Below is a synopsis of the new Rogue mechanics due to be tested in PTS 1.8, I believe I’ve covered everything of importance and made it as clear as possible. Let me know if you have any questions.   How to Go Rogue: 1)      CTRL+R or press and hold UP on D-Pad controller. 3 second cool down where all members of group are advised another member is going to go Rogue, they have this notification period to leave the group and avoid going Rogue. 2)      Cutting Rope – still makes a player go Rogue Manhunt: Once Rogue, new Manhunt is initiated. There is no longer a timer. Manhunt is ONLY ended once a Rogue agent is killed OR he has purged his status via an ISAC station. Five stages of Manhunt, for each agent killed the Rogue increases in Rank (currently max is five). At each rank agent gains a Manhunt Cache (so can earn up to five caches). ISAC Agents are rewarded for taking part in manhunts, must play “an active part” in the manhunt to gain caches at the end of the manhunt. Purging Rogue Status: This is done via an action at a designated ISAC control station. At each manhunt the Rogue agents are told which station to go to. This is only known to that particular group of Rogues (though there are a limited number of ISAC control stations on the map). Rogues do not HAVE to purge their status until they wish to…NO TIMER ON THIS. Note that they cannot gain more loot past level 5 but still gain XP etc if they wish to continue, so efficiency will be to achieve level 5, purge status and start again. ISAC Agents are advised of nearby Rogues same method as now plus obvious “line of sight” audio and visual indicators. Friendly Fire – THERE IS NO FRIENDLY FIRE. ISAC Agents can also spam grenades same as Rogues, its envisioned that the new Final Measure gear is also a counter to grenade spam tactics. No friendly fire also means body blocking is useless. Going Rogue, dying & returning to Rogue group: Dead rogues of a rouge group are not rogue UNTIL they reach a proximity to their current group. They cannot turn up as still part of a group that is Rogue but remain an ISAC Agent, they will automatically attain Rogue status again. Banshee Gear Set – This is being reworked with the gear set being aimed at increasing Manhunt rewards past the five stages!
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