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AR Changes to Rate of Fire?

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Ok I know they buff the G36 AR but does any else notice that the AR seem to have a higher then normal RoF now my ACR is burning up ammo like it was a uzi it's has RPM of 760 but I throw lead like I am using my AUG is this happening to anyone else


Oh I also forgot to ask is there a way to figure out gear score total so you have a idea what the total will be after setting up your character?

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GS is calculated two ways:

1.) What shows on your character screen - add up total of your highest weapon and gear for all slots (2x non-sidearm, sidearm, and armor) and divide by 9.  Max GS is 255 (3x229 weapon + 6x 268 gear divided by 9).

2.) What is used for your DZ bracket - add up he total of your highest primary or secondary weapon and your gear slots and divide by 7.  Max GS is 262 ( 1x 229 weapon + 6x268 gear divided by 7).  This was done to counteract people putting a crap secondary and sidearm on so they would artificially lower their GS to troll lower GS players in the lower brackets.

Note: In both calculations, the game looks at what your character has equipped, what your character has in inventory, and what your character has in stash when looking for the highest number GS items for the calculations.  So, your GS can be useless because you may use lower GS items that work better for your build than the higher level ones. 

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