Tech to do so which is not common. Craft two different weapon types so you have a fallback if ammo runs dry. LMGs are my go to gun for most of the run. M60 / M249 / RPK. I tend to have an AR as my secondary (LVOA-C or G36) where possible. Craft an extended mag if you can. Avoid AI in the DZ where you can. The chopper can only carry 4 people. If a team of 4 are waiting then either know you are not getting that chopper or try to pinch a seat and force one of them to stay behind (depends on your arsehat level I guess ). If you join an extraction you do not need the anti-virus or flare gun but you do get points (possibly bonuses) for collecting them. Every DZ entry has a loot item near by. If there isn't one then someone has been there. Light the barrels to keep warm. The barrels go out after some time. There are big AI outside the DZ. I have seen a heavy flamer and MG guy. There is a heavy flamer guy at the subway morgue but he didn't drop anything special for me. Hunters have only 3 medkits. After 3 heals, they should not be able to heal anymore, give or take support stations etc (confirmed on a Massive podcast). Don't forget your grenades if the AI starts grouping up on you. Water / soda helps you find things. Food / snack bars regen health over time. Syringe / pills stop virus counter for a time (amount of time is said to reduce the more you take but I have not confirmed). Fire barrels (alight) flaming cars and buildings and even being on fire warm you up . If you are super desperate you can fire grenade yourself . What other tips have people got ?.
  7. survival

    Come on guys and girls... Not meant to be just me posting. This is also out on PS4 on Tuesday so everyone can join in. Had 2 runs last night... 1st failed badly before I even got anywhere. 2nd was not too bad. I am noting locations down as I keep getting to the same places through luck rather than through a planned route. This should change that and allow me to get resources and craft stuff to get to other locations before they are fully looted. I came across a player outside the DZ who helped me kill off some bad guys and then took all the loot. I probably would have dies without his help though so meh. I got my bits and headed in to the DZ (bottom right entry point as usual) and found the anti-virus was at the gas station LZ. I hoped there would be no named boss there this time. I ran down to it using some back alleys and took out one group of reds, only to have two more groups join in from different directions. I managed to take them all out apart from 2 and then another player joined in and we cleared them. The other player then ran off on their own merry way and I continued to the LZ. I ran up on to the LZ pad and managed to clear the initial 3 bad guys there, dealt with another 3 that turned up and then rather than wait around hunted for the anti-virus, ran straight past it down the alley at the back, onto the street and in to a group of LMB. I took them out but then another group came up behind me and a second group came from the front. I ran. No matter how good I am, I can't do 9 LMB especially when refilling ammo is not an option. I ran around the corner to the main N/S road back towards the gas station and then back on to the LZ and found the AV. I then went up to a safe house, crafted the flare gun but still could not craft a gold weapon so just resigned myself to go up to the central LZ. On the way I heard the chopper and so came running up and saw a Hunter. Opened up and did a lot of cat and mouse but the managed to down me. Luckily a medkit revive and running around saved me and I went high in to the structures with the balcony and found another player. We worked together and managed to kill two Hunters in total (they were using turrets and support stations) and managed to evac. I got a full load of caches out too but no special GS pieces as usual . Fun times.
  8. Also, are you connecting to your ISP router via WiFi or via a network cable. Your ability to download takes in a number of factors... Source ability to supply the data (bandwidth / contention / storage speed etc). Internet congestion (New round of cute kitty picks / Kardashians butt on display again ?) ISP to players home connection speed (ISP package subscribed to). Players home to PS4 connection speed (WiFi / Lan cable). 13.4GB is quite significant on a slow connection. If you are connecting to your router via WiFi then run a network cable, even if just for the download and then go back to WiFi.
  9. survival

    Ok, another couple of runs last night. Good and bad. First run was ok but found it pretty hard to find any weapon parts so could not craft any decent weapons. Found myself backed in to a corner with two mobs coming for me, all from the same direction luckily, and managed to divide and conquer them. One dropped a green SAS-G. I then came across the police station and managed to take out the 6+ Cleaners without getting fried and got a fair amount of weapon parts, crafted a purple LVOA-C and found a purple RPK but time was running out so finally managed to craft the mask and ran in to the DZ. I got in with around 12 minutes left on the clock. The anit-virus was at the same level but right across the map from me and on the way over I managed to aggro a purple LMB mob which turned in to 3 mobs but managed to get up on some scaffold and took them out one at a time from there (one mob was distracted so not too bad). I grabbed the anti-virus and ran for the safehouse and crafted the flaregun but now only had 6 minutes left. I ran for the garage roof and on getting up there heard that the chopper was on the way in. I could hear someone taking pot shots but could not see any Hunters and so carefully manouvered around the two small structures on the garage roof and when I looked around the back there was a Hunter. They were facing the building across the road where someone was sniping at them so up comes my LVOA-C and I empty a mag in to it. The Hunter dodges, weaves and then jumps down to the sub roof (accessible by the alley ladder). With grenades I manage to get them running around so I could get a good angle and shoot them (the thick wall makes it hard to shoot the sub-roof without exposing yourself). I downed the Hunter. The other guy ran over the road but the chopper would still not land saying the area was still not safe. We ran all around the roof and could not find anything but then standing on the wall at the back, I heard shots and looked down to see a red bad guy shooting something. Putting my sights on the other character on the street, it was a 2nd Hunter. Together we managed to kill it fairly quickly and ran for the chopper. I got on with 3 minutes to spare. My second run was a little less auspicious... I got reasonably well equipped but weapon parts were a bit of a challenge again but with time running out I went in to the DZ. The Anti-virus was a bit further down and I had to find 'alternative' routes due to the number of mobs walking around and only having blue weapons. I came across a virus area and thought I would try to run through quickly. 2 seconds in with blurred vision I decided to turn around and run back... 3 seconds and I was dead, no medkit revive. Bit disappointed at that outcome. Oh well, lesson learnt. I am enjoying Survival but nothing particularly good loot wise at all.
  10. I sometimes watch 'The Know' on youTube and it has had a chunk about this. The takeover failed up until this point but it was a real thing apparently.
  11. Haven't seen the issue with mats but have not looked for it and don't really craft at the moment. For the ammo issue, seems for me that I loose ammo for the mags of the weapons I have. ie. Fast travel notes the ammo stored but excludes the base ammo capacity of the weapons I have so I need to refill the base mag capacity on arrival. Whether it is purely cosmetic or actually affects the ammo available.
  12. survival

    It is probably about time to have a Survival Stories thread. I played twice tonight. First try I had quite a bit of trouble getting tools and was left with 11 minutes remaining buy the time I could craft the mask and just charged in to the Dark Zone figuring I could at least get some more exp for getting a bit further. I had a blue M249 and a blue LOVA-C plus all blue equipment by that time. Drugged up to the gills to try and buy a bit more time I started to run for the anti-virus which was up in DZ4 (I was in DZ 1) when I heard the extraction chopper... '30 seconds remaining' and it was on the car park roof just down the road from me. I charged for it and missed it by about 10 seconds. I did get two gold loot caches though. I then went charging up the map to try to get to the anti-virus and just as I was passing the central landing zone, 'Chopper inbound...'. I charged in to one of the tents with an overlook of the site and saw one player and one Hunter. I helped kill the hunter and then joined the player. Shortly another player joined us along with another hunter that we all killed quite quickly (we were pretty close so full damage from 3 directions) and we dusted off. Superb bit of luck with that one. The second was not so lucky. I got in to the DZ much earlier but without much in the way of upgraded gear (Blue M60, Purple holster and a blue mask. Rest were green). The anti-virus was by the gas station LZ in the lower DZ and I was up around DZ4. There were roaming groups everywhere. I think I had 3 groups chasing me down at one point. Well I made it to the scaffold overlooking the landing zone and there are a few bad guys there. I kill maybe 4 plus a few following me and drop my turret down. I come down the road to the side and realign facing the gas station so all the bad guys can only come from one direction and then I see them. Two gold lmg LMB guys (not the HMG guys) and one of them is a named boss. I down the normal gold guy and a few reg guys when I hear the chargers and see a guy going for me. I start shooting the charger whilst the named guy is shooting me and then the turret goes down. No problem, I have cover and there is only a charger to deal with right... Nope, click, click, click... out of ammo. I try to switch to the pistol and fumble and get batted to death. Turns out there were 5 baseball guys all charging me. Not sure how a solo guy could have done that one especially as the ammo was quite scarce that run (first run ammo was fine) and you need div tech for gold weapons now as well. Should have had a backup weapon really. I do like survival but have yet to make it out solo without tagging on to another team or player. Someone want to sticky this thread like the DZ Stories one ?.
  13. Updated the character a little. 1. Tac 16 (for a bit of variety). 2. Scar Marksman rifle.
  14. Just remeber the chest piece is rng as well so if you finally get one just hope it is not a bad roll electronic one with no armour .
  15. Agreed, fine tuning the turret placement can be time consuming but if you throw a gas grenade or use the gas seeker mine before hand it will buy you some time. Out of lift, run to the end with Ramos, kill the two AI down there, throw a gas grenade to slow the others, place turret, kill them all.... Change the gas grenade to seeker mine if preferred and throw before killing the two at the end by Ramos if that is easier. Took a bit of time and many deaths before I found the sequence that worked for me.