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  1. State of the Game – a Players view post 1.4

    I'm sad to say I've basically dropped the game and not for the normal reason. It's too easy I know we've had this conversation but i'v min-maxed 4 different builds and now have nothing to do less then TEN days into the update. I've finished all the builds I think I'd like so... see you guys in Survival aka a few weeks or so? *shrugs*
  2. New 1.4 builds?

    On your second character "Myrtle" is severely lacking in armor mitigation that might be do to your PFE (protection from elites) and EDR (exotic damage resilience). I'd also trade the Refreshed mask for Tenacious mask but other wise you have a good distribution of stats @DeadSockPuppet BTW an example of how useful armor is just bringing you mitigation from 41.82% to 55% is a +65K TOU.
  3. New 1.4 builds?

    That's perfect @quinch1199 I would go for a specialized or inventive (if it ever gets fixed) backpack and savage gloves. Now your talents on the other hand aren't so great, here's a list of the best six PvE talents for a DPS build from best to worst: Ferocious, Destructive, Fierce, Vicious, Self-preserved and Sustained.
  4. New 1.4 builds?

    I would go with savage gloves and specialized back pack or sturdy holster and robust chest piece all min-maxed builds will have two or three high ends or they'll have two three set pieces @quinch1199
  5. New 1.4 builds?

    @Oh. daesu First i run a Sturdy holster which gives me 8.4% more mitigation and Robust chest which gives me 5.6% more mitigation so if i leave cover my base TOU goes from 725.6K to 503.8K i normally have 56.8% mitigation which i think 60.1% is the max you could ever get without using high ends ^. Second ballistic shield is good for PvE but isn't great for PvP sure it's basically invulnerable you just can't out put any damage. what TOU (toughness) do you run? @quinch1199
  6. New 1.4 builds?

    70% @Oh. daesu i'm stacking everything into armor like everyone else, though i don't think i need to but i'll get back to you on that after some testing.
  7. New 1.4 builds?

    so i'v not had any huge boosts to my banshee build but i'v gone back to my FM days. now i'v got a build with 3 FM and 3 HE (robust, sturdy and resourceful) so with the 15% PFE from FM and 6% from my chest piece i'v got 21% in total so it jumps my 725.6K TOU to 918.5K TOU and that's just base without adding in any skills like my mobile cover. if i added that in it goes to 1.321mil TOU and mobile cover never burns out on it's own. (as a side note my friend also runs smart cover and has about 50% up time and when we stack his smart cover with my mobile cover it brings it to 2.3mil TOU for 20 seconds)
  8. New 1.4 builds?

    So I'm kinda copying the "new 1.3 builds" because it started a conversation which I hope it will again. So i'll start here's my PvP build: 4 Banshee Robust chest piece and a sturdy holster I have 780K tou (toughness) when rouge and 167 DPS but when I stack mobile cover on top (which I always do) I go to 1.2 million tou and 205 dps. what do you guys think of my build and what build are you running?
  9. What am I missing?

    It's the same reason i never PvP there's no way to not get one shoted, I'm currently trying to solo Clear Sky instead. I'm pumped for 1.4 and the new PvP though there's still things wrong with it it's actually possible to use anything other then a one shot shotgun build.
  10. New 1.3 builds

    My friend runs 3TA/3PM and it makes a nice even build: 42K SP 368K DPS and 380Kish TOU but in 1.4 you'll want to run 2 or more high end gear pieces like in my 1.4 tank build i'll be running two or three of them @DeadSockPuppet. in 1.3 all you want is 5 SC and savage gloves or a Skillclaimer build if you want to do the most rewarding thing in the game: The Four Horsemen.
  11. New 1.3 builds

    I thought they were making stagger a kind of utility stat and it was staying in the game. When it comes to shotguns the main stat you want to know is how much damage it deals per shot, not what it says it deals because shotguns are for burst damage not sustained. I'd go down to the shooting rang and check out how much a pelt deals, also LMGs will be equal to or better then ARs and 1K damage per shot is very nice, now you may want to get 3 HF instead that 20% head shot damage is really nice now. @DeadSockPuppet
  12. New 1.3 builds

    Yes all of my gear is 268, the way i get the TOU i do is by running Protection from Elites, now do remember the only real use in tank builds is in fights that change at the drop of a hat so things like DZ and UG it's amazing at, if you know how to use them that is (it only took me 300 hours to do xD). I don't think your shotty build will be innately useless, what talents are you running and what's your primary stats at? @DeadSockPuppet
  13. New 1.3 builds

    My other build isn't quite as well optimized: 4 TA 1 FM and 1 FC 115K DPS 750K TOU and 76K SP, but it does what it needs to and that is keep a maxed Smart Cover and maxed Pulse up at all times. Can everyone please press F to pay respect for @DeadSockPuppet life and 700 posts :)
  14. New 1.3 builds

    First off I'v only recently got on here so i visit rarely, @Oh. daesu as I said 28K skill power 230K DPS and 1.175 toughness so basically ok on every thing and super high TOU. @DeadSockPuppet As said i run 3 Final Measure which gives me +15% mitigation on top of my 27% that i get from my chest, holster and knee pads I then run the most STA i can sitting at 5683 i also run 3 mods with armor rolled on them the other two give me SP. Now my DPS comes from the FireCrest 3 set and my +60% damage 29% comes from my LMG 12% from my gloves and 19% from rolling Destructive on my guns free slot.
  15. New 1.3 builds

    So I've *always* ran the tank in every game I can, i came to The Division in a time that tank builds were crap but decided that I'd be a tank anyway and I believe I've done a rather good job of it: 3 FM 3 FC 230K DPS 28K SP and 1.175mil TOU (PvE only), it's amazing in supply drops and DZ farming in general also great in UG.