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  1. D3-FNC looking at videos - end game stuff... Something to look forward to I guess. ...gene
  2. Really? How is that done? That would be very cool. OK, for my solo play, I use a marksman rifle, I like the SCAR-H. Good x15 scope, as much accuracy as I can find, good 30%+ reduced threat. This allows the initial engagement to be at max range for my graphics card. The MOBs usually find me after two or three are down. I can usually get one or two more before they close. Then there are fun choices - move in cover, pop shield and tank, jump into building to funnel the MOBs, etc. My choice is usually what is fun for the moment or to learn more about a different technique. Hense the shield question. BTW - Dropped Simon Burris with a combination of fire turret, m60 with explosive rounds, and finally shield with p45 and explosive rounds - he was a real bear though. ...gene oh yes - solo char lvl 24, duo char with son lvl 25, 187 hours of game time - so not so n00b anymore - and having a blast!
  3. Another great outcome is I can turn the graphics up to high to get more depth of field and get great sniping shots. The performance improvement over windowed is great. Using a HD7970 with 1600x1200 res - I get a almost constant 60 FPS - which is the refresh limit of the ancient LCD screen. ...gene
  4. OK, more N00B stuff - shield deployment - WTH If I am in cover, I hit the button, bounces me out of cover, and it does not deploy - but consumes that deployment - and I die. If I just stand up and hit to soon, it does not deploy - consumes the deployment - and I die. While the move penalty is extreme it seem the only option when you know you are going into a fight where you must close!!! If I hit the shield, it should deploy - in all cases - is that not the desired action? Thoughts? ...gene
  5. OK so how do I edit a post - I see no option for that. Need to add that you need to hit alt-enter just as the game window pops up. Wait even 10 seconds will get a crash response. ...gene
  6. OK, found a work around - when the game loads to the window - hit alt-enter - and low and behold, full screen - wow what a performance change. Now I may not be that slow old man lol ...gene
  7. Agree - I could care less about appearance.
  8. "We will really kill you!" over and over and over, as I kill them all. Civilians running straight into bombs. Lights on cars forever Kill the dogs!
  9. More N00B stuff ---- OK "active beacon detected" ... crap I go there wait forever for the analysis to finish (well, maybe 30 sec :)) look at everything with the 4 dots - and nothing, no end, no do this next. When I move out of the area and back in - it activates again - PITA What the H am I supposed to do? ...gene
  10. I thought I would update this. No there is no real answer yet. In fact there are more posts complaining of various aspects, scenarios of the full screen crash. I am not holding my breath. One poster had a very good analysis of what worked for him (A combination of UBI/Steam launch window conflicts). But that approach did not work for me. Again the game is very playable, but windowed cannot take advantage of some AMD specific performance tweeks. ...gene
  11. OK, found special blueprints vendor - all lvl 30 - useless (lvl 20 now). Found another vendor, but no inventory. Somewhat discouraging. ...gene
  12. Please show map - not following... ...gene
  13. On another topic - I see people in safe houses with a level indicate of say 256 - can I assume that is this number? mr uber-land ...gene
  14. gotch-ya. He does not seem slow to me. He flat runs me down. I am able to kill everyone else before tackling him. But even evading from cover to cover he kills me very quickly. On crafting - what vendors? The only vendors I have seen are gear and weapons and none of those guys had blueprints. ...gene
  15. OK, another N00B question, I now have enough "specialized" (blue) crafting items that I can create "high end" crafting items - but as I don't have any high-end blueprints should I bother? Or will having the crafting items spur auto blueprints? Simon Burris - good god, I am 4 levels above him and while I can always get to him, he kicks my tukas. Tried several approaches, no joy :( again, many thanks for the help. ...gene