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Video Section!

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Check out the videos section where you can show off your newest videos with a youtube like User Interface! Link is in the navbar or you can click here!

The way it works is you simply link to your already uploaded youtube video! So there is no extra uploading necessary!

In the future, we may offer the opportunity to upload division content here so we would exclusively host the videos here.

Video thumbnails will also be displayed in a widget on the forum index as well on the front page!


Right now we have 4 categories (Patches, Guides, Podcasts and Reviews). If you have any suggestions for more categories please post here and give me some ideas.






1. Start by clicking "Add Video" on the Videos page.



2. Than select a category in which your video fits.



3. Enter Video Info (Usually you can just copy paste this from youtube)



4. Enter Desciption (Usually you can just copy and paste this from youtube, to copy without formal, CTRL + Right Click and select "Paste without formatting")



5. Click Submit and you're good to go! Your newly posted video will now be shown on the front page, in the Latest Videos block!




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Registering and reaching 75 posts will remove ads

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