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  1. Survival Tips

    What do I or anyone else need to defeat the Hunters? I have no problems getting what I believe is good gear. I enter the DZ and can even engage elite bosses and survive, however; the Hunters make short work of me. I have even tried the cowardly hide and wait just outside the extraction so they can't see me.........it didn't work. I have tried solo and missions with friends, didn't matter, we all became Swiss Cheese very quickly. Any gear or weapon ideas for those lucky enough to have extracted or is it just that.......luck.
  2. State of the Game - a Players view inc. 1.4

    Dude, great post! They have to broaden their horizons. Instead of doing the same mundane missions weekly, they need to implement a weekly story mode mission. Where did Keenan go? How did all of this shit start? Why did it start? This game could expand to much more than where its currently at. They could take us to all the 5 burrows and to Long Island. We could venture throughout the U.S. To get the bad guys. Why has Ubisoft restricted us to the same game format for so long? They have a chance to make this the best game ever but simply seem to not be able to cross the threshold. It's truly sad that it took his long to get the game where it is now (1.5 upgrade, the way the game should have been from the start). Let us on the creative team and this game will soar to the ends of the Galaxy with ideas!!! i really like this game. It's time to take off the restraints and let this Phoenix fly from the ashes!!