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  1. Team SF is recruiting agents! (PC only, 16+)

    1.7 Is live peeps and If you have not already got all the latest gear I know of a group out there that has and you could get your hands on It with ease to, you just gotta hit up team SF
  2. Team SF is recruiting agents! (PC only, 16+)

    With 1.7 looming and the game set to change In more then one way Team SF are already on the start line ready to crack open the new secrets and get those classified gear sets. With guaranteed Legendary mission and Incursion clear tactics, a wide knowledge base on all builds and mods and extensive use of the dark zone, underground, survival and last stand lobbies.......seriously there Is no real reason not to enticed by this Is there? Join our team speak and discover pure win - able.team-sf.com