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  1. Good armor build

    And i know that i felt for a couple of times in dz so i just went rogue on them instead killed one and his buddy i bearly escape lol i just went to a roof top and hide till the timer went down 😂
  2. Good armor build

    Nice wright up bo and i appreciate it ill try to find the mask i need
  3. Good armor build

    I think this is all Jaypeg and sorry about the single post i couldn't figure out how to put em all in one post. But i quit using the victor and went back to my lightweight m4. Sometimes used the socom mk20 ss with vicious/coolhead/unforgiving and my favorite the Hungry hog. Mawhaha
  4. Good armor build

  5. Good armor build

  6. Good armor build

  7. Good armor build

    Ok ill take pic when i get home in a hour once again thanks for the help.
  8. Good armor build

    Np bo i put two set of gear together the nomad 4pc and 5pc banshee for running around in the dz. I mess around with the calibration machine but didn't see any change in my stats did i do something wrong? I roll fp to back pack and health? On my knees
  9. Good armor build

    Jaypeg r u on the Xbox ?
  10. Good armor build

    I 've acquire the 4pc non classify get set Nomads .now and so far i like but i wont to get the classify nomad set so i can spend my on that do i get in dz or high end guys
  11. Good armor build

    Ok ill play with the recalibration machine thanks for the advice y'all
  12. Good armor build

    Ill try to send a pic of my stats in a few to give yall idea
  13. Good armor build

    I hit level 30 over the weekend and bought some decent get gear from the special vendor i change my gun set im runing a g36 and a svd. That i got for the special weapon guy as well i haven't rolled anything ove yet
  14. Good armor build

    Ok cool im at level 29 now so im close and i appetite a nice response i been going to the dz for the tech stuff
  15. Good armor build

    Hey yall new to the form and new to the game and late in asking this but im looking to make my character stronger better and my firepower better so as of now my fp is 25,346 with the m60 34,567 with mk16 rifle that i got in the dz my armor is at 56,788 right now and my skill is setting around 16,500 and im at level 26 any advice is appropriate sorry if im noob but like i said im new at this thanks once again