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  1. Division 1.8 Canceled or Delayed Due To Avatar Development????

    Something else I thought of, Siege didn't hit it off well when it initially dropped, if I remember right. However, it had a dedicated group and the game had been steadily growing and had come back to being very popular. The two games are very different, but it's possible for Division to have a resurgence like Siege, which would almost demand a sequel.
  2. Taking a break

    So, I've decided to take a break from The Division for the foreseeable future. I'll continue to mod and post here and watch/listen to SotG and Division podcasts (to keep in the loop), but I've gotten a little burned out on the game and want to get back into some other stuff. Recently I've started playing Dragon Age Inquisition, as I got that for Christmas 2014 and only played it for like 3 hrs before going back into Destiny and then ESO when it finally dropped. I've been slowly remembering how much fun I had in DA, DA2 & DAO so I'm going to try and give that a fair shake. As I said, I'll be keeping in touch with the game and still stay active here, so feel free to message me or whatnot here if you have questions.
  3. Recalibration

    Yeah, the caps are negligible with how much Phoenix credits and regular credits you can get.
  4. Division 1.8 Canceled or Delayed Due To Avatar Development????

    That's very interesting. I doubt that 1.8 will be canceled, as they claim to already have parts of it in the works (which seemed to be confirmed by ETF Charlie members), but the fact that there hasn't been any talk at E3 yet on a Division 2, it's possible the sequel was canned. Here's some things to consider on this: How valid of a source is culturedvultures.com? Has this info been reported on other sources? I'll admit that I don't spend a lot of time reading through gaming sites, but I'm not really familiar with this one. Again, as I said I don't spend a lot of time on them so it doesn't mean this isn't a legit source. Divison, despite it's faults, was Ubisofts best original IP at release so I would have to think it warrants an attempt at a sequel despite the player base dropping off. With Vivendi possibly making a hostile takeover bid, one would think Ubisoft can't afford to leave money on the table - on the flip side they can't afford to sink a lot of money into something that fails. This could explain dropping a second game and/or the movie - can you say Assassin's Creed movie? Destiny had a lot of issues (similar to Division), but Bungie is claiming Destiny is basically a 3 year beta and that the real game will be Destiny 2, could Ubisoft do the same with Division? On SotG this week, Hamish and Yannick said that Massive was hiring like 200 people to help support their project, such as Division AND Avatar and this is in addition to (I think?) hiring that they've done earlier this year for the same reason. We can only see the job postings, so there's no way to confirm that they'll be working on both projects, rather this is just what we've been told. Massive has said, via SotG, that there will be no more paid DLC for Division and that any future updates, including 1.8, will be free. So, the only money coming in for the current game will be microtransactions for emote and vanity items, not sure how long it will be able to keep the game viable as it takes money to support a live team and dedicated servers for the game. I'll probably be able to come up with more things to consider on this topic, but that's a good start. It's something I've been thinking about and I'm interested to see if more info comes out on it.
  5. "civilian in need"

    So, this changes things, as Massive has made doing this relevant again.
  6. Recalibration

    @Oh. daesu nailed this in his response. When you start recslibrating, the cost goes up each time until you hit a cap in normal credits for gear and a cap in Phoenix credits for weapons. I'm assuming the same is true for classfied gear, but I haven't played 1.7 or the PTS before it so I can't confirm this. I don't remember what the caps are for gear and weapons, maybe like 300-400k credits (gear) and 200 Phoenix credits (weapons).
  7. GE Talk

    I've heard there's a handful of hacks and/or cheeses that allow players to inflate their GE scores to hit the top of the leaderboards and that many (possibly most all) of those in the top tier are there from nefarious means. Massive said on the last SotG that they can determine players that are cheating and will ban them from the game, but that's for hackers, not sure about cheesers since they're not actually "cheating" per se. They did say that leaderboards are just the way they're starting out the GE and that they're working on tying the rewards to something else as a measurement to help reward players for skill as well as dedication and play time (the current leaderboards really just reward play time). They mentioned some ideas on SotG and said they're looking for more, but no ETA on when that might change or if it actually will change.
  8. Gear Bonuses - Updated for 1.7

    From what I remember, though, unless they changed things you can mix regular and classified gear for the 2, 3 and 4 pc bonuses, allowing you to get the benefit of the higher stats (armor and firearms/stamina/electronics) from the classified gear while still maintaining your set bonus as you collect classified pieces.
  9. Gear Bonuses - Updated for 1.7

    Saw this pic on Twitter today so I thought I'd share. It has the updated lists for the set bonuses, including the 6 sets for which they've created classified sets for.
  10. Share your build!!

    That's what I have pictured above. Not sure how good it would be PvP and it gets wrecked from range, but it could be tweaked to make it viable in PvP.
  11. 1.7 PTS Ends

    You got any lotto numbers or who's going to win the Mayweather-McGregor fight?
  12. Share your build!!

    Try the dual Cassidy Lone Star build, folds fools a close range like an overcaffinated oragami artist.

    Nah, didn't have the money for a big wedding and honeymooon so we saved up money to go out there for like a week, hang with some friends that live out there and got married.

    I know how that is, got married in Vegas 10 years ago an I was sick the whole week we were there. And it was a planned in advance wedding, not a drunken night.
  15. Share your build!!

    I ran the tri-shotty when LS first came out when sausage, M870 and double-barrel and it was a blast for CQB. Didn't do much from range but tons of fun on Underground.