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  1. Still wet behind the ears

    I do roughly the same, extract between 15-30 sec left. There’s a coupe options on how to run DZ solo if you can’t find a crew. You can run DZ 7-9 and use the NPCs to help defend against rogues. You’ll have a harder fight taking down NPCs and getting gear, but if you have to run from rogues you can run through NPCs, stir them up and have them tie up the rogues. There’s a route where you run along run bottom of DZ 1. There’s like 2-3 bosses and you can extract at the park by the gas station. Depending on the server, though, you can catch a lot of rogues and end up getting nothing. As for finding players, my past experience is that in-game matchmaking for DZ is useless. People don’t work together and if you get something good people might drop from the party so they can go rogue and gank you. Try the official game Discord like @Oh. daesu suggested or look at the DZR (Dark Zone Report) or SitRep Radio Podcast Discord’s. They all have LFGs and there’s people from around the world playing in them on all platforms. Hope that helps.
  2. CheatersComeback

    Thanks for the heads up. However, if you’re looking to report them as cheaters to have them investigated, you should head to the official game forums as this is fan site with no direct affiliation to the game.
  3. Starting up again

    You can boss farm in tbe LZ, run bounties and HVT and also check out the new Rogue 2.0 mechanic in the DZ. I haven’t played much since 1.8, but I would guess that the game would feel really different for you (even just the vanilla stuff), depending on how long you’ve been away.
  4. Taking a break

    Thanks for the input guys, but I have no interest in Destiny 2. I put over 500 hrs into Destiny over line 2+ years (pretty much all my gaming time) and I’m not looking to do the same, especially I’m enjoying D3 so much and it’s a huge grind too.
  5. DiGiTAL KNiGHTz - An xbox one "The Division" community via Discord

    @DiGiTAL KNiGHTz - out of curiosity, are you referring to trading classifieds when you’re grouped in-game or is there a special option for Xbox that allows trading outside of the usual system?
  6. Taking a break

    1.8 has added a new portion of the map, with the aircraft carrier that is docked in the northeast portion of town. It’s also added 2 new game modes and increased the GS cap to like 296. In addition to those changes, players can now optimize your gear, in addition to the usual recalibrsting 1 stat on normal gear and 2 on classifieds (I think that’s right for classified, I don’t have any get). Optimizing costs Division Tech and some other mats (I think) but it allows you to get pieces that aren’t to max GS to the cap. So, 1.8 added new content, but a lot of new grind and reason for that grind. I played the new horde mode, but not the PvP mode. I’m currently investing a lot of time grinding in Diablo 3, so I don’t think I’ll do it in Division. I’d need a lot of time and work to get my builds back to top GS again so I could have a chance in PvP and I don’t think I want to put that time in. I know that’s the premise of a looter - grind, hit max level, optimize gear, repeat - but I don’t think I’d have as much fun with Division as I’m having with Diablo 3.
  7. Returning Player

    I tried to run 3-4 firearms, 1 stamina and 2-3 electronics when I was actively playing pre-1.7. I would usually go heavy with stamina mods on my gear to hit the mark for stamina weapon talents. With 1.8 dropping (and since I didn’t play 1.7 for classified gear), my builds are so far from optimized that my suggestions might not be viable anymore.
  8. Dec 2017 - How are you all doing.

    Not available to try the GE at any time this week or next for that matter, so I’ll have to wait until GE 4 for my first try at at a GE.
  9. Post your agent!

    Is there another post that people were using? If not, could have been lost or purged in the host migration.
  10. Global Event - Strike - Info

    Do we know when the GE ends?
  11. Patch 1.8 Talk

    I think I’m going to try and jump in for some more exploration with @Voyager42 tonight. Still no classy gear and my GS is like 274 or 276, so I’ve got a lot to grind.
  12. Patch 1.8 Talk

    I still need to play some more before I make up my mind. Resistance was fun, basically GoW Horde and I had a good time with 3 randoms. Still figuring out the new gear (no classified gear yet) and GS. Ran solo DZ for like 45 min and didn’t see anyone, so I could farm some bosses and a supply drop easily.
  13. Recruiting players all week

    Recruiting for what?
  14. Taking a break

    I appreciate the offer, I’ll keep that in mind.
  15. Update 1.8 - Resistance - Patch Notes

    😂 I was being facetious. It looks like a TON of new stuff and hopefully something that can draw some of the crowd back. I’m really getting into Diablo 3 Season 12 and Fortnite BR, but I plan to hit up Division again in the near future.