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Found 1 result

  1. The divison

    I have seen that a girl who died of cancer (god bless her) she played te divison and she had a painting mural tag or whatever you call it put on a wall in te dark zone in ger memory with i thought was a lovely way to remember a gamer and this gave me an idea. I lost ny brother 2 years ago it will be tbe anneversary of his death on tbe 24th of july. He died from having an asthma attack he was only 28 i played tbe divison with him all the time and he had put in 57 days of playtime he teally limed this game alot. I was wondeting if anyone could help me in teying to get something added in he darkzone in a wall in his memory just a picture i would live it if thst could be done and i would also live to show his son. I would pay aswell if i have to. So if anyone could give me any info on getting this done reply to this or my email is [email protected] thankyou