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  1. Patch 1.8.1

    I resemble that remark! BUT - I completed 2 of the weekly's and not only did not get a cache - no DT. Not sure whats going on. Anyone else confirm? ...gene
  2. Patch 1.8.1

    oops - forgot about those I will update shortly. [update]OldGamerGene is a dufus Of course it works. ...gene
  3. Patch 1.8.1

    So it supposedly dropped. But I completed daily step and no DT - so not working. The release notes noted that each daily stage was 25DT - nope. OK, so I am clear - the details I read indicated that if I completed one of the daily requirements - 25DT. Like kill 10 LBM. That is not working. As this has pissed me off - back to Defiance! (and the bullet sponge) So seriously - am I way off? The info I read indicated that each of the daily and weekly stages would provide a DT reward (25/100). What I am missing? ...gene
  4. Optimization

    Maybe, but it would be easier for a GS291. Once you have the build - then optimize it. And its fun. My lonestar GS256 can clear any PvE [put challenge level here]. But now that she's 287 its much more powerful and fun. And its about style - my striker GS291 is much cooler than your striker at GS210. But hey - its all about having fun with the game - AND I am. ...gene
  5. Forum Ranks

    The Dark Lord Puppet that is ...gene
  6. Taking a break

    ^^^^^ simply hilarious! But Gloves, how did you know? ...gene
  7. The Divison 2

    DSP - with the drop of 1.8, this is finally a great game. While I will always find things I don't like, I have over 1400 hours now and plan to spend alot more time learning PvP, even with a controller on PC. Welcome back. ...gene
  8. Adobe Premier Pro (and other Adobe) Why?

    While it might be easy to pirate, I doubt the youtubers touting its use are using pirated copies. The risk of getting your channel banned is just too great. Now they may be given Premier and support by adobe as advertising, that would make sense - but doubt they stole it. I am mostly just curious - for me, at this stage (startup) I will be using HitFilm. I would be using LightWorks - but the free version only supports 720p exports. At this time HitFilm does everything I want to start with for free. And addons are relatively cheap. But time will tell... ...gene
  9. Hello Agents/NYCers

    Welcome - nice to see another PC player. ...gene
  10. Optimization

    Ran out several times but now I have just under 400 as I am not sure what I want to work on. The grind to do 30 or so optimize tries was very tiring. I also maxed my two pakhans on my loanstar build. But otherwise, I am still debating on what to work on next. ...gene
  11. Optimization

    OK, I have one toon (my Classy Striker) fully optimized. But wait - that did not apply to the mods - that sucks. So for mods, it seems to be back to the luck of the draw. ...gene
  12. Patch 1.8.1 Vanity Items

    On that topic: how do you know if you have collected everything from a particular cache set? It's just about a 100% chance it seems to get back fragments as I already have that item. ...gene
  13. Taking a break

    /sigh - with the massive amount of GEs the last several weeks, I am totally burned out. The good news is I have at least one piece of every classy. The bad news is I simply do not want to play. I have a maxed Striker (GS291, all gear/weapons optimized max) - fun toon. She can really dish it out. She can still use a bit of tweaking - again fun stuff. I have a good 9K Tach - another fun toon. Just a basic 9k+ electronics build - again way fun solo. My Loanstar is Pakhan armed and really does great. But for hard content, needs the right group. My Devil/Heel toon is a work in progress, but way fun. My other builds(sentry, dead eye, D3) are weak. Though the D3 has 9K stam and a 2.3M shield I went back to D2 - but its just not TD (or even close for end game). and I am at the point where I would need to spend serious time to progress - nada. I have not looked at Borderlands 2 for over a year - and really don't miss it. (note: 4000+ hours in B2) I am thinking of building a nomad for PvP - but as I am limited to a controller (space/physical issues), I think I will have limited success. But could be fun. Or do survival - but that is a completely different game (kinda). Thoughts? ...gene
  14. So why do all the big youtubers use Adobe Premier Pro? What is the gimmick? Especially PC and Game reviewers. I have tried Lightworks (free version only exports in 720p) and now Hitfilm. I have watched several tutorials for Adobe, but again, I don't get it - alot more steps for some of what I believe are simple effects. And the price! OMG - again I just don't get it. I don't see most youtubers using the extra power. But it seems to be the staple. What am I missing? Thoughts? ...gene
  15. Gaming Laptop

    well, I sit corrected - here is a review for the dell with a 1060 6GB http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/dell-inspiron-15-7000-gaming-laptop-max-q-gtx-1060,5456.html?utm_source=th-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20180330-th If cost were the only factor, this is a winner. But I think for the extra $200, I would still get the Acer 300. But great to see a real competitor at the $1K mark. ...gene