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  1. Season 3 Challenges

    Thanks for sharing dude..
  2. Fallen ghosts

    I think there is a difference between playing with randoms and playing with someone who knows what they are doing...things do go south from time to time and we all miss shots but it's how you deal with that ...tier 1 makes this much harder now as one or two hits and you are down so you have to play a bit smarter or deal with the consequences. i played in a four man team of which I had my reserves and it turned out to be great fun, one dude was running in like a headless chicken and getting wiped out but with communication and everyone easing off, covering etc made it far more immersive. and dare I say it I actually like it when things kick off, getting out of a firefight , be it tactical retreat or standing your ground mixes it up.
  3. For Honor tribute helmet

    Division is a classic example of screwing up a game just for pvp'ers...
  4. For Honor tribute helmet

    Pvp probably, the one thing I don't care about...
  5. For Honor tribute helmet

    Looks badass...
  6. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    I think if they had a few more weapons to unlock then I wouldn't have pushed so much to get through it...
  7. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    I get that and I can do about 30mins of flying before I'm like"meh"...but in that thirty mins I've earnt more then enough pts. As for the difficulty , once I hit extreme I didn't notice any differencemlevelling down, it was just hard from then on. Frustrating...single player with sync shot took the edge off a bit compared to two player coop. But again I prefer coop, more for the banter and laughs.
  8. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    Then I would just use a gunship and take out supply trucks and vehicles , quickest way to earn pts.
  9. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    I tabbed south from alpha to the main base and found the higher ground, nice view... the gunship and Sam are pretty close but there is also another Sam site, which I found out about once I got some air. Nice spot...fun place to sneak around,
  10. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    Man, it felt like that last tier was forever 😂 I had a good time playing it more so as coop play. Gunship update did make a difference for me and I would probably still be playing it getting points. I did find the points system a bit up and down, soldiers seemed fairly consistent but vechile damage was all over the place for me ...one minute get 200pts and then getting 900pts 30 secs later for exactly the same kill. As with the missions, 3000pts for blowing up a truck and half that for a mission that was a lot harder. Rewards could have been a bit better and I think the hti shouldn't of been an unlock at 40, but that's just me. Since the update I stopped getting pts for taking out vechiles and helicopters with a sniper or any weapon for that matter. Why this wasn't fixed I don't know... I no longer earn pts now as I've maxed out so not sure how this will affect my mates score now or if they still get pts for my kills, I doubt it. Extreme was fun, and changed the way I played..but those one shot kills on me from far away with a sub was a little bit frustrating but that's why it's called extreme I guess...those moments when you were up against it but pulled it off was very satisfying. I got too used to using the hti and the transition to another sniper was good from a rof point of view but I just got used to its damage. G2 was a solid AR for me as well as the MP7, every now and again I would break out the sasg and had a blast with that too...lvoac was a nice reward at tier 5 but preferred using an SMG overall. Would I do it again, yep. But I'm turning it off and putting it on regular and giving myself a break, have fun ghosts.
  11. Anyone give my tier one a go?

  12. Choice of weapon for tier one?

    You are righ about a clean shot, makes all the difference, every now and again you get into a firefight and come out alive wondering how. The accuracy and range when on extreme is crazy. ive been using the hti bcd and the G2, then moved to a mp7.
  13. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    Cool , I will check it out.
  14. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    Yes I've been collecting a bit... when playing coop we take out the vechiles guarding the convoy and then emp.. single player is much easier, use spotting, sync shot enemy in convoy, blow everything else up... then there's the gunship method, blow everything up.
  15. Anyone give my tier one a go?

    I got it...