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  1. Hey Guys, Me Gamer again. This is a quick video of a great idea moving forward to division 2 while Avatar is still in development. We know that 90% of Massive's development team is working on Avatar and a small group of developers is working on Division 2 at least according to the rumors and article post. Im sure they have already thought of this idea. But utilizing the PTS and Elite Task Force as we did in the past and test piece by piece could be beneficial in Division 2 being great. I talk about this more in the video. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Guys, Gamer
  2. Hey guys, So I decided to start a short series where we talk about The Division and 1.8 that is coming soon. So far this is one state of the game but there will be much more that showcase more about 1.8. I also want to get an opinion on the new additions and what we want to see going forward. Personally, I hope they utilize the PTS and gives us a piece to try out before officially coming out with division 2. I will post each video here and I love you long time if you would share lol. Thanks guys for all the support and Division is back baby..... Destiny is about to be checkmated lol ha. Thanks again, Gamer
  3. Hey guys, This is my 6th build. I was playing around with Predator and Sentry and found what I think is a viable build. I missed the M1A so I sort of build it around the M1A and MP5 St as primary utilizing Max Crit Hit Chance. It needs some more work but it's a good starting point. You can always switch out for a bolt action sniper if you want. When the classified gear is more plentiful it can be a great build with the stat increase. Actually not a bad build if you use your mobile cover right in PVP and PVE is a breeze. Hope you like it. Please and Share and Subscribe and Don't forget to leave a comment here or on youtube channel. I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks, Gamer
  4. Found this out watching videos and ran up on OGSWAGPANDA video a few hours ago and I couldn't believe this glitch exists. The original video that was posted was from Kotair Gaming. There links to video is in my video description so definitely go show you support and sub to their channels and mine as well. We are trying to get this shared as much as possible before trolls take this way out of hand and you know we got trolls in the division. We don't want another issue like we did with Sentry and took FOREVER TO FIX. SO Please Share. Give my vid a thumbs up and sub. Thanks, Guys, Gamer
  5. Division Global Event 2 Could Be Canceled. WTF?

    Hey Guys, So im heard that Division Global Event 2 was going to be canceled due to leaderboard issue. I saw a tweet from Marcostyle talking about this topic so I had to make a video. I have been seeing a pattern as of late in the gaming industry and I hope it not true but I make some points and my opinion but I want your opinions too. Check out my vid and let me know your thoughts.
  6. Hey Guys, This is my 5th Division 1.7 build. This is my "First Blood" Predator Build. It uses an MP5 ST and Light Weight M4 with Component, Responsive and Adept. MP5 St had Hurried currently but trying to get Adept RNG god don't like me. As for the Gear its 1 piece tactician and 3 piece predator with ninja backpack which makes it 2 piece tac and 4 piece predator. It's got max skill haste and about 40% crit hit chance with plus it's maxed. Still working on it I want my stats higher. Can't wait for Classified predator because with the stat increase predator has the potential to be an OP build in 1.7
  7. Division 1.8 Canceled or Delayed Due To Avatar Development????

    Well said, and it takes them like 10 years to make them lol.
  8. Division 1.8 Canceled or Delayed Due To Avatar Development????

    Thank god. There have been so many critics have to say about Division and more. Just hope everything is still on track I have faith in Division and Massive. I just don't want Destiny 2 to come out a siphon all the player base because of something that could have been avoided. I came from PlayStation where I played Warframe and Destiny daily then when division came out I played some on PS4 then jump to pc and sold my consoles. Now Destiny 2 is coming to PC and the reason why is because critics think that division is weak and Bungie can saturate the online scene and siphon the player base. IDK, in the end, its all business but still I just don't want the division to end up like Mass Effect Andromeda and What EA pulled not to mention No Many Sky....
  9. Division 1.8 Canceled or Delayed Due To Avatar Development????

    Again especially with the amount of Return on investment they made when Division launched also apparently the movie with Jake Gyllenhaal is still in planning/development stages. I guess we have to what until its official.
  10. This is my 4th build so far. In this build, we utilize Sentry and Hunter's Faith with the old trust Ninja Backpack wildcard. This is a great tactical sniper build, it's not a one-shot kill build but it still pretty powerful. In the video, I use recon pulse but I switched to smart cover and I have to say sticking in the back with smart cover and providing sniper support it's pretty good in team play. It's ok in darkzone, not a solo build tho. I can solo with it, but that just because I'm awesome lol ha. This is a good starting point for a great build any ideas for improvements let me know. Gamer
  11. This is my third build so far and I have to say D3-FNC and Final Measure working together with the damage to elites and protection from elites is a monster combination. I'm still working on it but I believe this a good starting point to a tank build. We are a long way away from the old Tactician meta where you stack Toughness which was Stamina. So this is the best alternative I have come up with so far. Any ideas to make it better let me know. Of course, it all depends on the RNG gods. Gamer
  12. Division 1.8 Canceled or Delayed Due To Avatar Development????

    I agree those are some valid points but there has been confirmed that they are working on an avatar game and the division development team has been spread all over the place. I just hope they don't put the food on a great franchise and thank you for your info this helped a lot.
  13. Hey guys, So I heard that Division 1.8 is indeed canceled or delayed for now due to Avatar development. I'm putting together a tell-all video for the community and viewers on my youtube channel and I'm trying to get as much information as I can. What does this mean for the division? With Destiny 2 right around the corner, the division player base is getting a big threat. I'm sure once division 2 actually release it will blow destiny out of the water but what does this mean for the division franchise? Also what happened to the movie? Source: https://culturedvultures.com/ubisoft-cancel-division-2-seems-like/
  14. Hey Guys, I just recently started a new YouTube Gaming Channel for Division and Destiny content and I'm doing a build series for 1.7. I wanted to share my 1.7 Firecrest build. It's not a finished product I'm still experimenting but it's a good starting point. Let me know if you like it. Thanks, GamerOfFortuneHD