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  1. PvP Survival community created event

    For those that stream, I plan on streaming and commentating on other streamers if I die and am waiting for the next queue time. So maybe add "PvP Survival Event" to you stream title, so others can find you all easier.
  2. I am trying to organize some PvP Survival game mode events to simply populate the servers for a more exciting PvP experience. Please join and share this discord I have set up to help gauge interest in these events and to also coordinate things. http://discord.gg/nhDQhfdOur first event will be on Saturday January 20th and queuing will begin at 2pm EST and evey 30 minutes after.This way, when people die they won't have to wait long for another attempt at a full server.This discord will be used to help everyone interested to queue up at the same time. Hopefully, this will lead to some much more populated servers. I decided to do this since most of the time when I queue up for PvP Survival on PC there are maybe 5 people in a match at a time and rarely do I even run into anyone in the matches.Not sure if some will be reluctant to join this discord or not, but the main reasons to use this discord will be for us to1. notify you of the dates of the PvP Survival event 2. give you a notification 10 minutes prior to event start 3. give you a notification 1 minute prior to event start. 3. give the command to match make I don't know of any other way to organize this type of thing, so for now this will be the way to do it. Any suggestions are welcome. So, please join the discord and read the #survival_event_info channel.ALL PLATFORMS ARE WELCOME!!