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Virus contamintaion, in Midtown East

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I've completed the main missions so I am now currently 'cleaning' up with collecting phones, echos etc and also finishing off the virus contamination missions.

I'm currently stuck on the one in midtown east not because I can't find the second scanner but because I cant gain access to the lift so I can head down to the scanner.

So, I turn the 1st scanner on then head to the stairs and go down them, move along the short corridor to where there is a sign 'Shipping Received' I know the lift is past here BUT the door is shut and the red led next to the door is flashing (if open I know it should be a solid green(I've seen the youtube video's)).

I've gone into the room just to the rear of where the door is and once it said I had to use the keyboard, doing so did nothing, another time I tried the mission I was not advised to use the keyboard. Yes I have tried the same mission about 5 times, then gave up and decided to join here in hoping someone would have an answer for me.

If anyone does know how to get past this closed door i.e. to open it, then I will be grateful if they could advise on how to do it.

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