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  1. Classified - Drop Rates - Div Tech

    As I rarely traveled to the DZ, before 1.8 - and yet I still had almost 600 DT prior to 1.8. The current drop rate is less than 10% of the pre-1.8. They need to add DT to all the loot tables everywhere. Most of my DT is from deconstruction - class gear and exotics seem to get at least one. Gearset stuff is more random with highend weapons having a small chance. But with the amount of "normal" gear that drops - I generally have enough DT for optimization twice a week. That means it will be years before I have one fully optimized set. UG is fun but pointless as noted by others. The resistance really requires a balanced group - I mostly solo and my gaming time is in general frequent but short (hour or 2 most nights). So for me, not really doable. While I got most of my class gear in the global events, a fair amount drops from LZ bosses - for me that is a 20 to 40 min run to take them all. I hate having the DZ to be a requirement for anything - especially extractions. As I suck at PvP as while I play on a PC I use a controller. As the end game has moved to optimized classified gearsets and weapons - DT is the controlling factor. Not having DT in all loot tables means that those areas will be mostly ignored by players. To bad as all areas are still fairly fun.
  2. I put this in another topic, but thought it deserved its own thread. What Classified Gearsets do you have? Here are all mine! Gearset Holster chest gloves knees backpack mask Alpha x x x x x Banshee x x x D3-FNC x x x x x x Dead-eye x x x x x x Final x x x x Fire x x x x x x Hunter x x x x x x Loanstar x x x x x x Nomad x x x x x x Predator x x x x Reclaimer x x x x x x Sentry x x x x x x Striker x x x x x x Tach x x x x x x 10 more pieces and I will have all sets. I have had tons of duplicate pieces and I try and keep the best based on how I plan to use that set. ...gene
  3. GE Ambush Talk

    Here is my whole count for everything. 8 complete classified sets. 10 more pieces - then I have it allllllllll Gearset Holster chest gloves knees backpack mask Alpha x x x x x Banshee x x x D3-FNC x x x x x x Dead-eye x x x x x Final x x x x Fire x x x x x x Hunter x x x x x x Loanstar x x x x x x Nomad x x x x x Preditor x x x x Reclaimer x x x x x x Sentry x x x x x x Striker x x x x x x Tach x x x x x x ...gene
  4. PSA: Clear your Landmarks

    I have noticed there are alot fewer rogues - but they are still around. As a mostly PvE player I tent to loot nothing in the DZ. Just run around collecting Div Tech. And at this point with the rain of general and normal gearset loot - deconstructing provides the material for creating the exotics which as noted elsewhere give a Div Tech. I do plan on creating a PvP char and learning that part of the game, but it's a low priority. ...gene
  5. Division problem

    greetings Pietje - please note this is just a fan site and not associated with UBI. With that said - besides the "color" did the stats change? That is, are the numbers for the gear lower? Does the level change? This kinda sound like a graphics glitch that maybe a updated graphics driver may resolve. ...gene
  6. GE Ambush Talk

    Alphabridge - 4, need Knees, Mask Firecrest - 4, need Holster, Chest Hunter's Faith - 5, need Chest Tactician's Authority - 5, need mask This GE is fun. Lex still king for quick GE credits, but hit the HVT weekly's, much faster and as noted good for 4 Superior Caches. And for me, I can do them 4 times ...gene And I finally made a matrix for all my class gear. For all sets I am missing 18 pieces.
  7. Starting up again

    I also play D2 and like it alot. But since the 1.8 drop I have been back with TD. My only complaint is that Division Tech that used to drop like snow in the DZ is now very rare. ....gene
  8. GE Ambush Talk

    OK, did a PvE bosses run with Class Sentry and the Heel. WOW - what fun! With all buff over 2 million headshots. And to top it off got a class Tacticians holster! This GE is starting off really good. ...gene
  9. Share your build!!

    As I am not much of a PvP player, this allows for fun sniping. And I was off a bit, I am getting 840K to 890K headshots when all the buffs are active. When in a group with a good healer and tank, I provide insta-death to anything hurt even just a little. ...gene
  10. Game freezing my PC

    Welcome to the latest GTX crash (v388.59) - While my crummy GTX 970 completely crashes (windows crash, core dump, etc...), a friends 1080 TI freezes. As I just updated the drivers, hopefully this is not fixed. I reverted drivers and it did not crash. Updated again and it crashed. But the update ran a lot faster - so a crash every 3 to 5 hours is livable. ...gene
  11. Taking a break

    My son and I are back in TD since the 1.8 drop. Again super fun. Get D2 - its way fun - be aware however, the main story line is basic training. Once you are through that its all about gear. ...gene
  12. Current state of Resistance.

    I agree. Resistance needs some significant tuning. Been in a couple ad-hoc groups - sucked. Took a three person team in and that was OK, but not enough to get through it. But I like the idea. Alot. ...gene
  13. Share your build!!

    Yes, min 450K headshot - with buffs 750K - my son also has the devil and with that combination 1M headshots plus. fun fun ...gene
  14. Share your build!!

    Class Sentry's Call - OK still a work in progress - but I made a little with the heel -
  15. Lone Star Build

    Check out the share your build under the general discussion forum. There are a couple there. As I am old slow and use a controller - I value toughness to be able to take a few hits. At this time I am running a pair of pahkans that are 92.5% of max damage. Fun stuff. I also run a pair of MG5 LMGs and when the proc goes off its a wild ride. Again fun stuff. ...gene