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  1. Season 3 Challenges

    Week 2 Solo is another Splinter Cell-ing tasks. One of them requires you to kill enemy only with Headshot. AI Syncshot is allowed as well. The reward is Tier Booster. TF Challenge is to open 24 prison cages within 4 specific provinces only. Libertad, Inca Camina, and two others I forgot. The reward is called Traditional Pants. It's a paid item. Community Challenge is to detect prison cages. The reward is a Patch.
  2. GRW Forum Gone Kaput

    Coolio. Take yer time.
  3. GRW Forum Gone Kaput

    Interestingly, I can get in to the forums if I click the link from the 'latest thread' box. But as soon as I click the link to the main GRW forum page, it will send me to error screen.
  4. I can't enter my dear GRW forums. Is it affected by the recent site update error?
  5. Season 3 Challenges

    That Task Force challenge was quite a chore. Couldn't find a spot with Veterans that's within the Production province, so I went to Ocoro Delta and visited the nearby camp and Fast Traveled 7 times more just to re-recon the Veteran there..
  6. Season 3 Challenges

    6 weeks of season 3. That Solo Challenge reward is actually a paid item. I'm trying to finish the TF Challenge first to get the booster.
  7. Helicopter Update (Live) & PvP Information

    So there's actually a different PvP trailer uploaded on 31st July to Ubisoft Southeast Asia facebook page. I can't find it on YT. http://www.facebook.com/Ubisoft.BHA Not sure if you can see it or not, but that's the link to the facebook page, just scroll down. It basically shows information about the class in PvP. - Pointman: The tanker. Immune to flashbang. Close range combatant - Scout: The drone man and able to track opponents. - Sniper: Basically well, sniper..., with high penetration sniper rifle And then there's a guy calling in Mortar fire but not explained. The narrator said something like "every spec ops around the world wants to gain foothold in Bolivia. And when there is problem, there is a solution."
  8. For Honor tribute helmet

    Just sharing: If this is actually going to be For Honor tribute item in the future or in other words, it will be redeemable by having For Honor listed as your owned game in Uplay, then Ubi is currently having a For Honor limited time demo. You just need to download and use/start the game to get it registered in your Uplay. From previous experience, those who played The Division limited time demo reportedly were able to redeem The Division tribute items in GRW UbiClub.
  9. Wildlands Free Trial

    I don't think there will be an expiry date for this. It's basically a timed demo, same as Mass Effect Andromeda's 10 hours demo. Should also note that (currently) it's X1 and PS4 only.
  10. For Honor tribute helmet

    Not that I hate PvP. But I must say the awful attitude and egoistical mindset of PvP-ers commonly within PvP game mode and gaming community in general really drive me away from playing it.
  11. For Honor tribute helmet

    I hope it's a new mode instead. lol
  12. For Honor tribute helmet

    How do we get this?
  13. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    That's it. This is total cheap BS. I'm going to exploit it until I reach Tier 1 and I'll deactivate the mode for good.
  14. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    The problem is that when I do that, I get bored and eventually make Tier One somekind of a work with deadline to catch. lmao. I'm Tier 28 now. Seriously though. The difficulty is getting even cheaper. I'm forming some words to drop a feedback at Ubi forums one day about this.
  15. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    I definitely will turn Tier One off after I'm done with it. The rewards are the reason why I'm still turning it on until now to be frank. Btw, I'm at Tier 30 now. Gotta get that damn LVOA-C.