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  1. Glossary Of Terms - when new to the game

    I haven't had a chance to look through the list to see if they're all still relevant for The Division 2. Might be worth making an addendum video that covers the new things for The Division 2, like Specializations, Brand Sets, etc.
  2. The Divison 2

    I'm not so sure. We have to remember that the game isn't being built from the ground up, rather it's being made on an updated version of the Snowdrop engine. It's possible that many of the assets just needed to be updated and moved into the new environment. Also, the base game is there, so they really just have to work on implementing the changes that we've seen as opposed to starting from scratch. We'll have to be on the lookout for the betas and that will probably give us a better idea as to when the game will actually launch.
  3. Survival in The Division 2

    There has been a lot of concern that when The Division 2 launches, it will take a step backwards like Destiny 2 and strip away many of the features and game modes that The Division 1 currently has. As part of an interview with Julian Gerighty and Mathias Karlson, Skill Up asked what kinds of things we can expect The Division 2 to launch with. He specifically asked if his favorite mode Survival would make an appearance. While Gerighty didn't confirm The Division 2 would have Survival, he did say he would be surprised if it didn't come to the game. Taking that info in, I put together a quick video on Survival and what we might see in The Division 2.
  4. The Division 2 First Impressions

    Here's my first impressions on what all we know and have seen for The Division 2. I've also covered some questions that I have so far and speculated on when I think we might see the beta.
  5. Division 2 Beta Sign Up

    Are they just picking select names from those that sign up for the Beta?
  6. The Division 2 Trailer Compilation

    I've pulled together a handful of the trailers for The Division 2 that have come out of E3 2018.
  7. Snowdrop was updated to 2.0, so there’s even more horsepower under the hood of The Division 2. There were many things that I noticed that are most likely a result of the Snowdrop update. I was super exited for this trailer, loved every second of it, registered for the beta, and I’ll probably preorder it.
  8. Division 2 Beta Sign Up

    Yeah buddy!!!!
  9. The Divison 2

  10. Glossary Of Terms - when new to the game

    Hmm, would make for a good series of videos for new/returning players. 🤔 Not sure I have the time to make them, but definitely something to consider. These, at least the first one, might take more time than I can usually dedicate to my vids if I wanted to do them correctly. Might have to look at working on them during some vacation time I’ve got coming up. We’ll probably have a better idea of how relevant the info will be after the reveal at E3 on Monday, which would be a good gauge as to whether it’s worth putting the time in.
  11. Ubisoft Uber Sales

    Hmmm, $10 for PC? My laptop wouldn’t be able to play it, but I got into the NVIDIA GeForce Now beta, I could use that to see what the game is like on PC if the NVIDIA program is still running.
  12. Reactivation Caches

    I think they’ll just show up in everyone’s Rewards Vendor, no requirement. I don’t know if you play the game for the first time if you’d get one, but it would make sense that they give everyone that plays the game one so that they could experience end game and possible get hyped for The Division 2.
  13. Patch 1.8.2 - Announcement

    There will also be the Reactivation caches (separate post) that are designed for players that come back to the game before The Division 2.
  14. The Division 2 Hype Trailer

    To tie in with E3 and what should be the reveal of The Division 2, I've put together a hype trailer.
  15. Possible Factions in The Division 2

    With E3 right around the corner, we should be getting more info on The Division 2 - hopefully a trailer, some gameplay, and info on what we can expect from the game. As part of that, we have to wonder what kind of factions we might come across. Are we going to see the LMB, Cleaners, Rikers, and Rioters again? Will the Hunters make an appearance? Will players be able to play through the game as either SHD or Rogues? I explore all of those questions as well as lay out 5 archetypes that I think new factions would come from.