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  1. CPUID HWMonitor error?

    OK, I think I have figured this out. When looking at the display, it shows cores 0 through 6 and threads (or CPUs as it labels then) 0 through 13. But its missing Core 3 and threads 6 and 7. So its showing 6 cores and 12 threads. So in thinking about the layout, we know there are 8 cores actually there on the die just 2 are turned off. And we know that one core is turned off from each CCX. That would be Core 3 and 7, threads 6 - 7 and 14 - 15. So it does make sense. But still weird, until you think it through. This also seems to indicate my CPU was ok and had the normal cores disabled. As it makes sense for core 3 and 7 to be disabled as normal for a R5 1600(x). ...gene
  2. CPUID HWMonitor error?

    OK, CPUID has great stuff. I love CPU-Z so I tried CPUID HWMonitor. BUT... It shows 14 threads on the Ryzen 5 1600x 6 core CPU! After watching it alot, the last 2 threads are very independent of the rest of the threads. And from visuals they all seem to be independent. It does show (properly) 6 cores. So I am confused - I should see 12 threads. Now windows only shows the 12 threads, but it takes its cue from the cores. Thoughts? Where should I ask - the CPUID site has no comments/response that I can find. ...gene
  3. Ryzen Gamer Build

    OK, Ryzen... Other than being cheap, I went with Ryzen as my son and I plan of doing game reviews. So today (Finally) I was able to fire up the game, OSB, CPUID HWMonitor, AMD Ryzen master, Raedon, and Skype. and oh yeah TD running medium settings at 1920x1200. Ran the hospital mission on hard several times to see how it would react under differing conditions. No OC - ran through in 12 min, 40+ FPS, capture was OK but stuttered in a couple of places on playback. CPU never hit 100%. GPU hit max on HWMonitor. OC to 3950Mhz CPU, 2933 Memory - ran through in 13 (cause I am an idiot) again 40+ FPS but no stuttering. Very nice playback. CPU never hit 100%. GPU hit max on HWMonitor. Added 10% power to GPU, ran through in 10+ min, no stuttering, very nice playback, CPU was close to 100%, GPU again hit max on HWMonitor. - but ah - smoother. Noticeably smoother. Saw 50 FPS+ every time I looked. On GPU power - while HWMonitor showed a high at MAX GPU clock, it never stayed there - so adding 10% power - nothing else - and watching more closely the GPU clock stayed max. My assumption here is that the previous owner (EBay baby) had stressed this one out. But hey, what do you expect for $90. My conclusion is that Ryzen is pretty good. Even using old GPUs. My XW8400 simply could not keep up with the demand in video capture and gaming frame rate. And that box was pretty maxed out - but 10 years old. My only regret in this build is not spending the $40 more to get R7 1700. Otherwise I am extreamly happy. ...gene
  4. PTS - Patch Notes - 1.7 - Week 3

    Strikers - tested it - and yes nerfed - at least for my play style. but then again, only spend 2 hours with it. It now takes double the amount of time/hits at least. Not a fan. ...gene
  5. Ryzen Gamer Build

    no, it was an engineering package from HP using xeon processors and ECC memory. Basically a server in a upright case. At the time it was able to capture 27 HD Video streams over TCP/IP used in security systems. This was a ten fold decrease from the original spec'd system that cost over $80K. Welcome to Enterprise IT! And as I was able to keep the demo - It really did not cost me anything. ...gene
  6. Ryzen Gamer Build

    One last update. (maybe ) After seeing, listening, reading a zillions reviews, the only thing I would do different is to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 1700 CPU - $40 more. And it can be clocked to rival the 1800x. I still have not had time to get OSB or Lightworks up - but a friend has and its amazing (but hell - he has a 1700 ) Doing the math, I saved just over $200 and got two extra cores. Not bad. ...gene OH yeah - if anyone can point me to a really detailed discussion of memory overclocking that would be nice. There are so MANY knobs on the Taichi I am unsure how to tune it.
  7. Crashing

    Which HP device? I have noted that many HP devices install "video" support for desktop user interface. My fix (though not for division) was uninstall (which really does not completely uninstall) and reinstall. ...gene
  8. Just started playing

    Well - I disagree a little with DSP - get the best gear for stamina/health and the best damage weapons (DPS is broken, use the damage number). This allows you to take a hit and hit back. The 1-30 game AI is brutal - 1 or two hits and your dead. Don't get frustrated on dying - it happens, alot 1-30. Just crank out those levels. And oh yeah, use cover ...gene Oh yeah - welcome, this is a KICK A$$ game.
  9. Every time I finish, enter, change, or just about anytime - that damn last stand announcement is played. "hey Agent..." - is there any way to get it to stop? It's so annoying I want to remove the DLC. This is beyond annoying, it's harassment. ...gene
  10. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    OK, to answer my original question, how to I get at least 50FPS - the answer is Ryzen! That takes CPU/IO/PCIe and what ever other bottlenecks a 11 year old system has and removes them. While there is more tweaking to do - with only about 3 hours work have the CPU overclocked from 3.6Ghz to 3.95Ghz (Target is 4.1Ghz) and memory overclocked from 2133 to 2933 (Target 3200). fun stuff - now vega... ...gene
  11. Ryzen Gamer Build

    OK Enermax finally came through and I have the cooler. WOW!!!!!!!!! See my GPU 50 FPS post. http://www.thedivisionforums.com/topic/4832-what-gpu-for-at-least-50fps/ ...gene
  12. What GPU for at least 50FPS

    OK, please see build post - wow what a difference. I got more than 50 FPS in the benchmark. http://www.thedivisionforums.com/topic/4843-ryzen-gamer-build/ Medium DX11 - average/typical was 60.1 FPS actually, I must have forgot to reset to medium - this is really just over 50 FPS. High DX 11 - average/typical was 38.1 Medium DX12 - crashed Medium before was giving 35-45 DX 11 in game. So we are on the right track. Now I need to do a little tuning. AND overclocking! ...gene [8/6/17]Not sure why that benchmark was so good. In game I get mid 50s with the occasional drop to mid 40s.
  13. Ryzen Gamer Build

    OK, I am not happy with Enermax - emailed to ask where my AM4 bracket was and, from the response, they failed to send it. So they promised to send it USPS First Class - bah. While I see great reviews of the product - service - not so much. I would send it back, but getting another from anywhere would take just as long and still would probably not have an AM4 bracket. If its not here Friday - I am returning the cooler anyway and going with another. So the build is holding, as it has been for three weeks, on a cooler bracket. ...gene
  14. Mouse Cursor pop up at random lags game

    It probably another program refreshing - that will take focus - hence the mouse "pop up" - and then performance of the game goes to crap. What else do you have actively running? I have to close the desktop for the most part to avoid advertisement refreshes. I have Skype, Skype for Business, and Edge running Accurradio only running. When I have chrome or IE or FF - TD is not playable. ...gene