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  1. Global Event - Strike - Info

    Yep, tac builds work well with this GE, playing in a four man squad of sticky and seekers, lots of fun as taking out an enemy can cause a chain reaction of explosions.
  2. Patch 1.8 Talk

    Had that a few times and had to restart lex four times due it freezing.
  3. Returning Player

    You have a lot of stamina bud and not much skill power, if you have determined as a weapon talent then understandable otherwise I would try 1 stamina, 2 firearms and 2 electronics. but if it works for you and fits your play style then crack on dude. if you have a ninja I would use that and add two tac pieces.
  4. Patch 1.8 Talk

    Having gear above 256 is a good thing , it means you have better specs... which means less div tech to use. I had max 4000 and it was gone in under ten mins, gettting div tech to max gear seems to be the thing now, especially with the low amount you get in the LZ. one thing I will say before optimizing is check your gloves on all your load outs as mine were reset due to the change to weapon %. good tip when you need a few DT is to craft a low exotic weapon as you get 1 DT every time you dismantle. I’ve not noticed any change in rpm or damage ... as rimbkock says , reclaimer is required for resistance...you also need some strong dps players for when the hunters arrive. to me this has been a long overdue update I’m really pleased with what they have done
  5. No hybrid builds for me...trusty tach build which I always use for incursions and dz... Striker class for daily missions and resistance unless there’s no healer then I will run reclaimer class. Sentry class is awesome if you can run with a good healer, it hits hard be it mmr or the mdr. Headshots stack and you put enemy’s down very quickly. I’ve been running that or lone star class in the dz. I’ve was using lone star for a bit of fun but since I’ve tweaked it it’s starting to really grow on me, be it twin mg5’s or a shotgun. Running with heavy mags for a better chance to proc the 6th talent.
  6. Patch 1.8 Talk

    So far, so good... optimised a couple of builds and I have tweaked my tac build a little. Might be a waste of div tech but it's what I use for legendaries etc. resistance is fun and I'm finding that my striker build works really well...the stamina buff has made a difference. i used my DT then opened my exotics..managed to get a house with deadly and responsive, chuffed. Got all the other new weapons but not that great rolls. And about 12 Barrett's and too many bliss holsters. Most if it got deconstructed, but you get DT so that a bonus. Need to get back in the dz and get some more... im enjoying it...
  7. Taking a break

    Appreciate we are in different time zones but if you ever see me online give me a shout, we can run the dz
  8. Update 1.8 - Resistance - Patch Notes

    Looks good to me bud...new modes, new classifieds, new weapons and some bug fixes.
  9. Taking a break

    DZ is the best place to get classy during non GE ... clearing landmarks/bosses . Play with a squad and share loot. Yesterday I got two striker bits, reclaimer and final measure plus a couple of exotics.
  10. Taking a break

    I just want the tactician set to be honest, predator and nomad seems like they are going to be the meta builds ....I just want to use my boom stick. what is a little disappointing is that they have made two sets that are really op and screwed up shield builds for the non D3 players. Right now I really like the build diversity and hope some sets get a bit if a nerf to balance the gear sets out. we don't need the alpha bridge brigade again...😂
  11. PTS - 1.8 Release Date

    I have 70 and thought that was a lot, he has a better chance of getting what he wants I guess...
  12. PTS - 1.8 Release Date

    Must admit I'm curious , my mate has about 190...crazy! Hope he gets a load of medveds 😆
  13. PTS - 1.8 Release Date

    Finally open my caches and have some space 😂
  14. Sounds in the DZ

    New to me dude...
  15. Proficiency Cache - Double Cache Weekend- 24 November

    I was still getting double FP so all good