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  1. How many accounts?

    OK, just a thought - with classified gear, the zillion ways we can mod the gear, the 120 inventory item limitation - just how many accounts do you have? Right now I have 1. And I am not sure how I would get two on this Steam user. But I am thinking about it. If UBI said hey - we got ya - $10 and well add another Toon to your account - $10 and we'll give you 200 item Stash, add $10 and 300 item stash... You get the idea. (I'd be broke already! LOL) I can see having 12 toons with specialized loadouts of that toons gear/weapons.... And yep I would pay for it. Thoughts? ...gene
  2. Progress Not Saving

    The "Delta" message, was that in game or part of the crash? If it's part of the crash your internet connection to the server is corrupt - that is bits are being dropped. This confuses the game and causes weird things to happen. "For me", reloading the NIC drivers did the trick. Now this was on my old xw8400 using a USB WiFi dongle. (note, I uninstalled the NIC device and had the uninstall remove all the files.) There are plenty of free online app to test the quality of your internet connection - google it. Contrary to your suggestion its not HW, you can test that as well with free tests. - I would do both. But my guess is that the games files or your NIC or your internet connection are at fault. I too am slow to say HW, but when all else fails.... ...gene
  3. GE Assault Talk

    OK, now that it's over - here is my result: Ninja Messenger Bag 6 piece Strikers 6 piece Sentry's 5 piece Reclaimer From the last GE, 6 piece Lone Star several Barretts, Skulls MC Gloves, Col Bliss Holsters. So a pretty good week for me. I have not really had time to evaluate individual pieces, but hey - I got alot to evaluate! ...gene
  4. V-Sync monitor vs. Gsync NVidia GPU

    One minor nit - AMD uses a open technology called FreeSync, NVidia uses a proprietary technology called G-Sync. V-Sync is a setting to either lock the vertical refresh rate at a particular frequency or leave it unlocked. There are generally driver and game settings for v-sync. Monitors can support both technologies but I have not seen any that do. So you need a modern AMD GPU and a FreeSync supporting monitor to take advantage of the technology. But unlocking v-sync and having a mongo GPU and a capable monitor can achieve good results. What both technologies do is match the GPU produced frame rate with the monitor display frame rate there by reducing tearing and other bad graphics artifacts while gaming. I assume he has a FreeSync supporting monitor and a AMD GPU. It also depends completely on resolution of the monitor, settings within TD, and OVERCLOCKING!!!! 1080p Gaming should see really fast refresh rates at max settings - and those are quite fun to play! Just a nit - as I am geekdom ...gene
  5. Dark Zone - Classifield Gear

    So during GE I got maybe 10 classified pieces - since then 2. For me, I simply stopped trying. ...gene
  6. Worse Dressed Agent!

    too dark DSP - but I like it. ...gene
  7. Thanks quinch. The only issue I have with the dark zone is as a PvE type, I still have to spend time there to clear the weekly for the cache. I agree its getting better but I saw a you tube vid of guys just camping out at an DZ entrance wacking players as they came in. Childish, but totally legal. I like the changes I see for 1.8, especially friendly fire changes as this has cost me a few deaths already . game on... ...gene
  8. Taking a break

    I have built zillions - its fairly easy with all the you tube videos - and if you got $500 you can game. My current rig is a AMD Ryzen R5 1600x ~ $1000 minus the case, two 1TB HDs. But I built it with Zen2 in mind and I already had a graphics card (and got gifted a GTX 970), but I think 1 large would get you a rig that would be great at 1080p, steaming, and OSB capture. Parts picker is a good tool, but I found it limiting... Lots of research will guide you. Just Google! ...gene
  9. Global Event Leaderboard Changes

    OK, I think we need a separate topic for these - which seem to be weekly ...gene
  10. Help getting above 60fps

    OK, please post particulars - MB, Mem, CPU, GPU, f'ing everything. If your system is not 25 years old we can help! Basic - update drivers for everything. Post it - we'll help. ...gene
  11. "civilian in need"

    /sigh - I am still ignoring them atm - to much time wasted waiting. NOW if one drops classified - I will visit each and every one. ...gene
  12. CPUID HWMonitor error?

    OK, I think I have figured this out. When looking at the display, it shows cores 0 through 6 and threads (or CPUs as it labels then) 0 through 13. But its missing Core 3 and threads 6 and 7. So its showing 6 cores and 12 threads. So in thinking about the layout, we know there are 8 cores actually there on the die just 2 are turned off. And we know that one core is turned off from each CCX. That would be Core 3 and 7, threads 6 - 7 and 14 - 15. So it does make sense. But still weird, until you think it through. This also seems to indicate my CPU was ok and had the normal cores disabled. As it makes sense for core 3 and 7 to be disabled as normal for a R5 1600(x). ...gene
  13. CPUID HWMonitor error?

    OK, CPUID has great stuff. I love CPU-Z so I tried CPUID HWMonitor. BUT... It shows 14 threads on the Ryzen 5 1600x 6 core CPU! After watching it alot, the last 2 threads are very independent of the rest of the threads. And from visuals they all seem to be independent. It does show (properly) 6 cores. So I am confused - I should see 12 threads. Now windows only shows the 12 threads, but it takes its cue from the cores. Thoughts? Where should I ask - the CPUID site has no comments/response that I can find. ...gene
  14. Ryzen Gamer Build

    OK, Ryzen... Other than being cheap, I went with Ryzen as my son and I plan of doing game reviews. So today (Finally) I was able to fire up the game, OSB, CPUID HWMonitor, AMD Ryzen master, Raedon, and Skype. and oh yeah TD running medium settings at 1920x1200. Ran the hospital mission on hard several times to see how it would react under differing conditions. No OC - ran through in 12 min, 40+ FPS, capture was OK but stuttered in a couple of places on playback. CPU never hit 100%. GPU hit max on HWMonitor. OC to 3950Mhz CPU, 2933 Memory - ran through in 13 (cause I am an idiot) again 40+ FPS but no stuttering. Very nice playback. CPU never hit 100%. GPU hit max on HWMonitor. Added 10% power to GPU, ran through in 10+ min, no stuttering, very nice playback, CPU was close to 100%, GPU again hit max on HWMonitor. - but ah - smoother. Noticeably smoother. Saw 50 FPS+ every time I looked. On GPU power - while HWMonitor showed a high at MAX GPU clock, it never stayed there - so adding 10% power - nothing else - and watching more closely the GPU clock stayed max. My assumption here is that the previous owner (EBay baby) had stressed this one out. But hey, what do you expect for $90. My conclusion is that Ryzen is pretty good. Even using old GPUs. My XW8400 simply could not keep up with the demand in video capture and gaming frame rate. And that box was pretty maxed out - but 10 years old. My only regret in this build is not spending the $40 more to get R7 1700. Otherwise I am extreamly happy. ...gene
  15. PTS - Patch Notes - 1.7 - Week 3

    Strikers - tested it - and yes nerfed - at least for my play style. but then again, only spend 2 hours with it. It now takes double the amount of time/hits at least. Not a fan. ...gene