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  1. why? I am pretty much decomposing everything that is not a classified. ...gene
  2. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    Craigslist bro - and negotiate! but for me it was asking $15 - and it work perfectly. ...gene
  3. DX12 Renderer

    Needs to be tried. But I am at least a month out - soooo, people(s) step up we need both Nvidia and AMD. ...gene
  4. DivisionStories - Our The Divison Content Page

    WOW - Awesome - keep us in the loop - great stuff. ...gene
  5. Returning Player

    I agree with Jay - skillpower over stam - period. There are so many thanks the mitigate damage, stam is a second thought. ...gene
  6. with the gears sets and the 6 piece - is there really any call to run high-end? or is that dead (yeah its dead). Thoughts? ...gene
  7. Patch 1.8 Talk

    OK, still annoyed that the gear stats changed when I logged on - again piss poor game planning. but... It's still way fun. Did underground on normal (with many adult beverages LOL)- no hunters. Very fun - 150GE per - no worries. Too tired to do more tonight - again still fun - and yes I am still annoyed. Just for me - I think these updates are awesome - but I wonder why such really expensive content is not $5+......... It's probably the maintenance costs but I don't know. ...gene
  8. Patch 1.8 Talk

    OK, not happy All toons were set to WT4 - took 30 min to realize that. Gear scores changed - all toons above 256 before doing anything - to me that is BS. It means that this drop was not part of the main game design. Gear stats "seemed" to have changed - not sure, but RPM, damage, effective range - you name it. My perception (mild complaint). Environmentals - close snowflakes seem to be bigger - seem - other non-tangibles seem different not better or worse, just different. Only done a walk around as RealWorld has intruded. Again - not happy. But ... More testing ...gene
  9. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    OK first test with GTX 970 now in my old Xw8400 and my new R6/1600x. High Settings: TD benchmark for the Xw 58.5FPS, low 34 TD benchmark for the R6 - 60FPS. BUT - the Xw now has a 1680x1050 monitor (still 16:10 but smaller - and oh yeah $15 off craigslist ), BUT - the Xw 970 is a Zodac, the R6 970 is EVGA SC - no over clocking yet. The bottom line is what everyone told me - the PCIv1 bus IO is limiting the performance. CPU is not really being taxed at 40% or so on the Xw. fun fun - as my son is here for the holidays - we will be gaming! ...gene
  10. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    I have OBS and I used it to capture. I have lightworks for editing. I am a N00B with both. Future plans call for a youtube channel for babyboomers like me with a tech focus. I am assembling base gear ATM - PC is updated, but I have a 16:10 monitor - I at least need a 16:9 to match what most folks have. And I need a reasonable 1080p standalone camera. A reasonable studio mic. This should be fun once setup. I see very little focus on my generation - and we still have more disposable income than anyone else. ...gene
  11. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    I am assuming you mean broadcast stream - well, not yet.... I have not set that up. ...gene
  12. PTS - 1.8 Release Date

    190???? OMG
  13. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    Like what? I have run a few tests where I have TD (high, full screen), OSB, Skype for Business, Skype, and Edge playing music. TD and OSB run at 60FPS. TD seems pretty solid now. Now Destiny 2 is another thing, I get random GPU crashes with the same settings. Does not seem to matter what else is running. Borderlands 2 no issues, Serious Sam 2 no issues - but both of those are fairly old and very stable. ...gene
  14. PTS - 1.8 Release Date

    great I look forward to it - but alas I will be in Atlanta m-th so I may miss the drop. I really need a gaming laptop ...gene
  15. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    OK, I still have my XW8400 - and I got a GTX970 for my son - so I will post if the CPU (or PCIv1) was really the bottleneck. Honestly I don't know, but suspect it is. My Ryzen and gifted GTX970 run everything at "high" at 60FPS solid - perfect for me. (and what my old monitor can support) And my son will be here in 11 days - we will GAME! I will update. ...gene