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  1. Far Cry 5

    I know @supercat has been playing too. What do you think of the game?
  2. Far Cry 5

    Yeah, I'm loving the game. Can't wait for the challenges to kick in.
  3. Far Cry 5

    Oh man I'm loving this game. It has those repetitive elements like most Ubisoft games, unfortunately, but the graphics, mechanics and overall feel of the game are crazy good. Not to mention Far Cry Arcade which allows for endless fun. I.E; player created missions, whacky things to do etc. The map is vast and the things you can do are pretty endless too, I'm really liking it. Far Cry 4 was a bore in my opinion and left me thinking Ubisoft had dropped the ball on the series after Far Cry 3. Though I think they really thought about it when doing Far Cry 5 -- vehicle mechanics, shooting, movement and sound. All feels very crisp.
  4. Exploding headshots?

    Damn, exploding heads were a blast. Pun intended.
  5. What would you like to see

    Optimized mechanics that are way more responsive and modern.
  6. The Divison 2

    Hopefully surpassing the customization we have in GRW.
  7. Patch 1.8.1

    Good shit. I just jumped on and spent an hour re-running Lexington, gotta warm up.
  8. Fortnite

    Any of you play? Either the PvE mode or the Battle Royale. I play both, but primarily the Battle Royale until they add more stuff to the end game PvE.
  9. Year 3 content.

    Seems like Division really started getting their shit together. Some of the new updates I've been reading seem really healthy.
  10. Patch 1.8.1

    Looks like they improved a LOT of things since when I last played. I might actually have to jump back in and see what's up.
  11. The Divison 2

    I kind of put The Divison on the back burner. I believe 1.8 made it even better and improved on so much things, I just got burnt out on the game. So I'll be happy to see The Division 2 is in the works, breathe some new life into my The Divison hype. I hope character customization improves tenfold as well as just the basic mechanics.
  12. Taking a break

    I know I'm grave digging the fuck out of this, but you should give Fortnite a go too if you're not already. I have been playing it since they launched the PvE, and the Battle Royale mode since the beta of it. It is really fun, especially the Battle Royale version. I think I have something stupid like 300 wins. It's a great game to just have fun on and blow off some steam.
  13. Taking a break

    Get Destiny 2, bro. It's a DECENT game, it's the same premise apart from it being funner in my opinion. The PvP is way funner, there's more control of your actions too. I always felt Division was a stiff shooter. Diablo III is an amazing game too, though.
  14. Taking a break

    Ah, I haven't had any of them issues. Not once. I've also bested the campaign, numerous times with my friends and three times solo on all three of my characters. Which are all now max power level. I've done the raids and I mainly just smash PvP and Trials of the Nine. I'm still having fun with the game, I'll carry you and your son through Trials if you still play :P. As for 1.8, haven't tried it yet and I don't know if I want to... has the game improved?
  15. Taking a break

    I've been playing Destiny 2 too, what's your battle.net? Or are you guys on console. It isn't THAT buggy either, could use some balances here n there though but overall I'm having a blast with it.