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  1. Interesting, I tried looking this up and all I found were ways to turn the notification off. Glad this is coming as I mostly solo. It would be nice to jump in, help out and leave without a group commitment.
  2. OK, my reply here is all about the BAD All the graphics bugs in TD1 are here. - so look at Buzz Lightyear. Do I care about this - nope. Gun info - while there is alot more gun info it seems misleading - pistols are nicely powered, but do not follow the appropriate range accuracy. way to accurate. Shotguns are good, but I need more research. The level of the gun seems to be less significant than TD1 - the stats are everything. So its very confusing your level 3 m1911 is dominating over your lvl 5 M1911 with low stats, good stats is not the end all. MOBs not taking damage - at first i thought this was lag, but no, the target radius for some (seems to be random) goes from state wide to 0. Again random. This is just weird. I sniper shot a MOB and it dies. On another nothing. (BTW I am capturing via OSB). Lag maybe, but.... Some random MOBs are smart, and do as veterans do - but no indication (IE, not purple or above) AOE damage. OMG the splash for AOE damage needs to be fixed. Sometimes not in cover you can '0' sometimes in cover you die. Just not consistent. The stupid "agent request assistance" or whatever. I hope this allows us to 'join' and really provide assistance. but... Should you still buy - H3LL yes. They addressed 50%+ of the issues that plagued TD1 - and maybe more. Is this worth $60 - h3LL yes. I will get 1000s of hours of great game play. ...gene
  3. I am truly blessed as I was fortunate enough for the Alpha and now the Beta. OH BOI! with only about 8 hours of play - here are my first impressions - I am spending the $$ - wow. Beginning - the opening cinema - great, nice lead in. Talks about this being 7 months (now the height of summer) after the dollar flu. I like the text/monologue intro, a nice way to bring us into this new world. There is more subtle stuff, watch the intro multiple time (you can delete your toon [a major grip for the alpha - good job UBI] and start from scratch. OMG! Pistols actually do damage - who'd thunk it? While I like the damage increase, the range is way to long. I was headshot'ing targets that appeared to be over 100m away. Not happening with most pistols with iron sights. but hey... it was fun to clear to the BOO (White House) with a pistol. The White House - yep, pretty good representation (Have you been there? I have for work and tour - not bad at all). BUT - the artificial blocking off of the second floor - interesting, but closes an escape route - so, but, ah-heck (< that is not what I really said 😀) artistic license... General - The graphics (for me) are superb. My lowly GTX 970 is fine at 60FPS on high. (But run the latest drivers) CPU - never crossed 75%, and only got close on 2 cores (Ryzen 1600x) Monitor - I have a 15 year old HP 2335 - no tearing. I use a controller - and actions with the controller feel - uh - better. I am not sure its much better, but - its better. I spent a couple of hours switching back and forth - TD2 better - not great, better. this is very subjective - but the overall user experience is in MNSHO ...better If you like TD, the man-machine interface is better. some things are different, but its better. The environment (WDC) is way cool for those that have been - just wow. General low level play - Everything felt right - that is hard to quantify. What I mean is movement, cover, weapon actions - nice, not forced. I am not really sure how to describe, but more fluid than TD, more natural. Gear - I have played low and the endgame - gear is COMPLETELY different, I have not had enough time with the new mechanics to really form a judgement, but - just on feel alone - I am good. Combat - Oh Boi - while there are issues, alot of them, its generally better than TD. In particular the new bullet sponge armor. Pieces really do break off and if you hit the holes, the NPC takes HUGE damage. fun fun to hit the shoulder until it breaks and kill the NPC just there 😃 Movement - this is a little hard for me as mostly is good, but its a bit tighter than TD (Worse when facing indoor NPC). I seem to get hung up more, but not sure why. I hope this is addressed before launch, but doubtful. Missions - this is much better, but not really an RPG - we are still a looter/shooter. There are pros/cons - but I am having fun. OK, enough with the brazen TD2 commercial - now what's wrong wit Tons and Tons of graphics issues as example paint cans suspended in air after a explosion. Other things not really being on the ground Paint cans suspended in the air. lag - not due to the client. This is a whole topic. Shooting NPCs that take no damage OMG You think wow I got that guy, and review recording and yep you got him.... but he did not die. Other pieces are where you shot and the guy got hit/killed and the next guy with all the same attribute (from a gamers point of view) are the same and just can't be killed. talking to the people uh - not working or I simply do not understand << mostly that I still don't understand the progression process if not just the main players but the people to BOO Again - buy it, even at this stage it's BETTER than TD ...gene
  4. genedjr

    Pre-Order open on U-Play

    While I want TD2, I wanted to buy through Steam - ok yeah, i am hooked on one launch interface. But I don't see any news on when it will be avail on Steam. Even if i have to forgo the beta (the alpha was GREAT!) - buying on steam. ...gene
  5. genedjr

    Software Techincal help - OBS

    let me know as I will be trying to record game play also. But I am R5 1600x and GTX 970 atm. ...gene
  6. genedjr

    Pre order / Beta access news update

    OK- ordering tomorrow. I was jazzed to participate in the Alpha - even there the game was way cool and, for any pre-release, very solid. I am all-in. ...gene
  7. genedjr

    TD2 Min/recommended PC Specs

    Here is a short vid I am lov'n it! ...gene
  8. genedjr


    Well, its been a while since I posted here. On Warframe - Make sure to have these links handy: The Wiki has just about everything you need to know about the stuff in the game. It's very detailed and very consistent. While not perfect, its a great resource. This is a one screen view of stuff for what is happening with alerts, invasions, etc... This is the market. While my son and I have not had a any issues, this is buyer beware. Plat in this game is the real money equivalent. To get Plat, you can sell stuff to other players via the market or you can buy plat with real money. My son and I play this alot. It's a huge game. But we need to catch up on shields, so we will be playing TD1 again for a while. ...gene
  9. no no... No game play stuff - go to the internal alpha forum - they will help. As an aside - if you were on the edge of continuing your TD journey - make the leap, TD2 is going to be fantastic. ...gene
  10. genedjr

    Taking a break

    We I am reviving this post again as, once again I am burned out on TD. I am still looking forward to TD2 and will get the standard version at launch. But for now, I am playing Warframe. I think having the survival based shield pushed me over the edge as (for me) that is very hard content that I really don't enjoy. I do plan to do it, but for now, I am taking a long break. ...gene
  11. As you say, we are used to it. And I still think the great added content should have a price tag, but hey - that's me. ...gene
  12. genedjr


    Wholly crap, the phoenix package is $250!
  13. genedjr


    OK, the packages are OK, I am just too cheap to buy (or even want) the extras. ...gene