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  1. How many accounts?

    I haven’t played in a while, but I have 3 lvl 30 toons and 1 mid-level toon. I do the same as @Oh. daesu and have certain gear set to certain toons. Haven’t played since 1.7 and classified gear, so I don’t have that issue of 6 extra pieces of gear, but I tend to keep just the best pieces of each set type on the toon that uses them.
  2. ChrisGood805 Hacker? Cheater?

    Haven’t played Division in a while, but from what I understand, if he’s using the RPM glitch Massive will catch and ban him.
  3. Taking a break

    Been pretty much exclusively playing D3 and I’m loving it. Tons of fun and lots of longevity with the seasons once I get done running the different classes through story.
  4. Worse Dressed Agent!

    Myrtle, pretty fly for a white girl.
  5. Share your build!!

    Three shottys, you forgot the double-barrel sidearm.
  6. Share your build!!

    LS build?
  7. Share your build!!

    Once I get a NinjaBike I'm going to try making a tank when either NB, 3x D3-FNC & either 2x PM or 2x AB.
  8. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Yes, do it!
  9. Show us r patch

    Cool... what's it awarded for?
  10. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Yeah, figured out where to get the vanity caches. I like the items I've gotten so far, my main female toon now had a hideous outfit: porkpie hat, orange plaid shirt, Times Square legendary reward pants and orange high tops... it's so awesome.
  11. Share your build!!

    I've gotten like 1-2 bonus items, I think that's how I got one of my Shortbows.
  12. Commendations - How are you doing.

    When you get the fragments, where do you trade them in to get them keys and then they caches? I tried looking in the new room off the side of the Terminal recal bench and it looks like that's only active during GEs.
  13. Named Bosses - Extra Rewards - Weekend September 5th

    Yeah, played for like 60-80 minutes Saturday night before getting booted by a Delta-Mike-Mike combo. I ran a hard 2 stage 3 directive UG and then like 4-5 LZ bosses and got a bunch of crap, just more of it.
  14. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Logged in for the first time last night and had 5 from past play, ran some UG and picked up like 1 more. I think I'm rocking the sausage SHD patch for now. They're kinda cool, but I'm not sure if I'll be a patch hunter, probably grab them as I get them.
  15. Commendations, not, that should

    Unless Taco Bell is Chihuahua, then I don't think I've eaten dog: kangaroo, crocodile, elk, moose... no wuh-wuh.