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Found 2 results

  1. The Division RP

    Hey everyone, I started with MMOs back in the day when WoW came out and the one thing I really liked was being immersed in the story and background of my character and having them grow in a fictional world. I would love to do this with the Division! I don't know how this would be done, but I would love to have another person, or group, who would be interested in role playing a second wave agent with me as we go through the streets of Manhattan. Probably sounds childish to do this, but I also write comics so I'm always in this creative state of mind. who would be interested?
  2. (To preface this, thanks EidolonFox for the title idea. Not sure if youre the first but youre the first one I saw) ***W.I.P.*** Name: Marc "Karnak" Spector Basic Information Preferred Name: Marc, Karnak, or Spector are all acceptable to him. Age: 28 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Occupation (Prior to activation): Personal Bodyguard Appearance Height: 6'2" Weight: 225 Build: Muscular but not tone Tattoos: Left Arm - Cross w/ "SLG 7/7/10" on a banner Scars: None Personality Personality Description: Marc is very reserved. He avoids socialization at all costs, because he is not sure how to articulate his thoughts. He does not often show emotion. He prefers to bottle them up and channel them into motivation of different scenarios. After being a body guard for 7 years, he has learned to remain calm in the most chaotic of situations; From methodically disarming would be attackers of controversial music superstars, to quick reactions to attempted assassinations of high ranking political figures. He will trust everyone, but always be mindful of every action and be prepared to be betrayed Rogue Inclination: Due to Marcs trusting, yet careful, mindset, he rarely goes rogue. If approached in the DZ, he may raise his weapon at you and watch closely. You may think he is not doing anything but watching you, but, he is mentally preparing himself if you indeed decide to fire upon him. He studies your non-verbal actions, your tone of voice, the steadiness of your hands, perspiration, but most importantly your eyes. He makes sure to spot out your weaknesses in advance. He looks for things such as slight limps, bandages, scars, fatigue, ammo capacity, anything that will give him the tactical advantage if the need arises. Miscellaneous Biography: Marc had a rather quiet, normal life as a child. For the first decade or so, Marc seemed no different than any other kid. He grew up camping in the thick forest of eastern Pennsylvania with his family, where his grandfather taught him everything he knew about survival. Jim was a high ranking military officer during the Vietnam War. During the height of the conflict, his plane went down behind enemy lines. Jim was the only survivor. Eventually, he made it to an American military outpost. A long time had passed since his plane went down and he was never, so much as, whispered about among the enemy. This is where Jim was forced to adapt his survival knowledge. This is the knowledge that Jim passed to his grandson Marc. His grandfather taught him that there is no such thing as "need" in the wilderness. You can always find something to that will do the job. No lighter to start a fire? Use sticks. No hunting tools? Sharpen a stick. No knife? Make one out of a rock. Since the day Jim came back from behind enemy lines, the SHD kept a close eye on him. Waiting to see if Jim would pass on his knowledge. Once Jim began training Marc in his art, the government approached him and offered him a deal. In exchange for his services as an adviser in the strategic branch of the newly formed Strategic Homeland Division, his grandson would be exempt from any future draft, and would be automatically enrolled in the Tactical branch of the SHD. Without hesitation, Jim took the deal, and so Marc's future was decided. Spending time in the wilderness is where Marc honed his ability to see the finer details. He thought that, instead of working harder to accomplish your goal, it is better to work smarter. Finding trees, for firewood, that could be taken down without an ax; or, hunting animals and figuring out which would be the easiest to secure a kill. It is this type of skill that Jim taught Marc that he was able to adapt to the urban wilderness later in life. During his grade school years, Marc didnt understand that he was different than the other kids. When it came time for certain classes, men in suits would come take him to a special room, with only one desk. This is where the government would send some of its top officials to teach Marc very specific things, to help him better understand later in life, the necessity of the SHD . His history lessons would focus on domestic threats. The JFK assassination, MLK Jr. assassination, various bombings, all would better help Marc understand the need for the SHD. Science classes would consist of chemistry and biology. Chemistry taught Marc that for every chemical that was a threat, there was an equal and opposite chemical that would counteract the effects. Biology was used to help Marc with the workings of the human body. The limitations, the weaknesses, proper application of each human function. Mathematics mostly consisted of physics. He was taught to be proficient in the Rifleman's Rule. In basic terms, this "rule" is all about bullet drop, or how far a bullet will fall from the origin of the bore over a certain distance. Understanding the Rifleman's Rule, allows a marksman to shoot a target that is either uphill, or downhill, from you. Physics also helped him in his physical training. He would know just how to leverage a punch, to be most effective against anything, human or otherwise. It was these skills, honed over two decades of training, that would create the most efficient operative the SHD had ever seen, Karnak. Friends: Family: Enemies: I plan on expanding on Marc's bio later, but it's getting late. Let me know what you guys think! and feel free to share links to your characters bio as well! I will quote the template just in case anyone wants to use the one I made here. I will also be updating this bio with "journal entries". What I plan on doing is taking each time I log onto The Division to play as a day in post societal collapse.