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  1. Phoenix Shield

    I have just about 20 min in survival. While I want this shield, maybe not... Hey RimBlock - my son and I would gladly tag along if your avail Thursdays. ...gene
  2. Taking down the hunters.

    Boy do I know the feeling! ...gene
  3. Good armor build

    Have you rejoined? Or is this your first rodeo? Once you are 30, check the rewards vendor. Maybe you'll get the standard gearsets, then again maybe not. Still worth a look. ...gene
  4. Taking down the hunters.

    I did not know the count of hunters - thanks. On Hunter melee, yep - if you wait until the axe/knife is drawn, you are dead. You must jump as he puts away his rifle and you must jump at least 2m or he just turns and wacks. ...gene
  5. Who dies first ?.

    I am pretty much in line with @RimBlock and @Oh. daesu except for the Grenadiers with launchers - they die first! I really hate those guys. ...gene
  6. This was hard to title - What I am getting at, if you bought all the expansions (I did), what parts of TD do you enjoy and what parts do you not play? For me, I think it's easier to describe what I don't do first - PvP, survival, last stand. On PvP, I do venture into the DZ much more often now that I have a fully optimized nomad. But not for PvP, I clear landmarks, do collectibles, and the dailies/weeklies. I do not do skirmish, or last stand. I did try both out, but as I don't really have a regular 4-toon group (or 8-toon for that matter) it simply does not appeal to me. On Survival - I have ventured in a few times, but never really got into it. I like the premise, but not the format (rando toons and no real solo ability). I do plan to do more in Survival, but finishing underground is next on my priority list. What I really like! boss runs - Mindless, simple, gratifying. dailies/weeklies - Just as above. HVT - mostly just the weeklies, but they are all fun. incursions - I finally have tried all of them. I really like them, but wow, very hard. I have completed two. resistance - We are borg.... I like all of these. Everything about them. legendary content - Just to push my limits when fully awake and twitchy. global events - Though, I have no need for GE credits anymore, the game play is way fun and LOL. underground - I love the whole premise of mission oriented close combat and random hunters. So there you go. What do you play and not play with TD? ...gene
  7. Warframe

    Yeah, but I see TD2 as a new game with familiar controls/framework. TD2 will be alot different than TD. Now warframe is a completely different animal and yes, its got a steep learning curve. Luckily for me, my son has several end game toons and the knowledge to make learning a little easier. Even though I am only 30 or so hours into it, I recommend it. It's amazing what a small 250 person studio can really do. And I do plan to spend real money to support them. Another fun way to loose hours and hours of sleep ...gene
  8. Taking down the hunters.

    Nomad is really good for solo. My fully optimized nomad has 7K firearms, 6K stamina (608K toughness). I use the bullfrog and showstopper. For me, in the underground, hunters show right after or just before the section is cleared or starts. At the end of a section, if the GPS does not show up fairly instantly, there will be hunters. And there is always the disrupter eliminating skills for a while. When soloing, I have only seen hunters in pairs (in groups - 3 at a time). I try and find a spot where I cannot get flanked and where there are enough obstacles the hunters cannot easily close. This has to be a constant when you play, know where to make a stand against hunters anytime. I also keep shock grenades handy as I generally don't use grenades very much. They buy time to get set. If the bullfrog does not take the hunter with one clip, I switch to the showstopper as this is much faster than reloading. As the bullfrog is very accurate but hard to control, I use kinda short bursts very quickly. In general I take the hunter with one clip, but not always. Once the hunter closes within say 3m just whale on him. At 1m he'll try and melee (you'll see him put away his rifle) - dive out of the way, he recovers fairly slowly, again a chance to whale. As I use a controller - I can beat the hunters more often than not, but it's a iffy proposition. ...gene
  9. Resistance - Hunters

    I have never seen them before wave 10 and only once at wave 10. This is the one commendation I probably won't work on. Takes too long. ...gene
  10. Taking down the hunters.

    What gear set are you using? My striker and nomad (both fully optimized) with bullfrog seem to take the hunter with one 120% extended mag. Especially is using shock bullets. ...gene
  11. Warframe

    I found out a few days ago my son had been playing warframe back in the day and we have picked it back up. As a micro-transaction supported game I find the 'offers' to 'purchase' stuff to be pretty cool and not as "pay-to-win" as I have seen in others. With that one caveat, micro-transaction supported, and "pay-to-win" is there, but not in your face. I really like the game. And the world is huge! Anyway, getting burned out on TD again, need a distraction and Warframe is it. ...gene
  12. Fallout 4

    Well, I am at the point in FO4 where I need to spend serious time or drop it. I chose to drop it for now. But I still love the game. ...gene
  13. OK, how about "Rainbow 6" - put on all six quality level of items. Blue and up is easy - but what about green and white? I see a few 'standard' items caches in a couple of missions, but have not checked them out yet. What about citizen in need? ...gene
  14. Sacred is out.

    really easy - took my son and I about 90 minutes. ...gene
  15. Another article on TD2

    Short article on TD2 that this reviewer likes on bridging the 2 games. https://kotaku.com/ubisofts-clever-division-2-promotion-has-me-playing-mor-1827658072 ...gene