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Found 1 result

  1. Commendations - Patch 1.7

    UPDATE 1.7: COMMENDATIONS 06.16.2017 12:00PM Agents, the team has another exciting 1.7 feature to present to you today in the form of Commendations! Overview Previously referred to as Feats, Commendations are a built in achievement system we are introducing into The Division that will provide players with a series of tasks and subsequent rewards. These tasks have three major goals in mind: Provide a challenge to the player that will reward them based on their skill or perseverance in game. Encourage players to experiment within the structure of the game as a way to help explore all the possibilities inside The Division. Reward players with something special and new as a way to showcase their success in game. Currently, the team is looking at including over 500 different Commendations that support all modes and aspects of The Division including both PvP and PvE. With a focus on making these obtainable for all types of agents, the team plans to implement specific Commendations for the many different roles and play styles, with a variety of short, mid, and long term tasks that are all contributed to by your entire profile’s worth of characters. Commendation Types Commendations will be compiled from three main branches of tasks: Challenge: Complete an action with stipulations increasing the challenge Statistical: Achieve a milestone in a specific statistic Checklist: Complete a checklist of actions that are all related to one another As mentioned earlier, the Commendations will vary in terms of length, difficulty, requirements, and even the modes they can be completed in. This means, naturally, that rewards should be scaled in a sense to make the player feel accomplished accordingly. This is where the Commendation Score comes into play. Commendation Score Every Commendation completed in game will reward you a Commendation Score amount relative to the difficulty level as determined by the parameters we’ve outlined here. This is an account wide statistic that will appear in the player UI not only for the player view, but outwardly visible by other agents across all of The Division’s NYC. Patches The final mark of an exemplary agent, earned only through Commendations and entirely new to The Division is Patches. These all new items will be worn on the agent’s right arm, replacing the SHD icon arm band and are available in a wide variety of designs. These will not only provide a means to display your proficiency in achieving your Commendations, they are also increasingly rare as the difficulty of the Commendation needed to earn them grows. With Commendations you and your squad can help each other climb through the ranks and be the most highly decorated in the DZ, or hunt that one single rare patch to be the first of your friends to earn it. Keep an eye on the site and our official forums for more news on 1.7, coming soon! /The Division Dev Team