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  1. Since update 1.8 in #TheDivision, there has been a lot of talk about whether players should return to the game and whether new players should pick it up. Here’s my thoughts, what do you think?
  2. Optimization

    I don't know if I'd run them happily, but I get what you're saying. We ran Legendary missions (Napalm and Times Square) at 256 before classified gear and optimization was a thing. People talk about running solo Legendary missions and I was like that sounds like slamming your wang in a car door, but I didn't think about the fact that most of my builds are like 275-279, so 20 points higher than the last time that I tried running them in a group. I probably won't run them solo, but I might look at running one with randoms.
  3. Returning Year 1 player LFG

    @CO1-LFC I too just recently came back to the game after playing it for the about the first 18 months. I'm also on PS4 and tend to play Friday and Saturday nights starting around 11p EST. Feel free to hit me up, I'm probably going to be farming gear in Underground, DZ, and with LZ bosses for the foreseeable future.
  4. Forum Ranks

    Exactly, but I expect it to be playing so everyone else can hear it too
  5. Forum Ranks

    Damn skippy, where’s my Imperial March played on kazoos?
  6. Taking a break

    @CO1-LFC you should check out the Groups thread for LFG and clans: http://www.thedivisionforums.com/forum/32-find-groups/
  7. 12 Things Division 2 Needs

    Following Massive’s announcement that Division 2 is in the works, I assembled my thoughts into 12 things Division 2 needs while we wait for more news at E3. Give a watch and add to the discussion by putting your thoughts in the video’s comments. I look forward to hearing if you agree or not and what things I may have missed.
  8. The Divison 2

    Yessir! And there should be a GE coming soon (possibly next Tuesday), so I should get a chance to see how those run.
  9. Forum Ranks

    Alright, now that I'm back at this, I'm coming for the 2K post mark and the custom hot pink Jedi or Sith tag
  10. Taking a break

  11. The Divison 2

    With the news of Division 2, I've come back to take a look at the game and get reacquainted with an old friend. Haven't really played since 1.7 dropped, so I've got a lot to see. Explored the piers some, ran some Skirmish and Resistance and checked out some of the older content. I still need to see the changes to UG, as I hear they've done some great work with that (checkpoints, new directives, Hunters, etc.). As a result, I'm currently working on finishing my "what Division 2 needs" YouTube video. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight and it should post to my channel tomorrow morning at 6 AM (EST). I'll post a link in here when I get to work tomorrow and y'all can take a look and see what you think.
  12. Aside from gaming, what are your other hobbies?

    Spending time with my wife and daughter, I’ve been reading a lot more, going back to school for my MBA will start this fall (20 yrs after I started my undergrad) and I’ve been watching a lot of “how to YouTube” vids so I can work more on making YouTube vids and growing my channel (gaming vids, live streams, noob graphic design, etc.).
  13. Consoles. Specs off pause

    I just thought of this, they should make a hybrid where for like $200 you buy a box and controller and then all the processing is done in the cloud or server side. NVIDIA has a new GeForce Now program in beta where they showed a $200 laptop playing PUBG side-by-side with a $2k+ gaming laptop and it was fairly close in quality. With this kind of setup players could probably upgrade the box cheaper and the “horsepower” could be housed on the server side. For those that aren’t aware of GeForce Now: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/geforce-now/mac-pc/
  14. Consoles. Specs off pause

    The reason I like console is because the games come out designed, and hopefully optimized, for that specific hardware config. When you’re working with PC, the game is optimized for the Dev rigs and plays on many configs. It’s also nice to not have to always be upgrading parts. Granted, if there were no consoles, games would probably be a lot better if they weren’t handicapped by hardware that’s a couple years old. Games like Division, Wildlands, Destiny 2, etc. could offer more if they weren’t tied to consoles that came out in 2014 and probably gave 2011/2012 components.
  15. Still wet behind the ears

    I do roughly the same, extract between 15-30 sec left. There’s a coupe options on how to run DZ solo if you can’t find a crew. You can run DZ 7-9 and use the NPCs to help defend against rogues. You’ll have a harder fight taking down NPCs and getting gear, but if you have to run from rogues you can run through NPCs, stir them up and have them tie up the rogues. There’s a route where you run along run bottom of DZ 1. There’s like 2-3 bosses and you can extract at the park by the gas station. Depending on the server, though, you can catch a lot of rogues and end up getting nothing. As for finding players, my past experience is that in-game matchmaking for DZ is useless. People don’t work together and if you get something good people might drop from the party so they can go rogue and gank you. Try the official game Discord like @Oh. daesu suggested or look at the DZR (Dark Zone Report) or SitRep Radio Podcast Discord’s. They all have LFGs and there’s people from around the world playing in them on all platforms. Hope that helps.