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  1. Striker

    No worries mate... I've since swapped out my stability scope for headshot damage. Stability is still strong...
  2. Striker

    This vid is trimmed, ignore the other one...
  3. Sentry shield build

    I suck at sniping when it comes to the division , tried the sniper build and it hits hard but this shield build works better for me. using a liberator paired with the centurion for extra damage, assault shield plus rocking determined for cooldowns. the pistol does strong damage when it stacks, plus have the benefit of mid to short range with the liberator and the MDR for distance and headshot damage.
  4. Striker

    Quick vid to show how the mp7 stacks up... I've tried two AR's , shotgun but the mp7 just hits home for me...
  5. Striker

    Sorry thought I had responsive on my AR, have sustained instead my build looks like this...needs tuning
  6. Striker

    6k stamina and everything else rolled on firearms works for me. Mp7- destructive responsive brutal(primary as ROF stacks up quick) lvoac - predatory responsive determined(all stability mods)- extra healing and cooldowns
  7. How many accounts?

    Stash for every toon that can be shared across all four would be cool...
  8. GE Assault Talk

    Sorry mate, just seen this... lex and Hudson for speed rounds.
  9. GE Assault Talk

    Well GE is over for me, had a blast... was great cutting down time on runs, getting the chance to mix gear sets up... Lonestar with dual shotguns was awesome, striker and d3 loaded with ead and de was smooth...d3 stood out for me playing legendary and especially consulate. striker class is nice but it's not a run and gun build unless you stack out HOK and stamina, personally I ran with 4K stamina but GE has to be an exception with the modifiers , so proof will be when it's back to normality. To me it's like having a heal station but in order to benefit you are going to have to use cover to benefit from the health return. put a sentry class together, all rolled firepower... m700 or m44 with an mdr(which dropped so many times for me over the weekend).. sadly missing the reclaimer holster to complete the set but that's what the grinds about. Hope you all had a great time playing and back to getting that commendation score up😂
  10. Show us r patch

    Yes mate, 300 kills.. GE helped out, especially Hudson at the end.
  11. Show us r patch

    Got my grenade patch...
  12. GE Assault Talk

    I think it's a build that needs a lot of stamina rolled to benefit from the 6th talent... just put sentry classy together, looking forward to trying that. Missed out on the reclaimer holster but I've had a lot of fun with this GE, runs were quicker , and wish modifiers could always be selected.
  13. GE Assault Talk

    Showstopper seems to be popular and why not.. I prefer damage over auto fire ...I've not tried a Cassidy yet. As for striker, 6th talent is good but I think the true test will be when GE is over as all I'm doing at the mo is face tanking... it will be better with 1.8 as stamina is increasing. the extra stability is ace as well... I'm running more stability and accuracy over chc/chd now. Nice and straight...just wish I had the damage to elites bonus like you get when it's matched d3.
  14. GE Assault Talk

    I'm missing a holster for sentry and reclaimer.. using a super 90 and a m870 with my LS build, and had a few goes with striker.
  15. GE Assault Talk

    I'm running a lone star class 5 piece with Barrett, hungry hog and an mg5...striker/d3 works really well too but no surprise there I guess.