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  1. #SurvivalSaturday Sherpa Edition

    I was just thinking about this actually, since the August Shield challenge will be as follows: Phoenix Extract 5 items, survive for 5 hours and kill 5 Hunters in Survival So, August may wind up being Sherpa month. Going to discuss it with the other people that help me plan things.
  2. As many of you may know, we have been organizing the Survival Saturday events for a while now. The events have mostly been PvP oriented and were intended to re-populate the servers, to create more ACTION than usual. This weekend we want to get more people involved in this great Survival game mode by organizing a Sherpa event. * Have you never tried Survival? * Have you contributed the 84% failure rate way too many times? * Are you tired of dying to the cold, the infection or lame NPCs? * Are you struggling to finish the “You Hunt me, I Hunt you” commendation to get the Stygian Hunter Mask? * Maybe you want to learn how to stack a bunch of Survival caches for the gear and 170 GE credits per cache? * Want those 125 Div tech for completing the daily challenge? Whatever your reason may be, this is your chance to get some training in Survival from those that have had success and are willing to teach you. Agents on all platforms (XB1, PS4, PC) are welcome. To organize things as best we possibly can, we are asking all that are interested to join The Division Discord Once you have joined the discord, head on over to the #survival_event text channel in the LFG section of the server and start chatting about the event. The event will begin on Saturday May 5th at 3pm EST / 9pm CEST and will be organized as follows: 1. The person looking for help will post in the #survival_event text channel that they are LFG Survival help, along with what platform they are on. 2. A Sherpa can then respond and they can exchange gamer tags in the text channel or in a discord DM. 3. Join one another in game. 4. When you are both ready, jump into the queue. 5. Make sure to discuss your desired outcome with the Sherpa (Hunter kills, Survival caches, to just simply extract…etc.) PSA: Don’t forget that the Hunter kills only count if you get the kill shot, so keep this in mind if this is your goal. We will have two person voice channels set up specifically for this event and everyone is welcome to use them. For those that want to volunteer to teach the less experienced agents, please sign up here to be a Sherpa. If you have any questions, ask here or in the #survival_event channel of discord. Good luck agents!
  3. Survival Saturday Community Event

    Don't forget Agents!! It's every Saturday!!Good luck!
  4. Survival is a game mode that most people play for the experience, since the rewards aren't that great these days. However, most of the time when you queue up for Survival, there are not many other players in a match. This can lead to some pretty boring experiences. So, some of us in The Division community have decided to organize these Survival events in an effort to coordinate queue times and populate the servers again. Saturday Feb. 3rd will be the next event. 2PM EST/8PM CET will be the first queue time and then every 30 minutes after. Queuing at the top and half of every hour should keep things as coordinated as possible for those that either miss a queue time or die in a previous match. It doesn’t matter whether you play on an XB1, PS4 or PC or you prefer to run solo, duos or groups…….PvE or PvP……..we welcome you all to join us. Also, please join discord.gg/thedivision and go to the #survival_event chat to stay informed of future events, to discuss things further or if you have any questions or suggestions. See you in the streets Agents!
  5. PvP Survival community created event

    Saturday Feb. 3rd will be our next PvP Survival Event. Players on all platforms should queue up for solo PvP Survival at 2PM EST and then every 30 minutes after. Queuing at the top and half of every hour should keep things as coordinated as possible for those that either miss a queue time or die in a previous match. To stay informed of future events, please join discord.gg/thedivision and go to the #survival_event chat.
  6. PvP Survival community created event

    For those that stream, I plan on streaming and commentating on other streamers if I die and am waiting for the next queue time. So maybe add "PvP Survival Event" to you stream title, so others can find you all easier.
  7. I am trying to organize some PvP Survival game mode events to simply populate the servers for a more exciting PvP experience. Please join and share this discord I have set up to help gauge interest in these events and to also coordinate things. http://discord.gg/nhDQhfdOur first event will be on Saturday January 20th and queuing will begin at 2pm EST and evey 30 minutes after.This way, when people die they won't have to wait long for another attempt at a full server.This discord will be used to help everyone interested to queue up at the same time. Hopefully, this will lead to some much more populated servers. I decided to do this since most of the time when I queue up for PvP Survival on PC there are maybe 5 people in a match at a time and rarely do I even run into anyone in the matches.Not sure if some will be reluctant to join this discord or not, but the main reasons to use this discord will be for us to1. notify you of the dates of the PvP Survival event 2. give you a notification 10 minutes prior to event start 3. give you a notification 1 minute prior to event start. 3. give the command to match make I don't know of any other way to organize this type of thing, so for now this will be the way to do it. Any suggestions are welcome. So, please join the discord and read the #survival_event_info channel.ALL PLATFORMS ARE WELCOME!!