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  1. Ambush - Jan 2018.

    So what is everyone finding the most 'profitable' in Ambush ?. I did 4 runs of Lexington this morning before work . 4 runs still 2x top end cache. Did Times Square legendary last night (we wiped as everyone kept huddling together in the same place .... 4 caches opened, 5 different Classified items received.
  2. So I learnt from some others that there is a slight issue with the Hunter spawning in Underground. If, after the Hunters drop in, you then change leader then you get another chance to get hunters again. Rinse and repeat throughout the phases after they spawn. I think we had 3 sets on a 3 phase mission with us dying to one set (bad position and they were all around us and close from the start) but they then appeared after our respawn pretty quickly again. I am after the hunter kills mask at the moment . Last tier now but a fair few more to go.
  3. Commendations, not, that should

    Trash, trash everywhere: 50,000 pieces of trash gear or weapons deconstructed. Should take about a week. Its a miracle: 3 gearset or exotics received that you actually kept (i.e. not deconstructed) in a row. Going the distance: Don't die until 2+ rounds after opening the loot crate in Resistance for the second time. Minimum effort: Die within 1 round after opening the loot crate in Resistance for the second time. Whats in that: Kill one of each type of animal outside a food shop. Where is everybody (one for each activity): Fail to matchmake a party of 4 within 10 minutes.
  4. Resistance Tips and Tricks...

    I sometimes run Pred Mk in there and it melts pretty well up until a point. It does slow down at burst kills as you move through higher levels quite markedly. The bleed has less and less effect and it is not ideal for PvE anyway. It also burns through ammo with the Bullfrog and House . The plus side, I can face tank and run around quite a lot with 9k Stamina. I find the killer for Resistance is being able to quickly burn down or stall shotgunners or melee enemies or they will swamp you. Apart from that, some contamination protection and being able to quickly focus and kill the hunters one at a time. Final thought , protect your healer. If they go down then there is a reasonable chance the whole team will fail.
  5. Firecrest was fun but setting fire to yourself just seems stupid and really hampers the usability. Tact is my No1 to get now. Strikers I only have 3 pieces of and would really like too. I run with Reclaimers and Sentry mostly from the ones I have.
  6. Resistance Tips and Tricks...

    Haha, only the first run was my Reclaimer where we lost the databreach . The Reclaimer needs backup though when going higher level as a single gold shotgunner is too much for me to burn through with my main AR but the it is built for crits (as they give the team 9k health each) rather than actual damage. The second run was Sentries which is very nice and almost maxed out (GS 287) but the guys running Strikers are still another level on top of that. In that last room, if you hang back where I was and drop a turret you can funnel the AI as they come in and there are more or less a single column. Another turret to cover the other entrance and we are usually pretty set. Running outside like the other guy was caused spawns all over the place and then it becomes a bit of a mess and we have to go hunting. The data breach wave with snipers was unlucky... Haven't had that before on that map. Having to run out after them all the time cut the numbers down big time. We could have got the 3rd chest if it was not for that. There is another chest which works out a bit cheaper than the one we went to when you get the the third opening but it is a bit of a run away and sometimes hard to coordinate people, especially when they tend to leave or just stand and die after the second opening. I have not explored a lot of the Powerhouse as people have the go to places and routes now so don't want to risk anything else. Oh and keeping the last bed guy alive allows you to collect and move to other locations without starting the timer for the next wave . Was a good run.
  7. Share your build!!

    @genedjr: What made you go for Firearms, Skill, Stamina in that order for your Sentry build ?. What do you use it for as well. I am doing Firearms, Stamina, Skill mainly as I like Predatory on the MDR to keep giving me health back (albeit over time). I general run with Turret and flash bang, both of which are pretty fast to reload and are for crowd control rather than damage. I am generally playing Resistance though and hopefully there will be a dedicated healer.
  8. So I just finished a round of Resistance in Powerhouse and one of the team asked to have the Pred Mark Classified holster that dropped for me (not sure how he knew). I have a 6 piece so said 'yep'. He dropped a Nomad backpack which made my 6 piece nomad so worked out good for both of us. This got me thinking... what are you currently hunting for or would like to get ?. Commendations: I would quite like to get the mask for Hunter kills in Resistance, Underground and Survival but am not sure I want to go through survival and spend all that time for the possibility of maybe killing a hunter if I can get a good enough set of stuff... twice..... I would imagine player numbers are pretty low so joining with others is more unlikely as well. The X-marks the spot mission but this requires coordination with 3 other players so will be very difficult in my situation. Sets: 3 Striker pieces missing. 1 Lonestar piece missing. 1 Banshee piece missing. Weapons: A Heal with talents for Sentries (Mine had two more suited for a SP build...). The other new sniper. What is everyone else looking for at the moment ?.
  9. Game freezing my PC

    If there is a driver issue then installing one version back may be a good idea when first getting up and running. Try it out and only if stable upgrade to the latest drivers may help to avoid more unwanted frustration .
  10. Resistance Tips and Tricks...

    I used to always go to the far bay on the carrier as it has the turret, entrance to the back walkway with the sensor station which has only two ways in and there is a loot crate in the cargo container in that bay. The problem with the back walkway is that the shotgunners can rush you and we would get overwhelmed. Having both turrets up helped (from Bay 1 and 2) but then less tokens for the loot crate and having to try and defend them. For the reception area, if you hang by the desk near the entrance and put a turret by the exit doors and another by the room to the left with the sofas it gives some time to handle the mobs when they spawn. Having some spawn outside is a pain but it works well enough rather than having to run all over the place to get all the enemies. I first thought it was crazy but everyone now seems to be doing it and there is no point going alone . There is another area that seems popular for Powerhouse. In the big long room with the first data breach, right down at the far end is a bit room with a raised area and only two ways in. People are now fighting it out here and it allows you to move around quite a bit so we had two of us running and gunning whilst two others were managing the healing and ... something else I guess. Again a turret at each entry point worked quite well. Out of that room and down the stairs, till you get to the lowest level has a door in the wall that leads to a tunnel. Off that tunnel is a room with all the ammo boxes etc and a loot crate. The tunnel has two ways in so having two people defend each way in may work but there is no cover so mobile cover may be needed. I am running with either Sentries or Reclaimer (same agent has both sets) depending on other team members or Pred Mark. Both Sentry and Pred are good for damage for slightly different play styles. The people who consistently get higher kills though are running Strikers. For the leaderboards, I found Carrier was the hardest of the three. Took me a good number of tries to get there. Now it is harder with the quitters who just bail. Sure ping me or I will try and catch you at the weekend.
  11. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    If you are running a GTX 970 you can use Shadowplay for streaming. It was one of the reasons I moved to Nvidia after many years with ATI (AMD). I find it really good, not much to do for tuning and you can dump to file or stream to Twitch out of the box. I was previously using DxTory for captures.
  12. 1440 gaming

    I have moved from 1080p (R9-270x @ 24") --> 1440p (GTX 1070 @ 27") --> 4k (GTX 1080 TI @ 42") and it really depends on your screen size. 1440p on 27" was a decent step up from 1080p with the size increase. 4k is a nice step up from 1440p with the 42" monitor (Philips monitor not a TV) but 1440p also looked nice on it. The thing is that there are not so many high refresh rate monitors at 1440p and none (that I recall at the moment) at 4k and I hear that refresh rate also makes a huge difference. I have not tried a >60Hz monitor so cannot say. one big advantage of 4k for me is that on the 42" monitor it is like having 4x 1080p screens strapped together. Outside of games it lets me program, read a tutorial on programming, watch Rick and Morty on Netflix and check my emails or browse the Internet all at 1080p on the screen at the same time. I found the flicking between apps on the 27" was pretty annoying for that type of workload. The Philips is not the best for games and the menu sucks balls but overall for my usage it is the best middle ground especially considering the price. The GTX 1070 is great for 1440p but just ok for 4k at low to middle settings, so for 4k you need a top line card if you want the pretties.
  13. Game freezing my PC

    Most 'random' issues I come across tend to be heat or temp related. Grab a system monitor app you can run in the background that logs to file. I have the Corsair commander box (fan & light controller) and the software for that does it. Not sure which other apps do so but take a look at Open Hardware Monitor for example. You will then capture temp data right up to the time of failure (lockup) give or take the timing interval. I have a 1080 TI and have not hit any issues apart from freezes a couple of nights ago which I think is related to my Rift VR headset which is not working as expected after a major PC upgrade. They have not come back since my reboot. I will also check my driver versions when at home and report back. I do recall some dodgy drivers from NVidia a while ago (Patch 1.4 maybe) had a very back stuttering issue with The Division.
  14. Resistance Tips and Tricks...

    Most players seem to be in Carrier. Up until the first contamination event they are staying in the first reception centre to funnel the enemies as much as possible jumping out for the data breach when needed. On the contamination event it is charge to the end building, open it (takes around 7.5k IIRC) and hunker down there for the rest. Next most popular is the Pier 93. Quickest way to the loot cache room in the building on the right is out the starting building and directly right to the end and up the ladder. From the top facing the wall turn right and open those doors. You are then in the Turret room with the cache loot box room just off of that under the stairs. You can go in the main doors on the ground floor for the big building with the senor and turret big room but have to open another door on ground level to get to the other turret room door. For the first few rounds, try running with the pistol only . Sentries FTW . The contamination event level can be a bit more challenging due to enemy numbers but the ones before it are pretty easy. Give me a ping when you are on if you want to run through a few together.
  15. Named Bosses - Extra Rewards - Jan 5-8

    So 2x trash == trash. Just fills up your inventories quicker (like in resistance with boss waves) ...