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  1. Classified Lonestar Skirmish 2

    I really don't understand why people don't use this build more often. It shreds.
  2. Classified Lonestar Skirmish

    Dual MG5 Lonestar shredder build.
  3. Classified Nomad Deathbringer Build

    Huge damage and survivability.
  4. 4pc Tactician dps build

    Great build to try if you're looking for something new
  5. Classified Banshee Skirmish 2

    I highly recommend giving this gearset a chance, it shreds.
  6. Classified Banshee Skirmish

    Very good pvp gear set that people are sleeping on.
  7. AlphaBridge Skirmish

    High firearms AlphaBridge build.
  8. Classified AlphaBridge Skirmish

    Really starting to enjoy alphabridge.
  9. Nomad skirmish

    High firearms nomad build.
  10. Dual MG5 Lonestar skirmish

    Underrated gear set for skirmish.
  11. ACR and G36 striker skirmish

    ACR and G36 absolutely melt with striker!
  12. Classified Firecrest skirmish

    6pc firecrest in skirmish
  13. 10000 stamina pred mark

    Best skirmish build without a doubt!
  14. Skirmish comeback Alpha Bridge classy

    Not a huge AB fan, but it works in a pinch!
  15. 15-1 pred mark skirmish

    Best pred mark build for skirmish, period.