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  1. TL:DR - Yes and no. From the SotG where they discussed Commendations, Hamish said that they will be retroactive, but only if Massive had been tracking the commendation stat before the program is implemented. They didn't say what commendation stats were and weren't tracked, but with over 500 commendations, there's going to be a lot of work to do. They mentioned that there's going to be a commendation for car doors closed and we know Massive has tracked this since the beginning (it was mentioned in one of the early SotG), so those that hit the mark will probably get this when 1.7 drops. However, there will probably be many others that they haven't been tracking (say completing a legendary without ever getting downed) that players will have to grind.
  2. We got a shoutout from SitRep Radio also. Been a fan of theirs since like EP maybe 15 or 20 (listened to all the back EP too). I try to interact with them on a regular basis and they shared the love on their last EP (#60).
  3. Not sure what's going on here. How can we help?
  4. This is good info and the kinds of things we're thinking about. We know it's tough when you're hitting 30 with your first toon to get geared up. We're trying to offer some tips and suggestions for once a player has started to fill their stash and they're trying to figure out which piece is better if they have say two pred mark backpacks. Same with guns, if you look at one, how do you know if it's a good roll or a bad roll. This will help players start to sort out their gear and see what they have. Then, in EP 6 we'll talk specific builds - DPS, skill, tank, PvE, PvE, etc. The idea was EP 4 gets a player from new to the game, thru lvl 30 and gives some ideas on the WT1-5 grind, EP 5 helps to sort the gear they're collecting and EP 6 will be how to utilize that newly sorted gear so they can start making builds and loadouts for different events.
  5. On EP 5 we're going to be covering part 2 of our 3 part builds discussion - guns & gear. We're planning on taking about what to look for if you've just hit GS 256 on your first toon or if you've been playing a while and want some refresher info. What should we definitely cover? What do you want to hear us talk about? Let us know and listen to see how the conversation goes.
  6. Welcome to the forums. I'm not sure when you play, but I'm on most Friday & Saturday nights from 11p-2a EST. Hit me up with a FR if you're looking for someone to run with and send and invite when you see me on. If I have a spot I'd be willing to run with you.
  7. Should be loot drops too and any named bosses - LZ bosses, DZ bosses, HVT, mission bosses, incursions.
  8. Use the @ symbol and then their name as it appears on the forums so for me it would be @ DeadSockPuppet, if you get it right it will be highlighted blue. Also, as you start typing the name after the @ symbol a list of names pops up below that you can touch/click on too.
  9. I'm guessing like the last one (for HVT if I remember) and it was like double drops, I'm hoping though that there's double chance to get exotics from LZ named bosses.
  10. Welcome back, hope you enjoy what we've done with the place.
  11. I'm geeked by them too, saw the survey on Twitter & already completed & RT.
  12. Unfortunately, these kinds of glitches/bugs still pop up. If you can record video leading up to and including the completion of the HVT, send it to Massive on the official forums and they can look into it.
  13. Thanks for the compliment! @g1nt3r does all of the work in OBS for the vodcast and we each record audio for the podcast with Audacity. I don't really have any experience with video/audio software and editing. Since I don't have a good PC & capture card for streaming, I broadcast to Twtitch directly from my PS4.
  14. EP 1 & 2 are live on iTunes & SoundCloud & video from EP 2 is on YouTube. EP 3 should be on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube within the next hr or so (if YouTube cooperates).
  15. This would be my best guess as to what happened. There's not a counter or anything, it just says that you're leaving the area and if you don't return immediately you end up failing the HVT.