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Found 1 result

  1. background

    Welcome to Dominion. Dominion is a multiplayer faction based game currently in early development (everything is subject to change). It centers around 4 factions. The Brotherhood: Strong, ordered and believing in the rule of law as being mankind's best chance of survival. The Wolf Pack: Unpredictable, fierce, brutal, they believe in the loyalty of their kin and the freedom to choose their own future. Freelancers: Often seen as bounty hunters and adventurers, unaligned to any faction and the middle ground between both. Outcasts: Traitors. Those who have killed others of their own faction or murdered innocents, despised by all and with a price on their heads. Taking place on an island where the two main factions (The Wolves and The Brothers) control key areas, the Freelancers make a living taking on faction missions, hunting data caches, navigating the island wide data relay for data upload. Some core concepts currently being investigated. Set in modern times after a catastrophic event. Influence from Stalker / DayZ (no zombies) / Warhammer 40K (lore and rich backstory). Current day weapons and equipment. 4 joinable factions (Freelancers, The Wolf Pack (WP), Outcasts, The Brotherhood (BH) WP & BH are opposites (wild, free chaotic vs ordered, strict, disciplined) and are in conflict. Players start as Freelancers and can pick up missions from the two other main factions to earn points towards joining them and leveling up in their chosen faction (or they can stay as Freelancers and play against both sides). Outcasts are despised by all and they have to buy their status change back to normal (if they so wish). There will be faction missions (capture the location, collect XX number of other faction kills, data recovery, Hunter killer). Higher you level in the WP / BH factions, higher you rise in the other factions kill list for their hunter killer missions. Factions have their own perks / skill trees. Each of the 4 factions have their own bases with markets. Selling enemy equipment worth more than own factions equipment. Equipment available based on level. Weapons and Equipment deteriorate and can be upgraded. Data recovery involves transmission via Data Node Network. Each node can be captured by any faction who can block and decrypt or corrupt transmissions to profit or malicious fun. Dominion - Who will you fight for ?.