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Episode 7 - Silent Lucidity

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Listen Here

In this week’s Intelligence Annex, HawKShoT returns to stand in for g1nt3r while he’s getting his camping on.  DeadSockPuppet apologizes for the unscheduled week off, the lack of a YouTube recording for EP 6 and the guys discuss the woes of console PTS invites and the PTS in general.




For the weekly Incursion, the boys delve into Inventory Management: The Game (thank you Remy).  They cover the pros and cons of multiple toons, mules, stash filtering and whether or not mods should take up space in inventory.




DSP and Hawk close out the show by discussing how feedback was light for the week and that they’d love to get some listener emails to read on the show and possibly discuss in future episodes in this week’s Division Forum.

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