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  1. Weapons/Dps/Talents/Optics Spreadsheet

    yep confirms what I have on my notes. The Marksmen Rifles are somewhat inconsistent in terms of mods...
  2. Weapons/Dps/Talents/Optics Spreadsheet

    I summarized all the weapon talents in my new Survival Guide about, maybe there are some you have missed: link
  3. The Division Skills, Talents Breakdown

    you can basically mark targets for termination without using your pulse skills. Can help as tank to tell the other team-members, what target they need to focus fire. can be useful, The turret has also a mod that pulses the targets it shoots. but yea beyond that it does what the pulse skill does - shows a target through walls for the other players.
  4. SweetFX and The Division

    For those that intend to use this: Link
  5. The Division Skills, Talents Breakdown

    Well this is the latest one, the others are linked. Still have to decide, what I post next. As of now it covers the basics of the gameplay to cover the Frequently Asked Questions. > Link
  6. The Division Skills, Talents Breakdown

    yea I started the Survival Guide this week, that I post in chapters over the next weeks at division-agents.com, that covers the different mechanics and basic role and char-build guides will be part of that. Just to show the different mechanics involved and how it all pieces together. It will be basic because of reasons stated above, but it should help selecting the skills and how to play the role until we have more details about loot and Best-In-Slot items.
  7. The Division Skills, Talents Breakdown

    after the recent beta, i have a good feeling about the equipment - the only blind spot I have right now is gear-mods. What stats they have and what impact they have on the build. But yea, there are usually pre-release builds and once we have access to all the skills / talents and find the first legendaries, it will probably become a lot clearer very fast. has anybody here found any gear-mods or were they really not in the beta?
  8. The Division Skills, Talents Breakdown

    yep been working on a basic build for the three roles now for a while. Tank is somewhat figured out, but since we don´t have a list of legendaries or where to find them, it is hard to define a best-in-slot build right now. You can somewhat put together skills/talents and, attributes and what could be the stats you need, but as of now, we don´t know where to get the gear that pushes these specific stats or what weapon has exactly the weapon talent a tank needs. (heals from done damage for example) So it is going to be interesting to find these best in slot items.
  9. The Division Skills, Talents Breakdown

    There are a lot of layers you have to consider when you build your char. Main-skills, talents, weapon-talents, character attributes, buffs from gear, buffs from gear-mods, weapon-talents and weapon mods. So many layers and to have it all on legendary, there is a bit of grinding involved.