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  1. Patch 1.8 PTS Console Invites

    I can of course with others imagine the frustration but this actually makes the game more exciting and anticipated. Wonder what will be like when I'm on the gaming level where I have the co-Jones to complain about something I don't know how to make :) Patience and Blessings <3
  2. Patch 1.8 PTS Console Invites

    This right "Please update me with exclusive content and offers for Ubisoft titles."
  3. Patch 1.8 PTS Console Invites

    also wasn't certain how to set my Ubisoft situation or the email notifications. Even if I may not be eligible by criteria, I'd liketo make sure everything is sorted for future elite status
  4. Ghost War Open Beta 21-25 Sep

    Played it last night. I have quite a few issues and things I didn't follow. Wasn't sure how or why you had to unlock playstyles. Couldn't get a clear detail on enemies. But, on a positive note, it is fun when you get going with a knowledgeable and patient team who gets the whole recon thing :)
  5. Patch 1.8 PTS Console Invites

    So where do I sign? Thanks a mill
  6. Share your build!!

    Two Shottys?!!! Rude!
  7. Commendations - How are you doing.

    I got it!!! I figured it out in the inquiry. Boy genius
  8. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Yo! The Top Gear commendation requires that you equip all gear slots with gear set and named weapon items. I thought I did that but nada on the reward. What am I missing or wtf? What does it mean "named weapon"? Exotics? Help me
  9. Commendations - How are you doing.

    Not as good as you but with the time I have, it's cool to have other goals that I can reach myself. My commendation score is currently 625 and at first, I didn't know what the hell was that number on the start up scream but @DeadSockPuppet help me know what's up. Didn't know about the tire popping thing btw. Thanks
  10. What's good?

    good looking out!!
  11. What's good?

    I appreciate that you lost me. What? Asking for a friend LOL
  12. What's good?

    So far having a blast with you cats. Thanks for not being chodes in this valley of vegetables
  13. What's good?

    Thanks a milly rudeboy! I think I have a talent embedded somewhere in my loadout that I can survive cover to cover. I see a notification come up in my hud. There's gotta be a concise document detailing all the abilities & talents and weapon mods and stuff I'm figuring out after a year of struggle
  14. What's good?

    AWESOME. where is said guide and I could also use a tute on how to properly use a forum. I'm learning as I go and I don't know if part of the fun is to embrace frustration. Help me out sinsè
  15. What's good?

    What's good agents, players, peoples, I'm new to this forum but not new to the game. Actually still kinda petro bout forums because it usually feels like I'm intruding on cool kids. I'm a 50-year-old NYr and playing this game reminds me of home when I use to roam the streets as a delinquent. I get that in PVP there is gonna be rogue activity and all types of levels of anxiety, but believing that I am a mature individual. I also believe there are gamers out there who wanna get paid without ruining new jacks or the apprehensive's good time. Maybe I'm affable but whatever. I'm just reaching out to those who may know of a community who play the game for the theme of protecting civilians and rebuilding certain normalcy in a dystopia. It might not sound like I really know what the fuck I'm talking about, but I'm glad to get it off my gristle. So, I just would like to know where to go to learn how to properly build with a community that is here to make the game better for people like me if that makes sense? I bet once I get my footing I'll just be a bother dick-head but let's hope that doesn't happen. Love and Light P.S. Is there a podcast that explains all the terms in State of The Game and other mystifying aspects of The Division? Good looking out!!