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  1. Looks like I was thinking of the right mission, there was more shelving but same idea.
  2. If I'm remembering the mission right, you fight him in a auto shop type garage that has two parralell shelves of supplies that are set up similar to the electrical fixtures in the final room in Warrengate. You enter from a large already open roll up door and he comes out of an office area on the opposite side.
  3. I'm in a similar boat @quinch1199. I've beaten FL & CS once each, I think on HM for both, and I haven't even tried DN. At some point I'll probably try to run it just to say I did, but it would be just for that and not for gear. So, I might try to knock down to WT4 and run it in HM just to get it done. It's not like Destiny raids where you need to run the hardest mode to get gear exclusive to the hardest mode, so you why make it difficult if you're just running it to say you did.
  4. It's not really difficult to begin memorizing the locations. It really helps to run the LZ and start getting really familiar with the LZ map so you're ready for Survival. Most people play the DZ enough and can navigate it fairly easily, so you really don't have to learn as much there. Since you probably won't see as many people in the DZ, memorize a handful of scatters Div tech locations so you can build the final gear you need and if you come in from the LZ with a good chunk of mats you should be fine. As for rotating locations on gear, I thought I remember hearing or reading that it's rather difficult to set that up. However, they got it to work with rotating HVT locations and season pass supply drop locations, so they might be able to adapt those algorithms to Survival drops.
  5. It took me a couple weeks to find a decent G36, then I got a handful of good ones. My Reclaimer/Banshee toon has 2 (if I remember right) one with skill-based talents for Reclaimer mode and one with attack based talents for the Banshee mode.
  6. I run the same thing, I just alternate between the Liberator and my G36.
  7. The only HE blueprint I think you get is from beating the SP game, but it's like a GS 163 sidearm so it's nothing special. That being said, each week there's tons of blueprints available at the various vendors and like @Oh. daesu said, crafting your own mods and items can sometimes be the best way to upgrade your gear or "find" the piece you need for your build. As for Burris, I've pretty much played the entire game in a group all 3 times I've played it, so we've just used focused fire and alternating who's shooting to draw threat, something you can't really do solo.
  8. Even with a high mitigation, you can feel a little squishy if your HP is low. Lower stamina number means less HP and slower regen, could be what you're experiencing.
  9. Using the vid that was on it? I have a variant that carries both he Liberator and a G36 with skill-based talents. It's probably the fav of my builds. That toon has a Banshee set as a backup for when I want to run DZ.
  10. I usually toss turrets in roofs and walls so they can't be stomped and support stations behind some form of cover, usually a little behind the "front line" so my squad is protecting it. Of course, I run support station on my reclaimer build and I've got all sorts of mods so it lasts forever and has expanded range, if I remember right.
  11. Interesting, but why would I purchase a game I already had on the 360? Did the key say when the beta is?
  12. Not sure why you didn't see it: I didn't create the map, just found it on Twitter. I was a little surprised that there wasn't more interest in the thread on here, but I guess I might have posted it in a wierd spot or something, however it should have shown up if you checked the "unread content".
  13. Are you talking about this map? If so, I created a thread with it a couple days ago.
  14. @WarKingDread thanks for posting what you have equipped, it's almost always the first thing I post (what are you using) after someone shares their build. Really neat setup.
  15. Clothing doesn't take up inventory space, so the more you have the more you can customize and accessorize your toon and if you're lucky you'll have tons of weapon skins (also don't take any inventory space) and you can match your hardware to your outfits. As for crafting, I didn't do a ton until I started getting HE blueprints from vendors after hitting lvl 30. Under 30 I just break most things down to start stockpiling mats until I hit lvl 30 and can work on HE crafting.