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  1. Share your build!!

    First post in a long time. Left the game at 1.6 and have been grinding consistantly since 1.8. Loving the CL NOMAD build. I'm not afraid to go in the DZ alone anymore. I just recently fought off 3 douche bags that booted me off their team and then went rogue. Downed them all 3 times each before they got me. I'm impressed becuase I'm a marginal PVP player. I just followed a couple of YOUTUBERS builds and tried to mimic them exactly.
  2. Not Too Shabby of a Build?

  3. Can't Access Map/Menu

    Tried that and it worked but went back in to HQ and "tooled" around and then back to nothing again. I guess I have to keep heading there first? THank you for the suggestion!
  4. Share your build!!

    My "Regular Build" (missing 268 Final Measure knee pads) and my "Skill Build" (need 268 Tac Gloves , Chest and knee pads). This is for PS4. I can't wait 'till we go live with the Underground. I'm going to have fun with the new gear set ups!!!
  5. Can't Access Map/Menu

    Hey, Ubisoft. Love the game but I've been having problems accessing my map/menu since the update. FIX IT NOW PLEASE!!! I push the main pad on my controller and nothing happiness. I'm on a PS4. It's so damned annoying. Anyone else either these problems?!

    When I push on the pad on my controller for the menu/map screen, it won't load. I can't fast travel, I can't see the map... Nothing. I have to log off and then log on every time just to see the map screen/menu. Is anyone else having that problem?! What's going on?
  7. Share your build!!

    75% Damage Mitigation... A must have.
  8. Trying to build a load out that keeps all the perks on my primary and secondary weapons and I came up this. Damage mitigation is at 75%. Crit hit chance is at 42% / Crit Hit Damage is at 118% / Head Shot is at +45. Still a work in progress but I like this. Getting better with recalibrating my equipment. Love vey to hear your tips an input?