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  1. Global Event - Strike - Info

    Do we know when the GE ends?
  2. Patch 1.8 Talk

    I think I’m going to try and jump in for some more exploration with @Voyager42 tonight. Still no classy gear and my GS is like 274 or 276, so I’ve got a lot to grind.
  3. Patch 1.8 Talk

    I still need to play some more before I make up my mind. Resistance was fun, basically GoW Horde and I had a good time with 3 randoms. Still figuring out the new gear (no classified gear yet) and GS. Ran solo DZ for like 45 min and didn’t see anyone, so I could farm some bosses and a supply drop easily.
  4. Recruiting players all week

    Recruiting for what?
  5. Taking a break

    I appreciate the offer, I’ll keep that in mind.
  6. Update 1.8 - Resistance - Patch Notes

    😂 I was being facetious. It looks like a TON of new stuff and hopefully something that can draw some of the crowd back. I’m really getting into Diablo 3 Season 12 and Fortnite BR, but I plan to hit up Division again in the near future.
  7. Update 1.8 - Resistance - Patch Notes

    So, just a little patch with the same old same old?
  8. Taking a break

    I don’t really have any friends that play the game anymore, so solo play is what I’ve got to work with. I’m be tried matchmaking in the DZ a handful of times and it sucked ass. I’ll probably be relegated to the world boss runs.
  9. Taking a break

    I plan to make an appearance for 1.8, not sure when, but I want to see what it has to offer. I've managed to miss GE 1 & 2, and will most likely miss GE 3 depending on when it is (still gots no classy gear), but I want to take a look at the carrier portion of the map and whatnot. I haven't really listened to SotG or any casts in like 3-4 months, so I'm going to be surprised by what I see, most likely.
  10. PTS - 1.8 Release Date

    I've stopped in and tinkered a little this week in the game and will probably come back for 1.8, to see what the hub-bub is all about. I'll probably miss the GE (again) because the week of the 12th is exam week/book sell back at work and the weekend my family is in town for my daughter's birthday. Maybe I'll catch a night somewhere during the week of the 12th, but unlikely.
  11. More Character Slots

    I personally prefer the load outs over multiple characters. Having the load outs allows you to have different gear setups to more easily swap between activities. With load outs you could go from Incursions, to DZ, to boss farming and then on to Last Stand with the same character. If you use characters and have like one for PvE, one for DZ and one for PvP you’d have to deal with swapping characters and the rejoining your group to do this - much slower and annoying.
  12. Taking a break

    Definitely worth picking up the DLC with the Necromancer, I’ve had a ton of fun with that.
  13. Taking a break

    UPDATE: I plan to main Diablo 3 for the foreseeable future. I’ve been playing it on PS4 for the last 2+ months and I’m having a blast. I have 2 lvl 70 toons (Crusader & Necromancer) and plan to start a third (Barbarian) on Thursday (11/9) when Season 12 starts. From what I’ve heard, seasons last around 2-2.5 months so I’ll be tied up with that until after the start if the new year. After the season I’ll probably keep grinding other classes while mixing in games I get for Xmas. Along with getting burned out on Division, I’ve been trying to grow my Twitch channel and build a community. While Division has an awesome community, the game content that draws viewers (Last Stand, Incursions, etc.) doesn’t interest me enough to regularly run, requires a regular group that I don’t have or both. Diablo 3, on the other hand, has a lot of modes that both viewers and I enjoy. I’ve also been really itching to get back into a good RPG with some longevity, which Diablo has. I gave Dragon Age a go, and will probably go back at some point, but I’m still not getting hooked as quickly as I did with other DA games. And since Diablo 3 is also a grindy looter, I just don’t have time for Division. I will keep in touch with the Forums and with @g1nt3r, but I’ve stopped following SotG and have been focusing more on Diablo and Twitch related videos and podcasts. I’ll still try to offer input where I can, but I’ll no longer be as knowledgeable on the game going forward. If you’d like to keep touch with me, you can still hit me up here on Twitter or here on Twitch. I’ve also been posting highlight vids from Twitch to me YT channel (search DeadSockPuppet). If you’re free, I’d always appreciate seeing you guys stop be chat on Twitch. TL:DR - I’ve moved from Division to Diablo 3, I’ll keep an eye out here, hit me up on Twitter and/or Twitch if you like and if you Google DeadSockPuppet the results are pretty much all me.
  14. My current build

    Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but @Jaypeg did a pretty good job of explaining this. Quick recap - there’s two types of gear mods stat (firearms, stamina, electronics) and skill (seeker mine, ballistic shield, support station, etc.). If I remember right, you get 4 stat mod slots and 5 skill mod slots on your gear. Spec the stats on your pieces as I suggested above and then use stamina stat mods on all your stat slots and anything that’s for ballistic shield in your skill slots.
  15. How many accounts?

    I haven’t played in a while, but I have 3 lvl 30 toons and 1 mid-level toon. I do the same as @Oh. daesu and have certain gear set to certain toons. Haven’t played since 1.7 and classified gear, so I don’t have that issue of 6 extra pieces of gear, but I tend to keep just the best pieces of each set type on the toon that uses them.