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  1. OK, another N00B question, I now have enough "specialized" (blue) crafting items that I can create "high end" crafting items - but as I don't have any high-end blueprints should I bother? Or will having the crafting items spur auto blueprints? Simon Burris - good god, I am 4 levels above him and while I can always get to him, he kicks my tukas. Tried several approaches, no joy :( again, many thanks for the help. ...gene
  2. Bah - never thought of that. Thanks. lol, just clutter to me. And annoying that I have to go into the item to view it to clear 'new' tag for inventory. All good stuff - thanks again everyone. ...gene
  3. thanks all for the assistance - much appreciated. To keep from dying all the time (I suck remember) I have been wondering around aimlessly just killing off MOBs as they appear at least 2 lvls below me. While I get EXP/Gear the progress, as expected is very slow. Even then for mini-bosses, I hit and run, hit and run. Another interesting thing that I can't seem to understand is the same mini-boss will come out and just not take any damage and run up, stomp my turret and kill me. That will happen a few times - then he suddenly takes damage and dies - I have not figured that one out. And what is with all the clothes? I don't have that many sets of clothes in reality. Is there a limit? I can't seem to sell them or give them away. Do I really care? buying vs crafting vs drops - after lvl 10 drops seem to be just crap (lvl 17 now). Crafting is hit or miss as I am not doing my level missions/encounters the blueprints are not useful. I did run around selling everything I could and bought my first purple. It's nice but the selection is horrible and takes 5 days to refresh - again not useful. I have many more questions, but this is enough for now. [note] still soloing. I may create another char for grouping. Thanks again ...gene
  4. Hawk, (Sooo, how do I put a user link in?) I can do this, but am too lazy - with windowed/maximized working at 1920x1200 (or close) I am good. I will just ride it out. The game is very playable and fun/frustrating lol. I generally rebuild my OS (I have 7 computers) every summer (as I add/delete dozens of things all the time). So this gaming machine will get redone - unless I opt for a new rig. (can you hear Asus X99 Deluxe - maxed out) My rig is a HP xw8400 that is pretty much maxed out now (2 CPUs, 8 Cores, 32GB memory, SSD sys disk, 2TB mirrored secondary storage). While very expensive back then, after a decade its running out of steam. ...gene
  5. I am older than dirt - I have been playing video games since Pong (In a bar). My first agent was a male, my second female. The second is my solo char with the first being the one I team play with my son. I created the avatar to meet my needs, but expected no playing differences. And I am seeing none. Note quinch199 (OK How do I insert member link /sigh) remark about cost. Millions are spent on the production/advertising of games like this and without a direct story line requiring differences, an Avatar is an Avatar. My first Avatar was made quickly without thought to get playing as soon a possible. My second was designed to look like a badass. I love the black avatar and added a neck tattoo. She is badass. So your experience changes how you play, and maybe, your attitude changes with gender - I don't think I ever thought of that aspect of the game, and bravo - another way to enjoy gaming. ...gene
  6. will do. Thanks. yeah well, I was a platformer for a long time and got used to the controller. But I agree, keyboard/mouse is better for this game at least. Thanks for the suggestions. ...gene BTW - is there a way to change the view when editing? Quoting produces a black box with dark grey letters - very hard to read.
  7. Why address 8.x.x.x which shows owned by Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. I am unsure what they do, but the first 63 class a addresses are assigned/owned - with the 10.x.x.x net being non-routable. Just curious - ...gene
  8. cool, I can play windowed maximized - which is cool and quite frankly good enough for 1920x1200. But I am fixing to move to 1440, 27"+. Prolly by June and along with borderlands - this game have to be ready, Unless, I blow it out with a new setup - naaaah ...gene
  9. I like groups, but I love solo. And from what I hear, good groups are hard to find. But then peeps piss and moan about groups and rarely say how good they were. And, oh yeah, I suck (slow). But hey thanks, I may just reach out and see (BTW my in game name is the same as here - genedjr) ...gene
  10. I play on a PC, but use a logitech game controller. This is one game I may have to figure out how to use a keyboard/mouse. It's pretty twitchy (meaning very fast input is required). OK, I will - I was expecting to see a N00B sticky. Maybe I should create one, but then I really suck - LOL. OK, I started just before 1.5 (maybe an hour before lol). I am OK with running up to a edge when it's very high, but being stuck on a box next to the ground is BS. Hopefully it's a tweek that will be fixed. I have reset a few controls, like not automatically jumping over/down/up anything. And I use the move in cover pretty much continuously. Another WTF - When I use the pulse (2nd level) it will say no threats found and I turn the corner and get jumped. Like I said WTF? Because of this (as above) I use the move in cover pretty much continuously. Really slows the game down. But not as slow as dying. I have also noticed that it will say 1 threat and when I shoot that guy 6 guys will show up. WTF? Are they beaming them down <snicker>? On guns (as this is a N00B post :)) From say lvl 5 to 10 I was getting fairly good guns (finds, sales, crafting) compared to bad guys, now very little at 14 - am I missing something? (oh yeah - contact the guys above LOL). OK, from lvl 1 to 5 I was about to quit the game, the AI was simply too brutal. With little/no guiding instructions (remember we are supposedly highly trained agents) it continuously pissed me off. If my son have not kept prodding me on, I would be done, 'f**k' $50. UBISoft think on that and that I would not recommend the game. Actually, neutral now, not bashing, but not recommending. OK, alot of crap above. Thanks for putting up with me. ...gene
  11. OK, being a N00B - I was hoping to find a general game guide. That is, how to play the game. How to use cover? How to take down shields? How to kill named x? Etc. Am I just not reading the right posts or? I find the AI brutal - There is no way I should be hit by every bullet while running behind cover, even though I am not "in cover". Yes, I can hear the shots and the hits to me. I find using a game controller (my norm on the PC) frustrating - when I try and run while in cover, I don't run, or worse, stand up and run in place - dying. When I am being shot while on any elevation, I can't just run off the edge. I get stuck in cover all the time - usually being shot. I can't figure out close combat cause I am constantly getting stuck in geometry - and dying. While I find many of the aspects of this game interesting, I find solo play (I am now lowly lvl 14) frustrating by the above. What am I missing? ...gene
  12. I have not tried "alt-Enter" ... Sec... "Alt-Enter" also causes the crash and allows me to submit a crash report. Which I did. ...gene
  13. No search even discusses it. Too bad. I could see for plain iron sites not having a good view but for red-dot and other quick sites, well, that is the point - quick. Thanks for looking. ...gene
  14. Yes - reinstalled to no avail. ...gene
  15. For me, the aim point, or site reticle, is very hard to pick up with all the combat noise. Is there a way to make it stand out better? ...gene