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Found 9 results

  1. I bought the Season Pass already, and my PS4 says that the Underground DLC has been purchased and installed (no download sequence initiated though), while the Survival DLC is currently downloading. However, I am encountering two things: 1. I cannot find the "Secure Quarantine Center" mission even if I finished the story missions already 2. Game says Underground is "Offline - need to purchase DLC..." even if I got already the Season Pass Hope somebody can help me with this. Thanks!
  2. Interested to know feelings on this. Where do we see the game after the first year is through? Once the first wave of season passes and DLC that we’re aware off have passed and been played. Do we envisage a year two for this title or will it succumb like other AAA console-centric titles and be dropped or surpassed by The Division Part Two or something….or worse perhaps nothing? Do we see season passes being sold for the second year and a steady stream of additions, improvements and DLC for the game over another few years? As a PC gamer who’s pretty much purchased their first official “AAA” cross-platform title (read: Console-centric) … I don’t know how this works or what to expect. I mean I won’t stop playing or buying a season pass but I wonder what the life-cycle is here? I’ve noticed similar titles often lose the mass of players from console but sometimes continue ad-infinitum via PC with a modding community or similar (though I have no idea how Ubisoft view such things). So, how do you see Q3 2017 shaping up? *IN OTHER NEWS* Yet another exploit has been found meaning players can incrementally increase their bullet damage meaning most high level bosses are one-shot kills...(sigh)...just...great
  3. Looking for a good group of guys/gals to take on the hardest challenges in this game. Especially this new Incursion, I'll get the season pass soon. I can't seem to find a group where everybody has a mic. (PS4) What I'm looking for: -MICS!!! I want to communicate. If you've played this new Incursion, you know it can't be done with a team of mimes. -Swearing, but no intense gamer rage. I prefer it but as long as you're ok with it, that's good enough for me. -Min lvl 30, gear score 160+, currently I'm 178 -18 or older. If you haven't hit puberty, don't even think about it. (I'm 23) -Weekday evening/weekend players. Usually after 3 pm PST during the week. Overall, I'm looking for team players who love a good challenge and what to enjoy this game. Hit me up on here or look me up if you're interested: zionlion556
  4. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to post that I'm giving away copies of The Division and The Division Season Pass. Winner chooses the platform! Basically I'm looking to activate an Agent. One winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries. Winner will be notified by a Twitch Inbox Message and Twitter. The winner will then have 48 hours to respond (Twitch Inbox Reply/Tweet) or another winner will be selected. This is my very first giveaway, and I hope to do more giveaways in the future. Not going to lie, I'm looking to grow my community, although I wanted to give back to a community that has given me so much love. Click HERE to Enter. Thanks for your time! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Wasn't sure which section was appropriate.
  5. The Division Giveaway!

    Hey everyone! I am running a Gleam giveaway for The Division! It's a different sort of giveaway as the winner chooses their prize. The winner will choose between: The Division (choice of platform) The Division Season Pass If you would like to enter, follow the link below. There are two required entries (follow my Twitch & Twitter) and beyond that there are more ways to enter! I do these monthly to help grow my Twitch community, so you will see more in future (maybe even more of TCTD)! This giveaway ends Saturday night, March 26. ENTER HERE Good luck! Ash
  6. So there has been a lot of hype about the season pass and I just wanted to give my opinion on the main reason why I think it is 100% worth it. thats all my reasons but what I wanted specifically to talk with you guys about is the "time line" in a way. So ive brought a lot of season passes over the years I play the game, run out of things to do get a new game maybe even 3 or 4 new games, then the content comes out for a game I haven't played in ages and I'm not longer interested in. This isn't going to be the case with the division. We get the game in March, we get an update with new stuff a month later, the month after that another update with new stuff to do then the month after that we get our first bit of paid dlc. There isn't going to be an a chance to get "bored" we will have a steady stream of free content up until the release of the first paid content. For me this is value in itself. Even without that I don't see myself getting bored of it anyway but at the same time knowing there's always going to be something to do in between release and dlc is great. Obviously all all the extras and the dlc itself are great value for money but the fact we have constant content gives real "worth" to purchasing the season pass. Well that's my opinion anyway, I'm always happy to hear others :)
  7. I keep going back and forth about buying the standard edition or the gold edition with the season pass. Some information has been released about the season pass, but I'm still not sure if it's something I absolutely have to have or if the standard version of the game will be more than sufficient. Any opinions on this? If I preorder on Amazon, it's essentially going to cost me $32 more for the extra content. That's not insanely expensive, but sometimes DLC isn't really anything special so I don't want to just drop $30 for nothing.
  8. Season Pass

    So last month I pre-ordered The Division on the PSN store and I then realized I wanted the gold bundle. I spoke with PSN support and they said there is no way I can upgrade my pre-order. I was wondering if anyone knows if the season pass will be available separately after launch or am I out of luck?