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  1. That's what happened with me. It must have been a problem with my connection to the server, because everything was fine for me but was messed up for the rest. They said it sounded like I kept getting run over by or running and banging into the vehicles.
  2. Played more tonight and the AR I'm running is the ACR. I also picked up the SR25 sniper and I've become a fan of it when I'm not hunting vehicles with the HTI. I've got a shortened barrel on the SR25, so it's basically a harder hitting and longer range semi-auto AR. Works quite well with the ACR.
  3. Spent the night hanging out of choppers and running after and into vehicles that I was "riding in". #justwildlandsthings
  4. You guys act like you've never seen boats dancing.
  5. YES! That was tons of fun to play, especially being on the top of that building where you had some inside work cubicles and some outside on the rooftop.
  6. I doubt it will go beyond cosmetics. If they were planning that, I think they would have already implemented it, asking with a year 2 season pass, in an attempt to draw funds for bigger DLC plans.
  7. I'm a fan of the M4A1 and the G36. There's another AR that I've been using too, but I don't remember off the top of my head what it is.
  8. It might also be using lvl 30 weapons. Like everything else, they perform different than 1-29 items. When I'm leveling toons, I like the 416 as my main weapon, but I never use it once I hit 30.
  9. Not being able to crouch & go prone were big ones for me.
  10. I'm not sure if there is one, but have you tried looking for a short barrel for it? You lose some accuracy and range (maybe damage) but it can make the gun much faster to bring to bear, especially for CQB.
  11. I think the opposite of the guns. They remind me of the original R6 from 20 years ago: more realistic, better feel, better sound, bullet drop, scatter patterns. Red Storm did a great job with them.
  12. Glad to hear you were able to figure it out.
  13. DeepFriedDave posted up this spreadsheet on Twitter for those looking for help. While he says it hasn't been updated for 1.6, it would still give a starting point.
  14. Run two ARs with a 4 piece AlphaBridge set and roll some bonus ammo on your gear. If you're going to run two of them, get the bonus weapon talent. Also, take some other weapon pairs, namely SMGs and LMGs. Give it a try, you'll probably love it.