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  1. Moonsongstory

    Hello Manhattan.

    Haha i get that ps4 is supposed to be large with players but i haven't had the best experience there with finding people. i'm commonly just told to solo things. or use matchmaking. and i often get kicked in matchmaking. most people just would say they've maxed out and as thus don't want to help anyone else cause they don't want to redo stuff. So that's why i decided i'm switching. cause i have friends on xbox, and i'm hoping for a better experience there. not a negative one.
  2. Moonsongstory

    Hello Manhattan.

    New member here, joined after a nice retweet from the division forums on twitter. ps4 player moving to xbox hoping for more people to play with. never found anyone on ps4, even in LFG discords. just told me to solo everything. i'm hoping the experience will be different on xbox and maybe to make some new friends here. I don't bite. nice to meet you.