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  1. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    Alpha 5 pc with Barrerts or savage gloves .
  2. Fancy a break from the meta(s)

    cool, i have a couple of mp7's that i would like to try as well... house is good but miss that higher ROF and low mag size. :D i built mine for pvp... also put a 3 apha, 2 tac and ninja combo together, good support role... strong pulse and quick heals.
  3. Try a 3 pc alpha , 2 pred and a NInja. 6k Stam the rest into firearms . Crit chance (main and performance). I’m running a house with deadly, unforgiving , card counter and responsive . hits pretty hard
  4. Classified Gearsets - what you got?

    Well I thought I needed an alpha chest in order to complete all sets but found it on another toon... noice. also tried an alpha banshee combo that’s not too bad ... all well having all the gear but having the div tech to optimize is a different story. Keep farming
  5. Classified - Drop Rates - Div Tech

    There needs to be more div tech in the LZ... Div Tech in the DZ is ok but maybe amend the div tech bracket for sealed caches, a lot of the time i get just as much from a purple as i do a gold. And more DT for completing landmarks... more classy in the LZ as well, maybe im unlucky but i get jack shit form the LZ bosses/incursions .. i think they need to start adding classy gear to the vendors as well..
  6. Cronus max

    You can pretty much fire an mdr at 350 rounds a minute
  7. A Destiny plyr coming to The Division

    Welcome dude, its good that you have fellow clan members to help you out but at the same time if there is anything you need to know, give us a shout. Have fun and just play the game, it will all make sense it time... Jay
  8. Cronus max

    Yes matey , it’s a device that you add a script too(eg rate of fire)...plug you’re controller into the device and then away you go.
  9. Cronus max

    I’m seeing more a more Cronus max(sasg script)players in the dz, personally I don’t get it...surely it takes the fun out of the game and makes you a lazy player...the games not hard and if you suck at pvp then just practice don’t cheat...thoughts? i hope the dz doesn’t turn into a Cronus zone...
  10. Hello, everyone!

    Nice to meet you, need any help just ask dude
  11. GE Ambush Talk

    DZ bosses has always been my place for classy other then the ge’s.And you can get some from the chests too. i dont think players should be discouraged to not play until the next GE. As you can still farm for gear, play incurions etc for exotics and div tech. Play in a group and let them know what you are after, it’s the best way. plus it helps to have a good set for the GE anyway. We had a guy join us today who hasn’t played in months and we netted him 3 striker class pieces.
  12. Classified Gearsets - what you got?

    You’ve done well mate ...doesn’t hurt to have a few spares in case you want to mix it up a little.
  13. GE Ambush Talk

    Well dude I’ve been told they are/have increased the drop rate. My mate got an alpha class from a dz chest today. I think Marco did the math on the drop rate a while back , it’s best not to check it mate😂 I’m missing an alphabet bridge chest other then that I’m good. Happy with the majority of my builds. Still a few pieces to optimise. dz is the place for classy gear. this ge was fun, damage increase was nice especially with tac build. Nice not to shoot peanuts for a change. Tac , firecrest and hunters are good gearests. More for pve in my opinion. Keep farming
  14. GE Ambush Talk

    Nomad is definitely a solo build in my eyes ...must admit I’m not a huge fan of it from a pvp point of view ... im missing one alpha bridge which i can live with , have two full tac sets with I can use on another toon. hunters faith is a solid build and I’m rating it, and firecrest is also a good set up . Big al with fire bullets, yep that will do it. 3 tac players and one sentry on warrengate for easy ge credits
  15. PSA: Clear your Landmarks

    People have just been killing bosses either for ge credits or class gear then move on ...I don’t think it will change but I’m happy to mop up and take the reward .