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  1. Classified D3-FNC

    So I’m making a classified d3-fnc build. What would be the best rolls for weapons and the best gear rolls for a pve build?
  2. Clasified Nomad (so far)

    I am planning to use 6 piece nomad it is just there for a place holder.
  3. Clasified Nomad (so far)

    I was planning to use 6 piece nomad just there as a place holder. I also already rerolled for deadly so I cant.
  4. Ok, sure I need like 100,000,000 more things to make this truly classified nomad but what do you think of it rn. Navy MP5 rolled to: Deadly, Vicious, and Adebt. Skills: Booster Shot, and Dragonbreath. Special Skill: Recovery Link (might change it to Survivor Link.) Talents: Strike Back, because if I reach low health active skill cooldowns by 20%. Wild Fire, because I’m using Dragonbreath. On the Move, because I’m planning to move a lot. One is None, because I didn’t know what other talent (please help with the last talent.) Mod Slots: Planning to get 1% critical hit chance and turret duration. Also I may use lvoa-c with Vicious, Deadly, Competent. Please tell me what you think.
  5. God Roll First Wave Vector 45 ACP

    What do you think I should reroll on the aug? Also the camp hudson MP5 is Vicious, Deadly and something else so I won’t reroll anything there.
  6. God Roll First Wave Vector 45 ACP

    I rerolled the free talent so that bansee I think 🤔 or was it alpha bridge can get it on my other vector
  7. Lightweight M4 Rolls

    Then muzzle and magazine idk
  8. Lightweight M4 Rolls

    Nvm I rerolled the aug to unforgiving for the second slot and the navy mp5 with deadly for first slot. I’m using the C79 scope from dz east 40th for aug and mp5. The the angled grip for dz east 46th for aug and mp5
  9. Lightweight M4 Rolls

    What should I reroll for the camp hudson navy mp5 and aug?
  10. God Roll First Wave Vector 45 ACP

    True facts
  11. God Roll First Wave Vector 45 ACP

    So what should I replace for deadly? But that sounds really fun
  12. God Roll First Wave Vector 45 ACP

    I have a ninja backpack. So maybe remove one lone star and the two predator with nomad to get 4 piece nomad? I want the 2 piece lone star for the ammo but I don’t really need it for pvp 🤔
  13. Lightweight M4 Rolls

    Thanks, I really want ?high damage so critical chance is something I want to look at.
  14. Lightweight M4 Rolls

    Plannign to use it for PVE because the Navy MP5 N I can barely get the rolls I want.
  15. I think I have a pretty good First Wave Vector 45 ACP for PVP damage is 17.7K (need to improve) but it has Adept, Hurried, and Capable. I use booster shot and Tactical Scanner. For talents I use: Strike Back, Tech Support, Police Up, and On the Move. (All gear sets are not classified) 2 striker, 2 predator, 2 lone star. I want to change a few things to do nomad but don’t know what 🤔 any ideas.