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Found 4 results

  1. The most recent Intelligence Annex showcase five skills and their modifications. The skills can have up to five modifications each focusing on a playstyle, some even being tied to the Specializations. Whether you're a support, tank, scout or DPS there is something for you. The current skills you can choose from are the Chem Launcher, Drone, Hive, Seeker Mine, Turret and Ballistic Shield. With the exception of the last one we are taking an in-depth look at them.
  2. Specializations is a new feature that allows the player to pick a path towards the endgame, similar to classes. It has been confirmed there will be four Specializations. Skills are making a return, with both new ones and old ones coming to the game. Let's check out what the Specializations are, what comes with it and what skills are confirmed.
  3. Those who were PTSing, ubisoft has a skills survey to garner feedback. If you're interested, details are below. " Agents,With the Update 1.4 PTS wrapping up a few hours ago, we want to gather some feedback regarding Skills on the PTS.Click the link below to access the survey.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/tdptsskills Do not hesitate to leave a comment in this thread, if you’d like to discuss the matter further with the rest of the community!Thanks, " http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1508700-PTS-Skills-Forums
  4. Capped Stats

    Hard Capped : Armor: 65% (4,640 armor); Critical Hit Chance: 60% Pulse Critical Hit Damage: 100% Mobile Cover health: 1.2mil Turret damage: 2.6k Ballistic Shield: 500k Smart Cover damage resistance: 75% Overdose Ally Heal: 100k (secondary confirmation would be appreciated) Sticky Bomb is "hard capped" at 250k damage, but it can be pushed further with bonuses. Most Electronics buffed skills will cap out at 45k Electronics, but some, like heals, can go further. Most skill cool downs (CD) are capped at 15-20 seconds, depending on the skill. Signature skill CDs are capped at 360 seconds (6 mins). No cap stats: Crit Damage Weapon Damage Health Headshot Damage (a cap HAS been reached through glitching. 450% seems to be the highest attainable that way, but no one has reached that legitly yet, or even come close) Enemy Armor Damage Damage to Elites Likely Missing a few, feel free to add in more info and I'll edit it in.