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  1. OK - how long have you had the box? It seems that the quiet fans tend to have issues. Nice gaming MB. My son has heat and fan issues - we are upgrading his CPU cooler to Never assuming experience, remember the thermo paste Not expensive at all here is US. And fans are very cheap. ...gene
  2. OK, a couple of questions: When it failed to find the boot device - was it OK after the PC was off for awhile (i.e. it cooled down for an hour or so)? The CPU has made it through power on self test (POST) before it looks for the disk. Did you hear any beeps before you got the message? That would indicate an issue on the motherboard. Is there a verbose setting for booting up? That is it would show all messages during POST - warnings here may not beep but you would see them. If its a builder from a main motherboard supplier (ASUS as example), they all have diagnostic tools - running that will tell you alot. MSI afterburner will also tell you temps for alot of components. Like GPU/CPU/Chipset/memory temps, fan speeds, etc.. In general anything over 80c is bad. Fans always at 100% bad. And of course - it could simply be a dying hard disk. ...gene
  3. DSP cool, I don't have any experience either, but I am about to get some. ...gene OK how do you quote a toon and link his profile? I tried copying DSPs profile link but failed.
  4. I look forward to the events. Almost got a team together to play almost every week. I hope they are contextually different. Just running the same ole' will not cut it.
  5. yeppers - getting 4 (four) drops from named anything. And three from yellows (sometimes). I thought it was the weekly's, but alas I see its an event. But cool - just gotta have room. When facing three names that is at least 12 drops, my son and I last night in a weekly got adds twice and had over 20 good drops. we had to make trips. ...gene
  6. For capture - I have begun using OBS studio. No length limit and free. I have also begun the long journey to use LightWorks as my editor. I figure the editor will take quite a while to get used to and produce usable videos. I have not tried others capture tools. I have used VideoPad and while not intuitive it is very easy to shorten and mix scenes. But that is far as I got with it. My son is moving to LightWorks so I will follow - and - it really is a more powerful and long term be a better choice. DSP - what are you using for Shade Tech Radio? Nice segmentation. ...gene
  7. Maybe the first time, but I went back and again killed the main guy. No mission complete, no reward. So I rebooted and did it a third time - again same results. Next day no issues. /sigh - just a weird glitch I guess. ...gene
  8. OK, maybe not N00B - but I took on a initial (1st level HVT) and went out and killed him. No reward notice. I went back to the BOO and the mission shows as 'Available'. What is that? The HVT is dead. So confused.... ...gene
  9. I need a little more info. What are your PC specs, GPU specs? My 'cure' was backing up one GPU driver set. I have since updated to the latest and all is well. I find both NVidia and AMD update drivers very often. ...gene
  10. I still want to be able to sort the stash. Or at least jump to a section. I like loadouts and the backpack increase to 120 slots. I really hated the 20 to 45 min it took to change a gearset (so I just didn't do it). I like being able to change for the encounter during a long mission. Abilities and Talents become much more useful when defined for a loadout. I also like being able to reuse mods between loadouts. And I am actually learning to use more weapons/talents/abilities - fun stuff. But they still need to fix NPCs being argo'd that are not part of the mission. Still happens for the last encounter in Lexington. I am still seeing NPCs argo'd that could not possibly be impacted or even hear the combat. Mostly those underground but some deep in buildings as well. Alot more to do in that arena. For the seeker air-burst nerf. I guess I liked the stagger alot. But already used to the change. I still use it as a very good component for crowd control. Turrets seem more effective at crowd control now, not sure why. And I have noticed that "Citizen in Need" apparel drops are down. I seem to get about 50% now instead of 80%+. And they mostly want a consumable, not a med-kit. There also seem to be more random patrols of NPCs for when I just want to kill a little time. For me - all and all a good patch. ...gene
  11. Excellent! ...gene
  12. role-playing

    great stuff - but as noted, TD is not an RPG ...gene
  13. Just update it to an invalid email and ignore ...gene
  14. yep - I am good, just wanted the magic formula ...gene
  15. First = you need to be lvl 30. Then high end weapons are available. Look at the link for vendors, its updated weekly. I got all of my ARs via drops/rewards - but I have seen them for sale. Hope that helps ...gene