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  1. yeah, I hated that. Turned it off, grand! I also hate not being able to jump off a 4 ft box - but hey. ...gene
  2. OK I will, but my point was that the weapon performed poorly in equal circumstances. The only change was level and v1.6. I am working on mods - that may be the game balance. Jury still out. ...gene
  3. Actually - I would like you to create a forum help that explain how to create a "poll" and other forum capabilities. AND - access to the no-rules forum. AND - cause I just read it "I'd like access to the No Rules Forum and I promise not to get offended by the content that people post in the forum" ...gene
  4. Sooo My fav weapon before v1.6 and before turning 30 was the SCAR-H marksman rifle. Headshot killed most - head shot and body shot dropped everyone without shields. Now comes v1.6 - before 30 takes 2 head or 1 head and 2 body to drop the MOB. After lvl 30 same world tier - 3-4-5-6 headshots and the guy is still coming with at least half life. WTF! Is there a way to get back the devastation? OR are semi-auto marksman's nerfed..... ...gene
  5. It's been $50 mostly (with $25 sales) through Steam. As I have 8 cores it really does not matter that both steam and UBISoft run in the background. (Actually I run the game, steam, UBISoft, Skype, Skype for Business, and Edge playing music mostly because I am lazy.) While playable at HD (1920x1200) with a AMD HD 7970, I would get more if you can afford it (search Tom's Hardware for a really cool power chart of graphics cards). My average FPS is 30 or so and it will drop to 20-25 in weird places (not necessarily in combat, location based). I run "high" settings not overclocked as I had issues . But playable. I also use a logitech controller (the cheap one). As I learned gaming on consoles. BUT I highly suggest making the switch to keyboard and mouse - I really need to. Again too lazy. ...gene
  6. OK, I'll byte - how do you get details for range and reload speed? ...gene
  7. OK, I can now answer my own question - tiers open a few gear score points below the gear score range. example, WT5 opens at gear score 224 for gear 230+.\ ...gene
  8. Right now all I have is Frankenstein. But alas. question 1: I have been opening cache's as I get them. Is there any point/benefit to saving them for when I am WT5 (currently WT3)? question 2: It appears that Phoenix credits are shared between toons - is that true? question 3: WT4 requires a gear score of 205, but the high end and gear sets seem to be all 204 - will the math just work out or is there something special I need to do? Solo gear score now 196 !! And having a blassttt! ...gene
  9. For me (PC), using a logitech controller, I have to face the corner, push that direction until and (a) appears, then push the A button to move around the corner. Moving along a straight line while in cover just push along like normal moving except I push into the cover so as not to pop out. ...gene
  10. OK both my duo-toon and my solo-toon are lvl 30, 192 and 174 gear scores respectively. I am beginning to understand gear sets - what fun! My question here is do I really care about gear sets before world level 5? I see getting a set and combining sets as great fun and exciting, but again, is it really necessary before world level 5? thanks ...gene
  11. This is a great list. I like the ideas especially the first two. Agent Bootcamp - (I am assuming TD is not the gamer's first game) game theory, what makes division different from other shooters general world design character creation weapon/gear/mod discussion, what all the numbers mean movement, radar, cover, climbing, map, selecting destination, fast travel ACT movement and cover both in and out of combat, including cover-to-cover movement aiming (the reticle is always in the middle of the monitor ) effective blindfire weapon uses by type, switching weapons, and why use of turret, grenades, exp/fire bullets, explosive items in the terrain healing (med kits, consumables, post combat) Bootcamp would have made my experience with early parts of the game much more enjoyable. And would have told me what to practice instead of just dying alot and wondering why. ACT would have been very helpful once I started off setting up the Base of Operations. ...gene
  12. OK, was playing last night and noticed my frame rates jumped back up to a very playable 35-45 fps even in very intense scenes. This was where I was at before the 1.6 drop. I have not updated drivers - so I am wondering why? Another thought, due to certain circumstances I am using a USB wireless connection. Just how much traffic goes over the network? Is there a possibility that network traffic could have that level of impact to the running game graphics? Anyway - I am thinking of getting a RX 480 8GB for now, but planning on a new rig for Christmas when I can evaluate a total AMD approach. ...gene
  13. I can report that this issue is now completely fixed for me (Radeon HD 7970). Drop 1.6 forced a driver update as the game would not launch. SO I am unsure who fixed it, but it's fixed. I can at will go back and forth windows/full screen. ...gene
  14. When I travel I carry a gaming OS disk for my work laptop. It does not have close enough power to play TD, but works for other games like Borderlands 2. But I do understand the over scheduling during those kinds of trips. ...gene
  15. What free premium credits? ...gene