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  1. New enemy: El Inceptiano
  2. Yeah, last week they had GRW on PSN sale as well. Gold Edition only for around USD39 more or less. I would buy one for PC just to vote up the game, but my laptop is no bueno for this game. lol
  3. 700m lol I feel that guy you killed. Probably he was thinking on hitting his video game after his work hours, but you made a bullet dropped on his head from 700m away.
  4. For TF Challenge, grab a heli and fly towards Libertad Base. Look at the rocky cliff next to it. Find the ledge that has orange parachute. Now hear me out. From this point, your approximate range to your targets would be around 530m-570m. Closest range you can get would be more or less 420m, if you're lucky. So if you're not sure about your regular sniper, use the L115A, our father Quinch's trustworthy sniper rifle. On PS4, the draw distance isn't enough. Therefore I had to deploy drone, zoom to the max, get as low as possible, then I used the rebel spotting skill to scan all the available enemies. You may want to try this if you're having a hard time scanning. If you're running out of enemies to snipe because the rest are inside the buildings, shoot the Rebel cages on your left hand side to free them to provoke the SB out and easier to get sniped from your spot. Lastly, there are many objects around. If you're unsure, I suggest you to test the bullet-drop on these objects first before you start shooting at the your target. Good luck. This is a great sniping challenge. My farthest kill has been increased to 561m because of this. :P
  5. When I play co-op with male/male, I notice that the conversation is basically the normal single player conversation between Holt, Weaver, etc. Has anyone ever had or have a link to a clip showing all female ghost co-op? I'm really eager to listen to the conversation or the non-default/alternate female voice.
  6. I don't know on PC, but the button reminder for Grab and KO should show up when you're close to them. We press Square on PS4, then press Square again to stow them in a car.
  7. Usual trick. Kidnap them inside a car and kaboom. Wow. Cool. Haven't checked the monastery. I found one prisoner in a small base, but can't remember where. I think it was in the north, on the half left portion of the map if you split La Cruz province into two. But that's not going to be worth it if there's 4 in the monastery. Thanks.
  8. This week's Tees are what we PS4 missed previously. What are the rewards on PC?
  9. For TF Challenge, you can find lotsa Heavies at Buchon Chapel up north, including the camp down the hill next to it. Happy splinter celling.
  10. Lol. Yeah. I mean, the fact that it is actually a paid content (which we all know how insane the price is) gives no reason for me to ignore the challenge that's only filled with fairly simple tasks. Anyway, for Solo Challenge #1: You can find a fairly big base at the south of San Mateo. Just fly a heli and check out a base with 5 cars parked. You can find the other 3 cars on other bases nearby. Solo Challenge #2: If you're coming from San Mateo, I suggest you to pick a SB helicopter before flying to Tabacal. In the southwestern part, there's an (empty) farm beside a known Rebel hiding spot (not Rally Point) and you will find another single SB helicopter here. Park yours close to it and C4 them. Make your way riding along the river on the west side of Tabacal and you will spot a heli parked on the river bank, but that's already under Media Luna province, so hijack and make your way towards the centre of the map where you can find a big SB base with helipad on the ground right beside a railtrack and tunnel. It's being watched and has jammer. So you do your thing here, but don't die. Solo Challenge #3: I find this one as a good objective to train your distraction and stealth bombing skills. Breaking the generator with gun won't work. You have to blow it up; destroy it till it burns. I don't know about Villa Verde, but in Espiritu Santo, there are two generators. One is in the base nearby in the south of Espiritu Santo Delta, which is crowded and and packed with vehicles parked close by, it's good to be your practice ground. Another one is in south part of Espiritu Santo Base, which doesn't have people nearby within the explosion radius. Simply approach from the jungle, you will see a watchtower, a jammer, and a few people around there. The generator would be just at your left hand side, beside the cliff. Just creep your way to the cliff, throw a nade, and move out. They won't find you. Oh you're back! Where did you disappear into? lol
  11. Bruh, CQC and planting explosives? Dat's mah thing. Anyway, the Solo reward is actually a paid gun from Santa Muerte pack. Last week's Face Paint reward was actually also a part of the paid Santa Muerte (fixed) outfit.
  12. Last time when playing with a friend: "Why don't you buy Mine and C4" Me: "No, I don't want to use explosives" Me now: "Ok let me place the mine here, also here, there, and everywhere" #justwildlandsthings #evillaughs
  13. S1 Challenges really can't be compared to S2.
  14. I honestly can't play Fallen Ghosts because of the Challenges. lol.
  15. Where the hell have you been? Season Challenge thread needs you. lmao