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  1. Progress Not Saving

    Yeah man.. They told me to make a new profile. Happy me I didn't made any serious progress in there but it took me 3 days to reach the same level. However, guess what just exactly at the same point, this new profile made me again problems, so I gave up in trying that mission so I took others to solve. At one point started to save also that specific shitty mission. I like the game but is too full of problems. Time to time is shutting down for nothing and also I get an error message.. something like.. Delta (something something) is not available. But I think this last error is because they make something with the server. I exclude my hardware, I have an i5 6600K with 16Gb RAM, Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ OC, nVME Plextor and so on.. is lighting fast..
  2. Progress Not Saving

    man I have the same very problem. i play to pc though. i contacted the support team and they told me to start another profile anew... i played 3 days just to recover my progress, let's hope this time will work without hitches.. is very frustrating ..some of the missions are very hard and I'm still at beginning