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  1. The Division is getting Exotic weapons and gear when Update 1.6 launches and it will feature an all new color bracket for the loot you farm for. Will RNG be on your side when this new change goes live? There's going to be another way to your hands on named weapons and gear but it's going to cost you.
  2. The Division is getting a brand new PVE event inside the dark zone when Update 1.6 launches. There's going to be some dedicated spots all over the Dark Zone where heavy cleaners are completely destroying the tunnels under New York with critical level contaminated gas. It's so bad that it requires a Level 5 mask that you cannot get in the game. Staying alive to kill the bosses isn't going to be easy.
  3. What is the most annoying thing when farming for gear in The Dark Zone? When someone doesn't clear the entire landmark and you think a boss is still there and it's not. The Division is now getting Multi-Wave Landmarks to help players get more loot faster and give players a reason to clear the landmarks.
  4. A new difficulty is being released with Update 1.6 in The Division. Legendary is bringing the Hunter's AI and placing it on a new faction that is built off the current LMB faction in the game. You will be able to play this mode on three missions in the game it will test your skill more than ever before. This is meant to be harder than Heroic Incursions!
  5. The Last Stand DLC has finally been revealed! The final DLC for year one content of The Division is finally revealed. This is a 8v8 objective based game mode that will focus on the core mechanics of PVP in the dark zone. This is a PVP experience without the rogue mechanic so there's nothing to fear when it comes to losing rank or dz funds. You can queue up for this domination style game mode in the terminal and the entire experience takes place across multiple locations in the dark zone. Including BRAND NEW locations!
  6. Many players hate the status of RNG in The Division but I say lets keep the named gear rare. Isn't that the purpose of having gear that's extremely hard to find?
  7. The Elite Task Force has come and gone and Update 1.6 for The Division looks to continue the trend of making this game better for all players. There's a lot of players in the community that feel the ETF is a joke and it's not going to change or help make the game any better.... Well PVE and PVP players are going to nuts over this update. Update 1.6 will have a few surprises most will not see coming! Stay tuned!
  8. The Division has another reset and this time it's on Friday the 13th! This is live from my hotel at the Elite Task Force even in North Carolina so it's a bit different than normal. Enjoy!
  9. The NinjaBike Messenger bag is one of the most unused named pieces of gear that was added to The Division by players. How could Massive make this piece more valuable to the player? I have a few ideas that will make this piece a must have when running in the Dark Zone.
  10. The Division has unleashed it's first vendor reset of 2017 and It offers some decent items to help maximize your build's potential. This reset features 3 items at three different vendors.
  11. Giving credit where credit is due. Link is posted below. Could this image be legit or is it a photoshop creation? This is basically a bunch of info that was already mentioned in the last state of the game when the leaderboards were first announced. The next state of the game won't be until after the ETF Bravo workshop so we have to wait a bit longer if all this data-mined info from The Division files are legit. Reddit Post:
  12. The Division has a very vocal community and that has spawned a much better gameplay experience overall with the changes that have been added since Update 1.4. Now lets talk about the most requested feature... Loadouts! Sure it would have to replace the team marking ability. Not many people realize that feature exists so replacing it with a loadouts wheel is perfect way to make the community happy!
  13. Could Massive be bringing Microtransactions to The Division? This is a model that should only be allowed in the free to play community. We already have three forms of in-game currency and farming for credits is extremely easy. Please don't let this become a reality.
  14. The data-miners are at it again. This time they have found some recently added files that invluded a bunch of new info about a highly request play space. Central Park. Could we finally get a Dark Zone expansion in The Division with Update 1.6?
  15. The vendors don't have the best selection to finish out 2016, but there's always something out there to help better someone's build. With that said welcome to the final vendor reset of the year! It's all in one place!