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  1. The Division is on Steam's Summer Sale right now. I just picked up the gold edition for next to nothing. Hit me up with them tips and tricks, haven't played The Division since way back and that was when I was helping out a homie.
  2. Think it was a one shot on an enemy seated in the helicopter turret. It's just below 700m, pretty proud of it honestly. Since I know it caps out just after that.
  3. Think my longest shot is almost 700m anyway, solo no co-op.
  4. I like they're giving us a chance to unlock stuff we previously missed, or hadn't obtained.
  5. Buying them on Steam means you have them on both Steam and uPlay, which is the reason I buy my Ubisoft games on Steam. That and the fact I've been using steam for almost 14 years, I hate the uPlay client, AND I like all my games to be tracked in one place. I'll buy the game soon enough, I'd be surprised if it doesn't hit the Summer Sales Steam have.
  6. I'm on PC otherwise I would of been down to help out. I'm usually pretty good with the TF challenges.
  7. I think I'm gonna fuck the challenges off until better ones come along.
  8. There's also the big prison that Unidad control. I think in Flor De Oro - there's like multiple prison cells, I imagine they all count as 1 individually.
  9. Seems peaceful. Fighting coke lords is tiresome work.
  10. I just told em to hold a bit further out when I did it. Worked out just fine, I know CQC is risky but it doesn't have to be THAT risky.
  11. Marking the heavies is actually really easy, just with a pistol at CQC. The first one was the most annoying in my opinion.
  12. OHHH... The first one, you have to nail 4 snipers from the same spot? I was wondering why it kept resetting, I was hitting them at over 300m's too because I was like why the fuck are these not registering. Got it.
  13. Sadly that's the case. I'd spend all my time getting crossbow kills on the main game if I could lol. Such a dope weapon to master.
  14. I'm really enjoying Fallen Ghosts. It's the DLC I was really hyped for, Narco Road was just a cool idea compared to Fallen Ghosts. I love everything from the crossbow, knife takedowns all the way up to the actual new enemies. They are Unidad, that's what they are, they're outsourced Unidad help basically - with a different caliber of skill. Hiding in all greenery in the DLC is a must, it helps you go untouched so much.
  15. Restart your XBONE?