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  1. GRW Forum Gone Kaput

    I thought I was going crazy for a few days. Glad it's fixed, though.
  2. 1.7 PTS Ends

    Lmfao, I'll let you know if anything pops up.
  3. Share your build!!

    Now you're talking my language.
  4. Share your build!!

    Word, bro. I can imagine it being fun. Honestly having a shotty build character is just for the fun aspect. I wanna just punch holes in everything.
  5. 1.7 PTS Ends

    Crazy how scarily accurate I predicted 1.7 would drop soon.
  6. Share your build!!

    Crazy I've got almost the same toughness on my DPS build, like the whole number is pretty much the same. Looks solid that though, my man. Lone Star does seem super effective with a shotty build, need to work on it. I was gonna roll with a SASG-12, not too sure about secondary and then sawnoff in pistol slot.
  7. New here

    Suh du, welcome to the forum and the community.
  8. Fallen ghosts

    Lool, I have noticed that every time I try to co-op with randoms, I am matched against people with next to no mechanical aim skills. As if they've either just came from console, first shooting game they've played on PC or they're just used to Simulation games, because jesus they're god awful shooters. I'm having to carry em and even then I just can't be fucked so I leave them.
  9. For Honor tribute helmet

  10. Wildlands Free Trial

    Maybe they just caught on quicker that it was a better thing to do. Lots of games do that nowadays, especially those that use foreign clients (I.E their own). Take a look at Origin for example, you can trial a lot of the triple A games. I think it's a good thing. Maybe they're prepping for the PvP release, hoping to entice new players.
  11. Double cache, niceee.
  12. 1.7 PTS Ends

    A month ain't shit. I hope it's lit when it goes live fully.
  13. 1.7 PTS Ends

    aaaand that's all she wrote. Guess that means closer to a release.
  14. Share your build!!

    See I find I destroy up close, I can kill someone who's gone down to a sliver of health and used a skill heal. I find myself getting fucked over when I'm overcrowded due to the fact I'm not super tanky, nor am I super electronic orientated. Though DPS wise I fucking destroy with the Lightweight M4 and MP5 combo. EDIT: I'm making my alt a shotgunny tanky fuck, gonna boost skill and toughness mostly, for pure survivability.
  15. 'HVT missions Double Rewards - until 31st July

    Yeah it legit has been and had been going on for a day and a half prior to their announcement. Seems like they enabled it and forgot to make an announcement so made a delayed as fuck one instead, because fuck logic.