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  1. Set them all up on one domain with some kind of Clancy name to it and then make sub-forums, similar to how the Division Forums and Wildlands Forums are all on domain review for now.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on that.
  3. Looks like I might try these when I start the build: Chest - Barrett's Mask - refreshing or enduring Pads - Shortbow Pack - Specialized Gloves - Skulls MC Holster - steadfast or nimble Some of the choices might be made for me based on the pieces I have available and how they fit together for firearms, stamina, electronics and weapon talents.
  4. Hmm, might carry both in the toon and use steadfast as the primary choice, since the game is a cover-based game.
  5. I agree with the comments from above. Out of curiosity, would you migrate the Wildlands content from here to the new site? Also, I don't know it if makes sense, but maybe a domain name change for this site to something like, or Not sure how hard that would be but then you could keep the site as-is and possibly add a section for other Clancy games like Rainbow 6 Siege.
  6. Yeah, nimble is the holster I keep thinking of, I'll have to see what my stash has.
  7. Yup, glad that I was able to clear that up. Once you hit 256 with your first toon, you forget about this difference because your gear is all 256 so both scores are 256. And with your 2nd-4th toons (if your make them), you usually have extra 256 gear from your first toon so you generally hit lvl 30 and go right to GS 256.
  8. If you're taking about healing (first aid or medkits), this is a known problem that they've been working on for a while. If not, I'd suggest posting the issue up on the official Ubi forums for the game.
  9. Let's start off with a little background on how GS is calculated. After 1.4, they started calculating PvE or Light Zone (LZ) GS (what you see on your character screen) and PvP DZ GS (hidden to players) differently. Before 1.4, cheaters would max out their gear and equip a secondary and sidearm with super low GS so they could artificially lower their GS to get into lower GS DZ brackets to grief players. In order to fix this, the following changes were made to how GS is calculated, these weren't published by Massive but the community figured it out. Also, you'll notice that the calculations use the old weapon and gear item max scores, I didn't change these (pulled from an old post) to better illustrate the potential difference in scores. The GS showing on your character takes into account your 3 weapons and your 6 year pieces. For example, if you have all 229 weapons and 268 gear pieces, your GS would be 256 on your screen: (3x229 + 6x268)/9 = (687 + 1608)/9 = 2295/9 = 255. The GS for DZ purposes looks at your highest GS non-sidearm weapon (primary or secondary) and your 6 gear pieces. Using the same example above, your DZ GS would be 262: (229 + 6x268)/7 = (229 + 1608)/7 = 1837/7 = 262.4 or 262. From the info you gave in the post, here's what your toon has equipped: Chest - 256 Mask - 204 (256) Pads - 204 Pack - 204 Gloves - 204 Holster - 256 Primary - 229 Secondary - 229 Sidearm - 204 Note: You said that without the mask you have a 256 chest and holster and the rest, as well as your sidearm, are 207. Since the changes GS that put weapons and armor on the same scale, those 207s would have to be 204s. Without Firecrest mask: LZ GS - (2x256+2x229+5x204)/9 =221.1 or 221 DZ GS - (2x256+229+4x204)/7=222.4 or 222 With Firecrest mask: LZ GS - (3x256+2x229+4x204)/9=226.9 or 227 DZ GS - (3x256+229+3x204)/7=229.9 or 230 So, based on the above info, it looks like your issue is that you weren't aware that LZ & DZ GS are calculated differently, because you should have a LZ (displayed on your character screen) score of 227 and a DZ (hidden) score of 230. Hopefully this explains what you're seeing. If you don't think this is correct, double check my math or post up an issue on the official Ubi forums for the game.
  10. I was hoping this was the case. I'm going to check tomorrow to confirm that the CBT client DL'd the OBT update on my PS4.
  11. For my first and third toons, I've got two builds and have been thinking of creating a HE build for my second toon. My first and third have primary & secondary weaps spec'd for the builds and I'd probably do the same for my second toon. Currently here's what I have: 1st toon: 4x Pred/2x HE & 4x D3-FNC/2x HE 2nd toon: 4x Tach/2x HE 3rd toon: 4x Reclaimer/2x HE & 4x Banshee/2x HE I've started making notes and have come up with the following (I only have the 3 named pieces listed): Chest - Barrett's Mask - ? Pads - Shortbow (maybe) Pack - Specialized Gloves - Skulls MC Holster - ? I'll probably end up going thru my stash and tinkering with masks and holsters, but I thought I'd see what kind of suggestions people might have. I know HE builds aren't always the most effective, but I'm looking to "clean out" a little gear, mods & weapons from my stash before 1.6.
  12. I've been mostly farming in prep for 1.6, but I'm up to help if I'm free. I tend to play Fri/Sat from 10p-2a EST. PSN ID: DeadSockPuppet
  13. Really excited to get back into this and I'm interested to see if we can get above lvl 8. Not sure if that was the cap for CBT, but that's where I got to and incompleted the story missions and a good chunk of the side missions. That being said, shouldn't the hashtag be #GhostRecon and not #Ghost Recon?
  14. My guess would be no. If I remember right, we had to restart toons in OBT the Division, whether you had played CBT or not.
  15. Welcome to the group!