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  1. Yup, it's probably what makes the open world work without load screens. Damn you Wildlands for not giving me what I want when you give me what I want! 😂
  2. Glad to hear the feedback on them, make sure you post up your thoughts on the official forums so they can consider them with the PTS and final build of 1.6.1.
  3. The key to remember is with load outs, you'll be able to create up to 6 load outs for a toon, but you'll have to have all the weapons/gear on your toon in order to be able to utilize all of your load outs. From what I understand, if you have gear in your stash and it's on a load out you select you'll be prevented from using the load out and will get a message why. Load outs are still in PTS, but I don't see them changing this element. Taking that into account, I'd suggest getting used to carrying all the weapons and gear on your toon that you think you'll want load outs for. You'll get a feel for how the load works and how your full your inventory will be.
  4. I'd offer to help, but I'm on PS4 and I haven't played it yet anyways. If you don't find help here, possibly try an LFG on one of the Divsion Discord servers.
  5. My toon is like lvl 19 or 20ish, but I've unlocked all 5 of the expert skills. I'm currently working on collecting all of the medals and finishing unlocking all of the skills 100%. I'm not sure if you can unlock all of the skills, but I'll see what I can do.
  6. Yes, so yes. I tend to store a decent amount of mods in my stash and having to scroll through like 90-100 weapons & gear pieces before getting to mods sucks.
  7. I'm just gonna leave this here...
  8. Yup, I think that was the pic from the Wikipedia entry I looked at. We call them pumps or gas pumps in Michigan.
  9. TIL what a petrol bowser is.
  10. Welcome! I'm on PS4 and in the US, so things probably wouldn't work out that well. One suggestion, try clearing all of the side missions and events and search the alleys and building a in the area you're working in before hitting the story missions. This should help gear you up before hitting the story missions.
  11. I had been mainly running my PM toon, now I'm working on a different one with the HE build that I'm tweaking. I'll have to try running it again before 1.6.1 and after to see the change.
  12. Wha-what?!? I didn't know this was a bug, explains why I don't get the bleed rolling as fast with my PM build.
  13. I've updated my post from above to list what HE items I'm running with my sets and I've listed my HE/exotic build that I put together today. Ive posited a pic and some more detail on my HE/exotic build in the Builds thread here:
  14. Here's my new HE/exotic build: Chest - Barrett's Mask - Tenacious Pads - Shortbow Pack - Specialized Gloves - Skulls MC Holster - Steadfast Bullfrog MP7 Pulse, overheal, tac link I started with smart cover instead of pulse and Pakan instead of MP7, but the above mix seems to work best.
  15. ^ This!