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  1. The Weekly Vendor Reset for The Division is here and Exotics are back! My pick of the week has to be a certain gun offering 24% enemy armor damage
  2. This weeks vendor reset brings more blueprints and some really nice suppressors that you should pickup before the week is up. This is the vendor reset for the week of March 17, 2017 in the division.
  3. The weekly vendor reset will have players jumping for joy! The Blueprint Gods are looking after us this week! The Division is starting Year 2 with a bang by giving us the chance to make our own Lightweight M4!
  4. Year 1 has been the most exciting year of content on my channel and now we have a special report to announce what's next?! Loadouts are going to be shown in action? Lert's do this! Year 2 Content can't come soon enough.
  5. The first vendor reset for update 1.6 is here and if you're grinding for Exotic gear this is not the week to pickup any of those. This is the first time in this series I've ever featured a gear set item for a weekly item in The Division.
  6. The vendors have all reset and this is the last time vendors are going to be changing before Update 1.6 and the Last Stand DLC launches to end the first year of content for The Division.
  7. The vendors have all reset and this time we have 2 Exotics that you have to add to your stash. The damage and talents make these weapons items of the week..
  8. The Division is getting close to the official release of Update 1.6 and many are still wondering what could be coming next? Ubisoft might take the same path as Rainbow Six Siege and do a Year 2 Season Pass and I welcome that idea. As long as we have a campaign expansion that's what matters!
  9. The vendors have all reset and this time the Famas is a MUST BUY for those farming Exotics and are still hunting for one. The damage is pretty decent as well.
  10. Disclosure! All info provided in this video is all based on ideas that I would like to see come in the future. Nothing expressed is official info from Ubisoft or Massive Entertainment about The Division and Year 2 Content Expansion plans. Are we going to be getting more story missions added to the game? Will we be hunting Aaron Keener down or will we be joining him to setup a new story for The Division 2?
  11. The Division has had many new additions to make the game better for both PVE and PVP players. Update 1.6 is currently in the final phase of PTS testing and this has introduced a new PVE style event in the dark zone called Contamination Events. This could easily be added to the world of PVE alongside a new random event that I came up with to make players in the light zone have more content than just PVE bosses and and missions.
  12. The Division has rolled out phase 4 of the PTS and this time they have added the biggest change to weapons since Update 1.3. SMGs now have critical hit chance again! Hello 1-2 punch builds!
  13. How many of you like the fact that XUR makes a weekly visit to the players of Destiny? Would you like to see something similar happen in The Division? Could the Dark Zone benefit from a Black Market style vendor that requires you to have a certain rank for really good items?
  14. We don't have all the info just yet but The Division is making some big changes in Phase 3 of the PTS. Hopefully we get more info on the changes and a possible release date for the new PTS update on State of the Game.
  15. The Division could make great use of the Brooklyn play space by giving those who want a PVE Dark Zone a new Light Zone area with tougher enemies and dark zone style events. Boss farming, story missions and random drops could make this area a must play. Year 2 content is full of potential.