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  1. #SurvivalSaturday Sherpa Edition

    I will be there - I have maybe a hour in survival and need all the help I can get. ...gene
  2. Shields

    I do HVT weekly every Thursday with my son. Named DZ bosses - are there others besides the landmarks? West Side Pier - I have done very little, are doing the missions enough? So I believe I have two shields (BOO and HVT). ...gene
  3. Ubisoft Club - Sam bot - Rewards - until June 17

    Me too, and the quality of some of the MODs is quite amazing. I have not played in a while - never really finished the story-line. But it was fun for a distraction. My son has many hours/days on this game. AND it's all free. ...gene
  4. E3 details and tidbits

    All of this is awesome. I did notice a gap in image quality is a few things seen all over the place. Hopefully that is just pre-production. And I hope dropped loot is really dropped, not just a symbol. This all looks great. ...gene
  5. My son and I tackled this last night. It's way fun. We had one team death and completed it in about an hour. While all the objectives are the same the waves are NOT. They are different and will surprise you with shot-gunners and heavy's. Snipers are plentiful and while not a one shot (to my striker), you barely survive. Our team was a maxed Striker and a good Reclaimer. As the striker I was down several times, but my healer brought me back. And you need a ranged weapon as a striker (not my forte, but luckily I had a good M1 in inventory) I think with practice this is a great farm. Anyone else go for it? ...gene
  6. The Divison 2

    A long way away.... My guess is June/July 2019. I loved the trailer, but that was contrived. And there are always delays.
  7. I note no radar HUD. Bummer. Otherwise, bring it on! ...gene
  8. Ubisoft Club - Sam bot - Rewards - until June 17

    While its cool - I HATE THIS. Just another way to screw around and destroy privacy. ...gene
  9. Division 2 Beta Sign Up

    I also signed up and will pre-purchase when available.
  10. crypto-currencies - SEC weighing in

    Just a follow-up. GPU prices are just above launch MSRP or at MSRP now. That is good news. Bitcoin has taken a huge dive as have other cryptocurrencies. This should be good news for us - thought I suggest shying away from the used GPU market for a while. A GPU, even at tuned low power settings, running 24x7 for 6 months has more use than most gamers would put it to in its entire life. ...gene
  11. Ubisoft Uber Sales

    I can see $10 for the Division, get more people hooked on a really great game and then come out with The Division 2. As noted, I will be buying TD2. ...gene
  12. Survival Stories.

    The daily is 25DT for a successful extraction - not worth the time for me. ...gene
  13. Survival Stories.

    OK, why on earth is there a daily extract for survival? While I have messed around a couple of times and like the challenges. A daily extraction seems insane given how easy the other dailies are. Thoughts? ...gene
  14. emotes during combat

    So - why can't I surrender during PvP combat - is that what is was for??? seems obvious. ...gene
  15. Glossary Of Terms - when new to the game

    OMG - where is your youtube channel - this is fantastic! (and where was it when I started LOL) ...gene