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  1. yeah, I played with um on PTS - very nice change. And yes you have to have the gear with you, but we have plenty of slots (6*9=54 still room for loot with most backpacks) And you can't change in combat - but hey what a way to make it easy to pack up for a series of battles that you are going after! And it's really prolly 6*6 gear + maybe 4 to 6 weapons - so even better. (this is my weapon, this is my gun...) I have only one really working build, the D3 - so I ahve plenty of space lol ...gene
  2. Bah, none of you are old - try Pong in a bar, space invaders, asteroids, Defender... but the first that really caught on with me and my son, was phantasy star online. It allowed us to play even though we were in different states as at that time I traveled extensively for work. As that whole platform got compromised with "Game Sharks" we moved to everquest - just before they came out with a "windowed" UI. ahhhh the good times of yore... Today - Halo (all versions), Borderlands 2, TD - TD has pretty much all my attention right now. Serious Sam 2 when I only have my laptop. ...gene
  3. OK, right now I am carrying one set, but with load-outs that will change. The problem is I have 3 toons with diff teams - gona be interesting to see how load-outs really work. BUT - I like it! ...gene
  4. OK, I liked this enough to try it. (OK: how do I insert a picture?) Chest - HE Operator Vest - Armor 1858, FA-1737 (rolled), Vigorous, +15K Health, 47% ammo cap, 2 FA mods backpack - HE Spec-Ops - Armor 1291, Elec-1256 (rolled), Resourceful, FA, +4% seeker dam, +7% shield mask - D3-FNC - armor 967, stam 1131, FA mod (+3K health) knee - D3-FNC - armor 1489 , stam 1246, 14.5K health, 7% to shield, FA mod (+3K health) gloves - D3-FNC - armor 1000, stam 1252, +6% crit chance, +879 SMG dam holster - D3-FNC - armor 875, FA 1218, stam 1125, elec 1211 +4% crit chance, 7% to shield SMG - HE MP5-ST (just happened to have one ) DPS 144,499, +19% crit chance, Brutal, Predatory, Unforgiving, Osprey suppressor, 15% accuracy, 3% crit chance, 4% crit damage, 44% reduced threat small laser pointer, 15% accuracy, 4% optimal range, 4% crit damage extended mag, 110.5% mag size, 3% crit chance, 4.5% reload speed C79 scope, 18% crit dam, 2% accuracy, 4.5% optimal range AR - Police M4 (though I may change back to the G36) - I use this when running around or to soften up a armored targets. Abilities: Shield - reactive 1.13M HP, seeker air burst 37K damage, Recovery link (not sure this is working) OK, using the M4 to gain attention and take out 3 to 5 as they come in, then switching to shield. Preditory heal on kill is great as it seems to stack or just adds time as I kill). I have only had the shield completely depleted once trying to take Sgt Jacks - and generally he is not tankable straight up. But got him with marksman after using shield to clear buddies. And it seemed that Recovery did not work as when I died, i just died - is this not supposed to heal you just before you die? Otherwise I have been able to easily solo all the PvE roaming bosses. On the seeker - I use it as crowd control as the MOBs panic when on fire allowing me to take out others that are in-bound. So the change (I tested on PTS) actually works better for me. More fire damage, more panic. On the SMG - wow 800 rpm is crazy fast. I have burned though all my ammo several times. But what fun! Also the healing is crucial, I do pop a med kit once and awhile but not as often as I was expecting. Thoughts? ...gene
  5. To be a little more detailed - What safe mode with network does is startup only windows with network access. Nothing else. Nothing not windows required except network support. That way if you still have the issue its The Division configuration. If the issue goes away - there is some third party program mucking around. Now some keyboards can be programmed and older ones kept that configuration on the keyboard - so can you tell us what keyboard you have (make, model)? Most newer keyboards can have special configs based on the active window - so those have a driver/app run to configure them - those will not be active in safe mode. I hope this helps. ...gene
  6. yeah - loadouts are the shiz-nitz. Another spreadsheet I no longer need to worry as much about - unless I am moving a loadout to another toon As I use seeker/air burst I was curious how the change would effect my play - not much... The real change is more people are burned quicker for longer making crowd control a bit easier. I still desperately want stash sorting - full range - name, type, level scrolling through 150 slots every time I need a mod is painful. ...gene
  7. Another source of info ...gene
  8. its fairly easy - google it - there are a couple steps so easier to google than to explain. ...gene
  9. actually after action reports, by his superiors - those are how medals are awarded (interview, witness, witness, etc). Think of Audie Murphy type stuff. They almost read like a novel but were dry - really interesting. You have the gift... ...gene
  10. try booting in safe mod with network - that will not run any third party programs - see if there is a difference. ...gene
  11. OK, I believe his point was a third party program has attached itself to the 'Q' button. A program like KeyTweak. So if you have a customizable keyboard or another program that allows you to bind a key to do something, that could be the problem. ...gene
  12. I like it - it might be interesting to see his engagement reports. ...gene
  13. Story missions are hard and kinda expected to be the last thing you do in that "district". Once you get to the safe house (or Base of Operations) make sure to visit the situation board and JTF guy. That will place the encounters and side missions on your map. Do those first and you'll have enough power to complete the story missions. ...gene
  14. So - what HE are you using? I am currently trying to build out a D3 as a solo PvE. ...gene
  15. I now have 75 pieces - Toon 1 (G36 C, Enhanced AUG A3P, sawed off) Fire Crest Ammo Tracing Mask fire crest distribution holster fireCrest Acquisition vest Strikers gloves Strikers Knee Pad Strikers Pack Toon 2 (G36 E, M700 Carbon, X-45) Hunter's Faith Gloves Hunter's Faith Holster Hunter's faith mask Predator's Mark Backpack Predator's Mark Knee pads Predator's Mark Vest Complete list Alpha Bridge (-mask)| Banshee (-backpack) D3 (-holster) DeadEYE(-gloves) Final (full) firecrest (full) Hunter’s (-chest) Lone Star (-chest, backpack, holster) Nomad(-knee) Predator (-holster) reclaimers(-chest,knee) Sentry’s (full) Strikers (full) Tacticians (-backpack, mask) I have not tried to optimize/re-calibrate anything yet. Or even put a good mix on as the gear was used as I found it. But getting close to having a complete set. Now I need to setup gear for specific scenarios. I did try D3 a bit and strikers a bit - What fun! ...gene (And yes, I keep a spreadsheet for all this stuff!)